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Secret Energy of Money

"Lori Spagna and Debra Poneman in Conversation"

Debra Poneman:    Hello everyone.  This is your host Debra Poneman, and I’d like to welcome you to our call with today’s guest, Lori Spagna.

Lori is perhaps most well known for her recognition of the animal-human connection in terms of how animals bear the human’s behavioral, physical, and emotional tendencies, and for her programs that focus on the interconnectedness of all beings.  However, with over 20 years of experience serving humans and animals around the world offering seminars and workshops about how we can improve our life by learning from animals, she’s now become recognized as an international expert, speaker, author, visionary, light worker intuitive and healer for both two and four-legged creatures.  Lori leads powerful manifestation and healing circles where she connects people to their true power via the universal source that’s allowing them to shift their consciousness and live life of abundance on every level.

Today, you’ll discover how you can go from broke to living in the flow with money fast and effortlessly.  You’ll also discover simple tools which will change your point of view and experience with money immediately; an easy and effective process for creating the life you want; why it’s important to get clear about what you want and how to set a powerful intention; and a basic understanding of the universal laws that govern us all and make manifestation real, scientifically valid, and certain.  Yay, I would love for manifestation to be certain. 

Lori, thank you for joining us.  Welcome to the call.

Lori Spagna:           Hey, Debra.  Thanks so much for having me.  It’s so great to connect with you again.  I’m so grateful to be here.

Debra Poneman:    I am so grateful that you’re here because every topic you speak about, I am always blown away by your depth of knowledge.  It’s never just on the surface.  It always goes so deep and it’s so profound, and I’m very excited to be talking about the energy of money. 
Before we dive into that, can you take a couple of minutes and share what you believe to be the major turning points that have allowed you to manifest your current level of renown and success and all you’re doing in the world?  What was your journey?

Lori Spagna:           Well, I spent 20 years working in corporate America after college, and I was really very miserable, pretty much dying inside, and I had picked up some really, really unhealthy habits.  I was smoking excessively like two packs a day.  I was drinking excessively six or eight beers a day.  I was drinking tons of coffee – I brewed two packs of coffee a day.  I was eating nothing healthy, everything artificial, junk food.  I was excessively in debt.  That’s the big part of the story; I was $150,000 in bad debt.  I was going to medical doctors for help and they were basically pumping me up with pharmaceuticals, so I was on excessive amounts of pharmaceutical drugs.  My body was completely out of whack.  I was overweight probably by about 65 pounds and I was really unhappy.

I would cry every night at my desk at the end of the night, and I would just pray and I would say, “This is not what I came here to do.  How do I be of service to animals on a global scale?”  It didn’t have anything to do with money.  In fact, I kind of had something working in my mind at that time that the way to happiness was to give up money and to let go of money.  So I ended up quitting my job and becoming a professional dog trainer for a while.  Then what happened was my brother died right in that window of time and I realized that he was my wakeup call, and he really became the angel in my ear saying, “You’re next if you don’t change your life.”

When that happened, I really got it.  I think it was at that point that I became a dog trainer, but very soon after that, everything hit the fan and I had to really make radical change.  So I left everything behind.  I got divorced and I quit my job and I moved to Maui, and I lost everything.  As it relates to money, I lost everything.  I remember at one point while I was in Maui.  I was picking up seven pennies from the ground outside of this doctor’s office that my father actually was paying for the doctor visit because I had no money.  I was practically homeless and I had nothing.  I was picking up these seven pennies off the ground and I was saying, “Thank you God for these seven pennies.”  At one point, I was making easily like way above six figures in corporate America so that was just kind of absurd that that was my experience. 

But really, during that time in Maui I transformed all of that stuff.  Even while I lost everything, I also lost the addictions to all stuff; to the cigarettes, to the alcohol, to the caffeine, to the pharmaceutical drugs, to the unhealthy eating, to the spending, obviously I stopped spending and I stopped circulating money.  I got rid of the debt as well because I started working with the tools and techniques that we’re going to talk about today.

Within two years, all of that stuff was gone, all the unhealthy stuff was gone, so I was able to start with a clean foundation and build.  Everything that I put into practice that I learned during those two years is what has helped me to get to where I am today; growing and prospering business.  I know that it’s not about this stuff and the money.  I know that’s not what life is about but I live in a lovely home.  I work from home.  I have a home office.  I have a beautiful car.  Everything is paid for.  I am completely out of debt – I’m debt-free now – and that was really basically within two years that transformed.  That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Debra Poneman:    Well, then let’s get going because from picking seven pennies to the lifestyle that I know you have now, we would love to know what you did.  Let’s start out with a basic question.  What is the secret energy of money?  I know that that’s the title that you use when you talk about money, so what is the secret energy of money?

Lori Spagna:           I think at this point, and your audience, it’s so progressive and advanced.  We all know now that everything’s energy and money’s a form of energy.  The challenge with that is that what we don’t always all know is how to be in vibrational harmony with money.  We always recognize, okay, money’s a form of energy.  It’s a form of exchange and as long as you can understand that money’s just a piece of paper and it’s just energy.  Well, it’s not quite that simple actually. 

