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Alignment: The Secret to Immediate and Lasting Manifestation

"Harrison Klein and Kristen Howe in Conversation"

Kristen Howe:         Hi.  This is your host Kristen Howe and I am so excited for our guest today, Harrison Klein. 

Harrison Klein has been a teacher, marketing director, and entrepreneur since 1992.  He has led business as president and CEO, developed applications and techniques designed to stimulate cellular integration, and created popular products around the leading edge of spiritual, metaphysical, and coaching industry. 

His extensive body of work strives to bring the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious into perfect alignment.  In fact, Harrison recently returned from India where he sits on the board of the World United Organization and spoke at the World Spiritual Parliament.  His message is the continuous unfoldment of unconditional love through consciousness elevations, and as you will learn, he lives that purpose wholly. 
So today, I’m so excited for this, you will discover how to open your heart to receive and explore higher levels of awareness and reality, how to develop more compelling desires and pull in better experiences, increase your ability to create anything quickly and effectively, enhance your self-esteem to skyrocket your levels, maximize your entrepreneurial vision, and be at ease with your life, yourself, your relationships, and most importantly, stay in the flow. 

So Harrison, this sounds so exciting.  Thank you for joining us today, and welcome to the call. 

Harrison Klein:       Hi Kristen.  It’s my pleasure to be here.  Awesome, awesome.  Thanks for inviting me. 

Kristen Howe:         It’s so exciting to have you here, and what I’d love to have you do before we jump in is have you share with us just a few turning points from your life that allowed you to manifest your current level of success. 

Harrison Klein:       Well, I mean, if we’re looking at turning points, probably the most profound one that I had, had to do with my white light experience.  That was a mystical kind of moment of grace that I had, which after having been quite dark and unconscious for a long period of time, I’d say 25 years, and when I say unconscious I don’t mean out of sleep unconscious, I mean unconscious in my ability to perceive things, or understand things, or have open-ended discussions with anybody about anything, or even just apply my focus in a kind of effective manner. 

One day I happened to have been sitting in my apartment in Cleveland, Ohio of all places.  I was sort of contemplating nothing, and for the 25 years prior to that, I was in a very dark place, unable to make eye contact with anybody, unable to make audio contact, unable to have very much of a conversation with anybody for over 20 years.  I simply existed.  I really wasn’t in any sense of the word “alive”.  I had no energy, no enthusiasm, no intensity for life.  All I wanted to do was really get out of it.  I felt cursed and pretty dark. 

Without a moment’s warning, without any kind of a reference point because I wasn’t looking to create any sort of experience.  I wasn’t looking for self-improvement.  I wasn’t even trying to understand anything in that kind of fashion, the universe sort of tapped me on the forehead, yanked me out of my body, sent me into this spinning vortex of white light which was just amazing.  I mean, for who knows how long I was in it, I was moving at some incredible villosity beyond my capacity to understand.  I was being bombarded by sights, and sounds, and geometric shapes, and light colors, and vivid experiences at this speed beyond comprehension for me. 

I could have been in there for who knows how long.  I could have been in there for a short period, for a long period, but when I was deposited by in my body, everything that I had been prior to that moment had been erased pretty much.  For the first time in my life, I had acute awareness.  I could see pretty much for the first time in my life.  Everything seemed vibrant and colorful to me.  It was much more enhanced than it ever had been because prior to that, my darkness and fog kept things at a fairly dull level of perception visually. 

For the first time in my life I could hear acutely.  I could actually hear not only what was going on in my apartment, but what was going on apartments down the hall, several apartments down the hall, and dogs barking on the street, people having conversations up to 50 yards away.  My awareness was highly enhanced. 

For the first time in my life, I got to feel my body.  I was walking around for over 30 years numb to all experience really, and I got to feel my body.  I got to actually see the way that my thoughts bubbled up from the base of my spine and into my crown and explode there into a thought, as opposed to something that I identified with as me, and it became a different experience of life. 

From that moment on, I felt absolved of all the sins that I ever had.  I felt in the moment.  I felt really dynamic.  My energy was much expanded and much intensified.  I’ve never been the same since. 
It was like the depths of my pain for those 30 years of darkness and denial and difficulty had turned into some massive amounts of joy that I was being bombarded with on a continuous basis, running through me like electrical current in a wonderful, extraordinary way.  My life started to take on a whole different shape and meaning.  All those things that I had experienced prior to that moment were, and especially I had difficulty, inability to have conversations, make eye contact, hear very much of what was being said, et cetera, et cetera.  All that was gone and a whole new life unfolded for me from that point on. 
So that was a major turning point in my life.  I’ve had several others since then, but as to the most significant one, I’ve got to say that was it. 

