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Your Spiritual Formula for Miracles

"Brent Phillips and Kristen Howe in Conversation"

Kristen Howe:         Hi.  This is your host Kristen Howe.  I’m so excited to welcome you to our call with today’s guest, Brent Phillips. 
Brent Phillips has over 5,000 hours of private sessions where he has transformed people’s lives with what we call profound change.  Brent’s life was shattered by a personal health crisis.  Then after seven grueling years, he discovered the dramatic effects of Theta Healing and his life has never been the same. 
On this call you will experience the very same techniques that freed Brent from 7 years of misery.  His simple techniques can be used by anyone to have an immediate and profound impact on their life.  Today you will discover a scientific step by step process to clear your conscious and subconscious locks to health, wealth, love, and success.  You’ll also discover how your body’s cellular memory is affecting your subconscious mind.  You’ll find a balance of science and spiritual techniques to discover your inner millionaire, and you’ll learn a formula for creating miracles in your own life. 
So Brent, I love this, I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.  Thank you so much for joining us today and welcome to the call.

Brent Phillips:         Thanks, glad to be here.

Kristen Howe:         So it’s so great having you here.  What I’d love to do because I’ve only hinted at your story is have you share with us in a little more depth how you came to do what it is you’re doing so amazingly now.

Brent Phillips:         Well, that’s a good question because I’m the first to admit that I never thought I’d be doing anything like this.  This was never part of my master plan.  Really, if you knew me when I was a young man and as a boy you’d know that I’m very much the prototypical computer geek.  Growing up I loved electronics. I loved the early video games. I loved computers. All that stuff, science fiction, Dungeons and Dragons. I was like 100% geek. 

So when it came time for me to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, it was a pretty easy call, it’s the one thing that I was good at that I could get paid for was programming computers.  So I went onto college at MIT and it was at MIT that I discovered the Internet.  And I know that sounds kind of funny today, but 25 years ago the Internet was far from mainstream and I saw this worldwide computer network and I was like, “Oh my gosh, this is just going to change everything.”  And so I made computer networking the primary focus of my studies. 

I got my bachelor’s degree at MIT, graduated with Phi Beta Kappa honors, went on to graduate school there, joined the Telemedia Networks and Systems Group in the Laboratory for Computer Science under professor David Tanenhaus.  In 1994 it was my group that sent the very first live video ever over the web, so we were doing some really cool stuff, then the Internet boom hit. 
So by the time the Internet boom hit about a year later, I had finished my master’s degree and I had qualified for and I was working towards my PhD in the doctorate program.  But I didn’t want to wait, I really thought that I could drop out of graduate school, move to California, start an Internet company, work really hard for a couple of years, sell it for millions of dollars and then move to some tropical island and spend my days hot tubbing with supermodels.  That was my plan.  It was a great plan for a guy in his 20’s with the whole world at his finger tips that literally through the Internet, right?  That seemed like a very realistic thing to happen, but it didn’t.  Instead, though things got off to a great start, they took a really dangerous wrong turn. 

For the first year things went really well, I recruited my lifelong best friends and other partner; we formed a web design company.  We were very lucky to immediate land a lot of high profile clients.  The very first website I ever created in my life, number one, was the site that launched the Sony Play Station in the summer of 1995.  So that was my first website.  We worked for Sony and Nissan Motors and Disneyland, a lot of video game developers.  We started a second company to create online games because that was a big passion for me and my partners.  And a year later I had 15 people working for me, and really, the sky was the limit. 

However, the reason that we could be successful was that I was working myself literally to death.  I was at the office generally 12 to 16 hours every day, sometimes longer, seven days a week, no holidays, no breaks, no vacations, no weekends.  I worked all the time.  Because again, I figured I was willing to sacrifice a couple of years of my life to hard work to be a millionaire by 30, but it didn’t work out that way.  Instead I developed a really severe case of what we now call Repetitive Stress Injuries. 

When I first started to have some pain and problems, I didn’t really panic because like a lot of people I figured, “Well, if I have a problem with my health, I’ll just go to the doctor and they take care of you,” right?  That’s how it always worked for me when I was young.  And so I went to doctors and they put me in splints and they gave me anti-inflammatories and sent me to physical therapy and told me to use heat and ice,  and all this kind of stuff and I literally spent the next three years in conventional treatment trying to get better.  But I didn’t get better, I got worse. 

So when I say that I had Repetitive Stress Injuries, I don’t just mean I had a little tingle in my wrist, the pain was so severe that I could barely work at a computer.  I could only drive for maybe five to ten minutes at a time without having severe pain.  I couldn’t read books because the act of holding a book open was painful for me.  I even had to move in with my parents.  And so on days when the pain was particularly bad, I couldn’t even cut my own food so I had to move in with my parents, so this was a very big deal. 

So I spent three years in conventional therapy going to all sort of different orthopedists and TTs and different health professionals trying to get better, but I just got worse.  My pain got worse, my ability to work got less and less.  It all kind of came to head in early 1998, and what happened then was I went into what we now know as the dark night of the soul where everything kind of falls apart all at once. 
In short order one thing that happened was that my doctors decided that I was incurable.  Their work comp lingo for it is permanent and stationery.  Essentially they’ve decided that you’re a hopeless case. That no amount of treatment can ever get you better, and they don’t want to spend any more time, energy, and money trying to treat you.  So that was devastating because at the time I was 27 years old and I was told by these very prestigious well known doctors that there was no hope of me ever recovering, ever being out of pain, ever being able to work again or having a normal life.  So that scared the heck out of me. 
Another thing that happened was that the video game company which was a huge passion for me ended up being terminated without cause by three different publishers.  What that means is that we did everything right, we made every milestone, made every deliverable, and then we lost out funding and we’re left with staff to pay and all that because the company either went bankrupt or they just ran out of business or the entire division got axed.  In one case the entire North American division of our publisher just disappeared overnight, so that was a disaster. 