When I talk about the secret energy of money and the spiritual laws of wealth and abundance and prosperity, the things that I’m really talking about here is that everything about money that we’ve ever been taught by mainstream philosophy and in the world at large is actually all wrong.  That’s why so many people are living right now from the perspective of poverty or lack or I don’t have enough or I’m on a budget because we’re operating out of alignment with the spiritual laws related to money and with the energy of money, which is the energy that feels like abundance, prosperity, flow, circulation, opulence, affluence – like one of those things feel like – and that’s how we really understand what the energy of money is.  It’s not energy; it’s not just something we do with our left brain.  The energy of money is a sensation, an experience, a feeling.  To be in alignment with that is a process we learn.  Does that make sense?

Debra Poneman:    Yes, but just to clarify.  You say that the energy of money is this opulence and is this abundance, and if we could just align ourselves with that energy, then we would be able to have that effortlessly in our life.  Is that one of the universal laws that you speak of?

Lori Spagna:           Yes, this is awesome that you're asking, so let’s take a step back.  First of all, everything we’re taught in society is based on things like save, cut back, don’t spend, reduce what you’re spending, there’s not enough, there’s lack, and that is completely contrary to how the energy of money works.  Now, when I say getting into alignment with the energy of money, what I’m really referring to is that you could be broke and sitting on the floor picking up seven pennies right now, but you still have a part of your brain called the frontal cortex where you’re able to create experiences with your mind, and you still have a part of your body called the thalamus and the hypothalamus, your heart center – your high heart center – which is the area where you feel things as if they were emotions. 
With the frontal lobe of your brain and the high heart center of your heart area, you can connect those areas when you start thinking about abundance, about affluence, about prosperity, whatever that means to you, and you start feeling good about it by connecting that heart center ability to feel good.  Now, you’re getting in vibrational harmony with the energy of money.  Now, you’re getting in alignment.  That’s what I’m referring to.  This is not taught in mainstream.  This is just simply not taught on TV.  You’re not going to hear this from Suze Orman.  It’s just that’s not how they teach it.

Debra Poneman:    Yeah.  Actually, they definitely don’t. I know one of the people who’s really popular right now is Dave Ramsey and he’s all about if you can’t pay cash don’t buy it, and he’s all about saving and making sure that you don’t run out because there isn’t enough.  It’s not about any of these types of principles.  Tell us, what are the universal laws and why are they important?

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Lori Spagna:           Okay.  I definitely want to do that.  Can I just comment on what you just said, Debra?

Debra Poneman:    Yes.

Lori Spagna:           First of all, I totally agree that if you can’t pay for it with cash – even if you’re using a credit card or debit card – but if you don’t have the cash, don’t buy it.  The credit cards are a trap and they are a kind of enslavement essentially.  If you’re spending what you don’t have, you can’t give what you don’t have.  I’m saying you but I mean all of us.  That’s a trap.
However, the concept of saving is really – that’s an energy – so if you’re saving through a perspective of fear that something bad could happen or saving because you need it for your future, that kind of saving is based in poverty and fear mentality.  If you’re saving because you’re going to go on this amazing vacation that you’re planning for, and you’re preparing, you’re knowing that abundance is coming to you in preparation for something wonderful, that’s entirely different.  That’s an entirely different concept of saving because the former is based on lack and limitation, the latter is based on prosperity and abundance and flow.  So you understand, I just want to make that clarity because it’s an important distinction.

Coming back to the universal laws part, this is so important to understand.  Of course, they don’t teach you the universal laws on TV either, and they don’t teach you universal laws in Investment IRA counseling.  Your portfolio manager doesn’t teach you about the universal laws.  Society, if we learned the universal laws we will all be better off, so much better off, monumentally better off.  I love talking about the universal laws, and a lot of people don’t always realize the benefits, but when you get them, when you really understand the benefits of the universal laws – we’ll talk about them now – your life will start working for you so much better. 

There’s a lot of them.  We don’t have time to go into all of them here, but let me take the most important ones especially as they relate to money and prosperity.  Number one, the first one to recognize is – I mean, we all know – it’s not the first one to recognize but the one we pretty much all know is the law of attraction.  That’s really easy, right?  You attract who and what you are to you based on who and what you are.  That’s easy.  Everybody knows that these days.  If you’re vibrating in an energy of prosperity and abundance, you’re going to attract more of that energy to you, and we already talked about how to create that energy internally. 

Now, there’s also laws of cause and effect, or let’s do law of circulation.  That’s a universal law.  Law of circulation, which also could be called the law of karma in a lot of ways, is what you circulate out will come back to you in equal or greater force.  The ‘what’ means everything in terms of energy.  If you’re circulating out money, more money’s going to come to you.  That is a universal law of physics.  Whatever you circulate out comes back to you in equal or greater force.  The fastest way, by the way – I know this is a caveat, Debra – but the fastest way to abundance, the fastest way to wealth, is through generosity.  It’s the fastest way, because what you circulate out comes back to you.  Of course, everybody has heard this before.  You can’t out-give God.

Otherwise, without going too much into all of them, is cause and effect, I mentioned that one.  If everything has a cause then everything has an effect.  There’s an effect of holding back money.  If you’re holding back, if you’re restraining, if you’re cutting back, the cause is going to be equal and opposite – that’s the law of polarity – it’s going to be matched with equal and opposite force.  You’re going to have the polarized effect.  That’s the law of polarity.  If you’re cutting back, if you’re holding back, the polarization of that, the opposite of it, is going to be less holding back.  It’s not going to be flow.  Whereas the law of circulation will keep things in flow, right?

