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The New Success: Untold Secrets of Manifestation

"Debra Poneman and Kristen Howe in Conversation"

Kristen Howe:         Hi everyone, this is your host Kristen Howe, and I am so excited to welcome you to our call with today’s guest, Debra Poneman. 

Debra, a pioneer in the self-help movement, began in the early 1980s to share with thousands of people around the world how to create lives of success and abundance.  In fact, some of today’s most renowned transformational teachers and business leaders were Debra’s students and they attribute their mega success in both their professional and personal lives to the principles they learned through Debra’s Yes to Success seminars.  After taking a hiatus of over 20 years while she devoted her life to raising her children, and after experiencing an illness that led to a profound awakening, Debra is here once again to share timeless principles of manifesting wealth and what she calls The New Success, I love the sound of that. 

Okay, on today’s call, you will discover how Debra’s amazing near-death experience allowed her to directly see the mechanics of manifestation and destruction.  You’ll discover how you can remove all barriers to manifestation more effortlessly than you thought possible.  You’ll find out how to truly own that misfortune can be a good thing and learn to transmute it into a glorious opening for all the good you can hold.  You’ll find out how to rapidly accelerate your path to self-love and self-realization and, this is amazing, Debra will lead us in a powerful process to clear all our energy centers of old blocks and open to receive in every of life. 

So I can’t wait.  Debra, I’m so excited to have you here.  Thank you so much for joining us today and welcome to the call.

Debra Poneman:    Thank you for inviting me, I always love to be interviewed by you.  You are the best.

Kristen Howe:         Well, it takes one to know one.  So I’m thrilled to have you here.  What I’d love to have you do is start by sharing a couple of minutes of your story, and specifically sharing some of the major turning points that have allowed you to manifest your current level of success that you have now.

Debra Poneman:    Okay, well, my journey started out when I was actually 19 and I became a meditation teacher.  For the next decade I taught meditation to well over a thousand individuals, and I studied at the feet of some of the most renowned spiritual masters on the planet, most, but not all from the Vedic tradition in India.  After ten years of living a very subsistence existence, that rhymed, I realized that I was pushing 30 and I needed some basic necessities in life like money to buy food and things like health insurance and car insurance and maybe a car to insure.  So I moved from the meditation community that I’d been living in, and that was in the cornfields of Iowa, all the way to L.A. and I began selling tax sheltered investments.  Don’t ask.  I actually just did it because I thought, “Okay, how do people make a lot of money?  Ooh, they sell investments.”  I didn’t know that you should actually think about what you’re passionate about. 

It was something I was totally not suited for, but as we all know, there are no mistakes in the universe.  So as much as I disliked what I was doing, it led me to attending a talk, actually, I was thinking that I was going to learn more about tax shelters but when I walked into the talk, it was actually somebody speaking about the law of attraction.  When I heard what this man was saying, and this was 30-some years ago, it absolutely blew my mind.  I had never heard this concept before, that we can actually create our success and our failure through the power of our mind.  That we can create our happiness or our misery by consciously choosing how we think, how we direct our thoughts.  As I listened to him, basically what happened was that every cell in my body began to vibrate and I knew that this was why I had left my community, why I had moved to L.A., that I was supposed to hear this presentation and I was supposed to be teaching this knowledge.

So I went in the next morning, I quit my job, I spent the next four months reading everything I could from the masters who lived and taught these principles like Napoleon Hill and Wallace Wattles and Catherine Ponder and Emmet Fox.  I launched my Yes to Success seminar, and within a year, my seminars were being taught to hundreds of people in 12 US cities, and within the next few years, I had reps teaching in seven countries on four continents, and as they say, the rest is history.

Kristen Howe:         Wow, okay.  I’m hoping you can share this with us; I love the story of how you gave up your company at the height of that success.  So can you tell us more about that?  I think it contains some really valuable principles that I really want everybody to pay attention to.

Debra Poneman:    Yes.  Well, actually I did give it up at the height of my success.  See, a lot of people when they have the situation that I was in, which was I was a young woman, I was in my twenties, I had no degree, well, actually that’s not true.  I had a degree in the science of creative intelligence from Maharishi International University.  I had all the reasons why I couldn’t be successful.  Basically what I say to people is, “Don’t wait until you think you’re ready because you will never think you’re ready.”  We live in a relative universe and there’s never going to be a time where everything is perfectly in place, okay?  That’s called not a reality in the relative universe. 

So what I did was when I started my company, even though, again, I was a woman, I was young, I had no experience, I had never really spoken on a stage before, I really believe that an idea comes to you because it’s supposed to be manifested by you.  That’s why we each have different ideas.  I believe that the Creator whispers into our ear what the Creator wants manifested in the world at that time and says, “Hey, I want you to do this,” and if you don’t, that idea is going to go to somebody else who will.  I believe that the Creator whispers these things into our ears at the time when creation actually needs that to progress.

So when the Creator whispered into my ear to start the seminar company, even though I had a million reasons why not to do it, and by the way, another very powerful principle of success is that which is sacred should be kept secret.  When you have an idea, don’t go around telling everybody what you’re going to do because those who tell don’t do those who do, don’t tell.  You use the energy up in the telling, it’s like letting the steam out of a kettle.  Every time you tell somebody what you’re going to do, you’re less likely to do it, and also, you have the satisfaction of somebody saying to you, “What a great idea.  That’s so amazing.”  Also, we know that everything’s energy.  So just by describing what you’re going to do, on some level of creation you’ve done it already.  So there is not that pressure like the steam in the kettle.  If you keep it to yourself, it will burst forth into the idea. 

Also, you don’t want to tell those people who I call members of the discouragement committee.  Those people who are going to tell you all of the reasons why your idea’s not going to work.  You’re not going to want to tell them what you’re going to do because if it’s a tiny sprout that could easily be crushed and they tell you why it’s not going to be successful, it could be crushed forever. 

