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Going Beyond Normal to Experience Wonderful

"Dr. Dain Heer and Debra Poneman in Conversation"

Debra Poneman:    Hello everyone.  This is your host Debra Poneman.  I’d like to welcome you to our call with today’s guest, Dr. Dain Heer. 

Dr. Dain opens up an energetic space of being that allows for awareness to play with magic.  Together with the practical and dynamic tools of Access Consciousness, this space can give you a starting point for creating a limitless life.  In fact, Dain has traveled the world teaching advanced classes in Access Consciousness and facilitating an exploration of creation that has never been possible before.  When he’s not traveling, he’s busy co-hosting the radio show Conversations in Consciousness with Gary Douglas, the founder of Access.  He’s also appeared on Gaiam TV, the Good Morning Show in New Zealand, the Today Show in Toronto, the Circle and Morning Show in Australia, and many internationally syndicated radio talk shows.  He’s also the author of nine books.

In searching for a way to create lasting results and change, Dain developed a unique energy transformation process called The Energetic Synthesis of Being.  Through this process he gives you a fresh perspective that allows you to see, perhaps for the first time, what is right about you.  It’s a completely different approach to healing and change where people tap into and recognize their own abilities and self-knowing, and the possible energetic transformation is fast, dynamic and it extends not only to healing but to money, relationships, really every area of life.

Today with Dain’s help we’re going to discover some practical tools that can easily change the things that are limiting you and open up the space where you can step into the greatness you truly be.  You’ll also be given the totally different ways of exploring what you are truly capable of as Dain will be facilitating empowering you to access what you know using the verbal clearing processes from Access Consciousness.  He’s also going to teach you how to learn to create your life and reality on your terms, and you will come out of judgment of you for being as different as you are and begin to acknowledge that in truth, no limitation is real; it’s all a creation.  This will be the beginning of creating your life and your reality on your own terms. 

Finally, you’re going to experience the energy vibration and resonance of consciousness where everything exists and nothing is judged, including you, through what Dain calls The Energetic Synthesis of Communion.  And I also have to say that Dain is going to share with us beyond the normal average and real – the weird, whacky, and wonderful.  So Dain, the wonderful Dain, thank you for joining us today. 

Welcome to the call.

Dr. Dain Heer:         Debra, thanks for having me.  You are just so wonderful.  Now, I hope I can live up to that billing, I tell you.

Debra Poneman:    Well, I know you’re going to live up to that billing and beyond.  So now, what I want you to do before I dive into the gazillion questions that I have for you, can you take a few minutes to share what you believe were the major turning points in your life that allowed you to manifest who you are today in the way that you contribute to the world in such a magnificent way?

Dr. Dain Heer:         Well, if we’re talking about lifetime worth, it’s like when I was a kid, I grew up in the ghetto, and literally I was the only white kid for eight square miles.  In the ghetto it’s like I experienced sort of every form of abuse imaginable; emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse.  At one point I had people standing over me beating my little naked body with belts.  That formed an impression, if you will, in my world that I thought had sort of plagued me over the course of my life. 

Strangely – now this an interesting thing and I’ve noticed this with other kids too – there are times where kids, even when they’re being abused, still manage to find joy in their life somewhere somehow.  I was one of those kids, and yet, I had all these problems and limitations too.  If you first forward to age of 30, back in 2000, it’s like I got to the place where my whole life I was trying to look for things that I could do to change things; to make people’s lives better, to make my life better.  I was one of these people that had five self-help books open at all times.  I’d go to a weekend workshop and I’d be like, “Yay, finally I found it.  I’m back.  I’m connected with that peace again.”  Except by Wednesday I was buried again in the crap, in the mud. 

I was so tired of struggling that I went, “Look Universe, here’s the deal; you got six months.  Either my life really changes this time or I’m out of here.”  It was just I knew my life to be different and I didn’t seem to be able to create it.  And I literally I’m like, “Okay Universe, so you got six month.”  And literally a week later I saw an ad for Access Consciousness and it said Access: All of Life Comes to Me with Ease and Joy and Glory.  Initially I was angry, but I called because I was like, “Ease, joy, and glory?  You have no idea what my life is like.  My life is pain, suffering, and gory.  My life sucks.  I hate myself.  I want to kill myself.”  And there it was, ease, joy, and glory. 

So I called the girl that put the ad in the paper and I said, “What do you do?”  And she said, “Well, we do all kinds of stuff but you might want to start with this thing called the bars.  It’s 32 points in the head.”  And I went, “Okay, I’ve done a lot of weird stuff, plus if it doesn’t work I can leave.”  I said, “What’s the effect?”  She said, “At the worst you feel like you had a good massage, at the best your whole life will change.” 

So I had her come over to my chiropractic office because we were trading sessions because I couldn’t afford to pay for it at the time.  She puts her hands on my head and this energy washes through me and it was like I started giggling like a little kid.  I was like (giggles) and every time she’d move her hands I would giggle more and giggle more and giggle more.  I got up an hour and15 minutes later and it was the first sense of peace I’d had since I was 14 years old that was that all encompassing.  It was like everything was okay, everything always had been and everything always would be, and I truly never contemplating killing myself again. 

But the difference was, it created this space of possibility for me where I looked at the world as something of beauty and it gave me a space to be.  And that’s one of the things I love about Access, it gives you a space to be.  If you’ve ever been out in nature where it feels like you can just relax and allow yourself to unwind, that’s what Access basically creates.  The interesting thing was though that after the session where I had this awareness, she said, “Okay, so here’s the thing, this reality is kind of tough, I’m going to give you tools every time we get together and you can practice those tools during the week and see what they do.”

What it did, was these tools that she gave me literally every time the world went to cave back in on my head, I’d use one of these tools and it would uncave.  And I was like, “Oh my gosh, I found the actual tools that worked!”  Every week the sense of space I had would increase and it would get more and more and more.  It was like life just became more beautiful.  Using these tools, every time it went to turn around into some yucky mucky thing, it would get even more beautiful and more beautiful.  At this point it’s like I have the fortune of sharing these very tools that I got, but also helping to create tools for people so that their change can be infinitely faster than mine was.

Debra Poneman:    I thank you for sharing that entire story with us.  It’s really quite amazing because there’re a lot of people who have had a lot of early trauma and they’re in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and still letting it run their lives.  One of the things I personally love about Access is that people think that getting out of those memories, getting out of that space where we live in from the time that we’re abused at 8, they think transformation has to be really difficult, but what I love about Access is what you say; it is effortless, it’s joyful, it’s fun.  I mean, it doesn’t need to be heavy, and it is fast.  The other thing I love about it is that it lasts beyond Tuesday.