These laws – I’m not even getting to them all because there’s a lot of them, and they’re easy to understand and easy to apply – but you could see how, when you understand them and you start working with them, they’re completely contrary to everything we’ve been trained to believe.  Once we learn them, they change our entire experience, when we start learning them and applying them.

Debra Poneman:    Well, here’s a question.  Let’s say that somebody right now is pretty much broke and unemployed.  Let’s take the really extreme scenario because I know that a lot of people are in that place and some people have had a lot of prosperity before.  Some people like you had six-figure corporate jobs, lost a corporate job, had been spending like there was no tomorrow, and now they’re worried about putting food on the table.  Where do they start?

Lori Spagna:           First of all, I love that you’re asking about that because that is me.  That’s who I am.  I’m not some big multimillionaire who it just comes easy to.  Some of these multimillionaires, they lose it all, they go from millionaire to broke and then millionaire again in a span of a month or a few months.  That’s not what I’m talking to.  I’m talking to people everyday, people like me, exactly who you’re referring to who don’t know how to put food on the table at this point in time.

The first thing I want to say is to recognize the power of your free will and of your intention.  If you feel like you don’t have money to put food on the table or, you know, two pennies to rub together, so to speak, the first thing you need to do is recognize the power of your free will because if you’re in that situation it means on some level you’re playing powerless.  You’re playing unconsciously probably from a point of view that you can’t do anything about it.  I’m not judging these people because I was one of them, or I can be that – that’s what I mean to say – but what I’m saying is reclaim your power by recognizing your free will. 

The way you do that is you just consciously say, “Oh my God.  I didn’t realize I had the power to change this and I didn’t realize that my free will counted, so right now I’m stating out loud.  Right here and right now I’m stating with the power of my free will I’m about to start choosing abundance and I’m about to start choosing prosperity and opulence and I’m about to start choosing an experience of wealth.  I’m no longer in agreement.  My free will is no longer in agreement with aligning with the energy of lack or limitation or choosing poverty, in any way, shape, or form.  Everything I’ve done up until this point where I chose this kind of prosperity or lack that I’ve been experiencing, I’m no longer agreeing to it.  I choose with my free will.”  That’s the first thing.

Then you get your intention clear and you state your intention, “I intend,” and you use that word, “I intend to create more abundance, more prosperity, and more wealth in my life from this point forward.”  You say that out loud and you write that down and you repeat it because we know about intention experiments and the power of intention.  That’s certainly one of the very first things, when you ask about what the first step is.  I know there’s a lot more, obviously, and I could spend hours but that’s the first.

Debra Poneman:    I like that.  It feels really empowering, and even hearing you say it, listening to it, I’m pretty certain that people felt that power and felt the energy move.  I know I felt it move for me, so thank you for that.  That was really good.  There must be more, I mean, I know that you have so much information that we could put to use in everyday life, and you’ve already shown us amazing tools and we are grateful for it, but perhaps you could give us one or two others?

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Lori Spagna:           Yes, for sure.  I’m ready to go on forever.  I always like to just ramble off.  Okay, let’s take it further because first of all, what we have going on is right now our society has been programmed by a manufactured debt crisis.  One of the laws of the universe, which we didn’t talk about, is the law of abundance.  Absolutely, there’s abundance here.  Everything’s going on here right now, everything.  There’s abundance, there’s prosperity, there’s lack, but in truth, if you’re in alignment with the law, there’s abundance.  There’s an abundance of lack going on right now.  There’s an abundance of corruptness going on right now.  There’s an abundance of everything.  There’s prosperity of everything.  There’s prosperity of everything.  It’s just what you’re choosing. 

The thing to understand with this, number one is, not only that your free will matters and your choice matters and your intention matters, but also what you’re experiencing is going to be based on what you’re plugged into.  If you’re plugged into concepts of poverty and lack, which is prevalent to the media and the manufactured debt crisis, is really all an illusion.  When I say an illusion, what I mean is it’s put on the media, it’s told to people, it’s put in the news, it’s told to people and everybody dives into it, and everybody believes it and they get programmed to believe in fear, in lack, they start worrying.  All of that stuff is very programmed into our unconscious and into our bodies.  We start all bouncing off one another in a field of what we’re attracting into our experience and we’re all in agreement because we all believe it.
So one of the first things you can also do is unplug from that stuff.  Separating it, stop listening to it, and just choose with your free will and your power to stop buying into that programming by simply recognizing that there’s plenty of abundance everywhere else in the world where people drive around the richest houses in your neighborhood and see all the abundance there.  You can walk into any store and see a million people buying things and paying money and walking out with full grocery bags or whatever.  Just choose to refocus your attention. 

Another step that you can definitely start doing right away – and all of these things so far don’t cost a penny, like the process of manifestation where you’re using your frontal cortex and your heart to start getting alignment with the energy of money, you’re using your intention, your free will, your unplugging, refocusing your attention on more prosperity and abundance.  None of that so far costs a penny, nothing. 
Now, the next thing that anyone can do right away – and this is a great exercise – you sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil.  You put some money in your hand, and you don’t even necessarily have to have the money in your hand, but you put the money in your hand and you get quiet.  You just breathe into your belly for a few minutes and you recognize that somehow you’ve made money bad.  You acknowledge that there’s consciousness in everything, which there is.  We know there’s consciousness in everything and everywhere, everyone, everywhere.  So there’s some kind of intelligence in that money. 