So what I did was I kept my idea to myself until I was ready to go and put the posters up.  I did put the posters up myself, Santa Monica Public Library, and because it was an idea whose time has come, I had this tremendous success.  Over the next few years, not only did my seminars spread to four continents, but I had huge corporate clients; McDonnell Douglas, the Xerox Management Group, Mattel Toys.  I had the first infomercial in the history of infomercials to sell a self-improvement product.  I had one of the best agents, and I won’t go into the details, who was ready to sign a contract with a major publisher in New York and I was about to have my own daytime TV talk show, and I gave it all up. 

I gave it all up because I realized that I had another passion.  What happened was that my daughter was born and I took one look at her and I thought, “Career up.”  It was interesting, you’ll love this, Kristen, everybody who was waiting for me to have that baby and get back to work said to me, “Have you gone out of your mind?”  Here I was ready to launch my own daytime TV talk show and I decided that I wanted to stay at home and be a full time stay at home mom.  When they said, “Have you gone out of your mind?”  I said, “Absolutely.”  I went out of my mind and right into my heart.  I had to do what I had to do to be true to myself for my own happiness and my own wellbeing, but actually, it wasn’t even a choice because I was in love and I didn’t want to leave the baby to go to the bathroom, let alone to get up and film a TV show for eight to ten hours a day. 

I really believe that one of the absolute keys to success, and especially what I call The New Success, is that we have to go out of our minds and be led by our hearts, and not only for our own happiness and success, but for the survival of our planet.  I also believe that we’re going to begin to spontaneously go out of our minds and move into our hearts and from there make decisions and conduct our relationships and our business endeavors.  And I believe that because I believe that the energy and the universe is going in that direction and we’re all flowing in that direction, but for now we should do it consciously.

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If you’re ever in an argument or a discussion and you’re just hell bent on being right, consciously move your attention from your mind to your heart and you’ll automatically lower your barriers.  The mind judges and the mind divides and it separates and it fears and it looks for what’s wrong with ourselves and what’s wrong with others and it sets up barriers. 

I love what Gary Douglas, who’s the founder of Access Consciousness, says about the mind.  He says, “The mind is a terrible thing.  Waste it.”  I think that’s hysterical.  See, the heart surrenders and the heart sees what’s right and the heart unifies and the heart loves.  If we have a hard time with any of those things, if we have a hard time getting off of being right, if we have a hard time instead of looking for what’s wrong, looking for what’s possible, if we have a hard time connecting, all we have to do is move from our mind and let the energy come from the heart.  Connection, I believe is really also part of the new success.  I believe that we’re moving from the era of I to the era of we, and we’re becoming a one world family.  I believe that to feel connected is what every human wants. 

I want to tell you this, I don’t think I’ve ever shared this with you before, but I’ve been studying the work of this researcher named Brene Brown and she discovered that the greatest fear that people have is not snakes or heights or public speaking or even death, but the fear of not having any connection with other human beings.  She discovered that in order for real connection to happen, you have to experience vulnerability.  She found that that is what terrified people more than snakes.  She researched this for ten years; she found that if you really want to be happy and you really want to have a sense of belonging on the planet rather than feeling like you’re a gigantic mistake on the planet, you have to have the courage to be vulnerable.  You have to have the courage to be imperfect. 

Her research showed, and it goes right along with, again, what I call The New Success, her research showed that if you can let go of who you think you should be in order to be who you really are, which is your vulnerable self.  To be willing to do things like say “I love you” first and not waiting for someone else to say “I love you.”  To do something where there are no guarantees of success, if you can ask your partner for help or ask for support or even ask for sex; that’s where true happiness lies instead of waiting.

We’re so afraid that we’re going to be rejected that instead what people do with this time in creation is they numb themselves with food and with drugs and with alcohol and with making sure that we look good and making sure that we’re right and trying to be perfect and making sure that we have the corner office and the trophy wife and the perfect kids.  That’s really how we keep our happiness away.  By embracing our vulnerability, by lowering our barriers by saying “I’m sorry,” by saying “I was wrong,” we can not only enjoy happiness, more happiness than we ever thought was possible, but this is the one way that we can most rapidly accelerate our path to not only self-love but self-realization.

Kristen Howe:         I love that.  Okay, and just quickly to clarify, when you do this, when you connect because essentially you’re talking about connecting, are you then able to have all of those external manifestations as well?  What’s the difference, if the answer is yes, which I’m going to guess it is, what’s the difference then?  Do those external manifestations feel differently?  Does that make sense?

Debra Poneman:    Yes, and that is such a beautiful and brilliant question, and I thank you for asking me that.  I believe that The New Success, it’s fine to have a corner office, it’s fine to have a big, beautiful home, I’m sitting in my big, beautiful home right now looking out at the lake.  Guess what?  I’m going to be moving out of my big, beautiful home into a tiny, little apartment, but it doesn’t affect my happiness.  Do you see?  There’s nothing wrong with having these things and there’s nothing wrong with not having these things, but when you work on the other level of life, like opening yourself up to being vulnerable so that you have those human connections, you realize that house, no house, big car or little car makes absolutely no difference.  You can enjoy it, you just don’t give it the importance that you used to, or you don’t fool yourself into thinking that it’s going to bring you happiness.

Kristen Howe:         So you’re happy first and you’re not trying to use that stuff to define you, so then it’s just there for your sort of external enjoyment.  I love that, that’s such a great way of looking at it.  Okay, I want to talk because this is crazy, this story, and it’s crazy in a, like we can really learn a lot from it.  I want to have you share the whole near-death experience that recently happened with you.  You say it really helped you understand what’s going on in creation, and that’s huge.  So can you share that with us?