Kristen Howe:         What an amazing story and what a massive transformation.  Since the focus that we have here is manifesting, it sounds like you went from anything that you manifested probably wasn’t particularly positive to a complete flipside to manifesting amazing positive things, which I know you do, and it sounds like it was just in this one amazing impactful moment.  Am I right about that? 

Harrison Klein:       Yeah.  Everything came to a head.  It was like two things.  Number one, if you build a skyscraper, the depth of the skyscraper has to be at least the deep in the ground to hold the rest of the skyscraper up.  So the depth of my pain became the height of my joy.  The second part to that is that, yes, all of that was in a moment because of like the big bang theory, it was this compressed energy that I had been denying for 30-odd years and it all exploded into one moment of light, and sound, and colors, and sights, and all these other things, and it became 30years of compressed energy exploding into a release.  So it was amazing from my perspective, and it put my feet onto a whole different path.  I’ve been on that path ever since, so. 

It showed me my purpose in life.  It gave me direct guidance from a higher source.  It kept me involved with an amazing sense of power and involvement in all that went on in every moment, and it’s been a very amazing trip since.  So I’ve got to thank the universe for [talking over]. 

Kristen Howe:         I love that.  Well, and that’s why I was so excited to have you here because I think it’s so powerful when we can share people who have been at a very low point and now have turned it around because I think so many people who are listening, they want to hear from someone who’s been where they are.  So thank you for sharing. 
Now, here’s my question.  How do the people listening, how do they make manifesting easier for themselves? 

Harrison Klein:       Oh, well, there are many, many, many ways of manifesting, but generally there are lots of universal laws that run the universe, the primary one being the law of cause and effect.  The second most important one is the law of attraction.  Most of us have heard about the law of attraction through The Secret.  Anybody who’s listening to this likely has familiarity with The Secret.  But what has been the standard way that most people have attempted to create deliberate manifestation has been through things like visualization, or through things like meditation, or through things like forcing themselves into affirmations and continuously repeating disciplined statements, and trying to create beliefs that would help to take them or to mold them to a different reality than the one they’re experiencing right now so that they could have whatever it is they desired whether it be a new relationship, or wealth, or new car, or homes, or whatever it is that they thought would be different experiences.  Whatever they thought would be of value to them, they would attempt to create through these one at time kinds of experiences. 

What I found in my observation, my experience, and my teachings have been that that is a slow way to manifest anything, to sit down there and grit your teeth and try to discipline yourself into a different way of being.  Yes, it can be done.  Yes, it’s full of effort.  Yes, it’s full of struggle, and full of pain, and frustration, and most people oftentimes because they want something so much, actually don’t get it simply by the fact that they want it so much.  It actually blocks their ability to create. 

The fastest and easiest way that I found to manifest is to simply create a state of mind, is to create a new state of mind, or a state of being, if you will, same thing.  Being is probably the most successful and the easiest way to create anything because it takes no effort whatsoever, it simply takes a shift.

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What differentiates me from most of the teachers out there is that most teachers create a series of steps that you have to go through in order to get to someplace, sort of like you need a condition to get from here to there.  In other words, you have to work hard to struggle to get money, et cetera, et cetera.  But to me, those conditions are all BS.  They don’t have anything to do with the actual shift.  They’re just preparation for the shift. 

What is the real shift is a state of mind that is caused to accept a different reality, or a different state of being.  What that is, is that being is a state such as being happy, or being wealthy, and you can’t really explain the state.  You can’t do a state.  You can only be a state.  I mean, you can’t do happiness; you can only be happy or be happiness. 

Creation works in a particular sequence.  It works as the being being the first cause, and the being is always what we call the “I am”, that is the open gate to the universal field, or to the unified field, if you will.  Whenever you attach the words I Am become your reality.  They become the signal to the universe to take that attachment out to completion. 