There was also my partners who had lost patience with me because I had created these companies literally out of nothing through my hard work and education and now I could barely work an hour a day on the computer.  And so I lost my position at the companies, I lost my salary. The web company got sold for millions of dollars behind my back. There were multiple lawsuits, a lot of bad feelings.  And what I call the cherry on top of the sundae was that my lifelong best friend had been secretly dating the woman I was in love with.  So I got wiped out on pretty much all levels. 

I got kind of lucky in that I didn’t spiral too deep into depression right away because one of my friends got me into positive thinking and he said, “Hey Brent, this is what you need.  We do positive thinking when life is hard and that helps to turn it around.”  Today it’s what we call the law of attraction.  In the ‘90s we called it positive thinking, it really the same stuff, right?  They tell you to thinking positively and I listened to motivational tapes and put power words in my walls and said mantras and affirmations and made a vision board and did all that kind of stuff, but nothing seemed to change.  I got frustrated with it and I decided it was just a bunch of crap and I threw it all in the trash.  Really in retrospect, I threw out the baby with the bath water, but it just didn’t seem to make any difference for me. 

The next step for me was I got turned on into alternative medicine.  And like a lot of listeners I’m sure, when I first got involved with alternative medicine I got really excited because I thought, “Wow, this is going to be it, right?  This sounds like exactly what I need to get better, to heal my body, to get out of pain, and go restart my life.”  I kind of went crazy into alternative medicine.  I spent literally the next five years as a full time patient running around, getting a combination of conventional and alternative treatments and I just did everything.  I’d have sometimes two, three, four appointments every day. 
I continued with conventional treatment, I went to chiropractors, I went to osteopaths, I went to energy healers, I went to all different kinds of body workers, I went to homeopaths, I did herbology, I took all sorts of cleanses and supplements and I did special diets.  I did a strict raw food diet for a while and I did the Paleo Diet and the Zone Diet and an anti-inflammation diets.  I mean I could go on and on and on about all the stuff I did.

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I had pretty much every healing device or machine known to man.  I worked with electrical stimulators, I worked with ultrasound, I worked with subsonic stimulators and vibration machines and chi machines and cold lasers and Far Infrared and titanium tape.  I mean I could go talk to everyone for hours about all the stuff I tried, but nothing worked for me.  The pattern was the same every time. 
This happened not just a few times, but dozens of times.  I think at one time I totaled it and there were 54 different healers and doctors that I had seen during this period.  And when I say I tried something, when I said I tried acupuncture, I don’t mean I did one or two sessions.  When I say I tried something I mean I went and found the best person I could and went to him twice a week for two years.  This happened over 50 times where I’d find some new person and they’d have a healing device or a machine or a technique or a supplement or a diet or a cleanser, something and they tell me, “Hey Brent, I’m so glad you found me because this is what you need.  This is what’s going to work for you.” 

And they’d tell me about their great success rate and all the people they’d helped and they’d usually say, “Well, there’s a small percentage of people maybe 1% or 5% who don’t respond.”  And so I’d go and I’d work with them for six month, a year, two years, three years, whatever the timetable was and at some point they’d just throw their hands in the air and go, “I don’t get it.  Sorry Brent, this just isn’t working for you, I’m not sure why.  Find something else.”  So after that’s happened 40 or 50 times you tend to get pretty frustrated. 

That sort of frenzy of treatment all sort of ended in early 2003 because I agreed to have an experimental surgery.  I did it sort of out of desperation because I was at the end of my rope in terms of my disability benefits and work comp coverage and I knew that I was to get basically booted out.  And at the time that was the only thing that I was surviving on and the only thing helping me to pay for all these treatments because I had run through all my savings at this point.  And so I agreed to have the surgery, and of course, the surgery didn’t work.  Not only did it not help me, it actually made things a lot worse.  And I came out of the surgery, which was February 3, 2003, I’ll never forget that day, and I couldn’t move my right arm at all.  It was completely frozen at the elbow. 

My arm was stuck like that for the next four months.  I tried manipulations and Dynasplints and all these things to try to get it to move and nothing helped.  It was only later when I discovered this thing called Theta Healing that things started to change.  Again, I had been to healers before, I had done Reiki Healing and Pranic Healing and all different sorts of hands-on and so I was kind of familiar with it. 
I got introduced into Theta Healing through my Aunt Lauren who had told me how she had a close friend Terry O’Connell who she had worked with in finance for like 20 years and they had an amazing career together, but Terry got sick.  In fact she almost died.  And so she found this energy healing technique called Theta Healing developed by a woman in Idaho, Vianna Stibal and she went and learned it and applied it.  And not only did Theta Healing save her life, but she was so impressed with it that he gave up her career in finance to go be a full time healer which I thought was pretty amazing. 

I have to admit when I first heard this I thought, “Wow, this woman has just gotten nuts.  She’s gone off the deep end of the new age pool.”  But I wanted to give it a shot and so I set up a session, I went to go see Terry and I showed up at her apartment in Santa Monica.  It was a beautiful Los Angeles mornings, 72 degrees and sunny, and I went in and sat down on her couch.  She’s sitting across the room for me because this is all done with the mind.  There’s no hands-on, there’s no machine, nothing like that. 

She told me that the basic premise was that our mind was very powerful.  In particular the subconscious mind, the part we’re not really aware of.  And that our subconscious mind is creating everything that happens in our lives.  That by using this process, we would identify specific blocks in my subconscious that were keeping me sick, keeping me in pain, keeping me poor, keeping me from having a great life, and reprogram them in the same way that you reprogram a computer.  And I thought this was pretty interesting because I was a little familiar with mind power and that sort of thing.  I had worked with hypnotists and done some positive thinking seminars and thinks like that, but no one that had really put so much emphasis on the subconscious. 

We talked for a while and she asked me questions about my belief in God, and what had happened to my family when I was child.  We talked about what happened in my first marriage and the betrayal by my best friend, and the terrible pain I had suffered for so many years, the loss of all the money and my career, the loss of my dreams.  It was a very interesting process, but I have to admit the whole time part of me was going, “Okay, this is nice, but I’m really not here to talk about my feelings.  I’m really here because I’m in a lot of pain but I can’t move my arm.  I want to fix that so I can get back to work and start my life again.” 