Debra Poneman:    Yeah.  It was really extraordinary.  I’m not a person who gets sick very often.  It started out with what I thought was a flu and usually I just stuff myself with echinacea and goldenseal and zinc and C and I get better.  Grapefruit seed extract, you name it.  I just put it in my body and nothing lasts for very long.  Even though I did what I usually do, I got worse and worse and worse and worse, and one day I realized that I was really sick.  So what I did was called our friend Bill Farber, who I know that you’ve interviewed numerous times.  He’s my go-to guy.  I said to him, “Farber, I think I’m really sick.  Will you help me?”  He said, “Yes, I’ll help you, but you have to do what I tell you to do because sometimes I’ll offer a little advice and you don’t follow it.”  So I said, “I’ll do anything.”  He said, “Call 911 immediately.”  Now, he doesn’t usually say things like that, but he did, and since he saved my life before when I’d come back from India several years ago, I thought, “Okay,” and called 911.

When the paramedics came, they said, “What hospital do you want to go to?”  I said, “Evanston,” and they commiserated and they said, “We don’t have time to get you there.”  Now, this was a hospital that was maybe nine minutes away and they said, “We have to take you to the hospital that’s three minutes away.”  I arrived at the hospital that was three minutes away and for the next few hours I was in the ER with these people running around trying to save my life.  Just so you know what it was, I actually had two types of bacteria in my blood, E. coli and another one I forgot even more deadly, and it had already spread to all of my vital organs.  My blood pressure was 67/30, and basically, there’s no reason that I should be alive.

What happened was I was lying there and I knew this was not good.  They actually put me in one of these big body suits; I looked like the Michelin tire guy.  It was supposed to regulate my body temperature, it was a mess.  At one point I started slipping to the other side, and I never went to the other side, but I realized that when my eyes were open and my eyes were closed, I could still see what was going on in the room.  As I was lying there, what I saw were these amazing people running around trying to save my life.  I thought to myself how people define themselves by their title and their house and their car and their handsome husband and their perfect children who get into good colleges, which is an ideal that people are killing themselves to achieve. 

At that moment I saw that it had nothing to do with the truth.  I saw that when people compare themselves and they think, “What’s wrong with me?”  I saw that nothing is wrong with you.  Nothing is wrong with anybody.  It’s the paradigm that’s wrong; it’s the comparison that was wrong.  I saw that the part that each person was playing in that emergency room, it was like the workings of a fine tuned watch.  Like a Rolex, how each cog interacts with each other cog, and if one cog doesn’t move properly then the other one won’t move.  It’s like the workings of a fine watch.  I saw the perfection of everything, and I saw that nobody was less valuable than anybody else.  I saw that what was happening in the ER was a microcosm of the world and that everybody played a role, and if they didn’t play their role, then the person next to them can’t play their role. 

The only thing that matters because I saw this physically is that we come from a place of service.  The people who were serving me, the sincerity with which these people were trying to save my life with sweat pouring down their faces, and some of these people were orderlies who have to take three buses because they can’t afford a car.  I saw them as lightbeings, and I saw that there are no mistakes in the universe, even if somebody drops a, what do you call it?  When they put the bag, what do you call it?  Intravenous.  When they drop an IV bag, everything is perfect because I saw that it was being orchestrated by the light, and I saw that the self-important doctor was really no more important than the orderly who was holding the tray because each person has to play their role for the other person to be able to play their role.  I saw the light coming down, and I saw their pure hearts of these people who were so sincere.  I wanted to cry to actually think that they didn’t know who they were. 

It was so intense, Kristen, and I’ll tell you something else that happened.  For decades in my Yes to Success seminar, I’ve taught that we need to treat everybody as the most important person in the world because to them they are.  Then I would take it a step further and I would say that we need to treat everyone like God and my favorite quote is “If you can’t see God in the next person you meet, you need look no further,” and that’s a quote from Gandhi, and I mean everybody.

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I always taught that the respect with which we treat the, I don’t know, some great teacher who comes to town, that’s the respect with which we need to treat the kid who takes our order at the Taco Bell.  The kindness that we show to those that we hold in high esteem, we have to show to the custodian who cleans our building.  The Creator doesn’t see any difference.  The Creator doesn’t love the lightworker any more than the Creator loves the homeless person on the park bench.  Sometimes, just like a parent might love the child who’s having a little trouble in their life maybe even more than the high achieving child, I think that sometimes the Creator might have a little preference for the person who is sitting on the park bench.  I would say next time you see a homeless person, look into their eyes and I promise you, I promise you, you’ll see God there.  I promise you it will change your life. 

There’s this quote by St.  Thomas of Aquinas where he said, “We must love them both; those who opinions we share and those who opinions we reject for both have labored in the search for truth and both have helped us in finding ours.”  When you think about it, and it makes me think about sometimes I have this intense dislike for people who have different political views than myself, and now I realize the blessing that they’ve been in my life.

Kristen Howe:         That’s beautiful.  What a freeing way to look at things.  That’s absolutely, absolutely incredible.  Okay, so talk to me about this because I think there is so much to learn from, and by the way, I’m very happy that you are here and alive and healthy again.  So we are all very grateful for that. 

Debra Poneman:    Thank you.

Kristen Howe:         So the mechanics of manifestation and destruction.  Can you get into that a little further because that’s huge?

Debra Poneman:    Yes, yes, and that was the other thing that happened.  I’m telling you, you know how we teach that everything is perfect and that an experience that might seem like the most traumatic experience, if you just look for the blessing in it, it’s always there?  Something else happened when I was in the ER, and it was maybe even more profound and it validated something else that I’ve been teaching for decades, and I’d been teaching in my programs that these simple techniques to manifest what you desire.  I only teach simple things.  I don’t teach anything fancy, but what I teach has withstood the test of time.  Not only has it worked for the tens or hundreds of thousands of people that my teaching has directly touched, but it’s these teachings from the great masters that have withstood the test of time, I believe hold the greatest truths or they would have been here and gone. 