That’s part of the spiritual laws and the secret energy of money.

As you get quiet, you breathe into your belly, and you just ask this money, “What have I done to make you my enemy?”  You just get in touch with that part of yourself that has that answer and knows that you’ve made money bad or wrong, and it might be any messages you’ve ever received, like money is bad, people with money are bad, wealthy people are bad, it’s not spiritual to charge fees, it’s not spiritual to pay with money, to use money, I won’t be a good person; everything you’ve ever thought or been told that makes money bad and that would make money go away from your life.  I’m just sounding some of them off, but you get quiet the answers will come to you.

I’ve had one client once who didn’t want to make money because when his father got really rich, his father died, and so he swore that he would never make money.  When I lost that money I believed that you couldn’t have money and happiness at the same time.  You had to make a choice between the two.  So these kinds of things.  You get in touch with them and you write them all down, where you’ve made money bad, and then where you’ve made money a bad guy, your enemy. 

Once you really get clear on that, you just look at that list and you go, “Wow, these are just beliefs that are just not working for me anymore.  They’re not working for me.”  As you do that, you take out a new piece paper and you say, “How could I respond or interact with money if it was my angel, if it was my best friend?  And how would money and I work together?  How would we play together?  How would I talk to it and use it and how would it work with me?  What would money be like if it was my best friend or my angel?” 

You sit there with that for a few minutes and you start to realize.  It would tell you where to spend it and where to save it and how to spend it, what to spend it on, how to play with it, how to have fun with it, how to share it, how to save some, how to spend some, where to invest it.  It would start giving you that, and then how would you feel about money if money was your best friend.  You start really recognizing that you can have an entirely new relationship with money when you start going through this kind of a process.  That will create a whole new experience for you.  That’s a great tip.  Anyone can do it right away.  It’s so easy.

Debra Poneman:    Oh my gosh, I love this.  I bet everybody’s saying, “Yes, yes!  This is so great!”  They can’t wait to do it.  Thank you.

Lori Spagna:           Can I give you something else too, Debra?

Debra Poneman:    Please.

Lori Spagna:           All right.  I know I mentioned this before, but I can’t even emphasize this enough.  The fastest way to wealth is through generosity.  Even if you look at the biggest corporations, even in the corrupt corporations of the world, the way that they get so rich is they establish not-for-profits that they believe in, that’s going to support their cause, and then they donate to their own not-for-profits.  The fastest way to wealth is actually through giving more money, if we’re talking specifically about money.

One of the spiritual laws of money is called tithing.  I tithe all the time.  I love tithing, actually.  It’s really fun.  Tithe means 10% – that’s what the word tithe means, 10% – and so the way you practice tithing, generous giving really, ideally, is to find someone or some group or some organization that you wholeheartedly believe in and tithe a gift of 10% of everything you take in the moment you take it in.  You pay out to that tithe first. 

Let me just say something about the tithing process, and that’s that really with tithing it’s not about giving to charity.  It can be a gift to charity, but it can’t be because there’s so much need in the world because if you’re giving to need and lack, you’re actually fueling that lack.  The tithe needs to be a gift of gratitude that allows you to share or acknowledge the gifts you receive with your abundance.  Typically, what I tell people on tithing, I tell them, “Tithe to any personal organization that has given you spiritual food, upliftment or joy in any way, shape, or form as an acknowledgement of their contribution to your life and to your personal growth and development, and you will be amazed.”

One of the things I do with this tithing, Debra, I do this all the time.  I love doing this.  I will take a dollar bill, or on a rare occasion $20, and as if I was living as a millionaire I could easily $100, but whatever you take, you can start with the dollar bill, and I always write some message of joy on it, like circulate in joy or something like that.  Then I’ll kind of like hide it somewhere that it can be found and I’ll leave it.  I walk away, and when I walk away I just feel really good.  I just feel really excited that someone’s going to find it and they’re going to have a great day.  I feel so happy.  I’ll leave it at that, and it’s inevitable that within the next 24 hours a lot of money comes to me, like so much more than just a dollar.  It’s amazing.  It really works.  It’s so funny.

The only other thing I have to say about is when you do those kinds of things you can’t manipulate the universe, you can’t be tithing to get.  You have to tithe out of the joy of giving.  That’s a difference in the energy as well.  Tithing to receive is just manipulation and it doesn’t work, but tithing for the joy of giving and for the gratitude of what you’re already received, that’s incredible energy and it leads to incredible abundance.

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Debra Poneman:    I have two questions for clarity.  One is, when you’re actually giving the tithe, writing the check or whatever, can you maybe even make a statement?  Because we might have some residue in the back of our brain, “Well, I’m giving for the joy of giving, but I know I’m going to get back a hundredfold.”  I’m thinking that maybe we can’t get rid of that programming, so is it perhaps a good idea to make a statement out loud that, “I am so filled with joy to be tithing to the source of my spiritual inspiration,” or should we just not worry that we might have that little voice in the back of our heads saying, “I know I’m going to get back many fold?