So if you say, “I am a great teacher,” or “I am depressed,” you’re going to experience either one of those according to whatever you attach the words I am.  If you say “I am depressed,” if you say, “I am sad,” or “I’m not good at relationships,” or “I’m not great at this,” you’re going to experience that.  However, if you say, “I’m a great salesman,” or “great teacher,” or “an exceptional doctor,” whatever you attach the words I am become your reality.  Those things get taken out to the level of reality and onto the physical plan.  And being the “I AM,” what you attach those words, causes your thinking so it is a very specific sequence to the way that creation works. 

The sequence is this, being, thinking, speaking, action, receiving.  Those are the five pieces that is the structure of reality creation.  Being is the primary one, which then causes thinking.  If you say, “I am a doctor,” your being then will cause you to think the thoughts of a doctor.  You will start to think about what health is.  You’ll start to think about what cures are.  What medicines do, et cetera, et cetera.  It sponsors those kinds of thoughts because they come from the unified field.  We don’t actually think it. 

We allow those things to come into our mind and then we identify with them as a thinking process, but it’s not really coming from us.  It’s coming from our higher selves, if you will, which then causes speaking.  Once you thought specific thoughts, then you actually translate that into your daily conversation, which gives them vibratory tone, which then allows them to move through your crown chakra down into your third eye, then into your heart chakra, and then out into the world to manifest, spit out into the world, there’s a specific sequence to that. 

Being causes thinking, which causes speaking, which is a vibration, and we all now that this is a vibratory universe.  I mean, this universe acts on vibration.  There’s not real English, French, or Swahili, any kind of language.  The universe responds to what you’re vibrating, to the frequency at which you’re vibrating.  Which then causes doing or action, which then puts in place a system to receive the experience that you created in your being and thinking. 

So there are causative factors and there are effect factors, okay, and there is cause and effect.  That is a primary law of the universe.  And cause is being, thinking, speaking, which creates the correct vibration in order for that to come back into our experience so that we can manifest as we please.  The being, thinking, and speaking creates the causative effect.  The action then sets in a place that you are compelled to action once you have gone through the other three sequences; you’re compelled into doing something about it. 

So if you’re being a doctor, and you’re thinking doctoral thoughts, and you’re speaking in the conversation of doctors, or at least you’re allowing that to come into your conversation on a fairly frequent level, you start to do the things that doctors do.  You start to look up where’s a medical school?  What does this mean?  How does this medicine respond to this illness, et cetera, et cetera?  So you start to do the things which then causes you to receive the things that are doctor.  You become a doctor and then from that doctoral experience you get all the things that a doctor is. 

So again, being is what causes thinking, so when we’re happy, or when a doctor, or when we’re wealthy, we think happy thoughts.  We think thoughts, thoughts spring from being.  In other words, thoughts are sponsored by being, and nothing happens without being.  So conditions occur because of our state of being and not the other way around as most people think they do.  So for example, happy conditions don’t make you happy, it’s being happy that causes happy conditions.  Unhappy conditions only show up to prove a preexisting state of unhappiness. 

Let’s go from that example to the state of wealth.  The first step to experiencing massive wealth is being wealthy, and being wealthy is an internal state.  It’s not an external state.  Not about having things, it’s about being first internal, internally wealthy.  It has nothing to do with the outside world.  The internal state of wealth is a decision we make right now and we become it right now, not in the future.  The point of power is always now.  We’re not going to get wealthy, we are wealthy now.  We don’t need anything outside of ourselves to make this decision.  Once we make the decision to be wealthy, we become wealthy. 

It’s hard to speak of this because we can only be a state, we can’t do a state, nor can we speak a state.  So it’s hard to speak of this, but that is the way it works.  The object is to be wealth, or to be happy, or to be in love right now and right here just like that.  Nothing that you have to go through.  There’s no conditions.  You don’t have to get good looking, or put on your make up, or dress a particular way to attract a mate.  You have to be the kind of person you want to attract a certain kind of mate.  You just simply be an attractive person.  If you’re an attractive person internally, I guarantee you will attract people externally.  It just works that way. 

The same thing with wealth, if you are internally wealthy, if you’re feeling the wealth of whatever you define as that word, those things must come to you by universal law because being is the attractor factor.  It is the attraction factor of all things.  So it is the magnetism, it is the vibratory magnetism of who we are.  It’s our deepest sense of ourselves, and that being creates everything that we have, everything that we do, and everything that we experience. 

James Allen said a long time ago, and I live by this experience, this statement that, “In this world we get what we are and not what we want,” which is the most profound statement I ever heard in my life.  We get in this world what we are and not what we want. 

