Like Attracts Like

How Your Heart Manifests Your Life

Alicia Power

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Kristen Howe: You were just saying, “How can I express this in a way that people could really get it?” So could you go ahead and take us through? I think for us to get it, maybe for us to feel that connection with our spirit tutor and our spirit light that might help us. So is it possible for us to go through and do that?

Alicia Power: Yeah, let’s do that. Kristen, I just want to say thank you so much for holding this space with me today because the spirit world and our spirit tutors are so close to us, all of us that are on this call right now, all of you that are listening. Your spirit tutors are kind of nudging up with you right now because they are so keen for you to connect with them. So let’s just see.

Okay, so let’s begin. So the first thing I’d love everyone to do is take a deep breath down into your tummy. By taking this really deep breath and letting it out really slowly through your mouth, it kind of separates your spirit self a little bit away from your physical self. It’s a beautiful way just to begin any meditation or any multidimensional process. All right. So one more time, just a deep breath down into the stomach, down into the tummy, and letting it out really, really slowly in a measured, quiet, calm out breath.

I’d like everyone to imagine a beautiful explosion ball of light in front of you. You don’t have to see it clearly, just pretend it’s there. I’d like you to step into it and merge with it, really simple. It’s a beautiful process that just immediately changes your resonance and lifts your frequency. Expanding right out, and imagine that the scale and the size of that you that is that ball of light is pushed right out so that it’s surrounding the entire building that you’re in, the house or the building.

Now imagine a column of light traveling up from the center of the earth and traveling up through your body and traveling up out the top of your head and it’s just traveling straight up into the sky. Now you, almost as though in an elevator, are following that column of light upwards. We’re going to go really fast. It’s a beautiful metaphor for just starting to lift ourselves up into a higher and higher frequency dimension. We’re traveling upwards higher and higher.

Now everyone, just imagine that you’ve come to a stop and you’re pushing open a kind of a door in the elevator and stepping out. In front of you is a beautiful garden, and all of you’ve got a unique image of a garden. It might be roses or it might be tropical and kind of Caribbean, whatever feels lovely for you. You’re walking forward now into this garden, and there’s a beautiful seat in a kind of a lovely flower filled area then sitting down, smelling the flowers and the blue sky above you.

There’s the sense of a presence. In front of you just emerging is a beautiful being of light full of love, full of light, full of beauty. This is a being who can see your soul. I’d like you just for a moment, just stand up off your feet and walk forward and step into that being and merge with him just for a moment. Really, it’s like a psychic hug, just feeling their energy.

Now step back out. Just for a moment, switch on pretend mode and notice what they look like. Totally pretend, have fun with this. They might be a male or a female. It might have long hair or short hair. Just notice what their eyes feel like or look like. Go with your feeling as much as a pretend imagination visual. Again, you don’t have to see, just know, and pretend you know. Completely imagine that you are giving yourself permission, kind of like a 2-year-old to just have fun with what this being might feel like or look like.

Now imagine that this being is going to give you their name. You can ask them for their name, like, “What is your name?” and have an immediate feeling from them what that name is, or your spirit being has a stick in their hand and there’s sand at your feet and they are literally drawing each letter in the sand and you’re looking down and you’re noticing what each letter is as a kind of extra confirmation for yourself. It doesn’t matter what the name is, it’s like a sound code or a phone number so that you can connect with this spirit being easily any time using that name. Okay.

Now what I’d love you to do is ask that spirit being to look at your aura or your body and to notice where there is some shadow energy that’s sitting somewhere in your anatomy, in your body or in your aura, and for them to literally reach in and pull it out. So I’d love you to switch on your pretend mode, be really present, and have your attention on what’s happening here. Give yourself 100% focus if you can. Switch it on and totally pretend again. Pretend pushes your logic out of the way and it kind of gives permission for a higher part of you to know what’s happening. So pretend is a great way to use for yourself all the time, especially as you’re starting working with your spirit tutors. So noticing what the spirit being’s doing, where are they reaching in? Stick with your pretend mode.