Lori Spagna:           Whenever I tithe, this is always how I do it and anyone can do this easily.  The precursor to that is I need to say, the point of tithing really is to recognize and to honor that all of your money, – and this is so important for anyone who’s listening right now, sincerely, hear this – to recognize that your money, your prosperity, your wealth, all the goodness in your life, comes from your connection with the divine source, whatever that means to you.  Your God, your highest version of yourself, the love that you connect with what’s within you and without.  Your connection to the divine; that is your source of supply. 

Now, let me say this a little bit more and then I’ll say that’s what I do.  Your money does not come from your 401K.  Your money does not come from your boss or your job.  Your money does not come from your pension.  It does not come from your inheritance.  It does not come from your neighbor down the street, your parents, your siblings, your children.  It doesn’t come from anyone else.  It only comes from God; however you define God, your connection with the divine.  The divine is the source. 

The tithing is simply an acknowledgement of source – I’m using the word source, the divine – as your giver.  The tithing should be, exactly what you said, Debra, accompanied and should – I don’t like the word should – but ideally is accompanied by some kind of prayer of gratitude.  What I usually do is if I’m tithing, I’ll sit for a moment.  Sometimes I do it in the mirror.  A lot of times, I’ll do it if I’m in some kind of organization where I’m about to tithe, like I’m in a group meditating or something.  Whatever it is, I’ll sit quietly for a moment with the money in my hand or the check or whatever it is, and I’ll just say, “Thank you God.  Right here and right now, please acknowledge me acknowledging you, acknowledging your role in my life, acknowledging the gift of your prosperity and your abundance to me, and I’m acknowledging you and all that you’ve given to me right here and now.  Please acknowledge this gift of gratitude to you.  Thank you, thank you for this money that I have, and thank you for the money that is on its way to me now.  Thank you for all that I receive in our abundance and your prosperity.”

You can moderate that prayer, use those exact words, something similar, whatever feels good and right for you, but that’s how I do it.  When I’m doing that, I don’t just say it off the top of my head.  I close my eyes and I really allow myself to really connect with that gratitude.  I want to say one more thing too.  I don’t just do it when I’m tithing.  I do it when I fill up my gas tank and I’m sitting there holding the gas tank.  I do it when I’m putting money down for groceries, in my mind, thanking God that I’m able to buy $200 of groceries today.  Thank you for being able to fill up my gas tank, because there was a time in Maui, $4 in the tank was all I can afford, if I was even lucky. 

Every time you acknowledge through gratitude for what you have, that makes an imprint, an energetic imprint, in the flow of abundance and that’s really creating more.  That’s the fast part of the secret energy of money, the expression of gratitude, and the tithing prayers, the tithing and the acknowledgement. 

Debra Poneman:    Okay.  I have another question.  I know that you said that the tithes should go to like this source of your spiritual abundance or what brings you that, I don’t know, joy or spiritual connection, but what about tithing to organizations?  For example, I know that you love animals.  What if you love to give to organizations that rescue animals?  Is that not where your tithes should go to even though it gives you joy to give to those organizations?

Lori Spagna:           This is an awesome question.  First of all, I do tithes to organizations like that.  However, here’s a very big distinction.  If you remember back to earlier in the call where we’ve talked about the distinction around savings, there’s the same kind of distinction, which I’ll explain, with respect to tithing to charities.  Here’s the distinction that I made.  If I get moved to tithe to a charity because, “Oh my God.  This is so horrible.  I have to support this.  This is terrible.  These poor animals.”  This is not a tithe.  That is not a tithe.  That is coming from pain and suffering, and that actually supports the energy of pain and suffering. 

If I get some kind of email in my inbox, some kind of not-for-profit that says, “We rescued Willy today.  Yay, we’re so proud!  We just transported two elephants across the country and they’re safe at our sanctuary!”  I’m like, “Woohoo!  That makes me happy.  I am so joyful today.  I’m so excited.  This is fabulous.  They just made my day.  I’m going to tithe because I just got a huge gift of gratitude and I am so excited that this is going on on my planet.  Thank you God for creating this experience.”  That’s entirely different.  You see? 
That’s how I do that.  I never tithe to an animal organization out of pain or fear or lack, or any organization out of suffering, or support breast cancer research because there’s terrible breast cancer, any of those things.  I tithe out of the joy of the greatness that I might have experienced from learning about their progress, their success, something wonderful, et cetera.  Then it feels like a gift saying, “Thank you God that this is going on in the world,” and it brought me some kind of joy and upliftment.

Debra Poneman:    Okay, very clear, very good distinction.  One other clarification I would like is when you said that you will take a one dollar bill or maybe even a $10 or a $20 and someday a $100, and you write your little message on it.  What did you say you did with it?  I wasn’t clear about that?

Lori Spagna:           I actually learned this from Jim Carrey.  Debra, I learned this from Jim Carrey.  He talked about how when he was not so famous a long time ago, he would take a dollar bill and hide it in the bushes somewhere and then leave it and he’d sit sometimes and wait until it was found.  I think I remember hearing him, and I just thought that sounds like so much fun to do.  When I first started making money again after my experience in Maui, one of the first things I wanted to do was that because I thought that is a great way to lead to abundance and it just would be so fun to do it.  So that’s what I did.  I just emulated that that I learned from him.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  He did that, and I think it works.