And so at the end of the session she said, “Okay Brent, we’re going to do a healing on you,” and I said, “Sure, whatever, knock yourself out.”  I was sitting there I’m like looking out the window, thinking, “Hey, what do I want to watch on TV today?”  And then all of a sudden something out of nowhere, something popped inside my elbow, which was pretty amazing and I was like, “Whoa!”  And I remember Terry looked over at me and kind of opened her eyes and smiled and said, “Okay Brent, try your arm.”  I did and I could move my arm again.  It was literally a miraculous instant healing.  The frozen elbow that I had from the surgery completely and instantly healed and never gave me any trouble again.

Kristen Howe:         Wow!

Brent Phillips:         So that was truly a miracle.  And of course, I was so shocked that this had happened that I was like, “I don’t know what you just did, but I got to learn this.”  And so I did and I learned it and I mastered it, and I have spent all the years since then not only to take it out to the world, but also to make it better, to make it faster and easier and more powerful.  Because that’s what engineers do, we love to optimize systems. 

So that’s what I’ve done with the Theta Healing process, which I’ve now wrapped into what I call the Formula for Miracles, which is sort of Brent’s approach to, “Okay, how do we take this and make it really easy to you?  Make it so powerful and so simple that anybody, even complete spiritual beginners can see some great changes in their lives?” 

I do want to emphasize though that all of my problems were not solved in an hour.  So it wasn’t like everything all of a sudden got better in an instance.  My frozen elbow from the surgery did 100% completely instantly heal, never gave me trouble again, but all the chronic pain that I had, my struggles with depression, I’d had a lot of back pain, I’d had knee problem, social anxiety, difficulty in relationships, I was in debt, I mean, I could go on and on and on, none of that stuff changed in an hour, but with a lot more work and a lot more clearing, all of it eventually did. 

I think it’s remarkable that if I look at, say for example, the last two years before I started doing the subconscious clearing and a few years after it, I was seeing the same doctors and orthopedics and acupuncturists and all that, once I added in the subconscious clearing, I started to get better.  And it was not a quick or easy process for me, it took a while.  But I beat the odds, I defied all the doctors who said I was incurable and I made a complete comeback and now, I mean, it’s almost disorienting to see how far I’ve come in my life.  Much further than anyone would have thought possible. 

What we’re doing here is we’re learning to work with an aspect of ourselves that most of us are at best, dimly aware of.  If I had to summarize in one sentence, “Well, what is the Formula for Miracles?”  What it is, it’s a set of very simple, easy to use tools for higher dimensional living.  And so if you learn how to do that, you will be able to tap into that universal intelligence that some call the spirit world or the [rumbi] on the veil and actually use it to get practical results in your life. 

And so how does that work?  Well, if you’re like me, you may have done energy healing, you may have been to a lot of law of attraction or positive thinking, wealth building seminars, and the basic premise of all this work is the same.  All our spiritual teachers and all the gurus for thousands of years have been telling us in one form or another that our minds are very powerful and that we are truly in control of our lives.  However, you look at your life and you go, “What a minute, this doesn’t make sense.  If I’m really in control of my life, why am I broke?  Why did I lose my job?  Why did I lose my home?  Why did I go through a divorce?  Why do I have this difficult health problem?  Why can I not afford the treatment I need?”  Or whatever your challenge is. 

The resolution is very simple.  It’s that over 99% of your life is created subconsciously or unconsciously.  There’s parts of you that you’re not even aware of that are actively working and making these choices for you, but it’s unconscious.  You’re not aware that you’re doing it, and that’s critical.  And so if we look at your typical law of attraction or wealth building programs, like the stuff I got into when my life really spiraled out of control in the late ‘90s, they’ll usually give you some version of “Well, you want to think positively because your mind is very powerful and if you have positive thoughts you’ll attract good things to your life.” 

So if you go to a law of attraction program or a positive thinking seminar, they’ll usually have you go up and dance on a stage and high five your friends and say affirmations and make a wish board and look yourself in the mirror and go, “You’re a millionaire,” or whatever it is.  Not that those things are bad, it’s just that for most people they’re insufficient.  The reason being that that’s only a tapping into the conscious mind, and your conscious mind, I think, is certainly less than 1% of your power.  Almost all your power is wrapped up in the subconscious. 

And so if you look at most of these programs, a lot of them have these great testimonials and smiling happy people on the brochures or the emails, and they’ll have these great stories about, “Hey, you know what?  I went to this positive thinking boot camp and I came back and in the next week I made $1 million.”  And you’re like, “Hey, I want some of that.”  And so you run out and sign up and you go into all those silly exercises and then you come back to your life and nothing changes. 

I used to think that maybe they were just scams.  I used to think, “Well, maybe these stories are just made up to trick desperate people out of their money.”  What I found is that’s actually almost unheard of.  It’s very, very rare that these things are outright scams or fakes.  Almost all of their stories you read are true, however here’s the kicker, they’re very rare.  That there are people who go and use the law of attraction program and see big shifts in their lives and make a lot of money.

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For example, if you go and talk to Rhonda Byrne, the woman behind The Secret and you ask her, “Well, how did you make this so successful and make hundreds of millions of dollars on this video?”  She would say, “Oh, it was easy, I used The Secret.  I just thought positively,” and then you go and do that and it doesn’t work. 

Well, what you’ll find is the people that get those great results, which by the way includes a lot of the teachers, a lot of the teachers out there promoting that do it out of genuine interest to help people because that’s what worked for them.  And they tell you to think positively and all this and nothing changes, well that’s because you’ll find that about 1% of the people who go into those programs don’t have any subconscious blocks in their way.  If you don’t have any subconscious blocks in the way, you can say your affirmations and think positively and high five your friends and dance around and it will actually change your life.  Most of us aren’t that lucky.  If you’re like me, you have all the subconscious garbage in the way. 