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Dr. Dain Heer:         Yes, exactly.  I’m so glad you’re bringing that up because well, all this stuff you just mentioned I’ve seen this so much where like you said, people are in their 60’s and 70’s and they still don’t know that life can be joyful.  And it’s such a travesty to me because I remember it so well.  That’s not the way it’s got to be.  The tools are truly available to change even the stuff you thought was impossible to change.

Here’s the first tool I’d like to share with people is, what’s true always makes you feel lighter, a lie always makes you feel heavier.  And so if I say that or if Debra and I are talking and you get this inspiration, that’s the lightness of what’s actually true.  So if you’re sitting there in your 50, your 60, your 40, your 10 or whatever age you are and you’re like, “Yes, something greater is possible,” that’s actually the lightness of what’s true.  If you just recognize that and start looking at that in your life because what most of us do is we take the heaviness, which is a lie for us, and we try to somehow turn it into a lightness.  Like when somebody tells us a lie, we somehow try to make it true for us, but if you can just acknowledge, “Hey, you know what? It’s lie, that’s all.  Okay, cool.”  And then you start to follow the things in your life that make you feel light when you think about them and then your life starts to get lighter.

Debra Poneman:    Can you explain that a little bit more about heavy and light?  Because that is actually one of the tools that has been so valuable in my life, in that a lie is always heavy.  But I know that I had to have that explained a little bit more thoroughly before I could use it in my life.

Dr. Dain Heer:         Yes, I definitely understand.  That is so funny.  I just had a lady send me an email and I was reading it yesterday and I was just going, “Oh, this is so cool.”  I may have to paraphrase it, it’s like a paragraph.  She says, “I’ve been in Access for a while, these tools are amazing.  Light and Heavy has saved my life on more than one occasion.  I was coming home from one night, I was listening to an ESC,” ESC is Energetic Synthesis of Communion.  And she said, “I was so floating and I was so much space.  Then something was different than that so I asked the question where I was walking and it was heavy.” 

In other words, see what happened is she had this lightness, which is actually what we all should be.  You should be able to be that much more of your life than not lightness.  So she was listening to this Energetic Synthesis of Communion, she had this lightness and then she got this weird sort of heaviness, this twist into heaviness and so she asked a question which is like, “Hey, what’s going on here?  What is my awareness telling me here?”  So she asked a question about walking where she was walking, it was heavy so she was asking about catching a taxi and it returned her to that sense of space and ease. 
She said, “So I followed that, the taxi driver was so nice and joyful, it was gift to be in the taxi.  The next day I heard that around the time I was walking home, there was a group of young men causing trouble for people and some full-on things happened on that particular street,” like people being beaten up and that sort of thing.  She said, “Thank you said, thank you so much for the tool and the tools you share.  It’s fantastic to have a reminder of the simple tools that can change everything.”  I’m like, “Wow!” 

I literally have this email pegged and starred because it’s such a reminder that sometimes the simplest of tools can contribute the most to us if we’re willing to use them.  There are a lot of Access tools that are really, really, really simple to use.  And sometimes people think, “Oh, it’s too simple so it must not work very well.”  Because they think change has to be difficult like you said.  So did that explain the light and heavy a little better?

Debra Poneman:    Yes, actually it did because I just learned something new.  Because what I just learned is that you can be walking along and you can have that feeling of heavy and you could ignore it.  We all have it; either light, joyful, heavy, contracted.  Probably most of the time we ignore it because we got to get somewhere.  Not only physically walking, but in our lives we have that heavy and we just plough through it anyway.  I use it when I need to make a decision.  I’ll put one choice in one hand and one in the other and I feel like what’s heavy and what’s light and that’s how I make decisions and I’ve learned that from Access.  But now I got that you can use it at any moment of every day just as you’re moving through life.

Dr. Dain Heer:         Yeah, cool.  If you take that away from this call and start instituting it and start realizing that that is your awareness, that’s your knowing of what’s going to happen in the world around you.  And see, we all have this level of awareness, but it’s so simple.  We wouldn’t think that it could be so simple as light and heavy, but it is and that’s our awareness telling us, “Hey, you know what, this is heavy.” 

It’s like if you’ve ever been asked out on a date and it got really heavy and twisted and weird.  So you had the awareness as soon as you were asked out of the energy that’s going to get created if you said yes, but most of us think, “Oh wow, they’re so cute so I’m going to say yes.”  And then you go out on that date and it’s exactly as heavy as it was when you got asked out.  You know what I mean?

Debra Poneman:    Right.

Dr. Dain Heer:         And so these are the simple tools.  And that’s the thing that I love about Access, it’s not about it has to occur in a classroom or in a cave somewhere, it’s like this is the situation of our lives that we’re talking about.

Debra Poneman:    I remember one time I was at a training that you did and this just stuck with me, you said that people hold themselves down and they don’t let their joy show for being afraid of being judged.  And then you said, “Hey people are going to judge you anyway so you might as well enjoy your life.”

Dr. Dain Heer:         Exactly.

Debra Poneman:    That has really stuck with me and sometimes when I’m afraid – because I am kind of wild and wacky too – and sometimes I’ll stop and kind of like put a lid on it, and I think, “They are going to judge me anyway, I might as well enjoy my life.”  But a lot of Access is about getting out of judgment of others and ourselves.  I’d love to go down that path right now.  Would you go there with me and talk about judgment?

Dr. Dain Heer:         Absolutely.  Well, the thing is we’ve been taught that judgment is somehow creative.  As though it’s somehow a source of creation, but it’s not; it’s always a source of destruction.  It always creates less than what was before judgment.  And it’s funny because there are so many people who have been taught that judgment is the way to find out what’s right and what’s wrong.  Well it is, but once you judge something as right or wrong, nothing that doesn’t match your judgment can come into your awareness.  So for every judgment you make, you cut off every other awareness of what could be possible and what something could contribute to you.  But this is what we’re taught growing up is that we need to judge because when you’re a little kid and you don’t judge they are like, “Come on, make a decision.  Come on; tell me what your point of view is.”  And you’re like, “But I don’t have a point of view, I just want to be happy.”  But that’s not acceptable. 

So what happens with this judgment thing is we’ve learned to let it run us and run our lives.  So when somebody has judgment we go, “Oh, can I make myself small enough so that I won’t be the effect of their judgment,” rather than, wait a minute, somebody judging you; are they trying to empower you and make your life greater or are they trying to limit you?  Well of course it’s limit you.  And so what they’re doing is they’re actually trying to limit you and you say, “Oh because you’re judging me and it’s so intense, I’m going to do what you want me to do and I’m going to make myself smaller.”  That’s a huge unkindness to us. 