Debra Poneman:    I love that.  Because when you said you hide it, I was wondering where you would hide it, so you would hide it in a place where somebody else will find it.

Lori Spagna:           Yeah, because I usually will do that, I go to a spiritual center every Wednesday night.  Pretty famous one, I love it there.  I just love going.  I love sitting in the energy.  I love the music, the singing, the community, and every time I walk out I put dollar bills, usually at few in the bushes around the center, and I write big words on them like joy and I sometimes will write some kind of note just like what we’re talking about, circulate this, the fastest way to wealth is through generosity.  I’ll write some kind of real quote or inspiration related to money because it makes me feel good, and that’s the teacher in me because I love to share knowledge.  I put it on that note.  It’s fun and it makes you feel so good.  Even though I’m talking about it to you right now, I feel good.  It makes me feel happy to say it.  It’s good.  It’s fun.  It’s a game.

Debra Poneman:    I love it.  That’s fantastic.  I can’t wait to play that game.  That is absolutely awesome.

Lori Spagna:           Do we have time for one more thing?

Debra Poneman:    Yes, yes.  Go ahead.

Lori Spagna:           Okay.  One of the other things that’s really, really fun with money is when you just start making money wishes for people, because in some level, like form quantum physics perspective we know everything is energy and it’s all just a bunch of energy of moving particles appearing as solid, moving subatomic particles.  Everything is made up with that and so your wishes, your prayers of abundance; they have an energy to them.  A lot of times, when I’m going around, wherever I’m going in life, I’ll just send prayers of abundance to people like, “Send that person $100 today, unexpected.  Joyful money.  Send to them now.”  Prayer wishes for their abundance.  This is like energy too.  You’re sending out abundance.  Well, that abundance comes back to you.  Those prayers of abundance come back to you.
Another fun thing to do also, this is something I tend to do.  I tend to do this on full moons.  I’ll write out a check to myself for X amount of dollars and I’ll sign it ‘by God.’  I’ll sign it as God and I put it in the window facing the full moon.  Now, some people aren’t so into that but I have found in my experience it actually works, and many of my clients who do it have found that it actually works.  That might be something fun to do.  You write a check out to yourself and you put it facing the moon the night of the full moon and you do a little prayer.  You just say, “God the divine, Creator,” however you want to say it, “I acknowledge your power and I acknowledge the potency of the moon and the earth and nature, and I ask you right here and right now to acknowledge me making this request.  I know that every request is responded to and so I’m just going to put this in your light.  May the light of the moon shine its beautiful light on this request to the universe.”  I put it in there, leave it overnight and you take it down the next day, and you let go.  Don’t think about it again.  See what happens.

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If you make all this stuff fun, it really is transformative.  When you do it from a place of, “Oh my God, is this going to work, is this a bunch of hooey, is this real?  I don’t believe it, I’m still impoverished,” that’s a whole energy too.  This is why energy is so important because it’s not just the actions that matter.  It’s the energy behind the actions.  It’s not just the thoughts that matter.  Energy overrides the words and the thoughts; it’s the energy that matters.

Debra Poneman:    Well, this is so fantastic.  You have given us so much.  I’m just like grinning ear to ear because I can’t wait to put all of these things into play and I know that everybody listening has to be having the same experience.  What I would love to know now is can you share with us maybe some very specific turnarounds that you’ve seen from people who have applied these techniques in their lives?

Lori Spagna:           First of all, I had a client once who I only saw her for a very short period of time, but she had a huge debt and she wanted to know how I got rid of my debt of $150,000 in less than two years.  I spent one session, only one session, coaching her on this process, and she put it into play and within a week of starting this, she started to get letters from her debt companies saying that the debts were dismissed.  They actually were just dismissing the debts.  That’s amazing.  That’s a perfect example, and that’s a very similar thing to part of what happened with me too.  I started getting letters of, “Your debts are totally dismissed.”

I do manifestation and healing circles, so when we’re talking about this whole frontal cortex and connecting the heart center, like feelings and you know your inner thoughts are creating a new reality with energy.  We did that all the time.  I had clients who have manifested $10,000 by applying this kind of stuff in two days almost out of the blue.  In fact, I had one person specifically I’m referring to, he emailed me two days after putting some of this into action, and he was like, “Lori, I have a check for $10,000 in my hand and I didn’t know it was going to come two days before when we did that manifestation process.”  Then he said, “This is so often.  This is so great.  I’m going to do it again.”  Two days later, he emailed me again and the same thing, $10,000 more.  That’s an incredible example.  These kinds of things are possible.  They really are.  It’s just that we don’t always think that they’re possible, again, because we haven’t always been trained in them but they’re real.

I had one client once.  She came to a circle – one of my favorite examples – she did this process in the circle.  She wanted $50,000 to save her business and $50,000 for her own personal use.  Within less than a week, she and I had a session together and she was like, “Lori, my neighbor just volunteered to give me, I told him what I was doing and he said ‘I’ll give you $2,500.’”  Her neighbor gave her $2,500.  Well, in any case, that’s kind of like unbelievable.  That’s so bizarre.  I’m like, “Oh my God, it’s working.  This is so awesome.”  Within the next week, that neighbor told another neighbor and that second neighbor gave her another $2,500.  Within three weeks, an ex-client of hers wrote her a check for an old debt never paid to her of $50,000, free and clear.  That’s $50,000 free and clear within three weeks, and then within that same time period she got a loan from the bank for another $50,000.  She had $105,000; $55,000 of it was free and clear, within three weeks of applying this kind of process.  This is just unheard of.
There’s one other example I’d love to give you.  I work with a woman in my classes and she’s in a prayer group – she’s in one of the prayer groups we do – and she wanted to move and she didn’t have the money to move, and she wanted the money for the down payment to move to a new house.  Within the prayer group – and this is some one she didn’t even know from across the country but who knew about the prayers that we were doing and some of the work that we were applying that we’ve talked about today – she got a check from a woman in Canada for $10,000.  That’s incredible, right?

