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Kristen Howe: You actually said that you have a soul signature mediation. Is that something that you could do with us?

Lisa Barnett: Yes. I would love to because it’s really very profound to expand and connect to your people. So what we’ll do, we’ll do this mediation. And then I’ll just tell you a little bit about it, just a second, so we’ll really do this through our heart space. It’s just a guided follow along mediation, so hopefully people can really sit back and close their eyes if you’re in a quiet safe space. Or go back and re-listen on the replay if you can if you can’t do that right now because it’s very profound to connect. I always say is what happens for me is whenever I do this meditation, so I love doing it, is a bunch of new students and a bunch of new clients all show up every time I do this meditation. So it really connects us to those people that we’re here to work with on whatever realm whether it’s clients, or soul family, love relationship, whatever it is for you. It really connects us up to that.

So again, let’s just take a nice deep breath relaxing into the support of the chairs beneath our bodies. Let yourself plant your feet on the floor so that you can connect to your dear Mother Earth beneath your feet. We ask Mother Earth to help ground us. As we ask our dear Mother Earth to ground us, we also ask her to bring some of her beautiful earth energy up through our feet, up our legs, and up into our first chakra, second chakra, and up into our third chakra. This is often considered really our power center, but it’s really a center that we can create from.

So we just allow this beautiful earth energy to pool in our third chakra, and then we run a little kind of grounding cord from the back of our third chakra back down into the earth to let that earth energy cycle through our body. So it’s going to go up our feet, up our legs, first chakra, second chakra, third chakra, and then it can spill back down this grounding cord from our back our third chakra back down into earth so it’s moving and fresh and beautiful.

Now we’re going to reach your minds up. We’re going to reach up into the Akashic field and ask our Akashic masters, our beings of light, to flow our highest and best Akashic energy and soul signature energy down to us. You can see this spilling down like liquid gold light, pouring down into your crown chakra and it runs down into your sixth and fifth and your fourth chakra. It blends into the third chakra and mixes with this earth energy. This beautiful high vibrational soul signature, your highest and best Akashic energy, is mixing 90% you soul signature energy with a burst of 10% earth energy to help us create and manifest here on this plane and this dimension. So we mix 90% soul signature energy, 10% earth energy, and the rest just spills off that grounding cord off the back of our third chakra, back down into the earth.

So focusing on your third chakra, seeing that beautiful soul signature energy spinning and swirling and growing in your third chakra, you may actually see some soul signature symbols. So you could ask for a symbol, and you may see like a physical symbol. It might be a circle, a triangle. Some people interestingly see things like musical notes. It may be a profound soul symbol from a past life, or it might be just a golden sparkle or some swirling energy. Whatever it is for you, it’s perfect.

So breathing deeply, we let this ball of energy, this beautiful soul signature energy, expand and expands bigger than your third chakra and it fills up your body. It expands as big as your auric field and further. It starts to expand as a big ball so it’s going up and down and all around, it’s filling up your whole auric field and how it’s starting to expand and fill the room that you’re sitting in. It’s expanding bigger and filling the whole building. It goes down into the earth and up into the sky and out into the city or town or area that you’re living in. It starts to expand out and fill up the state and out into the country and down. It’s now filled up and gone all the way through the earth and come out the other side and up to the moon and bigger. And so you see yourself, your soul signature energy expanding in this beautiful big ball of light and it’s bigger and past the sun and it’s going out and filling up the galaxy.

Breathing deeply, just feel your soul energy, your soul signature symbol, expanding out covering the whole galaxy. Out here in this galaxy, you can connect with everyone and everything that’s here to support you on your path. So all of your guides and the guardians, all of the energy beings and angels and elementals, everybody from every dimension that’s here to support you can see your beautiful soul signature out here in the galaxy. It feels so good. It feels so expansive.

So we just ask our soul to leave these little symbols sprinkled out here in the galaxy as we draw our more physical energy back, back into our bodies. So we see these sparkly symbols or these sparkles, the light, this high vibrational energy, and it’s everywhere that we’ve been. It’s all around the galaxy. It’s out around the sun and the moon. It’s covered our whole solar system. As we draw our energy back past the sun, past the moon, back toward earth, we’re coming back. Now we’re back, kind of pulling this energy back into this dimension, back into our country, back into our state and back into our town or city. All the way back into our building and our room. All the way back into our physical bodies drawing all of this beautiful soul energy, compacting it right here into the physical form that you are.

And again, just consciously grounding it into the body and knowing that as we become more solidly grounded, our whole soul energy like we’ve just done, it’s much easier to create and manifest our hearts desire when we can manifest right here, right now in this physical plane in this physical dimension with the support of our beings of light and all the beings and guides and angels and guardians that have come to help us. Now our clients, our loved ones, everyone can find us because our soul signature is sprinkled throughout the galaxy.

Open your eyes and you might wiggle your body and tap your feet and start to really get present here again. So with the intension that you’ll be hearing from people and doorways opening, new doors opening, new people contacting you, maybe new clients calling you. Beautiful. Welcome back..

Kristen Howe: Wow. That was incredible. I’m so giddy. I’m like “Whee, that was fun.” Truly, there’s just a joy to it. I can see how – see is the wrong word – I can feel how powerful this is. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m so excited about that. I’m curious because you’ve talked about you work with a lot of people one on one and also there are people that work with your program. I’d love to hear what maybe some of the turnarounds that you’ve seen from the people who have applied what you’re working with here. So do you have a couple of stories you could share with us?

Lisa Barnett: Sure. Actually, one was really fun because I just got it a few days ago from someone who has been doing this meditation that I had shared with her. So she sent me an email and she said, “I’ve been doing your soul signature meditation daily since you gave it to me. I’m leaving my soul symbol everywhere in the galaxy. I’ve seen an increase in my clientele for readings and for Reiki. Every morning before I get out of bed, I ask to receive a gift and today I was gifted by seeing my symbol in the sky. Three airplanes had left in the sky the symbol I was given in the mediation. It was such a beautiful gift and confirmation for me. Thank you for this meditation.” So that was one that was so fun to hear, this real tangible, literally seeing her symbol in the sky created by these three airplanes; phenomenal.

Kristen Howe: Wow, that’s amazing. That’s from the actual meditation that we just did, correct?

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