To give an example, let’s say you want to make more money, and so if you go to a positive thinking seminar and they have you make a wish board and dance on the stage and do all that kind of stuff, what that’s doing is actually useful because it’s engaging that 1% of you, the conscious mind, and having it tell the universe very clearly, “Universe, send me money, make me rich.”  That’s great.  What you don’t realize is that 99% plus of you is saying, “Wait a minute, don’t you dare because I believe I have to poor to be close to God,” or “I’m carrying a vow of poverty,” or “I believe that rich people are greedy,” or “I believe that if I have a lot of money everyone will want something from me.”  So you don’t realize that that subconscious stuff which most of us have no idea is there, is blocking it.  And so if 99% of you pushes one way and 1% pushes the other, guess who’s going to win?  Well guess what, your subconscious mind is going to win all the time. 

I really want to emphasize the subconscious because a lot of people, especially when they’re new to this, I thought this, I thought I knew what was inside of me.  I thought I knew what I believed.  Wrong.  Because most of the subconscious stuff never happened to you.  The majority of it is actually carried in from your ancestors through generic links.  For example, you carry though generic linkages a generic memory of every single thing that’s happened to all of your ancestors back at least seven generations.

Kristen Howe:         Wow!

Brent Phillips:         And so you can see how these subconscious programs, only actually a tiny percentage of them come from your life.  Most of them come from other places.  And that’s why I emphasize that you have no idea what’s in there.  You may not believe you have to be poor to be close to God, most people in the 21st Century know better.  There’s no fundamental problem with being rich and close to God, right?

Kristen Howe:         Right, right.

Brent Phillips:         But guess what, I can guarantee you that you had ancestors who really believed and you may be still carrying that energy within you.  So what do we do about this?  What do you do if you’re full of subconscious junk?  What do you do if you’re struggling?  What do you do if you have a problem that modern medicine either can’t solve or the treatment is so expensive or has so many side effects as to be impractical?  What do you do if you’re chronically single?  What do you do if you’re depressed?  Or what do you do if you have a serious injury or if you’ve lost your job or your whole industry has gone overseas? 

Well, you want to recognize first that you intentionally created those problems.  I’m not blaming anyone, that’s not what this is about.  I just want to be clear that we all unconsciously created these problems for a reason.  The reason we create impossible problems is so that we will go and find new solutions.  So that’s why I’m here and that’s why I’m offering these tools to the world because so many of us have created problems that can’t be solved in the old energy.  Let’s make the connection to the higher dimensional world, and I think, everybody listening this would be really clear.  I think you would really like this. 
The old energy, the lower dimensional world that we’ve come from is very linear.  It’s causing effect, it’s linear time, it’s A, B, C; that’s mythology, that’s not really true.  And so we’re going to use the analogy of Flat Land.  And so Flat Land was a cute little video made in the ‘70s.  I remember watching it in grammar school.  And in Flat Land it’s a story of a two dimensional world and all the people in this world are shapes.  They’re triangles and squares and hexagons and pentagons and such because it’s two dimensional.  In this story of Flat Land, one of them discovers the third dimension.  And of course, when that first happens everyone thinks he’s crazy and he’s prosecuted for it.  But if you think about it for a second, if you can live in a higher dimensional space, if everyone around you lives in Flat Land and you’ve discovered the third dimension, you will be able to do things that seem magical or miraculous or impossible to others. 

For example, let’s say you’re in Flat Land and you come up against a wall, and we’ll say this wall which is a line in Flat Land, we’ll say it’s a million miles long and you want to get over to the other side.  Well, if you’re trapped in two dimensions, if you’re stuck in Flat Land, you’re going to have to go on a million mile journey.  Yeah, good luck.  You would say it’s impossible to get across this wall.  But what happens if you discover the third dimension?  If you discover the third dimension, it’s very easy.  You just pop up into the third dimension; jump over the wall and in a fraction of a second you’re over it and on the other side.  The people around you that are stuck in Flat Land all they would perceive is you disappeared and it would seem that you did something magical and miraculous. 

You didn’t really.  The only reason we call miracles miracles is because we don’t have the technology in science to thoroughly explain and replicate the process, that’s all.  And so all these miracles I offer are nothing more than what happens when you start living at a higher dimensional place.  And so if everyone around you is in Flat Land and you know about the third dimension, you could just go up into the air a little bit and look inside someone’s house and tell them exactly what’s in there and come back a second later and draw them a picture and they would be amazed.  They would say, “Oh my gosh, you must be a psychic or you’re working with the devil or something.  That’s impossible.”  It’s not impossible; you just accessed a higher dimensional power, that’s all. 

So that’s what the subconscious is.  The subconscious is your interface to that higher dimensional world.  All the problems we have in our lives are like that million mile wall in Flat Land.  They seem impossible, from a lower dimensional perspective, there is no good solution.  You would get hopeless, you would feel stuck, you would think there’s no way out.  Well the truth is, if you could see it from a higher dimensional perspective, that solution is very easy, isn’t it?  And that’s what we’re doing here.  The subconscious mind is your interface to the higher dimension.  And so whatever your problem is in life, you don’t necessarily need to know how to solve it.  You simple need to program your subconscious to solve it for you, and it will do so, and that’s what the Formula for Miracles is. 

Again, it’s a simple set of tools to allow you to start living in a higher dimensional space.  And to the people around you who don’t know about this, they’re going to think you’ve created some magical technology or something.  Not really, you’re just accessing a higher dimensional place where solving these problems is easy.  Let’s face it, as long as our old solutions work for our new problems, we’re going to keep at the old solutions. 

Many of us today, and I would imagine probably every single person listening to this call, some part of you has created the problems you have to force you to explore a new solution, to learn how to live in a higher dimensional place.  I really believe, firmly know, that we have done this intentionally and so we’ve created our individual problems the last 10, 20 years, many of which seem impossible to force us to explore these new solutions.  To force us to go live in a higher dimensional place, to learn to use and master these tools because hey, let’s face it, if the doctors had been able to cure me and they had been able to get me out of pain and go back to work, I never would have gotten into this.  And so if the old solutions worked, you would have already solved all your problems, but they don’t. 