Debra Poneman:    It is.

Lori Spagna:           Yeah.  It wasn’t really the woman.  I mean, it was the woman but it was God.  It was the divine working through the woman, because all of our money comes from our connection with the divine.  The real way to abundance and prosperity besides all these techniques is to really get in alignment with your unique connection with the divine.  That’s what all lack, all limitation is actually calling us to, if we choose it.

Debra Poneman:    Beautiful.  Can you say that again?  All lack and all limitation is calling us to …

Lori Spagna:           Get in alignment with our connection with the divine.

Debra Poneman:    Get in alignment with our connection to the divine.  That is so beautiful. 

Lori Spagna:           Are you writing this down?

Debra Poneman:    You know that last one, I just wrote that in my brain, but I’m telling you, I’ve taken three pages of notes and I write small.  This is awesome.
Well, I love everything you’ve shared with us.  I’m so excited to put some of this to play in my own life, and I have to hear about your special offer because I know that there is so much more.  I highly encourage everyone to go to Lori’s special offer right now and experience it for yourself.  You can find it at  Lori, can you let everyone know what they’ll find there?

Lori Spagna:           Yeah, for sure.  The first item is called The Secret Energy of Money and the Spiritual Laws of Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity.  You’re just not going to learn this in mainstream teachings.  What this is is it’s a downloadable 100-plus eBook and it goes into so much more depth, more than we even talked about today, and it’s also a set of five downloadable audio CDs which are live classes – they were live classes – and we talk about all of this and it’s got exercises and homework and workbook material in there too.  Each one of those MP3 classes in that package, first of all, talks about unlearning what you’ve been trained to learn and then releasing the stuff that you learned that’s no longer working for you.  It also talks about recreating and rebuilding something new from the foundation. 

Then we do a whole MP3 class, which we didn’t even talk about in this interview, with theta healing.  There’s a whole class just where we access a theta brainwave, which is a brainwave that connects us to the divine.  I know a lot of your audience members, they know about this.  We just connect with that theta where we’re really in alignment with love and we’re able to receive new information and incorporate it as ours and we’re able to clear out so-called blockages and points of view and perspectives that are no longer really working for us and really get in alignment with the divine, which is what we were talking about before with respect to money.  That’s all right there.  That’s the first product alone.  That’s five MP3’s and an eBook of over 100 pages.

The second product is what we talked about with the universal laws.  This is an eBook – I think it’s a 30 plus page ebook – and it’s also the audio eBook of that.  It talks about what the universal laws are specifically and how to start applying them in your life and why they’re real.  Also, what I love the way I created this is that it aligns them with the spiritual laws as well, so you can see how physics and spirituality, metaphysics, are 100% in agreement on these laws.  Whether you’re a scientist or whether you’re spiritual, it doesn’t matter.  They’re both saying the same thing with different words, and we go into that.           

If you go to product three, that’s an MP3 class, a 50 minute MP3 class, which is Living in the Overflow.  Like I said, that’s a class.  It really talks about how to shift out of lack and limitation and start doing it right away easily, effortlessly, changing perspectives, changing points of view.  It goes into that and a lot more depth.  Product four is a live bonus Theta Healing for Money and Wealth, so there’s a live energy on that.  We’re working with energy, you’re feeling energy, you’re getting actual energy healings – what we call energy downloads – so when we say it’s downloaded we’re just basically connecting to the quantum field of information or else the divine, however you refer to it, and we’re extracting information that puts us more in alignment.  That’s that class and that’s live energy healing for abundance in love and prosperity. 

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Daniel Gutierrez:      It makes a whole lot of sense.  We could really learn a lot from you and you’ve taken the time to create an offer for all those that are listening on the call right now.  So folks, I highly encourage you to go to  Dr., what have you created for us there?

Dr. Symeon Rodger: Okay, what I’ve created for you here is what I call The Systematic Manifesting Miracle.  The Systematic Manifesting Miracle is three weeks to easily effortlessly and reliably creating the life of your dreams and loving every moment of it.  What it really is Daniel is, it’s a process.  It’s a 21 day process where you follow protocol for 21 days in your real day-to-day life, and using this protocol you’re able to observe the law of attraction at work.  You’re able to actually set intentions as you go through your day using what we call the interval design process.  So it’s a process that allows you to take various periods in your day, and your day is pretty much always broken up naturally into different periods of time.  In each period of time you have different activities, you’re with different people and in a different location, or whatever.  And you can easily decide what you want to experience based on what you already know about that upcoming period of time. 
So the purpose of this is to give you that safe playground where you can play with the law of attraction in a very low stakes environment where there’s no threat, and therefore no negative emotion arises.  You can actually follow the results.  You can chart and keep track of everything that’s going on.  When you do that, the pattern that emerges is amazing.  You begin to see that you really do have conscious control over what you experience.  So that’s the 21 day journey. 
When you embark on the 21 day journey, you’re really learning how to do the manifesting process and you’re actually showing yourself at the same time, you’re proving to yourself, that it really does work.  That it exists, the law of attraction is a law.  It’s an ironclad law and you end up with ironclad faith that it really does work. 