So like you said my suggestion is look, rather than trying to make yourself small so people won’t judge you ask this question “Has it ever actually worked?”  When you’ve made yourself smaller, now you feel less, you fill less space, you feel bad about you, you’re judging the wrongness of you because that’s what they are doing, but has it made them stop judging or are they still judging?  Now they just judge you for something else.  And so rather than look at that and go, “Oh, they’re judging me so I’ll stop,” turn it up.  Turn it up in the face of judgment; don’t turn it down because like you said, they’re going to judge you anyway.

If you can just embrace that one piece of information, what it does is it starts pointing your awareness to where people actually are judging and then you start going, “Okay, well am I going to choose to let this run my life or not?”  And if not, you have a totally different choice available.  And that’s where the creation of your life and living comes in.

Debra Poneman:    I have to say that when I was in an evening event with you I was sitting next to somebody who was so annoyed by you.  You were saying the clearing statement, which I know you’re going to share with us, and he wasn’t getting and he says, “If he says that one more time I am leaving.”  I’m sitting next to this guy and it was like escalating and every time you said the clearing statement I could just feel him like clench.  The crazy thing was by the end, I don’t know what happened, but they the end he’s like, “Okay I’m going to sign up for whatever he has.”  I mean he came out on the other end and I don’t know how or why.  Maybe it was the power of the clearing statement.  Could you comment on that?

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Dr. Dain Heer:         Well, yeah.  Let me comment on that by giving you an example.  I was facilitating a class at one of the Access seven day events which is an advanced event, you have to go through, I don’t know, four or five classes before you can even get there, so this lady had had quite a bit of Access over the previous year.  She raised her hand – because I was talking about this judgment thing – and she raised her hand and she said, “I want you to know, I used to hate you.”  I’m like, “Okay, thanks.”

I started to continue talking and she’s like, “No, no I’m not done.”  I said, “Okay, tell me what you mean.”  She said, “Well, I used to see you in these videos and I’d see you in class or whatever and you were just like jumping around on stage and you were so bubbly and you seemed so happy, and you seemed to not care whether people judged you or not and I just was so angry with you, I hated you.”  And I went, “Okay thank you.”  I went to move on and she said, “No, no I’m not done.”  She said, “Look, what I realized from this was because I started using the tool that you gave me about what’s right about this I’m not getting, and if judgment weren’t real what other choice would I have available?  And what’s right about this I’m not getting and if judgment weren’t real, what choice would I have available here?” 

She said, “And I used these Access tools and some of the other processes, and what I finally realized was when I was a little girl I was like that.  I was so bubbly and I was so joyfully and I was so happy and nothing fazed me.  And people came down on me so hard and I made their judgments so real that I’d been stopping myself.  I’d become my own judgment police against myself.  And when I saw you being that way I hated it because it reminded me of the person I was and I wasn’t choosing to be it and I had become my own police against myself.  It activated me so much, but thanks to my friend POC and POD” – which is this clearing statement which we’ll talk about in a little bit, and asking the questions – she’s like, “I’ve got to tell you I’m so grateful for you.”  And she said, “I got to tell you, I’m so grateful for you.  I just want to let you know I love you and I’m so grateful.”  And she said, “Thank you for being willing to endure so many people’s judgments so we can get free.”  

I was just like, “Oh men, thank you.”  Because I don’t care if somebody judges me, I want them to have the freedom of them that’s possible.  If we realize that we’ve been taught to judge that which is beyond our experience of what’s right and wrong, but we’ve also been taught to judge everything that we were judged for – and this is where the clearing statement comes in that I haven’t yet explained but I will in just a minute – but the thing I love about Access we’ll have this kind of a conversation.  In any other modality you’d have that conversation and go, “Yes, well okay, I’m going to try not to do that in the future,” and yet you’d find yourself doing it three days from now and going, “Darn, I was going to try to change that.” 

Well this is what we do is we say, “Okay, so everywhere where you become your own judgment police against you and everywhere where you’re holding in place the judgments that were directed at you, and now you direct them at other people, will you let that go?  Will you destroy and uncreate it please?”  And if the answer is yes, then we run the clearing statement.  Basically the short form for the clearing statement is POC and POD all that, which stands for going to the Point of Creation of wherever it started or the Point of Destruction.  The long form is, right and wrong, good and bad – which stands for your judgments which we just talked about of the thing both good and bad – and by the way, our good judgments tend to limit us even more than our bad judgments because when we decide something is bad we’re willing to change it, when we decide it’s good, we’re not willing to change it which stops us from having something even greater.  So it’s right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all nine – which stands for nine layers of this thing so we get the biggest pile of yuck out of the way for every scoop we take – shorts, boys and beyonds. 

Shorts, boys and beyonds stands for what you made meaningful about it, what you made meaningless, the punishments for it, the rewards for it.  The boys are these things where if you’ve ever been told you have to peel the layers of the onion to get to the root of the issue, it’s not actually an onion it’s this thing that holds limitations in place called the Nucleated Sphere fear that makes it so the limitation keeps coming back over and over and over, we clear that.  And then also beyonds where you have your $39.95 cell phone bill and all of a sudden you’ve been talking so much and doing so much texting and everything else that you get it back and its $842 and you look at it, that’s a beyond.  So we clear all of these things with the clearing statement so that you actually have a totally new lease on life, a totally fresh place from which to start and it starts to change the energy around you.

The thing is, I talk about energy a lot, but for me it’s really practical and pragmatic.  Because if you can get the difference in energy, Debra, between waking up one morning and feeling totally alive, totally ready to go like, “Man, I can create anything,” and then the difference between that energy and the energy that you’re in when you wake up and it feels like the elephant is sitting on your head, those are two totally different energies.  Well, much more of your life should be like the first one.  And when I say should, I mean should from the place of it can be, it ought to be by your natural state of being.  So let’s change the energy of the things that don’t allow that to become your reality and create a totally different reality for you, one that you actually love.

Debra Poneman:    So the clearing statement, can you explain to us as we’re going through our lives how we can use the clearing statement, and for now we can just do POC and POD and all that, how we can use the clearing statement just to take baby steps towards creating the life that we love.  And again you’ve given us so much already on this call; so much tools that are going to shift our lives that I’d like to know how to use this one.

Dr. Dain Heer:         Well, so it’s like this, you can ask a question to bring up the energy of anything that’s limiting you and change it, or ask a question of something you’d like to create and undo what stands in the way of you creating it.  The thing to realize is, a lot of us have thought that somewhere cognitively we know what’s limiting us.  Well, sort of, but we only know about 1% of what’s limiting us cognitively.  What happens with this clearing statement is it undoes all the non-cognitive things that are limiting you, which is where the real limitation lies.  Because if all of your limitations were cognitive, in other words, if you could point them out, if you could point them all out, you’d be able to change them already but many of them are energetic. 

