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Kristen Howe: What I want to do is ask you to clarify because I think we’ve all heard universal laws, and this is a great group of people listening, but I think for us to hear your particular take on universal laws and all of that would be really helpful before we jump into the rest of the call. Does that work for you?.

Marilyn Jenett: Absolutely. Before we get started on the topics, and you were right, I’m going to be sharing topics tonight that I have never shared. These are teachings that I have never shared in public interviews before. I know this is a very savvy audience, and people are very familiar with the metaphysical concepts and universal laws, but I wanted to give you a little foundation, give the listeners a little foundation that I like to do before every interview for the benefit of those that are not familiar with my teachings. From this foundation, you will have a better understanding of the topics that we’re going to talk about.

So what I’d like to do is give my perspective, my views on what are these mental and spiritual laws, these universal laws that we talk about. I think this will give you a nice matrix. I like the word matrix. For all of you that are listening, this will give you something to process so that you will have at least a better understanding of the topics that I cover.

Well, so what are these mental and spiritual laws? Well, the universe as we know it, as we see it, as we experience, we know that’s not all there is. The universe is always in motion. It’s vibrating, it’s pulsating, resonating. It’s a magnetizing force, and at the molecular level, everything is in motion. Most of us know that. It is pure energy..

Now, what we are talking about here with regard to these universal laws is this pure formless substance of the universe, but we can think of this in many terms. We live in an amazing age where we have the mental, the spiritual, the science behind it. We can think of this in spiritual terms as God, or higher power, spirit, or the universe. We can address it mentally; infinite intelligence, universal mind, divine mind, formless substance. Or we can jump into the scientific area of energy or relativity and we take a giant leap into quantum physics, what you don’t have to do, but some people like that area. That’s where it’s known as the field of all possibilities. This age we live in; what an age of discovery. We have all of these aspects, many aspects that we can address with regard to these laws.

Now, this power, the power that I’m going to talk about tonight and these universal laws, this incredible presence, however you conceive it, I want you to understand that that is the source of everything we desire. That presence, that power, that spirit, that mind, that intelligence. It is awaiting our recognition and will create and attract, guide us to inspired action. It will magnetize and mold itself to whatever form we desire if we align ourselves with it through certain laws. We call these the universal laws.

My personal phrase is Prosperity Principles. What I mean by that is mental and spiritual laws. The mental and the spiritual components combined make up that incredible power that is responsible for manifesting everything now. I had to put that in there.

Kristen Howe: I love it.

Marilyn Jenett: What are these laws? Well, we know that there are laws of physics, there are laws of chemistry, laws of mathematics, but most people are not aware of the laws that govern the mental and spiritual realms; the creative laws of the universe that govern our existence. Or in most cases, you may know something about them, but you don’t know how to relate to them or how to use them, or how to use them consistently.

How do we know these laws exist or that this universe or this power exists aside from any intuitive feeling that it exists, or because Marilyn here says it does? We know because of its responsiveness. We know by the results we experience when we align ourselves with it. I can tell you from my own experience, my personal experience, that once you become aware of the response of this universal presence, you’re never going to be the same. You’re going to feel a love and a connection and a sense of security that is greater than anything you have felt on an earthly level.

I always say I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that I believe that the most important thing in our life, more important than our family, than our health, than our children, than our work, than our creativity, the most important thing in our lives is this universal presence. Why? Why is it more important than anything? Because that’s where everything else comes from. That is the foundation. That’s the basis of everything that we have and we love and that we desire.

Now, these laws work for everyone alike. The law of gravity works for everyone, we know that. Successful people are using these mental and spiritual laws; they just may not realize they’re doing so. Guess what? You’re using these laws all of the time whether you realize it or not. Only you are most likely not using them for the purpose and intention that you desire consciously.

Remember that the universal laws are simple. You’re going to find out tonight, it’s very, very simple. If I may say so, I am kind of known for taking these esoteric concepts and making them very easily understood because the subconscious likes simple. The actual principles and the techniques that relates the laws are surprisingly simple, but human nature, we tend to complicate things.

Let’s use the law of gravity as an example. We do not need to have a knowledge of the laws of physics to understand how gravity works. We know that if we step off a tall building, we’re going to fall. Well, we know that if we align ourselves with this law correctly, we won’t have any mishaps. But this is exactly the same with these mental and spiritual laws; if we align ourselves with them correctly, we won’t have mishaps. We’ll always experience joyful results.

So now the question is, “Marilyn, how do we align ourselves with this power?” We connect with this power, with this creative force of the universe within through the channel of our subconscious minds through our thoughts and our feelings. The subconscious mind is the most fantastic computer you could ever imagine. It keeps our heart beating, our lungs breathing, has a perfect memory of every cell in our body. It heals us. But has also recorded and stored everything that we have ever heard, said, felt, and experienced. Unfortunately, that includes all of the faulty beliefs and the negative patterns from others that we’ve acquired from the time we were very young. Usually from the time we were very young. So our thoughts and our feelings, our deepest beliefs, are the key to connecting with this power that responds to our desires, but first, we must breakthrough and overcome the negative thought patterns and beliefs that we have acquired since childhood.

We can’t delete anything from the subconscious, that’s where it’s different from a computer, but we don’t have to. In order to shift our consciousness what we need to do is we create a new dominant thought. New dominant thought. Subconscious mind does not like to change and it’s going to create resistance. We know that when we try to break a habit. But there are techniques and methods for influencing the subconscious in a way that does not create this argument. I call this friendly persuasion. We gently shift the consciousness to create a new dominant thought in the mind. That’s the key; the dominant thought. It doesn’t matter if those other thoughts sit there. The dominant thought is the thought that’s going to create your conditions and your circumstances in life. That’s going to be mirrored in your outer circumstances.

Kristen Howe: I love that.

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The law of attraction is one of the more popularized Universal laws. The theory behind the secret law of attraction is that we create our own realities.

In practicing the secret law of attraction we not only attract things we want, we also attract things we don't want. This is based on our overwhelming thoughts and feelings. The release of the movie The Secret the laws of attraction created a worldwide phenomenon. It awakened millions of people to the idea. Because of the movie, many are now believing and using the secret power of attraction in their own lives. The secret law of attraction or the like attracts like principle is helping millions of people create a life they always knew they could have.

Law of secret attraction or the secret laws, just like most of the other Universal laws, is a creative process. Ask, believe and receive. In these laws of attraction secret overwhelming feelings you have attract people and things into your reality. You need to believe that what you are asking for will become yours and you must become an active player in reaching your goals.

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