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Dain Heer

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Kristen Howe: I truly believe that everything is possible. What’s the difference between manifestation and creation?

Dain Heer: Great question. See, manifestation is how things show up. A lot of people have said, “Oh, I want to manifest this, I want to manifest that,” but it doesn’t show because what you’re saying to the universe is, “I want to how this shows up this.” And the universe is like, “You got screwed up English, baby.” So it’s like creation is actually a totally different point of view. Creation and actualization, so rather than saying I want to manifest this, two things; there’s two difficulties with the idea and that is that manifest means how this shows up.

And also whenever you say want, want has 27 definitions that mean to lack and one that means to desire. So when you say, for example, “I want more money,” what you’re saying to the universe is, “I lack of more money.” Please if you want to start creating differently, please take the word want out of your vocabulary, unless it means something you truly don’t have and you’re aware that you’re not having it. Because when you say, “I want more money,” you’re saying, “I lack of having more money.” So what happen is, for example, people who have lots of money never say, “I want money or I want this,” they say, “I’ll have this, I’m going to create this.” And that’s a key distinction.

So in the difference between manifestation and creation, you want to realize that creation is actually bringing something into existence. And what might be a more accurate term is actualization. So if you go, “Okay, I’d like to actualize this,” or even better yet if you can ask a question, “What’s it going to take for this to show up for me,” you don’t even have to worry about, “Okay, it actualizes, it manifests, it creates, what is it?” You just go, “Okay, what’s it going to take for this to show up for me?” And that one question can open the door to the universe actually starting to support you in creating it. So that’s one of the questions you want to have; “What’s it going to take for this to show up?”.

One other question you want to ask is “How does it get any better than this?” Whenever something good happens or when something bad happens, how does it get any better than this? Because it will make a bad situation better, it will make a good situation even better than it just got. So how does it get any better than this is a question you want to start asking in your life.

I had a couple from Denmark who I had shared with them this tool at a week long workshop that I was giving in Europe and they came to me and they said, “You know, you gave us so many tools but the one that really stuck with us was, how does it get any better than this? And we want to thank you so much because it’s changed our whole life. I have gotten a different job, my wife has finally gotten a job, and she was looking forever, our little girl who was so mean is actually starting to become nice,” and I was like, “From just how does it get any better than this?” And they were like, “Yeah, but we asked it all the time for everything, thank you so much.” I was like, “Wow, you never know what it’s going to take to change something for someone”.

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The law of attraction is one of the more popularized Universal laws. The theory behind the secret law of attraction is that we create our own realities.

In practicing the secret law of attraction we not only attract things we want, we also attract things we don't want. This is based on our overwhelming thoughts and feelings. The release of the movie The Secret the laws of attraction created a worldwide phenomenon. It awakened millions of people to the idea. Because of the movie, many are now believing and using the secret power of attraction in their own lives. The secret law of attraction or the like attracts like principle is helping millions of people create a life they always knew they could have.

Law of secret attraction or the secret laws, just like most of the other Universal laws, is a creative process. Ask, believe and receive. In these laws of attraction secret overwhelming feelings you have attract people and things into your reality. You need to believe that what you are asking for will become yours and you must become an active player in reaching your goals.

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