Like for example, when you think about desiring more money but feeling like you can’t create it, that’s an energy, that’s not even a cognitive thing because you go into this particular energy and you’re like, “Aah.”  So actually just a real simple thing you can thing do is you can go, “Okay, so everything that makes me feel like I can’t do this, destroy and uncreate it.”  And when I say destroy it what we’re doing is we’re destroying the structure of limitation and we’re uncreating, which means we’re taking our creative energy out of creating limitation for us and we’re actually putting it back into creation for us.  So it’s destroy and uncreate so you get both aspects of what’s been creating the limitation. 

So let’s say you’re having a bad day, you can go, “Okay, so everything that creates me believing that this is a good idea, right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all nine, shorts, boys, and beyonds,” or “POC and POD all that,” either way works.  Or you could even say, “All that weird stuff Dain said the other day,” and it could still work.  And it really is that simple.  There are more complex processes, if you will, because each word has an energy to it, so we can say things in a specific way and then POD and POC them and they address specific energies of limitation.  So let’s take a subject, anything you want to work on?

Debra Poneman:    Oh boy, well I know something that we spoke about earlier.  I believe that other people experience this too, and that is when somebody compliments you or somebody tells you that you did a good job or that you’re beautiful or something, you absolutely cannot handle taking it in.

Dr. Dain Heer:         Right.  So here’s what you want to do with that, and the cool thing is, this is sort of a real simple one when you realize it because what happens is you’ll have somebody say something about how amazing you are, how beautiful, how sexy, how brilliant or something and you’re like, “Okay, I didn’t receive that at all.”  So when you realize it you go, “Wow, everything that doesn’t allow me to receive that, I now destroy and uncreate it.”  So you destroy and uncreate the wall that you put up around you.  Destroy and uncreate it; right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all nine, shorts, boys, and beyonds, and literally that can be enough.  And then you could go, okay just imagine that person saying that to you again, and see if it feels any different. 

One of the things that you notice from this is you start to feel different, like something feels lighter.  So what happens is it’s like when there was this heaviness, when there was this stuff that you couldn’t receive, it sort of got sort of like this heavy sort of, “You’re not totally present.”  Like you kind of check out in order not to receive it rather than being totally present.  Because somebody actually acknowledging you for something like that should be a gift, it should lighten up your world, but for a lot of us it doesn’t because we’ve always been taught that we can’t receive.  Receiving is not something we do very well on this planet.  By the way that’s the primary creation of money problems for people, is not receiving.  Two things; not receiving and not creating their future are two of the main reason people have money problems.  

So the not receiving part, as you start to change that, what happens is it’s like the walls that were in the way of you actually having a sense of lightness and being able to have the money you’re looking for and the relationship you’re looking for, it starts to change.  But the way you know it’s changing is it starts to feel different first.  It’s like, “Wow, this is lighter, this is easier for me.”

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Debra Poneman:    I totally get that now.  I just have to make two comments.  One is this thing that you said, the primary reason that people have money problems is also the same thing that we’re taught and we’ve internalized this thing of not receiving.  And I have a friend who has done a lot of the Access work and she was the one that she had to go on a weekend with us or if there was some event coming up, we’d always have to pay for her because she was the one who never had any money.  Now she’s doing that for us and it’s like, “Whoa baby.”  And now that I realize, she also has a relationship too. 
So I guess what happened is through her work with Access is that she got rid of that because she received in kind of a warped kind of a way, but not in that big way that she does now receiving from the universe.  She would receive like a few dollars so she can have a meal with us, but not in this huge way that she’s receiving now because she destroyed and uncreated what was holding her back in a big way.

Dr. Dain Heer:         That is so freaking cool, I love hearing things like that.  I mean that’s why I do what I do because to be in the place I was 13 years ago where I was literally going to end it all, and to just come across the tools to change it, that is wonderful and phenomenal, but to be able to share those tools with other people and see it work for them too, I mean, hearing a story like that is just so freaking cool.
The interesting thing about it is, that is in evidence for you and for all of your friends, I know you didn’t need evidence, this thing of changing things is who you are, but for your friends it’s like just imagine how much that one change, that thing of, “Oh you know what, let me buy you lunch now, I’ve got the money.  Oh, and by the way and I’ve got a really cute guy too, how does my life get any better than that?”  That one change in her world, imagine how much it’s rocking the world of all your friends. 
Even the friends that weren’t necessarily interested in changing everything once they realize, “Wow.”  Even this longstanding pattern that this person had of feeling like she needed to take in order to be contributed to by the universe because she wasn’t willing to receive, if that changes, that changes the basis of reality for everyone around her because they can no longer deny that that fundamental level of change is possible.  And that’s what I love about Access. It’s fundamental change.  It’s like you be more of you.  I’d say you are different, but it’s who you actually already are that you’ve just sort of lost touch with basically. 

Debra Poneman:    And I’ll say one other thing about this friend is that she looks like she got a facelift.  I don’t know if she did, but her face, she just like glows, there’s this luminosity.  She’s always beautiful, but even her physicality is completely changed.

Dr. Dain Heer:         Yeah.  Well, when you’re not stressed out about the world anymore, when you start to realize that you can embrace possibilities and enjoy them and invite them, it changes your whole countenance, it changes the way you show up to the world, it changes the way your body looks.  I mean, personally I used to have to work out six days a week for an hour and a half to maintain any sort of muscle, but also to maintain not being in judgment of me and my body for being a pudgy pile of poo.  And quite frankly my body and I were probably never as pudgy pile of pooh, but that was always my judgment because like everybody else I learned to live in a pile of judgment. 
What happened was, I started doing Access, and then at one point I started traveling so much it was like I was working out 20 minutes a week.  But at the same time I was using this POC and POD and using the other tools, and so literally, 20 minutes a week my body looked better than it did when I was working out nine hours a week because it’s your point of view that creates your reality and imagine not being burdened by this just intense monstrosity of judgment and wrongness that you try to overcome and feeling like you’re not enough all the time, imagine how much less stress that is on your body when you don’t have to do that.

Debra Poneman:    Well, all I can say is sign me up for everything else Access because if I could save my seven hours a week that I work out, yeah baby, and still look good, really.

Dr. Dain Heer:         And that’s the interesting thing is, when I talk about this thing about energy, it’s literally changing the energy of how things function for you.  Your point of view creates your reality; reality does not create your point of view so your point of view about something determines how it’s going to show up for you.  One of the things that this does is that it literally allows you to change your own points of view, which is one of the greatest gifts that you can get.  
Just as an example there was a guy who was being interviewed after Hurricane Andrew and he was standing there in front of a slab and he was being interviewed by this person and this news person says, “So what’s your story?”  He goes, “Well, I was living up north and I moved down here to Florida.  Sunk all my money into that house because it was going to be my retirement oasis, and now it’s gone.”  And she’s, “Really?  How do you feel about that?”  He says, “I’m doing okay, I still got me.”  And I was like, “Wow!”  Imagine that point of view versus the other people that were also being interviewed and they were like, “I can’t believe God would let this happen to me.  Somebody must hate me.  This world sucks.”  I mean, who’s going to have an easier time changing everything that occurs?  The guy with the easy point of view.  But you can change your points of view; that’s part of what Access allows you to do. 
You can do it in other ways I just know for me that the other ways that I had available took so long to change one point of view that it became so drudgerous.  I don’t even know if drudgerous is a word but I think I just made one up.  We’re making new words.