So as we become, in other words, we be, we have be, that comes to us as we believe or be, we live – be live, believe – as we believe those things, we live the things that we become.  That’s how we start to internalize the things that we want externally.  Once it’s internal, the external must follow suit because the external is only a reflection of what’s on the inside.  Does that help? 

Kristen Howe:         Yeah, I love that.  Now, let me ask you this because I know that a lot of people talk about this and then they talk about energy centers and chakras and things like that, first of all, do you believe in all of that, and if so, how does that tie into how we can help ourselves? 

Harrison Klein:       Yeah, of course.  Well, actually we manifest through our body, so it’s our body that’s actually manifesting things.  It isn’t anything else, it comes through our body.  The way that works very simply is that cosmic energy exists all around us, but it animates our flesh through energy that comes through our crown chakra, which is the tip of our head at our crown, and the energy comes in through the crown and it goes down into the third eye, or the sixth chakra.  Now, the crown is the seventh chakra.  I’ll explain this in a second.  The crown is our seventh chakra. 

The energy goes down from the crown and it comes into our body to animate us through that place.  It goes down into the lens of our imagination, which is our third eye, we call it our third eye, or our pineal gland, and there are images that we create that we have inside of our imagination.  Those are images created by our being.  It sponsors the thoughts and images of our lives which become the blueprints of how we experience things.  The energy comes in, it goes into this third eye, which is the lens of what we are thinking and imaging, and then it goes down, it falters down and kind of animates and comes through our body until it gets to the heart chakra, to the place of our heart. 

Now, our heart is the seat of our subconscious, but it also etherically, it is the place of our life, not the pumping organ that moves the blood, but the place at which all of our subconscious resides, which is the Greeks called it the heart, we call it the heart of neoteric bodies, the heart chakra. 

When the energy from the third eye, when the images and thoughts of the third eye are carried through this clear light that comes in through the third eye chakra, through the sixth chakra, and it goes into our heart, our heart is a million times more power vibrationally than our minds.  A million times more powerful than our minds.  So our etheric hearts are always spinning as everything in the universe is spinning, so it creates a vortex.  When that energy and those images get set into the heart space, into our bodies, it then takes what those images are and then it revolves them and spins them, compresses the energy of those images into a physical form and spins them out onto the physical plain, which is we experience as our reality.

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Yes, as we start to understand our energy centers, we start to understand that there’s a basic principle involved which is very simple.  And what that is, is that each chakra, and there’s seven of them, at least seven major ones, there are thousands of them all over our body, but there’s seven major ones, and we’re not created haphazardly.  We’re created very, very deliberately as once we start to explore these things we can see, but the basic principle is very simple, this is what it is.  Every chakra radiates timely energy streams, or rather we call that emotions that correspond to its function.  Each chakra has a function.  These emotions are literally energy in motion.  They’re specific to the time of the experience. 

So for example, when somebody expresses their love for you, your fourth chakra, or your heart chakra, increases its spinning, its rotation, and vibration, and this is experienced as love emotion within in the heart region.  All emotions are in the moment, so now we have special choices.  The basic principle is we can let the emotion flow fully into its full completion and accept and own it, watching it with detachment, or we can try to suppress that emotion or disown it, or we can get all entangled with it and then lose our presence, our in the now-ness. 

When we go through it with choice, we live fully in the moment and it’s complete.  There are not blockages developed.  The full lesson is learn, or the full joy experience if you will, and that chakra remains healthy, and in fact, grows from that experience and allows us to experience things that correspond to that chakra.  For example, the second chakra is about money, and influence, and decision, and so on and so forth. 

Always remember that an emotion can only be released or worked within the moment it’s happening and not in memories, so we can’t block it or go deal with it later in our privacy.  The only way to work with a past emotional blockage is to reenact that moment so that the emotions are back in the moment of now, but that’s neither here or there. 

When we go through the emotion with choice, we also find we can cause a blockage there in which we didn’t express that emotion.  So for example, if as a child our father told us we wouldn’t amount to anything, we’d experience an emotion at that time most likely you want to tell him to go shove it, and that was causing anger in you, but you didn’t probably do that because of fear of being punished, and so another blockage is developed. 