One of the things that I teach is, as the Bible says, “Thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be added unto you.”  In other words, the power of our words.  In the Bible it doesn’t say, “Thou shalt decree a thing, hey, give it a chance, it might be added onto you,” right?  It doesn’t say, “If it’s good it’ll be added onto you but if it’s bad, don’t worry about it.”  No because everything is energy, including your words.  I knew it was true because I’ve seen people for years, they say, “Oh, I’m never going to get out of debt,” and they get deeper into debt.  I saw people who made statements filled with possibilities even when there was no logical way that they would, for example, get out of debt or turn their financial situation around, but they didn’t depend on logic.  They would say things like, “Money comes to me in unexpected and perfect ways,” and it did.  That isn’t all that they did, but it was a good start but the power of your words. 

So here’s what happened.  I’m lying in this emergency room and I was seeing all of this energy moving, and I saw, for example, that one of the nurses said to my husband who was sitting there, “Don’t worry, she’s going to be fine.”  I saw the energy come out of her mouth.  The only way I could describe it is to me it kind of like pink fairy dust.  It had a sparkly quality to it and it had a pink hue and it came out of her mouth as she said those words, onto my body and it caused my body to become stronger.  She said, “Don’t worry, she’s going to be fine,” and it came onto me and it made me much more fine.  Do you see? 
Then contrary to that, a little while later, the doctor came in, looked at my blood pressure that was still at 67, 68, 67, 68 and he kind of gruffly said to the nurses, “Get her blood pressure over 70 or we’re going to lose her.”  When those words came out of his mouth, they came directly onto me and they were kind of this grayish, like kind of a gun metal, they had a little bit of a blue hue but they came right onto me and they contracted my physiology.  They did nothing to make my blood pressure go over the magic number of 70. 

At that moment I just said thank you to the Creator for showing me this because it validated what we all know, but I saw it with my own eyes, that our words have manifestation power and our words have the power of destruction.  I saw it on an energetic level.  What it made me realize even more starkly is that every sentence that I say, I am really in charge of my own happiness.  I am in charge of my own wellbeing, I am in charge of my own manifestation, I am in charge of my own destruction.  If something should come out of our mouths that we don’t want to be true, we could become conscious of it and we could just say, “Cancel,” and replace it with something that we do want to be true because as we say whatever it is, it will go onto that object that is the target of that statement and it will bring more light, or it will bring more darkness and contraction.

Kristen Howe:         So by using that cancel, is that one of the ways that we’re able to start removing these barriers to manifestation?

Debra Poneman:    I’ve been teaching this word cancel for years and I always think it’s so funny.  Marci Shimoff who has sold 15 million Chicken Soup books and has written other bestsellers, Love for No ReasonHappy for No Reason.  One time I was doing an interview with her and she said out of all of the techniques that she’s ever learned from any teacher, she loved cancel the best because it’s so simple. 
There could be something else that you could say, but it just seems like cancel is an easy word to remember and I don’t think that it energetically itself has any power to shift energy, but if we say, “I’m never going to get out of debt, I just know,” or “I am never going to find a man.  I’m in my 60’s and I’ve never been married and there are no good men left.”  I mean, like, boom, boom, boom, boom, you are creating that reality.  If you hear yourself, and you just say, “Cancel, you know, with seven billion people in the world, I just bet that there is somebody perfect for me on this planet.”  I mean, you feel the difference in the energy but also from my experience, now I know that it goes out of your mouth and it finds that person who is perfect for you and it brings that energy.  So it opens that energy so that person can come into your experience.

If you say, “There is nobody for me.  I’m never going to find my soul mate,” then it’s that negative energy and there is no way that it’s causing an opening for that person to come into your life.  It’s so simple.  Cancel is almost like a game and I always say, “Hey, the purpose of life is to have fun anyway, might as well have fun with it.”

Kristen Howe:         You know what?  That’s exactly why I was responding to it because I was like, wait, there’s a lightness to it.  So it’s almost like in saying cancel you are having fun, which of course instantly raises the vibration, and it also doesn’t allow you to get stuck in judging yourself because you just cancel and then you replace it, which there is a fun thing to it.  I mean, I could even hear it when you were giving us the example.  So that’s awesome. 

How do we take all of this that you’ve shared with us and use it to rapidly accelerate our path to self-love and self-realization?  As you were talking about before, self-love, realizing our true self, dropping from our heads into our hearts, that’s so powerful and important.  So how can we start to rapidly accelerate there?

Debra Poneman:    Well, I believe it’s all about awareness, okay?  It’s all about awareness.  Kristen, there are so many incredible lightworkers on the planet.  We are so blessed to be alive at this time.  Like I say, when I was thinking, “This is not good,” I didn’t just sit there and suffer, I called my favorite healer.  So I am absolutely all about using all of the incredible lightworkers, the incredible energy workers, the incredible knowledge that’s coming out for all of us to not only have self-love, not only to have self-realization, but even to ascend.  That’s why we were put on earth right now.  How fortunate is it that we have been blessed?  I don’t know how many lifetimes we’ve done penance to be in this situation now where we’re listening to shows like yours, where we are given all of this knowledge of ways that we can move more rapidly, when we can move more quickly. 

I also believe that we have everything that we need inside ourselves.  Everything that we need inside ourselves to be self-realized, and I believe it has to do with the words that we speak, I believe it has to do with the simple things like gratitude, and most of all, I think it has to do with matching our energy with the energy of what we want.  If what we want is self-realization, if what we want is ascension, then what we need to do is match our energy with that. 

So now, you might say, “Well, that’s easy to say, but actually how does that work?”  Well, one of the things that we can do is we can do a meditation technique, that we can be in that silence where that expanded awareness exists.  Even if it’s for ten minutes a day just watching your breath, okay?  It’s a high vibration.  Another thing that we can do is that we can be around people who have a higher vibration, people who are also seeking, people who are also canceling and replacing with a higher level of expectation.  You know that attitudes are contagious and we catch the ones around us.  What we want to do is we want to hang out with people who are also vibrating with that very high vibration.  There are so many things that we can do, and we don’t really have to go too far except into our own hearts.