Debra Poneman:    Yeah, I like it.  It’s a good one.

Dr. Dain Heer:         Yeah, exactly.  But it used to be such drudgery to change those points of view but it doesn’t have to be.  It can be easy-peasy.

Debra Poneman:    Well, how about this thing that I know I’ve also heard you talk about.  You talked about judgments. That they’ve been passed down and even when we’re a child we’re told, “Don’t think that way.”  And I love what you said that nothing that doesn’t match your judgment can come into your experience.  And that is so intense whether the judgment is good or “bad”.  But I’ve also heard you say that our thoughts and our feelings and our emotions and our judgments don’t even belong to us.  I mean, who do they belong to if they don’t belong to us?

Dr. Dain Heer:         Yeah exactly, I love that question.  Who do they belong to?  And that’s actually the question you want to ask.  What you want to do is in the presence of any heaviness, any judgment, anything that runs around your head continuously just go, “Who does that belong you?”  If it lightens up it’s not yours.  98% of your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your judgments, your sense of heaviness, your sense that you can’t do it; isn’t yours.  And where does it come from?  You’re like a big psychic radio receiver; you’re picking it up from the people in the world around you, but you never really acknowledge that that could ever be the case because nobody has ever told us.  And so literally, if you’ll ask, “Who does this belong to?”  Every thought, feeling and emotion, judgment and heaviness you have for three days, at the end of the three days you’ll walk around like you’re in a walking-talking meditation.
Imagine if 98% of the crap that was in your head today didn’t have to be there tomorrow, what would that be like?  People would go, “Oh yeah right, if it were that easy.”  And I’m like, “Actually it is, actually

I’m living proof because I used to be so freaking depressed I wanted to kill myself.”  And I’ll tell you, I hope I can make this a quick story, but when I went and I had my first Access bar session, literally, I got the space of living again and I was like, “Oh my God, it can exist.”

What used to happen for me was I would wake up and I would cry.  My girlfriend would leave for work and I would start crying because I felt like I couldn’t make my life happen, and I tried all this stuff and it wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to and I would just cry out of total frustration and unhappiness.  Well, three days after I got my bars run, I was going into one of these states of crying in the morning again and I was like, “Oh man. It’s back, man.”  The girl when she had run my bars she said, “Look, 98% of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions don’t belong to you.”  And I got to say, I thought she was full of crap.  She wrote down, “Who does this belong to?” in a little scrawled handwriting on a sticky note, a yellow sticky note, I’ll never forget it. 

Well, when I came home from that bar session, I unloaded my pockets and I put all the stuff on my nightstand by my clock.  So that sticky note happened to be there three days later when I’m going into this trauma and drama.  I look over at my clock as I’ve done so many mornings over the last three years to see how much longer I can wallow in self-pity before I have to go be a doctor and try to help other people.  I look at this little yellow sticky note and I read the words, “Who does this belong to?”  And instantly it goes away.  Literally, instantaneously; the tears, the sadness, the sense of frustration, the sense that I can’t do it, gone.  And I was like, are you serious?  On one hand I was overjoyed; on the other hand I was really pissed off because I was like, “Somebody really should have told me this a long time ago.”

So I think I had to get it that way so I would be able to speak to other people about it from this not being able to doubt that it actually works, but I’ve literally worked with people who had knee surgery on one knee, had the same injury on the other knee and using primarily “who does this belong to” got them out of the pain within about 20 to 30 minutes and I was like, “Wow!”  So it works emotionally, it also works physically.  You want to ask, who does this belong to? The thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgments, heaviness. If it lightens up at all it is not yours, just return it to sender and you don’t have to live with other people’s crap filling your head anymore.

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Debra Poneman:    Wow, and you just said return to sender?

Dr. Dain Heer:         Yup, you just go, “Who does that belong to?”  Like for example, you’ll be having a great day and then all of a sudden you’ll be walking and you feel like, “Oh my God, I’m so afraid.”   And it’s like wait a minute, you were just having a great day.  Nothing happened, nothing changed except now you feel afraid or afraid of money or sad about it or something and then you look for why.  No don’t look for why.  Just go, “Who does this belong to?”  And if that feeling of being afraid lightens up at all, it’s not yours; it’s just an energy that you’re perceiving in the world.  You don’t even have to know where it comes from; you just have to go, “Okay, return to sender.”

The weird part is because there are lots of people who said, “Yeah, but I think it’s probably my mom’s and I don’t want to return it to my mom.”  I’m like, “Look, what if it wasn’t your mom’s originally either?  What if it’s actually somebody else’s?  And what if it wasn’t that person’s originally either?”  When you return it to sender, it goes back through all those people to who originally created it.  I don’t know, we could maybe do this one thing and free our entire planet, who knows?

Debra Poneman:    Wow.  I am very curious about this Energetic Synthesis of Communion because this is something that I haven’t heard of yet, maybe I did, and it just went in my mind and out the other side which is also possible, but is this something that you can give us an experience of today?

Dr. Dain Heer:         It would be my pleasure actually.  I call it Energetic Synthesis of Communion because communion is where you have a connection to every molecule in existence.  We talked about earlier where we stand there and we have our barriers up so we don’t actually perceive what’s possible, so we don’t receive the money. We don’t receive the relationships. We don’t receive the things that we would actually like to receive.  What ends up happening is what this does is it can truly start to give you a sense of being connected and in total oneness with the universe around you. 
So let’s do this, so let’s have everybody just go ahead and close their eyes if they would.  Thank you.  Now if you happen to be driving don’t close your eyes, just so you know.  Okay take a deep breath in from the top of your head down to the tips of those cute, sweet, adorable little toes of yours, thanking your sweet beautiful body for being the gift that it is.  And realize that you haven’t necessarily been taught how to receive, you’ve been taught to reject, you’ve been taught to judge, you’ve been taught to shut things out and shove them away. 

What if it’s time to actually receive?  What if it’s time to actually be in connection with this beautiful planet of ours and with all the beauty that it has?  Even though so many people go throughout their lives with such stress and such trauma and drama and then happiness and then kindness towards themselves and other people, what if it’s time for you to have a different world, a different reality?  What if it’s time now for you to actually have a communion and a connection, not just with the earth but with every living, breathing element of consciousness that permeates it? 
Everything that’s been done to separate you and your body from having a direct beauteous connection with the earth will you destroy and then create it please?  Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all nine, shorts, boys and beyonds. 