Or another way a blockage develops is when we get entangled in our emotions and we literally lose ourselves and buy into the emotion, accepting it as the truth.  Once we accept an emotion as truth it becomes our reality because then we believe in it and our emotions are what causes the belief.  We come back it, thought over and over again, with the same emotion or with a high intensity of emotion that we then be live that, we start be live that and we start to live that process and then that comes into our experience. 

So let’s assume for example that we were afraid of something, or we know that fear is an illusion, but that doesn’t mean we resist it.  So we can choose what’s next through desire and intention, but the observer, if we’re clear about it, never attempts to block what’s currently happing. 

Here’s what the things is about the chakras and all that.  Whenever our chakras are blocked, whenever our energy centers, when they’re not in full flow, they superimpose whatever blockages we have in all of our experiences.  That’s one of the reasons people don’t experience what they want to manifest because they have these blockages. 
If in the past we were criticized, for example, for our dreams, or we developed a blockage believing that we were unworthy of expression, or that people would criticize us for those dreams and our chakra then

superimposes that and all were blocked even as an adult.  That’s why we get into the place where we wonder, “Why don’t I ever seem to make it or get what I want,” et cetera, et cetera.  That’s old negative energy stored there and that’s the problem.  When our chakras are clear, all the expressions are pure and they come out with no resistance at all, which then allows them to manifest into reality by being spit from our heart chakra out into the physical world. 

We as human beings only do one thing, we create experiences, and that’s all we ever do.  So whatever it is we’re looking to do in our life, or create in our life, we are creating an experience, and that experience is ugly energy in motion, the “e motion”.  Therefore, it’s the extreme importance that we always are aware of what we’re feeling right now, and our chakras are the places of our feelings.  They correspond to certain things, it’s what we’re feeling right now, and that’s the most important thing, what are you feeling right now?  Always be aware of that.  Then be honest about it, and then be responsible for it, and you’ll have unrestricted responsibility for it. 

What does that have to do with money, wealth, health, and manifesting relationships and so on?  Well, it has everything to do with it.  Money comes from prosperity.  Prosperity is a feeling of having it all, being in the flow, letting energy flow through your body.  This feeling attracts corresponding situations and opportunities.  If you are wealth, you have a corresponding body sensation of being wealthy.  If you are a millionaire, you have a corresponding body sensation to being a millionaire.  If you are a celebrity, you have a corresponding body sensation of being a celebrity.  Just as if you were depressed, you have a corresponding body sensation of being depressed.  If you’re angry, you have a corresponding sensation of that, the I am. 

So we have corresponding situations and opportunities that we experience.  We create experiences through these emotions.  And this eventually is experienced physically as money, or wealth, or depression, or anger, or fear, or whatever the case may be.  Prosperity, for example, is an inside job.  Success is the person we become, not the thing we chase after.  Health, for example, is a feeling of wellbeing, a feeling of being wholesome, and that feeling’s expressed and experienced extremely as good health and vitality.  Stress is the opposite of that, so it kills us. 

All this expressed through our body, through the chakras that we’re talking about, the energy centers.  Really what this does is it allows us to master our energy and focus it in the way that we want if we understand how all this works.  The chakras are the keys to understanding how our body basically responds to things with our emotions that create our beliefs which create our thoughts and images, et cetera, et cetera, and help our beings. 

I don’t know if that helps to explain it clearly enough.  Does it? 

Kristen Howe:         Yeah, that’s amazing.  It’s so helpful because I think we all hear about our energy and all of that, and we know that there are blockages, but to realize that it’s in seven different parts of your body that are sort of dictating.  You said be very honest with yourself, “How am I feeling right now?”  What do you do if you realize you’re feeling contrary to what you desire to manifest?  Does that question make sense? 

Harrison Klein:       Sure, you can move the energy any way you want.  Understand that what chakras do is they command energy.  They command the emotions, and those are the places in our body where we experience things. 

What this does, it allows us to become masters of energy.  By understanding the chakra system, we become masters of energy.  So energy is the same thing, money is energy, everything is energy.  It’s all energy.  We all pretty much know that.  Everything is energy.  It’s not made up of energy, it is energy, and there’s no difference between energy except in frequency and the level of the vibration.  There’s just this big ocean of energy out there.  In the ocean some places there’s a tsunami, some places there’s a wave, some places there’s a placid place, some places there’s just a deep current, and some places nothing, you can’t see anything. 