I believe the reason we’re doing this is that right now we’re at a place where we need to use this solve our individual problems.  Everything I’m talking about today is primarily geared towards that.  To help you to learn to work with your subconscious mind, to make more money, to improve your health, to find love, to improve your mood, whatever the challenges are.  But I believe in the coming years, this is just a preparation or a warm-up because in the near future, once we’ve learned to use and master these tools, I believe the world is going to call upon us to come together in groups to tackle the big picture.  Because let’s face it, there’s a lot of problems in the world today that have no linear solution.  We cannot solve the financial crisis, worldwide political corruption, the destruction of the atmosphere, global warming, radiation poisoning from the Fukushima disaster.  I mean, I could go on and on, terrorism, blah, blah, blah.  We cannot solve those problems with the old solutions.  I think that’s impossible, but we can solve them in a higher dimensional place. 

So I invite everybody to learn to use this, learn to use the power of your subconscious mind, clear those blocks, learn to live in a higher dimensional place, escape from Flat Land, and trust me, you’re never going to want to go back.  Once you’ve lived in three dimensions, you’re never going to want to go back to Flat Land.  I can’t force anyone to do anything, but we have freewill and we can make that choice.  And if you’re curious and you’re interested, I would love to have you join me.  If not, it’s fine if you want to stay in Flat Land.  You can stay there for as long as you choose.

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Kristen Howe:         So how can we use the techniques you’re talking about for manifesting our “inner millionaire”, I love that.

Brent Phillips:         Sure, well it’s pretty straight forward.  So the first step which we’ve already covered is we recognize that our minds are very powerful and that we really are creating our reality, but the kicker is that it’s an unconscious process.  We’re not aware of how it happens.  To make a real difference in your life, you need to clear those subconscious blocks.  You need to download into your subconscious the right software, so to speak, to facilitate your goals.

If you want to make a change in your life, for example if you want to make more money, really the first step is very simple.  You first need to identify what those blocks are.  You need to identify the subconscious garbage that’s holding you back and then you need to clear it.  So there’s really two steps, it’s really that easy.  So how do we do that? 

Well, the first step is we need to know what’s in there.  We need to know what’s in the subconscious.  That’s actually pretty straight forward, that’s easy to do.  The process by which we do that – there’s actually more than one – but the simplest way to do it muscle testing, also known as applied kinesiology.  Muscle testing was developed in the ‘60s and has being used by a lot of holistic professionals ever since, and it works on the basic principle that you can use your body’s physiological response to determine what your subconscious programs are. 

So for example, a lot of chiropractors and energy healers, holistic doctors use the arm lever test, where you hold out your arm and they push down on it.  The way that works is this, every time I make a statement out loud, if that statement resonates true to my subconscious mind, which alternatively we might call your body’s intelligence, your circular memory, those all mean the same thing, there’s a resonance that occurs and the electrical field in around the cells of your body becomes stronger and therefore your muscles become stronger. 

So if I hold out my arm and I say I am a man, that resonates true to my subconscious, my field strengthens, my muscle strengthens and it’s hard to push down my arm, I seem very strong.  If I hold out my arm and say I am a woman, the resonance disappears because my subconscious does not believe that.  It sees it as a false.  And so the resonance weakens, the field weakens, my muscles weaken, and so if I hold out my arm and say I am a woman, it’s easy to push it down.  My arm goes weak.  So that’s the basic theory of muscle testing in a nutshell. 

So by doing muscle testing, you can bypass the conscious mind to go directly into the subconscious.  That’s profoundly powerful and it’s also easy to use.  That is your first tool for higher dimensional living.  Most people can learn to do it in about five or ten minutes so it does not take a big investment.  And if we have time a little later in the call, I’d be happy to provide a little tutorial and talk people through how to do that.

Kristen Howe:         Yeah, actually I was just going to ask you if you could talk us through that.  I know maybe we’ve talked about a focused meditation to help release our subconscious blocks to health, wealth, all that good stuff, that would be awesome.  So feel free, jump on in.  I know we’re all ready for it.

Brent Phillips:         Okay, before I do that though I want to answer the second is, “Okay Brent, now that I know what my subconscious blocks are, what do I do about it?”  So muscle testing will tell you, for example, if you hold the subconscious program that you have to be poor to be close to God.  You can muscle test that and find out very quickly and definitely whether or not you have it.  So once you’ve identified your blocks, then your second step is, “Okay, what do I do about it?”  The first thing you might want to do is you might want to go panic.  That was a joke, just to be clear.

Kristen Howe:         That why I was laughing and then I was like, “Oh, maybe I shouldn’t be laughing.”

Brent Phillips:         So flail your arms in the air, run around scream, and go get it out of your system.  Once you’re done panicking then there’s actually a lot of other tools we can use to clear this stuff.  And that’s what I’ve spent the last ten years creating.  I try to make it as fast and easy and cheap as possible to be able to do this. 

So the first answer is, of course, you can do it in private sessions.  When I first learned to do this, when I took the basic Theta training from Vianna back in 2003, I learned how to do healing in the traditional sense.  You sit down at the table with someone, you help them identify the blocks, you muscle test them and then you clear them.  So that’s where it started.  But as an engineer and an innovator, I wanted to do better.  I wanted to push the envelope, I wanted to make it better faster, more powerful, easier to use.  And so that wasn’t good enough for me. 

The next thing I learned was how to work remotely.  Not a big deal.  A lot of us have used the Internet, and remote work isn’t that much of a big deal today.  There’s plenty of healers and alternative medicine practitioners who work remotely.  And so for the last several years I do nearly all my private sessions through phone or Skype.  So that was kind of cool to do it remotely, but that still wasn’t good enough for me.  I wanted to do even better. 