Also, speaking of hearts; moving from the mind that is not our friend and live from the heart, all of those things, simple, simple, simple tools.  If you just pick one, do one for a week, even if it’s just having gratitude.  I did an interview on a show about abundance and I said, “If you want to have abundance try this on.  When you spend money, instead of thinking, ‘I just spent that money.  That’s $25 and I got hardly any groceries.’  Instead, appreciate the groceries.”  Oh my gosh, I just did that today.  “Look at this gorgeous kale, look at these beautiful red peppers, look at these amazing grapes,” and my heart expanded and it opens to a higher vibration and more prosperity coming in.  There are so many simple things that we can do.

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The last thing I want to say about it is that the vibration in the universe is, I say the veil is becoming very thin and the negativity in the universe is rapidly disappearing by all of us bringing down this light.  We are moving at the speed of light because the atmosphere is becoming rarified and we are moving along with it so it’s so much easier now than it’s ever been before to experience that self-realization.

Kristen Howe:         So the last thing I want to ask you before you share the clearing with us, which I’m really excited about, is you said that you would tell us how to truly own the fact that misfortune can actually be a good thing and learn to transmute that into a glorious opening for all the good you can hold.  So can you give us more of an idea of what you mean by that so that we can all start embracing misfortune as a good thing?

Debra Poneman:    Yeah.  I mean, first of all, how can anybody doubt that what you’re going through is God’s will for your highest good when this is the same force that keeps the planets from spinning out of their orbit, and causes our blood to circulate through our bodies without us even thinking about it, and creates the tides, and makes the flowers grow from a seed?  I mean, God, and that’s the God of your understanding, doesn’t throw misfortune in your path just to trip you up, but you might say, “Well then why does misfortune come in my path?” 

The answer is that any pain you experience is a few things.  One, it’s the Creator’s way of saying to you to do something different and to take a look and to see what part you might have played in it, what lesson there’s for you to learn so you don’t do the same thing the next time.  Here’s what I know for sure and it might as well have a huge sign on it that says, when you experience some obstacle, the sign should say, “This is what you incarnated for.”  The truth is that every obstacle, every problem, every struggle, every difficult person, you chose it, you manifested it for your own growth, and this is why you came to earth.  You have been given every resource to create the perfect outcome or you wouldn’t have been given the challenge.

There is this word in Kabbalah, well, it’s a Hebrew word and it’s tikkun.  What it means is what you came in this lifetime to correct or repair.  For some people, they came into this lifetime with more challenges in the physical area.  Some people, they’re healthy, but it’s financial challenges.  Some people it’s relationship issues.  Some people it’s anger or the compulsion to be right or always being late or having a hard time with a healthy habit.  When the same obstacles keep presenting themselves to you over and over and over, and you keep dealing with them in the same way, nothing will change. 

You can either do what you always do so you’ll get what you always got, or you can run away and avoid the situation, or you could blame others, or you could get mad at God.  Or you could say, “Thank you God for giving me this challenge.  Thank you.  Thank you for giving me this illness because now I’m going to change my lifestyle, and I’m also going to have more compassion for other people who are in pain.  Thank you God for giving me a child who is an alcoholic.  Now I can learn how to deal with addiction so that I can not only be a support to my child, but to others.  Thank you God for my bankruptcy, I’ll never go against my intuition again when it’s screaming at me not to make this investment and I make it anyway.  I could be an example to others who are going through the same thing, but I could do it in a graceful and beautiful way so that people can know that it doesn’t have to be a horrible thing.”

So if you vibrate at the level of this is a tragedy, it will be a tragedy.  If you vibrate at the level of this is a gift, it will be a gift.  The harvest from planting that seed if you know it’s a gift will be more glorious than you can imagine.  There’s another point that just popped into my mind and that is, I hope I can say this right, when you’re trying to achieve something and you’re faced with obstacles and you look the obstacles in the eye and you overcome them, it’s an amazing feeling.  We didn’t come here to have everything handed to us on a silver platter.  If there were nothing for us to learn, we wouldn’t have taken a human birth.  Here is the point, the greater the obstacle, the greater the triumph when you overcome it.  You see? 

Another thing is, when you’re experiencing suffering, the hurting itself purges the ego and it makes you less selfish and it makes you more vulnerable.  Remember what I was saying is that embracing that vulnerability is the guaranteed path to happiness.  The pain is the seed that allows your true self to emerge, the one with no defenses; the real you, not the personality you.  When you suffer, the personality gets destroyed, but not the person.  The person gets stronger, the person gets more real.  That’s the gift. 

I’ll tell you something else, if you don’t face the challenge and do what you know you need to do, it’ll just come around again, and every time it comes around it’s going to be more difficult.  When you face that challenge head on and you move outside your comfort zone, your soul will rejoice.  The discomfort is inevitable.  Remember, we each have challenges we were put here to face, but when we choose to initiate the solution, we have the light of the Creator on our side.  When you go through this challenge with vulnerability, even though there’s no guaranteed outcome, the outcome that I do promise you, it might not be on the obvious relative level, but I promise you that the Creator will be there to catch you on the other side.  If you don’t make the choice to move boldly forward when the situation rears its ugly head, the discomfort level will ramp up again and again and again.

Actually, I want to tell you one more very short story.  There’s a teaching in Kabbalah that it says if you were given $1 million every time you did the difficult thing, you would wake up and you know what your tikkun is, you know what your challenges are.  You know that if you were given $1 million every time you did the difficult thing, you would wake up every morning seeking them out.  What we don’t realize is that the spiritual gain from facing our tikkuns instead of running away from them is worth so much more than all of the millions and all of the billions that we would be given.