We’re constructed in a way that helps us define our entire lives through the way we work with energy.  We’re not constructed haphazardly, we’re an energy system that’s delicately put together, actually, intrically put together with purpose and exactness.  We’re not this random ball of energy that goes everywhere; we’re a column of energy with several centers.  Every center has a specific function and characteristic.  Herein lies the key to manifesting our successes and our failures.  In the west we call those energy centers and so forth. 
So in short, our energy centers, our chakras, are our soul’s interface, our connector, and adaptor to our body in the world.  They’re the channels through which soul spirit becomes manifested as matter, really, for the sake of experiencing itself.  So chakras are the channels of spirit to matter manifestation.  They’re the thoughts and words of actions, are the tools of manifestation.  To manifest simply means to express as matter. 

When a chakra is blocked and not functioning, it loses or bleeds energy.  It bleeds its life force, and we can literally feel ourselves shrink if it happens rapidly.  For example, if you’re under terror, or you feel small, or you’re depressed, you can feel yourself shrink.  This is an experience outwardly as failure and corresponding aspects of our life, our disease in our body, or in corresponding body parts. 
For example, a blockage in our second energy center, or our sacral chakra, results in power control and money issues, and that may manifest itself as health problems with our sexual organs, or lower spine or pelvis and other areas powered by this chakra center, and also manifest itself as financial problems and controlling relationships. 

So how does it get unblocked?  Well, we have to clear it.  So we have to correct our perception because all blockages are based on misperceptions of things that happen, or the way that energy has worked in our body, the way that we have perceived the outside world in one form or another.  What happens is we can clear, we can see that energy creates belief because belief is what moves our emotions, right, so our emotions create our beliefs.

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How do we clear a blockage?  Well, first of all we have to understand what a belief is, and a belief is something that we keep receiving.  It’s really something that we keep going back to.  Something we repeat and incorporate or integrate as truth in our lives.  So a belief keeps us from receiving the gifts of life, or manifesting our desires if it’s a false belief.  If it’s a false idea that we hold upon ourselves, or our lives, or our abilities and our worth and so on, we create a blockage and then our blockage cannot manifest.  The energy can’t get through to manifest our desires as the clear light comes through that third eye chakra. 
We have to understand where our beliefs come from.  The answer is simple really.  The answer is simple, so our spirit is always looking to grow and bloom and fulfill its mission, right?  So our energy system always seeks to accept and to express its truth and the experience fully and authentically.  When we have blockages to the growth of our spirit, our life, or the expression of our emotions, they have to be cleared.  To clear them, the spirit pushes them to the surface so that we can become aware of them and accept and heal them. 

Blockages include things like past unresolved issues, and denials, and hidden selves, and disowned archetypes, and wounded inner children and all kinds of other things.  And at first they may not seem like a lot, they may seem like nagging thoughts, but if we don’t resolve our issues and heal them, basically, they manifest as a disease or a life situation, and then it forces us to face them.  If we ignore them, they keep coming back again and again, each time harder and stronger until we resolve them.  Sometimes it’s resolved in this lifetime, sometimes it’s not, and sometimes it has to go to the next lifetime.  But our soul always has to get to the bottom line. 

Whenever we go through and experience, we formulate a thought and therefore an emotion towards something.  And if that emotion is allowed to run its course to be fully experienced to its end in full awareness, it’s done with and you’re out so you can manifest anything you want regarding that situation.  If we block ourselves from feeling the emotion, the lesson that we have to learn becomes covered and we don’t exactly know what that it and it goes into our unconscious mind. 

What I teach is how to really unblock that situation so that we can allow the flow, and the flow is everything because the flow is wealth, it’s health, it’s beauty, it’s truth, it’s everything.  If an emotion is denied and refused full expression, it’s stored within us in a negative way and it keeps us from getting what we want because really, to heal a negative experience we really have to understand that life is eternal.  What we put in place remains in place until we change it. 

As such, things like hate, or lack, or difficulty becomes forever once we create it and the only way to get rid of it is by embracing it and doing it in a way that we see the Divine within it, as the Divine is within all life, and then as we begin to realize that nothing can exist outside of life, that’s all there is.  We’re made in the image and likeness of God, and by denying any part of life, we deny ourselves and vastly disempower ourselves.  That’s how karma is formed through denial and resistance, but karma is reprogrammed by unblocking, by finding these beliefs within ourselves. 