And what if you knew that there wasn’t anything wrong with you any longer?  What if it’s actually time to step beyond the limitations of continuously thinking you’re wrong, to the possibilities of knowing that you are different?  That you are something greater than this world has ever been able to show you?  That you are something that is a greatness of possibility, that when you allow the mundane situations of your life to change like money, relationships, career, level of happiness, that you are actually the inspirations to change impossibilities for our world?  That that becomes the inspiration for people to change, to become greater, because you show them it’s possible. 

Everything you’ve done to not acknowledge the greatness that you’d be, the energy that you’d be, the invitation to possibilities that you’d be, and the space of the consciousness you have the capacity to be if you would demand it of you with ease, will you destroy and uncreate it please?  Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all nine, shorts, boys and beyonds. 
Right now I’d invite you to lower the wall that you usually keep around to define you as you, to keep you limited, to keep you stuck, to keep you unhappy, to keep you unaware.  That also keeps out the greatness of what life and living could be.  It’s just a choice, all you have to do is ask, but would you be willing to know that it’s time for something different?  Time for something different for you and for us and for our world, for our planet, for the beautiful people we care about living on it.  To acknowledge it’s time for the greatness of you to show up. 

For you to demand of you, “I’m no longer going to try to fit into the tiny limited box that other people put me in, I’m no longer going to fit into the tiny limited box that I thought I could not overcome.  Today is my day and now is my time, and I’m opening the box, I’m unlocking it.  I’m putting the keys in the lock and it’s time to destroy the locks and the keys and set us free.”  One, two, three.  One, two, three.  One, two, three. 

Now is the time, my beautiful friends, for the consciousness you are, that which will allow you to change everything because your consciousness is your awareness without judgment, your awareness of possibilities, your awareness of greatness, your awareness of joy, your awareness of connection, your awareness of not being separate and not being alone and not being a part that is the greatness of you and the greatness of what is possible.  It’s now time for your consciousness, the consciousness you truly be to awaken in totality, and everything that doesn’t allow it, let us undo, destroy, and uncreate it; one, two, three.  One, two, three.  One, two, three.

Take a deep breath in from the top of your head down to the tips of those cute, sweet, adorable little toes of yours.  Thanking your sweet body for being such a gift, and just put your hands on your body somewhere, maybe like put your hands on your face if you can and just acknowledge your body, and thank your body for being the gift that it is.  Just feel your hands on your face, your face on your hands, and just say thank you. 

Also you might apologize for not listening, your body has been trying to communicate with you for a very long time.  What if it’s time to start listening?  What if it has an awareness and a consciousness, an awareness of what it could be contributed to you that would change your future, change your now and change your sense of peace in living and being alive?  What if you are one of the few people on the planet that even values a sense of peace in being alive?  What if you’re one of the few people in the planet that doesn’t just think that life is about being monotonous and doing what everybody else thinks they’re supposed to, and that that is actually successful living? 

What if it’s not for you and what if that’s okay?  And what if even more than being okay, what if that’s part of the greatness of you that you know something different, that you see something different, that you perceive something different?  And what if it’s time for you to awaken that weird, wild, wonderful difference you truly be rather than trying to buy the lie and make yourself believe that you’re only here to fit into this reality?  On three; one, two, three.  And everything that doesn’t allow that, times a gazillion, right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all nine, shorts, boys and beyond. 

Okay beautiful people whenever you are ready you can open your eyes.

Debra Poneman:    Now that was extraordinary. 

Dr. Dain Heer:         Thank you. 

Debra Poneman:    Thank you.  So in the few minutes that we have left, you know what?  I have a good idea, while everybody is probably needing some time to slowly come out of that amazing reality, can you maybe just share with us some incredible turnaround or results or something that someone that you know experienced from making use of the tools that you offer?

Dr. Dain Heer:         Of my, there have been so many amazing people who have.  There was a gentleman that was in a one day class that I did and he came and he said, “You know what, I was so terrified and I always had this sense of angst in my universe from as long as I can remember.  With something that we did during that day that angst has gone out of my world.”  He’s like, “And I don’t even know what we did and I don’t even know how it happened.” 

Somehow when I looked at it I realized what happened was his angst had been because he had been taught to focus on the now and the past, rather than realizing that every choice you make today creates a future.  If you actually looked far enough into the future for the choices you make, your life gets infinitely easier.  So it was almost like he expanded his space of what he would allow himself be aware of that took him out of the angst.  Can you imagine living with that angst your whole life and having it go away?  I was like, “Wow, that’s awesome!”  Because imagine what else you can create now.

There was another gentleman that had a class on bodies with me and he said, “You know what, I felt so much lightness and joy in my body.  It was a very quiet, inexpensive experience, then in the following days it seemed to disappear.  The first thought I had was well, that was nice and now I’ll just go on with my life as before, and I started to recognize this is how I usually react to experiences of joy, et cetera.  So I went on clearing it using the tools you gave me, and I started to ask the question, ‘What if this experience is my natural state?’  The days after that I started having this experience of lightness again and it started to become my reality and now it doesn’t go away.  When it does I have the tool to choose it again.” 

That’s that thing that we’ve been talking about.  I think one of the biggest frustrations for me personally was when I’d have a sense of lightness because I’d be introduced to some greater truth, something that was true or possible for me or something, and then three days later I would feel like it was gone because I didn’t have the tools to create it and maintain it. 

Then there was a lady who sent me an email and it was amazing, she said, “I just want to thank you.  My life has changed drastically after Access.”  What she talked about was she said she works with all kinds of Bollywood people.  She’s actually in India and she works on all these Bollywood people and she said she’s literally using Access processes to create the change in their bodies that would have taken surgery before. 

She said, “For experimenting on myself I increased my lips and I made them poutier.  I reduced the broadness of my nose, and my hair has grown around three inches.”  And she says, “And I’m running these processes for hardly a minute.  For my clients I’m working on inch loss, one wanted more expressive eyes that we’re working on that too.”  I was like, “Wow!”  So this stuff actually can work to change your body too, and the lady has pictures to prove it.  I’m going, “Okay, this is really cool.” 

The limits, the bounds, the reasons why I called this going to the weird, wild and wonderful is because that’s where the fun is, that’s where the joy of life is, is like in the weird, wild and wonderful place of, “Wow what if?  What if this is actually possible?”  Well I’ve seen it.  Quite frankly, I see it every day.  I am one of the luckiest people on the planet because I get to literally work with people every day and be in the presence of what other people would call miracles every single day the change that I see.  The reason I do what I do is because of that.  I want people to know it’s possible and I’d really like them to get that they can have it too.  It’s just you got to choose it.  You got to choose to actually use the tools that are presented to you, and it’s just an amazing thing of what’s possible.