Kristen Howe:         That’s awesome.  It’s so true, just even saying that.  If you knew you were going to get $1 million for every difficultly.  Oh, you’re right; we would all be questing for those things. 

Debra Poneman:    You’re right.  You’d wake up saying, “Let me at them.”

Kristen Howe:         Yeah, exactly.

Debra Poneman:    The truth is, is that the spiritual gain, I mean, millions could come and go.  I get millions.  When my husband owned his commodities firm, he would have days where he would make $100,000 in a day and I’ve had times where I didn’t know where my next penny was coming from.  Was I any more happy one way or the other?  It didn’t really depend on that, but I knew I was happy when I faced a challenge and came out on the other side, that is for sure.

Kristen Howe:         Yeah, absolutely.  I love everything you’re sharing and what I would really love is if you could take us through the clearing now of our energy centers.

Debra Poneman:    Yes, I would absolutely love to do that.  What I’m going to ask people to do is if you can sit comfortably with your eyes closed, that would be really the best way to experience this clearing, if you can make yourself really, really comfortable.  Now, most people say that if you’re in the car, don’t do it because you’ll become spaced out or whatever, whatever, and I say if you’re in the car it’s okay, just don’t close your eyes.  Your energies centers will still be cleared.  So if you’re in the car just absolutely enjoy it, but don’t drive with your eyes closed. 

By the way, we all know that we have these different energy centers in our bodies.  Some people will call them chakras and I’m going to call them chakras that’s in the Vedic tradition, Veda means knowledge.  Out of India they’re called chakras.  Everyone knows that there’s an energy center in your heart, everyone knows there’s an energy center that sometimes gets blocked in our throat when we don’t speak the truth.  Everybody knows that our center of power is our solar plexus.  So what I’m going to do right now is I’m going to clear out all of those energy centers for you so that they will be open to receiving in all of those areas so that you’re good and we’re going to fill those centers with light.

So we’re going to start now and I’m going to start by using the universal sound of Om three times and then we’ll clear out the chakras, okay?  Here we go.  Om.  Om.  Om.

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Now please allow your awareness to go to the first chakra, the root chakra located at the base of the spine.  There visualize and feel a beautiful rich red color.  Universal consciousness, all that is, please remove any blocks to the full expression of my kundalini energy and my connection to Mother Earth, and return these blocks to dissolve at their origin.  As I hear the sound of the sacred mantra and breath into that space at the base of my spine, let this create an opening to the energy of strength, stability, courage, and a secure and solid foundation for my life.  Now let’s all breathe slowly in through the nose and now through the mouth, gently directing our breaths into that chakra as I say the mantra that stimulates its opening.  Lam.  Lam. Lam.

Now allow your awareness to go to the second chakra located at the navel, just below the bellybutton.  There visualize a beautiful rich orange color.  Universal consciousness, all that is, please remove blocks to the full expression of my creative self, my sexuality and my joy, and return those blocks to dissolve at their origin.  As I hear the sound of the sacred mantra and breathe into that space of the navel, let this create an opening to the energy of sacred relationships, the flow of emotions without guilt or shame, the freedom to be myself and the enjoyment of sacred pleasure.  Now we’ll breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, directing our breath into that chakra.  Vam.  Vam. Vam.

Now allow your awareness to go to the third chakra, located at the solar plexus and the center of your body, just below where your two bottom ribs meet.  There visualize a radiant yellow color.  Universal consciousness, all that is, please remove the blocks that cause me to experience fear, judgment, anger, or victimization and return those blocks to dissolve at their origin now.  As I hear the sound of the sacred mantra and breathe into that space, let this create an opening for the energy of personal power, spiritual growth, and a sense of self-worth, knowing that I am a powerful creator.  Breathe.  Ram.  Ram.  Ram.
Now allow your awareness to go to the fourth chakra, located in the heart in the center of your chest, and there feel a radiant green color.  Universal consciousness, all that is, remove the blocks that cause me to feel loneliness or isolation, that prevent me from loving myself and from giving love to and receiving love from others, and return those blocks to dissolve at their origin now.  As I hear the sound of the sacred mantra and breathe into that space of the heart, let this create an opening to the energy of love so that I can live with passion, so that I can know devotion, so that I can give and receive unconditionally and feel deeply connected to all and everyone that is.  Breathe into the heart.  Yam.  Yam.  Yam.

Now allow your awareness to go to the fifth chakra, located in the center of your throat and feel a radiant blue color.  Universal consciousness, all that is, remove any blocks to my ability to speak my truth, to communicate clearly, to express my wants and needs and any blocks that might cause me to speak words that are harsh or hurtful, and return them to dissolve at their origin now.  As I hear the sound of the sacred mantra and breathe into the space in my throat, let this create an opening to the energy of truth so that I express myself without fear and with words that uplift, inspire, and are aligned with the vibration of a higher spiritual truth.  Breathe into the throat.  Ham.  Ham.  Ham.

Now allow your awareness to go to the sixth chakra, located in the center of the forehead just above where the eyebrows would meet.  There feel a radiant violet color.  Universal consciousness, all that is, remove the blocks to my ability to see the highest truths so that I no longer filter the world through the lens of the ego, and return those blocks to dissolve at their origin now.  As I hear the sound of the sacred mantra and breathe into that space, let this create an opening for me to accept my own clairvoyance, to clearly see my soul’s path and to trust my inner knowing completely without reservation, surrendering to that voice, the voice that is guiding me 24/7 to my greatest good.  Breathe in to the sixth chakra.  Om.  Om.  Om.