Daniel Gutierrez:      Is this something you do on your own? 

Dr. Symeon Rodger: You do it sort of on your own.  Let me explain.  First of all, there’s an eBook that explains the entire process.  There’s also an audio version of that eBook in case you’d rather to listen to it, or you’re traveling or whatever.  And then for the 21 days, there is an audio I send you every single day that gives you precise instructions for that day.  You don’t have to start the journey right away, as a matter of fact, the audios don’t start coming until 12 days after you get in the program because you need time to digest the information and get yourself organized.  But even once the audios start coming, you don’t have to go on the 21 day journey right away, you can simply save those and do them when you’re ready.  And you can repeat the 21 journey as often as you wish.  

There are also, in addition to that, eight other audios that you can listen to and they are separate educational audios that give you more detail than I’ve been able to go into today about what it means to feel consistently great, how to switch from the rational guidance system to the intuitive guidance system.  How to free yourself from the tyranny of the Newtonian worldview.  How to get totally clear on what you want to be, do, and have.  How to understand the biology of your mind, understand the biology of the manifesting process, how does this really work internally?  Then your body as the key to consistently great, so how to work through your body.  How to clear emotional blockages quickly and effectively.  And the final audio is an interview with an excellent very experienced energy healer, Catherine McLenaghan who talks about what energy healing can do for you. 

It’s a program you can use and repeat, and it’s one where I follow you every step of the way and you have directions.

Daniel Gutierrez:      Dr. that sounds amazing.  What can people expect as benefits for doing this program over time or right away? 

Dr. Symeon Rodger: For right away, I would say first of all, you get a very, very precise idea of how the manifesting process really works.  Many people have some misconceptions about how the manifesting process works, so this gives you detailed experience, and I have to emphasize, it’s your own experience.  You’re teaching yourself as you go.  The neat thing about this process is you can’t fail.  It’s impossible to fail in this process because anything that happens is just data.  It’s simply scientific data.  So if you’re thinking, “I really want a particular result in this interval of time,” and it turns out differently and maybe it’s not agreeable to you, it doesn’t matter.  It’s just data because you can still compare that to the feeling state that you had.  So it’s all data.  You can’t go wrong.  The only way you can screw this up is not to do it. 

Daniel Gutierrez:      Right, just follow the system. 

Dr. Symeon Rodger: So in other words, even if you were to totally fail in the sense of not getting the results that you want, it wouldn’t matter because you’d still prove to yourself the law worked perfectly.  When you look at The Systematic Manifesting Miracle and the bonus that you have, which is called the Somatic Power Attraction program, that program gives you all the information you would ever need about how to work through your body.  It contains both very basic and very advanced stuff.  Everything you need to know about breathing, posture, movement, how to integrate them all.  That is a whole game changer. 

Daniel Gutierrez:      That was a beautiful exercise for us to really understand what you’ve been speaking about today.  I really appreciate that because it really kind of gives us an insight to the possibilities of the program that you outlined for in the offer which is absolutely incredible.  I can’t even imagine all that information for what the investment is, so to speak.
Dr. Symeon, we’re out of time.  Any final thoughts? 

Dr. Symeon Rodger: Well, I think the only thing to say Daniel is that the law of attraction is – and this is the key – the law of attraction is not about simply getting stuff.  What it really is in its essence is a spiritual practice that enables you to experience a complete emotional detoxification of the kind that everybody needs and almost nobody ever gets. 
It’s about becoming totally integrated and in touch with who you really are.  It’s about being able to live according to who you really and what really motivates you.  It’s about becoming true to yourself and developing your capacity also to love and care for others, really is what it is.  It’s a spiritual process; it is not simply about getting stuff.  Yes, you will get the stuff, it works all the time.  It works perfectly.  Whatever you want, you can get.  But whoever you want to become, you can become which is more important. 

Daniel Gutierrez:      Lovely, I love that.  Thank you so much for sharing with us Dr. Symeon.  I appreciate you, and as always, I look forward to our next chat together. 

Dr. Symeon Rodger: Thank you Daniel.  It’s been wonderful.  Goodnight everybody.

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The law of attraction is one of the more popularized Universal laws. The theory behind the secret law of attraction is that we create our own realities.

In practicing the secret law of attraction we not only attract things we want, we also attract things we don't want. This is based on our overwhelming thoughts and feelings. The release of the movie The Secret the laws of attraction created a worldwide phenomenon. It awakened millions of people to the idea. Because of the movie, many are now believing and using the secret power of attraction in their own lives. The secret law of attraction or the like attracts like principle is helping millions of people create a life they always knew they could have.

Law of secret attraction or the secret laws, just like most of the other Universal laws, is a creative process. Ask, believe and receive. In these laws of attraction secret overwhelming feelings you have attract people and things into your reality. You need to believe that what you are asking for will become yours and you must become an active player in reaching your goals.

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