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Debra Poneman:    Well, I would have thought, what the Bollywood lady had done, I would have thought, “Oh really?”  But I’m telling you my friend; her whole facial structure has changed.  It’s phenomenal.  When I’m with her I stare at her and like, “Are you sure you didn’t get plastic surgery?”  “Nope.”  So I’ve seen it with my own eyes, so I can verify that it’s like structural, it’s not just a glow, it is really a change.  It is, it’s just absolutely phenomenon and we want these tools so that we can have this and have it not go away in three days.  I know that you’ve created a special offer for our community, and I would invite everyone to go to  Dain, could you tell us what they’re going to find there?

Dr. Dain Heer:         Oh my dear, it would be my pleasure.  So the first thing is I did a telecall series called The 69 Shades of Hedonism, and of course, it’s interesting, 50 Shades of Gray was so popular, I’m like, “Well, 50 is cool, but I think 69 would be a much more provocative number.” 

Debra Poneman:    Only you would call something The 69 Shades of Hedonism.

Dr. Dain Heer:         Exactly.  The thing about hedonism is it’s so weird because hedonism is a really wrap.  People go, “Oh, well you’re going to be selfish,” but what it really means is actually living as the pursuit and the receiving a pleasure.  Well, here’s the funny part is, I was doing an interview the other day and I was being interviewed by this lady and I was talking about 69 Shades of Hedonism and she said, “Wow, you know that’s interesting.”  She said, “A few weeks ago I made this demand that I was going to live my life from the joy of it no matter what anybody else had as a point of view, no matter what else was going on.  My main criterion is, will it bring me more joy?  And if it doesn’t, I’m not going to choose it.” 

I went, “Yeah.”  She had this lightness and this liveliness to her and I said, “Let me as you a question, how is your life gotten; worse or better?”  She went, “Oh, it’s gotten so much better.”  And that’s exactly what it is, is your life actually starts getting better when you figure joy and pleasure into the equation of what you’re choosing.  See because once again, your point of view creates your reality.  You can be like that guy standing on the slab going, “Well, I’m okay, I still got me,” or you can go, “Oh my God, I can’t believe there was a hurricane and this is the worst thing in the world and my life sucks” because that’s the reality that’s going to get created. 

So what this is, it’s the first two in a six telecall series, each is an hour and a half long and what happens is during the two calls, I went through and pointed out specifically where and how your life can actually change if you’d figure joy into the equation, which as we have this conversation, it obviously brings up all the stuff for people that doesn’t allow that, it brings up all the places where that is not possible for you.  Then we use these clearing statements to actually change it, to change the energetics of it that keeps you from actually having joy and pleasure in your life. 

I got to tell you, the one thing that I wanted almost more than anything else when I came to Access in 2000 was actually to get out of the depression and into the joy of living, and I actually found it.  So that’s what this is, is my gifting of this to you because I found specific ways that we can basically shortcut of the time that it would take you to get there.  So these two calls are an hour and a half each.
Then also what goes along with those is this loop of processes, you can actually listen to it while you sleep, which is really cool.  I don’t know about you Debra, have you ever tried to do subliminal stuff, where you listen to those subliminal tapes while you sleep and it’s supposed to change your money situation, change your body, change your weight and all that?

Debra Poneman:    I actually, honest truth, I never did because I never thought that they would work.

Dr. Dain Heer:         Well, I did and they never worked, so.         

Debra Poneman:    See, I saved myself some time.

Dr. Dain Heer:         Saved yourself time, money and sleepless nights trying to figure out what was actually being said underneath the waves.  But this stuff actually starts changing the energy of the situations in your life.  There’re many nights where I would actually listen to these very same process while I sleep.  What’s interesting is you have very interesting dreams but then you wake up and there’s more of a sense of connection to you and what you know.  It feels like everybody else’s mind chatter starts to go away. 

They have a vibration to them, and one of the things that is so essential, whether you’ve recognized it at this point in your life or not, is actually having reminders of the vibration of you.  The vibration of what it is that you are beyond judgment.  These process loops and these classes that are available as part of this package actually do that.  So for me what would happen is I’ll play these when I’m around people that I usually get heavy around, and I don’t get heavy.  It’s almost like a little shot in the arm of, “Hey, it’s okay. No they’re not your vibrations. This is your vibration.”  So it has that effect too.  I haven’t often told people that in the past so I wanted to make sure to let you know that.  So you can actually listen to them while you sleep, you can listen to them any time, and it creates dynamic change.
The third thing in the package is an ESB Beginning Class.  This is Energetic Synthesis of Being, and what it is, is an invitation to being an energy that allows you to connect your body with all of you so you’re running on all cylinders.  And basically it’s this invitation to this energy of what will actually be possible.  Now, this is an online video so you can watch me work on somebody on the table and you’ll see their body respond, but if you close your eyes you’ll notice that that energy is there for you too and it even comes through in a video.  In these particular classes, it was a doozie.  We’ve talked about some amazing possibilities in it.  That’s a three hour class and it’s available on an online video on the Access Consciousness TV site.

The next thing in the package, this is the Being You Creating Your Future class that I talked about where the guy said,, “Look, I’ve actually got a sense of peace.  The angst has gone out of my world.”  But I did a one day class in Stockholm, Sweden, I had started doing these one day classes on different particular subjects, and this one was about creating your future.  I got to tell you this was a dynamic class, the entire day, after about the first hour, there’s so much space in the room and so much space in people’s heads that sort of like judging becomes irrelevant. 
What I realized from this gentleman sending me his feedback was that one of the sources of angstrous is we are not getting big enough.  In other words, we’re not actually actively creating our future; most of us are trying to put out the fires in the present that were created by our own conscious choices in the past.  This is about turning reality 180 degrees.  What if the beginning were about creating your future which would change what you chose in the present which would make the past limitation non-relevant? 

So it’s an all day long class and this is one of the most dynamic classes I have facilitated up until this point.  It has been a doozie.  It created in people, the feedback that I’ve gotten is people go, “It’s weird.  I’m asking for things and they’re showing up.  I got a lot of it cognitively,” is what they tell me, “But I think I got more non-cognitively.  It’s almost like you introduced me to the energy of what it could be like to being me and create a totally different future than I thought was possible before.” 