So the next step after that was to learn to work in a group.  So in 2005 I went to a wealth building seminar by a very well know New York Times bestselling author and essentially I came away from this three day seminar saying, “Oh my gosh.”  Because I can make more positive real transformation and change in people in about 30 minutes than they’re getting from this whole three day seminar using what I know about how to clear subconscious blocks. 

So in 2005 I started once a month a group I call the Wealth Club where I would rent a room in L.A., and people would come in and they would give me their blocks and I would clear them in the whole group.  So that was cool, so now I learned how to work on a group.  Of course, the drawback to that was you had to come to the room.  And so starting a few years later, I’d switch that over to a teleseminar format when I learned how to clear a group remotely.  For the last five years or so, I’ve done the Wealth Club every month, as well as some other events like the Health Club and the Love Club and a lot of other things through group healing teleseminars, and I still do those on a regular basis through my VIP Club. 

In the teleseminars it’s really simple, you dial into the call, you email me or type in your blocks, and I clear them on everybody.  So that was even better.  I’ve gone from one-on-one to one-on-one remote, to working on a group, to working on a group remotely and that was cool, but again, I wasn’t satisfied, I still had to do better. 

What I saw as the Holy Grail, where I really wanted to go with this, was I wanted to find a way to bottle this healing and clearing process so that it could be mass produced and given out to the world at a very low price, a fraction of what you would have to pay even for a group class.  That lead me on a quest to develop a technology to do that, and I finally got it.  That is what is now called the Formula for Miracles Technology.  I’m not going to get into a lot of geek speak here, but basically it’s a way of creating specially encoded audio programs that you listen to them and follow the instructions and they will actually clear your blocks as you listen. 

So I thought that was really amazing because that’s what I really wanted.  That was perfected and I have since created a handful of programs using that technology.  The first one which has been my most popular and my best selling program is Unleash Your Inner Millionaire, and in that program, it actually clears 327 of the most common blocks to prosperity that we have, right out of your subconscious mind clears them forever.  That is a shortlist of things you can do to clear them.  The other one I’ll throw in is you can learn to do this yourself.  And so if you want to learn to do this yourself, to learn how to clear blocks and perform instant miraculous healings, you can come to a live training and I’d be happy to teach you.

Kristen Howe:         Wow!

Brent Phillips:         And so you put it all together, and really, I do my best to create all these tools and to put them out there on a silver platter.  This is stuff that it took me a couple of decades of work and many hundreds of thousands of dollars in experimentation and seminars and trainings and private sessions to figure out.  But I know not everyone has that much time or energy or patience, or is willing to spend that much money on it, so I’ve tried to make it as cheap and as easy as possible. 

In particular, what I recommend people start with is start with some of these prerecorded programs like Unleash Your Inner Millionaire because that will clear hundreds of blocks on you for an insanely cheap per block cost; pennies, pennies per block.  Once you’ve done that, I would encourage you if you want to go even further because just doing the program for most people makes a huge shift.  Because clearing just one subconscious block can make an enormous difference in your life, imagine what it can do to clear hundreds.

So I created the Formula for Miracle’s VIP Club specifically to give all the members a lot of access to me to work with them on a regular basis through live events and forums and teleseminars and products I create to give them an ongoing stream of everything they need to keep clearing and keep digging to move onto the next step.

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Kristen Howe:         So cool.  Now, let me ask you this.  Actually, before we do the focused meditation, I know you created a special offer and it seems like it would just be natural to talk about that now.  Do you want me to give the link?

Brent Phillips:         Yeah, just go ahead.

Kristen Howe:         So the link is  So let us know what we’ll find there.

Brent Phillips:         This is something I haven’t ever offered before, it’s the first time I’m doing this, is a bigger package where there’s a lot more material.  Includes the Unleash Your Inner Millionaire package. That is the center piece.  So Unleash Your Inner Millionaire as I mentioned before has been my most popular bestselling product, people absolutely love it, and really I can pretty well guarantee – I don’t care how many law of attraction seminars you’ve gone to, I don’t care if you’ve been a teacher yourself for 20 years – I can pretty well guarantee you don’t know everything that’s in here. 

It’s divided into two halves; there’s a group of lecture programs for the left brain.  This is basically graduate level law of attraction.  I’m going to teach you what’s really going on with your life and I know for a fact that this is what is taught in the Mystery Schools.  That through no fault of the teachers, most of the material out there is incomplete. It’s sort of the new age equivalent of cripple ware.  The history here is kind of fascinating, so I’ll give like a 30 second bit of history here because it’s a really great story.

What happened was at the beginning of the 20th Century, Napoleon Hill was hired to basically take all the Secret Society techniques and write a book about that to give it out to the masses so that people could change their lives with it.  And so what happened was that this book started to come out and a group of very powerful industrialists led by Henry Ford said, “No way, this is way too powerful.”  The way Henry Ford put it, he famously said, “If everybody knows this, who am I going to get to work in my factories?” 

So the original material was withdrawn and taken off the market.  It was then modified to take out most of the really good stuff.  What was left became the book, Think and Grow Rich.  And so that’s sort of the grand daddy of this whole self-improvement, law of attraction, wealth building industry we have today.  All that material is based on a product that was intentionally crippled to make sure that it didn’t work too well for people.  Pretty amazing, huh? 

So in Unleash Your Inner Millionaire, I want to start to put back a lot of that missing material.  So the lecture programs are for your left brain.  That’s important because I want to explain to you very clearly, very simply and easily, the way your life really works.  Let’s face it, most of what we’re taught by our parents and schools and the media about our lives and how it works is a flawed mythology; it’s somewhere between incomplete and completely wrong and backwards, so you need to correct your thinking and that’s what I’ll do. 