Now allow your awareness to go to the seventh chakra, the thousand petal lotus located at the crown of your head.  There you’ll find pure, radiant luminous white light.  Universal energy, all that is, remove any blocks to my union with my higher self and knowledge of your infinite creation and the part I am meant to play in it, and return those blocks to dissolve at their origin.  As I hear the sound of the sacred mantra and breathe into that space at the crown of my head, let this create an opening for the universal life force to pour into me, igniting my highest spiritual understanding and my knowledge of the self, and to now flow unobstructed throughout all of the chakras, illuminating in me perfect health, peace, love, and the joy that I am.  Breathe into the crown chakra.  Om. Om.  Om.  

Now we’ll end with a prayer, a universal prayer for world peace.  Lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu.  Lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu.  Lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu.  Om shantih shantih shantih.
Now we should all come back to present time, feel cleansed, feel empowered, and open to receive all the good that is just waiting to pour onto us with every moment.

Kristen Howe:         I feel so, clean is actually the word that came to mind.  I was like how do I describe this, but that’s exactly how I feel.  I feel like everything’s working right.  Does that make sense?

Debra Poneman:    Yes, thank you.  That’s a beautiful description, feeling that everything is working right.

Kristen Howe:         Yeah, it’s like, oh okay, all right.  It’s like I’ve just had an amazing acupuncture appointment or something like that.  That’s really, really cool, and it’s funny because at first it was sort of a calm quiet and now I’m feeling my energy really rejuvenated, and I’m, as you can probably hear in my voice, I’m feeling very excited and powerful.  So that’s very exciting, thank you.  Can you come to my house and do that for me every morning?

Debra Poneman:    I can, or believe it or not, even better because I’d love to come to your house every morning because I adore you.  It’s actually that meditation is in the package that I’m going to offer, so there you have it.

Kristen Howe:         Oh, well, perfect.  Okay and we will, we’ll talk about that in a second, but what I want to first find out from you because everything you’ve shared today is, and we’ve spoken quite a few times but this is different and so much of it is fueled by your near-death experience, that was obviously so powerful for you.  So I’m curious, first of all I just want to say thank you because everything you’ve shared has been incredible, and that clearing was really, really magnificent.  What are you seeing with some of the people that are working with you and with what you teach?  I like to share what’s possible for people.  So do you have a couple of stories you can share with us just so we can go, “Oh wow, okay that’s happening with people.”

Debra Poneman:    I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, but something that happened, oh I don’t know, a few months ago, I was at an event and this gentleman came up to me and he says, “I don’t think you remember me, but I attended your Yes to Success seminar about 30 years ago,” and he looked vaguely familiar.  He said, “And I have to tell you that I went to your seminar as a last resort.  I had lost my business, I was filing for bankruptcy,” you know one of these stories, we hear this, “and my wife left me and I had a horrible health,” but this is what he said to me.  He said that he felt like he didn’t even have a reason to live. 

He took my seminar and he employed the principles that I teach, and he said not only did he manifest the ideal relationship, but he became, are you ready for this, a billionaire.  A billionaire!  He said he just used these simple principles that I’d been teaching for all of these years.  I was pretty blown away and later on I said to somebody else, “Is that guy over there really a billionaire?”  Then he said, “Well,” actually she said “Yeah,” and then she named the name of the company that he owned.  I nearly fell over.  I don’t want to say it now because I don’t know if he wants me to, but it was a company that’s a kind of a household name.  It was just phenomenal, and again, he says that he cleared up his health, he’s always been healthy, he retired at the age of 52, and ideal relationship blah, blah, blah. 

I hear that a lot and I know that, as we said at the beginning, some of today’s most successful transformational leaders like Janet Attwood who wrote The Passion Test, she actually attended my seminar about a dozen times and she said that it was because of what she learned at my seminar that she was able to formulate The Passion Test, which is now the number one tool being used all over the world in the area of passion. 

So I hear these kinds of things all the time, but what was so interesting was that this experience that I had, it was what I taught all along and I’d been teaching all along, but it substantiated it on a very concrete level for me.  So that was what was so cool about it.

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Kristen Howe:         Wow, I love that.  Okay, so that’s amazing, and I want to talk about it because I did ask you to put together a special offer for everyone who’s listening, there’s so much more to get from you.  As you can tell everyone, we’re listening to you and I feel like I could sit here and talk to you for 12 more days, that it would just be unbelievable stuff that I could use right now.  I think what I like most about everything you’ve share is that it is exactly what we talked about before.  It’s simple. It’s stuff you can integrate into your life now and I love that. 
So what I want to do, everyone, I’m going to give you the link go check out this link while Debra talks us through the special offers so you can experience it with her actually talking you through.  So go to  Debra, let us know what we’ll find there.

Debra Poneman:    Well, I love this program.  First of all, what I’ve done is I’ve created a new program called Seeds for Your Soul because again, I saw that people were having the houses and getting the cars and having the corner offices and they were not happy.  So I created this program called Seeds for Your Soul: A Life Beyond Happy where I teach people not only how they can have true, deep, profound and lasting happiness, but also how they could live a life beyond happy which means it’s not dependant on any circumstances.  Your circumstance can change and you’ll still have that deep, profound happiness, and because it’s there on a permanent basis, you can enjoy the house and the car and the corner office and the title and the kids and the family more because you’re not gripping; you’re not needing it; you’re just enjoying it. 

There are six modules and I do reiterate and I do expand on this idea that obstacles are a gift from the Creator to you and how you can actually use obstacles as an opening for something even more magnificent in your life.  I do have a module where I believe that our body is our temple.  What we need to do right now if we want the greatest amount of light to come into our physiologies because light removes darkness, and if we want to be light beings and move through the planet filled with light, we have to take care of our bodies.  So I give some really fabulous information on what you could do to cleanse not only your physical body but your environment because there could be some things in the environment that you want to clear out of your environment, both energetically and physically, so I have a module called The Temple of Your (Light) Body.