The next thing in the package is an ESC, the Energetic Synthesis of Communion, which is similar to what we just did together.  This will be a recording that you’ll get, but it will be a full hour of what we just did in that five or seven minutes.  This will be an entire hour and you just lie down and receive.  Just let this energy wash over you.  Let it open up the spaces where you thought you had to defend and contract yourself, and let that open up into space.  Let it open up into the space of being able to actually have a sense of ease being you and a sense of space in connection with everything else. 
The next thing is a taster, there’s a class I did with the founder of Access, Gary Douglas, and it was called Happiness is Just a Choice and it was a kick-butt class.  It was so much fun and there was so much laughter in it, and so I wanted to add this as a special bonus for the people getting the package because it’s like literally you sit there, you listen to the class and it’s like you can’t help but smile.  You can’t help but get happier after listening to it, and couldn’t we all use more happiness?  One of the things that we found out was one of the reasons people won’t choose happiness is because it would make them bulletproof basically.  They’d no longer be limited in the ways that they have been by other people’s judgments because if you’re happy, you don’t care if somebody else judges you.  It’s one of the things that’s been sort of almost eradicated from our world.  There’re so many people who are unhappy.  This is about getting your back to that state of happiness. 

Then a couple of other free resources that are available here.  There’s a quick start guide.  Because there’s all kinds of tools in Access, here’s a quick start guide to start using them so you can hit the ground running with the most ease, which is just a two page PDF, real simple, but it’s got a lot of tools on it that you can use right now.  The audio is 55 minutes.  The feedback I get is people have said, “When I’m out of sorts and I feel totally disconnected from me and I don’t know what to do, every single time I’ve put on your audio, 55 minutes later I feel like I’m connected with me again.  I don’t know what you do in this thing, but let me tell you, it’s changing my world.”  So that’s available as another free resource. 

And then also me explaining the Access clearing statement so if you’re one of those people who wants to dot your I’s and cross your T’s appropriately like I am, if you’re really anal and you want to do everything perfectly all the time like me, then listen to this explanation of the clearing statement and you’ll see what every aspect of it means, and then hopefully you’ll feel really comfortable using it in your own life. 

So I put together this package because I truly wanted you to have something that would change your whole freaking reality from the moment you start listening to it and the moment you start using it.  So that is my hope for what it creates for you.

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Debra Poneman:    The one thing I want to say is how much you are an example of what you teach because just now when you were talking about how anal you are, and we knew that you were when you would use the wrong word and you would want to correct yourself, but at the same time you’re just laughing because there’s so much joy underneath that.  It’s not like usually when people make a “mistake” that it’s really contraction and the end of the world.  You are just an amazing example of what you teach.

Dr. Dain Heer:         Thank you so much.  That for me is one of the greatest acknowledgments I can receive, thank you.  Because I used to do seminars and workshops and I would sit there listening to the people, and there’s so many times in meeting them afterwards that they would be something totally different than what they were talking about.  It was like it just it hurt to have somebody talking about something that’s so great and then meeting them later and finding something different was like, “How can this be?”  So thank you.  That is a great acknowledgment.  I’m grateful.

Debra Poneman:    Well, and it is just the case.  I actually look forward to the next time that we’re together.  I just have two more really quick questions, one is, could you just briefly tell us what have you seen that people experience right away from taking advantage of what you teach, and then what have you seen in terms of long-range results?  Just so we could have a little bit of an idea; short-range, long-range.

Dr. Dain Heer:         Yeah, well short-range; people start tending to have more of a sense of lightness and a sense of possibilities like, “Okay, I can actually create what I’ve been wanting to create.  I can actually change what I’ve been wanting to change,” and they start having a difference in how they feel.  They get more of a sense of lightness about them.  What also happens in short-range and long-range is you’re in situations that would have triggered you before, like around people where you would have shrunk or felt like you had to fight or defend you, and all of a sudden you don’t have to any more.  You’re just there and you’re not triggered any more.  So that’s short and long-range. 

I’d say long-range is what I’ve noticed with the people who use Access Tools is they just have a greater sense of ease with everything.  Like when the global financial crisis occurred, the rest of the world was going crazy and so many of the people in Access I’m like, “Hey, how’re you doing?”  They’re like, “I’m fine. I’m good.”  And some of them may have lost some of their net worth, but very few of them did their income actually go down at all.  So it was this interesting thing to realize that long-term what happens is people have this sense of ease moving through life no matter what occurs, and they also have a sense of ease realizing, “Wow, I can actually create what I want to, I can change what I want to.  It’s all good.” 

So there’s just this sense or pervasive ease and space that people have, and also this awareness that no matter what the situation is in front of me, I can find a way to change it.  And it may not change in this moment, but I know I will find a way to change it.  Which gives you an incredible sense of being willing to be present for what goes on in life rather than feeling like you have to avoid it or run away or feel like you can’t be present in your life. 

The other thing that people seem to notice is exactly what you noticed with your friend.  The things that had been longstanding that they’ve never been able to change, somewhere somehow we get to some kind of view and unlock it and all of a sudden it changes as if by magic.  And that’s the cool part.  When change occurs as if by magic, it’s like, “Oh, how exciting is that?”

Debra Poneman:    Wow!  And what a beautiful word, “unlock it” because that’s what it seems.  I just see people unlock these things that had been locked in place for so long and then it’s unlocked as if by magic, so beautiful.  Well, thank you and is there anything else, any final thoughts you’d like to share with everyone before we go?

Dr. Dain Heer:         I would just like to say everybody, what if it truly is time to create the life and living you’ve truly desired for so long, but either haven’t been willing to create or haven’t had the tools to create, and what if you creating that life and living is the greatest inspiration to other people to know it’s possible?  And what if you creating that actually changed the face of the planet?  And what if you’re one of the few people with the courage to do it?  What if everything that you thought was a wrongness of you is actually a strongness of you, and it’s time to acknowledge it?  And lastly, what if you truly being you are the gift and change this world requires?

Debra Poneman:    Thank you.  Thank you so much for everything that you’ve given us today.  Thank you for being you, and I hope you’ll come back again.  And thank you to everyone for spending this time with Dr. Dain Heer and with me.  I look forward to when we’re all together again.  Have a great day everyone.  Bye-bye.

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The law of attraction is one of the more popularized Universal laws. The theory behind the secret law of attraction is that we create our own realities.

In practicing the secret law of attraction we not only attract things we want, we also attract things we don't want. This is based on our overwhelming thoughts and feelings. The release of the movie The Secret the laws of attraction created a worldwide phenomenon. It awakened millions of people to the idea. Because of the movie, many are now believing and using the secret power of attraction in their own lives. The secret law of attraction or the like attracts like principle is helping millions of people create a life they always knew they could have.

Law of secret attraction or the secret laws, just like most of the other Universal laws, is a creative process. Ask, believe and receive. In these laws of attraction secret overwhelming feelings you have attract people and things into your reality. You need to believe that what you are asking for will become yours and you must become an active player in reaching your goals.

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