Manifesting a Life of Ease and Harmony

with Musical Energy Transmissions

Jim Oliver

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Kristen Howe: Okay, cool. That really made it clear for me, sort of the getting into alignment with the frequency. My question for you is, does this apply to healing and being sort of in your optimal physical state, as well as, manifesting a life of ease and harmony? Does it really work across the boards, or is it just for physical healing?

Jim Oliver: I feel it works totally across the board because we’re not just our physical body. We have mental, spirit, emotional, and I feel the emotional part is really the key, and music because of chord progressions, modulations, major key, minor key, it’s like a soundtrack. That’s the role of a soundtrack in a film is to portray, represent, and guide the emotional track of the film. So when you create music, that’s intentionality, and when I do the music, I just ask for what will support people for their highest good to be what comes through and just let the music flow throw and let people experience it in their own unique way.

Let’s say you’re experiencing something going on with your knees. In the music there would be frequencies that will resonate with your knees, so that when you get to that part of the music you’re feeling it vibrating there, while someone else who might be having lower back problem, when the music and the vibration is flowing through if there’s a little bit of resistance, or like a massage therapist if they’re working and it’s like “Oh well here’s a muscle that’s got a knot in it,” so now your attention is called to there. So everybody perceives the music in their own unique way.

Interestingly enough, I get so many letters from people about “You know, I’ve been listening to this piece of music for years and every time I listen to it it feels like a different piece of music. Does the music change on the CD?” And it’s like, well you know the music is the same on the CD, but your perception of it changes, your experience of it changes because there is so much vibration in the music.

I use sustained tones quite a bit, which you’ll hear in the samples. I’ll start out with a sustained tone like an alignment tone or a tone of attunement or activation, however you experience it, and then the music unfolds from that. Sometimes I’m doing arpeggios where the music just goes, [makes arpeggio sounds], and just sweeps through flowing through the fluid, the bone, tissue, muscle, the energy fields. Wherever you have something going on, that’s where that little bit of resistance perhaps or restriction, your attention is drawn to that. As the music continues to evolve, those areas resolve and then something else may show up. “Oh, well I’ve got this little thing in my feet,” or “I’ve got this grounding component,” or whatever it is. Then I always complete the music for integration. There’s a resolution that occurs with the music.

In the context of the music, I use chords that are called suspended chords, chords that lead you to resolution and then resolve that. So there’s suspension and resolution, suspension and resolution, which creates the energetic pattern of problem and solution, problem and solution. Interesting isn’t it and it really works.

Kristen Howe: I love this because even what you were saying how you have people listen to it and they go “Does the music change on the CD,” and correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like what you’re saying is the music doesn’t change in the CD, but how you’re resonating at that time changes, so the music sounds different to you and feels different to you, correct?

Jim Oliver: Absolutely.

Kristen Howe: I mean that’s so exciting because it gives all of it sort of this infinite ability to tap into whatever is going on with you. What an amazing thing. It’s my job to sort of feel where everybody is. Can I ask you to play us a sample now? Is this a good time?

Jim Oliver: Absolutely. Let’s play Gazing Within, and you’ll notice how quickly, almost immediately, when the music starts how you engage with it, breathe into it. Give yourself permission to participate with the flow and the nurturing love that the music is offering, and allow that to flow deeply within yourself. Set an intention; ask for what it may be. It may be something specific or just ask for something in general. Breathe in and be fully present with the music and then just allow yourself to experience Gazing Within, which actually was done Kenji Kumara. My buddy Kenji was in the studio when we did this music, so it’s got his wonderful energy on it to. A lot of people are familiar with Kenji.

Kristen Howe: Yes. I love Kenji, so that’s amazing. That’s fantastic. So again, can you give us the title of this?

Jim Oliver: This is Gazing Within. [Plays Gazing Within].

Kristen Howe: Okay. So what I love about that and tell me if this is bizarre, Jim, but my fingers are tingling. Is that weird?

Jim Oliver: Kristen, that is so common. After I do a call or a presentation and play the music, I get emails people who say, “My body was tingling, and vibrating. I was resonating for hours and hours after the call. I went to bed and it was just like I woke up in the morning and my body is still resonating.” That’s how quickly, in only a little over three minutes, when you have music that’s created with that intentionality of helping people help themselves in their own self-discovery, their own awakening, accessing their own divine intelligence, their own optimization, you are a whole total perfect divine being right here, right now, and the music helps you remember.

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