Now imagine that your spirit being’s taking you by the hand and you’re on the banks of a river and you both get into a beautiful wooden boat that’s going to start flowing you down the river together. So sweet, the two of you together in the boat. The boat’s actually going backwards in time. So feel the enjoyment of just sitting, relaxing, the sun is beaming on your heads and shoulders. The two of you are sitting in this boat that’s flowing way down the river, going backwards in time. Eventually the boat nudges up to the bank and you both get out and walk up over the bank.

Your hand is in the hand of your spirit tutor. In front of you is a scene, it might be a city or a village or countryside. You both walk down the other side of the bank, and I’d like you to follow. Switch on again your pretend mode, imagining like you’re a little kid knowing that anything’s possible. Your spirit tutor has your hand in their hand and you’re walking forward. Your spirit tutor wants to show you something about something that happened to you in a past life. It’s significant because your spirit tutor can help you understand. So totally pretend everyone. Have fun here.

Follow the movie. Imagine a movie is just rolling out in front of you and you’re just walking forward. You might be walking into a crowd of people or into a building and there might be a special person there. Put your attention on what’s happening. Any slightest hint that you’re getting is fine. Any feelings you’re having are fine. Noticing your feeling. You can look at your spirit tutor at any moment remembering your hand is in their hand. You don’t have to say anything; you can just look at them and query in your heart what’s happening.

Now, I just want to say to you just very quickly that spirit tutors tend to nudge you into moments that can be a little bit of an emotion coming up. The reason is that they’ll help you just pop an old feeling that’s keeping you kind of stuck. That’s what they tend to do just very gently with so much love, and because you’re with your spirit tutor, your spirit tutor will unwind that really easily and smoothly without too much intensity. That’s the beauty of working with a spirit tutor, they do really deep work very fast without it hurting. I want everyone to really remember that.

Just really quickly everyone, we’ve just moved through a really simple little shift there. I know because my spirit tutor just told me. I’m online with him constantly. Just imagine that you, again, are standing in front of a column of light. Again, it’s a little elevator. The two of you step into it and you’re shooting upwards again. We’re going up into a higher layer of light. Just moving really quickly here, again, and stepping out much higher up and there’s no scene there, there’s just light. In front of you is a group of light beings.

This is kind of like a council of elders of light beings of love and light. They’re looking at you and right now’s an opportunity for you to say to them what you want out of your life, out of this lifetime. What is the highest thing that you would love to make sure happens in this lifetime? It could be soul evolution, it might be enlightenment, it might be just happiness, it might be a partner with love, and it might be financial abundance. Let them know specifically what you need in this lifetime. Now listening very carefully, this is a key moment, everyone. It’s your chance to be heard on the soul level. Your spirit tutor now walks up to you, your main spirit tutor, gives you a hug and lets you know that you are love.

I’m going to leave you right in that moment where you’re being hugged by your spirit tutor. Kristen, was there anything else that you needed to work with?

Kristen Howe: No. That’s amazing.

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The law of attraction is one of the more popularized Universal laws. The theory behind the secret law of attraction is that we create our own realities.

In practicing the secret law of attraction we not only attract things we want, we also attract things we don't want. This is based on our overwhelming thoughts and feelings. The release of the movie The Secret the laws of attraction created a worldwide phenomenon. It awakened millions of people to the idea. Because of the movie, many are now believing and using the secret power of attraction in their own lives. The secret law of attraction or the like attracts like principle is helping millions of people create a life they always knew they could have.

Law of secret attraction or the secret laws, just like most of the other Universal laws, is a creative process. Ask, believe and receive. In these laws of attraction secret overwhelming feelings you have attract people and things into your reality. You need to believe that what you are asking for will become yours and you must become an active player in reaching your goals.

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