There’s another module where I help people get clear on what is the role that they actually came to earth to play because a lot of people still don’t know what that is.  We have some exercises so that people get clarity on that.  There’s a module that I call The End of Fear because a lot of people have fears on different levels; they have physical fears, they have emotional fears, they have the fear of being vulnerable, there are a lot of different fears.  So I give people a lot of good information about how they can move through fear in a more effortless way.  Then the last module is called Love the Journey Home, and, well, you can just figure out what that might be about, but it’s my favorite module. 

The other thing that I offer people, remember that I said earlier on in this conversation that I am all over accepting support from other people.  Not only asking for what I need and being vulnerable, but there are so many incredible lightworkers on the planet so what I’ve done is I’ve picked six of my favorite and I’ve asked them to give me bonuses to offer along with my Seeds for Your Soul programs. 
So for example, the magnificent Bill Farber, he actually put together a very, very powerful energetic clearing called The Key to Effortless Manifestation.  You and I both love Bill Farber and this clearing/meditation/alignment that he does is one of the most powerful I’ve ever heard.  I had the wonderful Mark Romero who was another one of our favorites, and he also does clearings with his music and he could even clear electromagnetic fields because that’s one of the things that’s holding us back from health and happiness.  He gave to me a music file that actually when played in your home; it will clear your home of the electromagnetic interference. 

Then I have an amazing gentleman named John Newton who does ancestral clearing, so the clearing that he does is that he clears not only energy in present time, but also he’ll go back 10,000 years.  The clearing that he does clears because a lot of us are still carrying around a lot of energy from our ancestors and he does an amazing ancestral clearing.  Then the amazing Dr. Rick Moss, he feels that one of the reasons why we aren’t as happy and fulfilled and successful as we could be is because of childhood trauma.  He actually gave me, I think four or five clearings to add as a bonus, and it’s entitled Heal Your Childhood and Clear Your Limiting Beliefs. 

Then we also have Robin Mastro and Michael Mastro who are the foremost experts actually in the West on what’s called Vastu.  Vastu is like feng shui but it actually pre-dates feng shui, and they give you powerful information on how to clear your physical environment and think corrections that you can make.  Robin is actually an expert on how to create a supportive environment for love to increase in your life.  If you want to attract a mate, a life partner, or just somebody to have fun with, she gives amazing Vastu guidance on how to do it because there might be some things that are in your physical environment that are actually blocking that relationship from coming into your life.  Michael gives Vastu corrections that you can make if you want to unblock money and success and like that from coming into your life.  Very, very, very powerful. 

Also the meditation, the chakra meditation is part of this package, and I have another meditation on forgiveness that’s a part of this package.  I also have another meditation, which is my favorite that gives you a direct experience of your connection to the entire creation and everything in it.  That’s the package.

Kristen Howe:         Wow, that’s amazing.  I love that you’ve given us sort of everything we need to evolve through our personal transformation and everything that we talked about really coming to ourselves and the truth of ourselves.  I think it’s absolutely magnificent. 
Let me ask you this Debra, when people start working with this package that you’ve put together, what are some of the biggest benefits that they could expect to start experiencing right away, as well as some of the ones they could expect to start experiencing over time?
Debra Poneman:    The thing that I’ve heard most frequently from people who go through the six modules is that they feel so much lighter, and they feel that their creation, their ability to manifest everything, is so much more now.  It’s really true.  What they do is they find that they’re so much lighter, that they manifest so much more effortlessly, and the blocks that used to hold them back, I’ll point out to them, “Well remember when you told me about how fear held you back?  Remember when you told me about how you were always afraid to speak your truth?  Remember how you told me this, this, this, this?”  They say “Oh my gosh, I forgot that that used to be me.”
Kristen Howe:         Wow, okay, so we’re remembering ourselves a little bit.
Debra Poneman:    Yes, remembering yourself.  The other thing that I find that people report after they work with this for a while is exactly what we said earlier.  They find that their ability to manifest things like the ideal job, things like the bestselling book, things like the large amounts of money in your bank account, they find that it’s so much more easy to do that.  I’ve spoken about this already, because the attachment is less, the desperation is less, there’s so much more ease in their lives by implementing what I teach in the program that all of those things come to them with just ease and joy. 
Kristen Howe:         Wow, amazing, I love that.  Just anybody listening who heard, the desperation is less; that alone, that’s incredible.  I know it’s what so many people are desiring to feel, so that’s incredible. 

Debra you’re just fantastic.  I love being able to share you with this magnificent group of people that tunes into these calls, and I just thank you for everything you’ve brought to this call which was so, so much, and I’m actually going to ask you for just a little bit more.  If you could tell us the thing that you want us to leave this call having heard from you, what would it be?

Debra Poneman:    Wow, okay.  I usually just say okay universe wow that’s interesting, what the universe wants me to say.  You know that quote from Mother Theresa that she says, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”  What’s coming to me now is that we didn’t talk about how much we contribute to the world when we shift ourselves.  We can’t change others, but what we can do is change ourselves, and if you really want to contribute to the world, and I know that the people who listen to your calls do, all we have to do is ask ourselves at the end of the day, “How many people’s lives did I contribute to?  How many people did I uplift?  How many things did I do that are going to contribute in a way that even outlasts me?”  To make our lives really have meaning, we need to ask ourselves “What have I done for another?  What have I done for the world to make it a better place because I existed in it?”

Kristen Howe:         Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, and so important, and I’m thrilled that that’s what you shared.  It’s absolutely perfect.  So thank you Debra, thank you, thank you, thank you, I cannot thank you enough.  I’m so thrilled to have had you here sharing this with us.  Thank you everyone listening, you are extraordinary, it is a gift for me to be able to be here with you all, and thank you for including me in your journey, and that’s it.  Debra, if you want to give a final shout out to everyone, go for it.

Debra Poneman:    I just want to give a final shout out to you because you are a beautiful heart, and I thank you for all the work and, yes, and my love to everyone who’s listening.

Kristen Howe:         I echo that, my love to you all, and until the next time, keep manifesting.  Bye-bye everyone.

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