The second piece is for the right brain and that’s the block clearing programs encoded with the “Formula for Miracles” encoded audios.  And so you listen to those and follow the instructions and they will walk you through clearing hundreds of subconscious blocks to prosperity.  That’s the center piece; it also comes with as part of the package, the “Trauma Clearing Protocol”.  The reason I include that, that’s another Formula for Miracles encoded audio is it’s likely that if you have a lot of blocks, almost all of them will clear when you listen to Unleash Your Inner Millionaire, the ones that don’t, that’s why I put the Trauma Clearing in.  It’s a way to go deeper.  It’s like a second level of debugging. 

One thing I love about this process and these tools that I’ve been able to create, it’s that it’s not just a hit or miss.  A lot of the materials that’s out there is just hit or miss.  “Use the meditation, join this program, do this process and if it works, great, if it doesn’t sorry keep doing it or try something else.”  This comes in with a built in debugging process.  So if there’s blocks that don’t clear or if you’re not getting the results you want, there’s tools included to go deeper and deeper and deeper until you get the change you’re looking for.  So that’s just the first piece though.  That’s just Unleash Your Inner Millionaire.  There’s a lot more in there. 

It also includes both of my books and these are both full-length books, Where Science Meets Spirit: The Formula for Miracles, which explains step by step how energy healing works in manifestation in terms of the underlying science.  And I’m not just hand waving, I actually am a legitimate scientist and engineer and I know what I’m talking about.  So if you’re curious to know what’s really going on, is there really science behind this?  That’s what it’s all about.  It also includes Spiritual Weight Loss, which is one stop shopping for everything you ever need to know about diet, metabolism, exercise, emotional blocks to weight loss, all that stuff, which took me many years to research, but you’ll also get my two other major programs. 

So this is basically all of my products that I’ve created in the last ten years all bundled together.  And so you get Unleash Your Inner Millionaire, you get the books, you get discount coupon. You get the VIP Club. You get the allergy clearing. You get trauma clearing. On top of that you’ll also get “Unleash Your Inner Millionaire 2”.  This is my brand new product that has just recently been released and has gotten just rave reviews.  I’ve had several people tell me, “Oh my God, this is not just the best prosperity program I’ve ever heard; this is the best one by a wide margin.” 

So it’s the same format as the first Unleash Your Inner Millionaire, and it’s not just a rehash of the material, it’s all brand new.  And so it’s a bunch more lectures about what’s really happening with the law of attraction to take your thinking about it to a whole new level, and a whole bunch of new block clearing programs to clear an additional 340 some additional blocks to prosperity.  So that’s a new tool. 
You’ll also get “Be in Love for a Lifetime”.  That is my relationship product, same format as the other ones.  It’s a set of lectures and a set of block clearings, except it’s all about relationships.  We cover the androgenetic anatomy of relationships, the dynamics of attraction, what’s really going on with masculine and feminine energies, we discuss and describe the three stages of relationships, and there’s a lot more.  I give you the truth about soul mates, because let’s face it, there’s a lot of abuse and a lot of false mythology pushed around about soul mates.  It isn’t what you think it is.  And hundreds of block clearings about issues on intimacy, sex, romance, communication, partnership. 

I want to point out that a lot of people may say, “Well, I’m not in a relationship or I’m not looking for one, I’m not interested,” I want to point out to everyone who’s thinking that that one of the most important things you can do to kick start your prosperity is to do some relationship work because a lot of our blocks to money aren’t actually about money, they’re about love and friends and relationship and family.  In addition, you want to recognize that unless you’re like Grisly Adams and you live in a cave, the way that money comes to you in this world is through other people.  So if you’re serious about making a difference in your prosperity, I would strongly encourage you to do some relationship work. 

Kristen Howe:         That is an amazing package and I know people will love it and experience great, great transformation with it.  So I would love to have you go ahead and do as sort of a way to send us off, that focused meditation we talked about.  Does that work?

Brent Phillips:         Yeah.  So now we’ll do a little bit of a process here.  So what I’m going to do is I’m going to do a very quick introduction to muscle testing and then actually do a couple of clearings on everyone listening so you get a little sample of what this work is all about.  Before I get into it I want to let you know that I’m going to go through this very quickly because we don’t have a lot of time.  If you miss something or it seems too fast or you’re not getting it, don’t panic.  I would encourage you to maybe go watch the “Secrets of Muscle Testing” video, which is also in the package; I just forgot to mention it because there’s so much stuff in there.  It’s an hour long video that teaches you everything you’ll ever need to know about muscle testing and then listen to the recording and go through the section again. 
So if you already know how to muscle test, you can use a pendulum or test your fingers or whatever method you like, you’re welcome to use any method.  If you haven’t done that before or you don’t know how, I’m going to teach everyone the 30 seconds version of the standing test, which is really easy.  Essentially, when you do a standing muscle test, what you’re doing is turning your body into a pendulum.  You will stand up and make statements out loud.  When those statements resonate true to your subconscious, your body is going tilt or push forward.  When those statements resonate false to your subconscious, your body will tilt or push backwards. 

So let’s give it shot, so if you want to follow along, go ahead and stand up, face to the north, look down at your toes.  Make sure your feet are about hip width and your toes are pointed straight forward.  That’s what works best for most people.  The next thing we’re going to do is make sure you’re standing very tall and straight.  So you want to make sure there’s no bend in your knees.  So stand on a tall, upright comfortable posture and it should feel almost like you’re balanced or floating.  It should feel that just a tiny little push is going to move you forwards or backwards, and that’s what we want.  So when we do this, we make a statement out loud, if it’s true to your subconscious you go forward, if it’s false, you go backwards. 

So the first thing we’ll do is have everyone that wants to follow along go ahead and stand up, face north, legs straight, toes straightforward and just say “Yes” out loud.  And so when you do that, you should feel your body tilting and pushing forward.  So now we’ll do a backwards test, everyone go back to the middle, stand up tall, legs straight and say “No” out loud.  And when you do that your body should tilt or push backwards.  If you’re not getting it or you’re not sure, don’t panic.  This is a really fast overview of it.  If you need more guidance I would encourage you to go through the Secrets of Muscle Testing, you’ll learn a whole kind of trouble shooting and get a much more thorough tutorial on it there.

