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Kristen Howe: So what is something that we can do to help us navigate this?.

Lori Spagna: Well, one of the big things, the biggest things, and I definitely got this when I was in Maui, part of the speeding up of time is designed to assist us. So if you can get this from the beginning this is a really important thing. As we experience time speeding up, the most important thing we can do is let go of everything that we no longer need.

So let’s shift this out of what we were talking about before with respect to emotions, pains, sorrows, dramas, traumas, all that kind of stuff; it’s more like all the things that we’ve been doing as human’s doing, if you’re not enjoying it, if it’s not really important, if it doesn’t really matter, don’t do it, you don’t have enough time. You simply don’t have enough time. There’s things you’re not supposed to be doing. I don’t know if that’s the right way to phrase that, “supposed to be” because you’re allowed to do anything you want, but you’re meant to let go off doing things that don’t bring you joy, that you don’t enjoy. And so the speeding up of time, so to speak, the experience of that is meant to facilitate that, that letting go of doing the things that you don’t enjoy. That’s part of it.

So one of the first things people can do is just literally make a list of all the things they do that they really don’t have to do that they really don’t like and get rid of them. Like you really don’t have to spend four hours balancing your checkbook every month kind of thing, I’m giving an example. So each person has to decide what’s right for them. But that’s part of the speeding up of time and how to navigate through it. It’s letting go of the things that don’t bring you joy that really aren’t necessary. I’m not telling you to stop brushing and flossing your teeth or some of the things you do need to do, I’m saying there are some things we all waste our time doing that we don’t really want to do and we’d let go of them if we could.

All right so that’s one of the things, and the other thing from a more spiritual perspective, we’re meant to start using the power of the universe to assist us. I remember one of our last interviews Kristen where we were talking about manifestation, that is a huge part of the new reality. So we need to let the universe do a lot more of the work for us that we used to do ourselves so that actually things can become easier. When we turn over the desire and the intention of things we want to accomplish to the forces of the universe, so to speak, the energy of creation, things that we used to need to spend months and months doing can now be done so much more effortlessly. So that’s part of this navigating through time as well. Does that make sense?

Kristen Howe: It does and I love that you just said that because I’ve actually even noticed that in my life where I’m like “Normally this would take…” There have been times where it kind of freaks me out because I’m like well then maybe I didn’t do it fully or you know what I mean? So we can stop second guessing ourselves, is that what you’re saying?

Lori Spagna: Yes. Because we think we need to do more, but we really don’t, we don’t need to do as much. It’s more about starting from the end and go, “Okay, here’s the end goal in mind; it’s what I choose to experience or have or create.” And in the old paradigm you might have had to do like ten things and a lot of struggle and strain to get there; in the new paradigm you cooperate with the divine. You go into a state of sort of meditation, connecting with the divine, connecting with this beautiful energy, creating it through a manifestation process as in allowing it to actualize in the physical reality with a lot more ease and grace, allowing the universe to do a lot more of the work for you. Then it doesn’t take as much time, you can have what you want a lot easier, yeah.

Kristen Howe: That’s fantastic, we can all stop pushing. That’s cool. All right so what’s time jumping?

Lori Spagna: Beautiful.

Kristen Howe: That all sounds very sci-fi.

Lori Spagna: Oh my God, this is one of the best things ever! I’ve been doing this with a lot of my clients, they’re having amazing results. In fact a couple of weeks ago I had a few clients like in a row who called me with animal companions who were literally sort of like death bed type of thing. And it had happened to me right before which is how I really learned it with my dog where I was literally calling for home euthanasia services, and then a good lightworker friend of mine got on the phone with me and she was like, “Okay, let’s do some time jumping.”

So time jumping is based on the recognition that there are infinite number of realities and they’re all happening right now. Let’s just for example, in this current reality something is happening that you’re not liking; for example an animal looks like they might be suffering, or you have some kind of root canal that you might need, or some other pain or trauma, something is going on that’s happening in this dimension of reality. So time jumping is the recognition that you exist in a parallel reality with almost all the same things, however that particular situation it’s different. So your dog is healed or your tooth is healed.

Now how do you jump into that reality is the question. But once you get to the recognition that that is possible, that’s the first step. You have to realize in another dimension of reality that I can connect with, this dog is healed, this tooth is healed, this disease is healed, this whatever it is. So that’s the first step.

The second step, I don’t know whether we can go through that whole process because it’s like a whole call, but it’s part of what I teach about in the manifestation healing circles, but it’s literally about learning how to energetically align with this new dimension of reality and allowing yourself to step into it and experience that as your reality. It’s very real, this sounds a lot like sci-fi just like you said, but it’s so easy once you learn how. It just takes more than ten minutes to explain it

Kristen Howe: Yeah, exactly. I was going to say we can’t but that’s great because now we know what we can talk about next time. But here’s the cool thing about what you just said and so I’m hoping people even take this away with them, is that when you said that, when you said, “Just the awareness of those other realities exist,” I actually felt weight lift off my shoulder. I was thinking about something in particular and then I was like, “Oh.” And just that awareness alone took some of the weight off. So if people can really think about that, that’s even something that they could take away from just this like little glimpse into that piece of it.

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The law of attraction is one of the more popularized Universal laws. The theory behind the secret law of attraction is that we create our own realities.

In practicing the secret law of attraction we not only attract things we want, we also attract things we don't want. This is based on our overwhelming thoughts and feelings. The release of the movie The Secret the laws of attraction created a worldwide phenomenon. It awakened millions of people to the idea. Because of the movie, many are now believing and using the secret power of attraction in their own lives. The secret law of attraction or the like attracts like principle is helping millions of people create a life they always knew they could have.

Law of secret attraction or the secret laws, just like most of the other Universal laws, is a creative process. Ask, believe and receive. In these laws of attraction secret overwhelming feelings you have attract people and things into your reality. You need to believe that what you are asking for will become yours and you must become an active player in reaching your goals.

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