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So let’s go ahead and test the blocks.  We’ll do two of my favorites.  These are both part of Unleash Your Inner Millionaire along with 325 of their friends, but it’s a nice introduction.  So if you want to follow along, go ahead, and stand up, face north, toes straight forward, legs straight and say out loud, “I have to be poor to be close to God.”  So if you feel your body tilting or pushing forward, what that means is your subconscious believes that, it thinks it’s true.  So that is a subconscious block that you have.  If your body is going backwards, it means that your subconscious does not believe that and so you don’t have it. 

So if you have that block and you would like to clear it, just go ahead and say “yes” out loud to give me your permission and I’m going to go clear it on everybody listening to the call or the recording.  Okay, all done.  That was easy, huh?

So if you had the block, let’s retest it now.  Stand up again; face north; leg straight; toes straight forward and say out loud, “I have to be poor to be close to God.”  So what you’ll find is about 90% to 95% of the time it will clear instantly, and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.  You don’t have to worry about it anymore.  So that’s just a little sample of the process. 
If you had the block and it didn’t clear instantly, that happens sometimes, don’t panic.  I would encourage you to check it again tomorrow because sometimes you body needs a sleep circle to clear the block and process it, and if it’s still there tomorrow, you could use the Trauma Clearing program to go down a deeper journey there or use some other method to do what we call dig into the subconscious to see what’s anchoring it. 

So let’s do one more.  Let’s do the vow of poverty because that’s a really common one.  A lot of us carry a vow of poverty from generations past, and you don’t know it’s there and you don’t agree with it, but there it is screwing up your life.  So if you’ve struggled and struggled and struggled and wondered why you just can’t make it, or maybe you were like me and you’d work really hard and sacrifice and be dedicated and make a lot of money and then lose it all before you got to enjoy it, that is actually a classic pattern for a vow of poverty.  It doesn’t generally mean you can’t make money, but it usually means if you do you’re going to lose it or wreck your life.  That’s usually what happens. 

So if you want to clear it, see if you have it first, go ahead and stand up, face north, legs straight and say out loud, “I have a vow of poverty.”  So if your body is tilting or pushing forward, that means you have it.  If you’re going backwards, that means you don’t.  So if you have it and you would like to clear it, go ahead and say, “Yes” out loud.  I know it sounds funny, but explicit permission is part of the process and I’ll go clear it.  Okay, now let’s try it again.  Stand up face north, legs straight, toes straight forward and say, “I have a vow of poverty.”  And now it should be gone. 

So that’s just a really fast introduction and a little sample of what’s there.  So each of these programs, each of them clears hundreds of blocks on their own, and whatever is left, you’re welcome to join the VIP Club and submit them with the club calls I do on a regular basis to clear the rest.  If you do that, that is the Formula for Miracles.  I know that almost every week I get new clients who will say things like, “I’ve been through all these programs, and nothing works for me.”  I get a lot of people who say, “Well, I can’t muscle test or it doesn’t work for me.”  Well I hear that all the time.  And even if you worked with me years ago, trust me, this is new and this is different. 

I would encourage everyone listening, one thing I’ve learned in my life that is so important is that real genius, real innovators, real leaders, people who create and experience miracles, it’s pretty much always because they were willing to let go of what they thought they knew.  When you are willing to be wrong about what you think you know, that creates a space for a miracle.  And so whatever your frustrations have been, whatever law of attraction, energy healing prosperity programs or healers or seminars you’ve been too, if you’re like me, you may have been very disappointed in some of them.  Just recognize that that creates a lot of limiting belief systems.  And if you’re willing to let go of what you think you know about your life; your problems; your situation. That creates a space that can get filled by a miracle. 
That being said, I would also encourage everyone to use these programs broadly as well as deeply because the kicker is that you don’t always get to choose the miracles.  The miracles will choose you.  You just have to learn how to put yourself in a place where they can find you.  That’s what these programs will do.  They will teach you how the world really works, give you simple tools to clear your subconscious blocks, and that’s like holding a big flashing neon sign that says, “Hey money, hey prosperity, hey health, hey love, here I am come get me.”  If you can do that, I think you’ll be amazed at what happens.

Kristen Howe:         I love that.  I know that everything you’ve talked with us about, you’re right, amazing things, it’s miracles so that’s why I love that you talk about that, how we can create miracles in our own life.  You’re just so giving in everything that you share, and I really, really appreciate that.  Brent, do you have anything you want to say to us before we head off today?

Brent Phillips:         Remember that miracles are only that because we can’t perceive and see directly into the higher dimensions.  But you don’t have to because that’s what your subconscious does for you, right?  It’s sort of like your car, if your car isn’t working, you take it to the mechanic and you don’t know exactly what it is they do to make it work.  All you know is you pick it up the next day and pay your bill and your car works again, right?

Kristen Howe:         Right.

Brent Phillips:         Your subconscious is kind of like that.  You won’t always understand exactly what it’s doing, but once you learn how to program yourself for success, the results will show up.  Sometimes they show up immediately.  I call that the magic wand.  That’s why I have seen over 1,000 miraculous instant healings on my clients and students since I’ve been doing this.  I passed 1,000 this year and I’ve very proud of that.  And when I say 1,000 miracles, I don’t mean, “Oh gee, I felt really nice, or I like the energy,” I’m talking about things that show up on medical scans.  Things that make doctors throw their hands in the air and go, “I don’t know what happened, but your cancer is gone.”  I’ve seen that happen over 1,000 times.  This is a great opportunity to upgrade yourself.

Kristen Howe:         Well, thank you Brent so much for everything.  You’re just fantastic, I love what you do, I love how you do it, and I love that I get to share you with this amazing group of people that are here with us.

Brent Phillips:         Always great to be here, and I’m just glad that you guys are out there doing this because it’s my mission to take this stuff out to the world and you’ve helped me with that, so thank you very much.

Kristen Howe:         Thank you and thank you everybody, you are all fantastic, and I can’t wait till the next time.  Bye-bye everyone.

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