I don’t mean going on a witch hunt for negative beliefs.  I just mean by accepting what it is that we are feeling at any given moment, we start to allow that to come into the moment and that’s all that we are.  Then we are able to take those forms that we experience and allow ourselves to be free with them and for them not to be non-intrusive, but to pass through us.  We start to experience unconditional loving, and joy, we become infinitely powerful and eternal.  Those things that pass through us become to be known as gifts of life.  Everything that passes through us, the big thing to understand here is that life is done for us and not to us. 

We’re not experiencing a bunch of things that are going on outside of us.  Everything that we experience is coming from us.  The Buddhist say, “I am not in a world, the world is in me.”  So as we start to understand these things we simply set our intentions correctly through this sequence, being, thinking, speaking, acting, receiving, so that we can manifest what it is we desire to manifest with the least amount of resistance.  Without resistance we experience flow. 

Flow is the core of the world wealth.  I mean, wealth in English means wellbeing.  Comes from the world wellbeing, but the root of wellbeing in the original Greek where the word was formed means flow, and everything likes to flow.  Wealth likes to flow, money likes to flow, relationships like to flow, love likes to flow, joy likes to flow, everything likes to flow, and that’s really just your spirit’s way of expressing itself.  Nothing is too hard for spirit.  Nothing is too hard for source in any way, and we are connected to that, and so nothing is too hard for us as long as we don’t get in our way by making these blockages or these conclusions and creating negative emotions, or negative perceptions, or emotions around things that we’re experiencing. 

The object is to stay neutral, to stay in a place of witnessing and observation, and to only see things, and not to draw conclusions about them so that when we see things we can then change the next moment.  We have to experience the moment as it is, but we can change the next moment by making a decision that we want it to be different, so then we move the energy that way. 

I hope that explains that. 

Kristen Howe:         It does.  My guess is, and you can correct me if I’m wrong here, but this is part of what we talk about when you say that you can increase your ability to create anything quickly and effectively.  I’m guessing this is one of the ways we can do this.  Am I right? 

Harrison Klein:       That’s one of the ways.  Can I give you a very simple quick way for everyone on this call to manifest something? 

Kristen Howe:         I am sure everybody is jumping up and down right now, so yes, please. 

Harrison Klein:       Okay.  There is the statement that I made earlier and that was originally made by James Allen, “We get in this world what we are, not what we want.”  What that means is that we have to integrate to become what it is that we desire.  We have to experience and believe, or be live it that way. 

So here’s how we create very, very deliberately, very easily.  We be something, we make a declaration of I am this or that.  I am a doctor, or I am driving a Mercedes 500 SL, or whatever it is we want, or I am loving my new beachfront condominium on Laguna Beach, or whatever the case may be and make a statement.  Then we start to experience that as an internal experience. 
Now, how do we do things as an internal experience?  We be that wealth.  We be that situation.  So what we do is we get into a place of rest or calm.  We just sit down someplace so that we can be at rest and at peace so that there’s no turmoil going on inside of us.  If there is turmoil, we just sort of rest there and either we can focus on our breath, or we can just relax.  It doesn’t matter.  You don’t have to actually do any kind of meditation; you just have to be in a relaxed state so that you can create an image inside of your mind. 

Once an image is created inside of your mind, many people call it visualization, but we’re going to take this a step further than visualization because visualization is only creating an image of something out there.  Understand that there is no separation between us and anything that exists out in the world at all, so everything is just a part of us.  We are all one and everything is energy and we’re all just part of the energy. 
When we create an image that we put into our third eye, when we have an image, so let’s just say we want an image of our beachfront condo on Laguna Beach.  We have to see it clearly, but here’s the thing, most people when they want to visualize something or they want to experience something, or they make a statement about wanting to experience something, they always see it as out there in the future, or out there away from us, so it’s us experiencing walking into our beachfront condo or whatever the case may be.  We see ourselves as a picture walking into that.  That doesn’t work, or at least it works minimally.  If you do that 1,000 times it would probably work, but you can do it much quicker by simply drawing that into your body experience.

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Remember we talked about the body being the manifest, so we have to internalize things.  We talked about the fact that the world is coming from us and not to us.  So it’s not happening around us, it’s coming from inside of us, all of it.  Everything we’re experiencing is actually emanating from our own vibration which is just our thoughts being reflected back to us.  If we want to experience a radically different experience than we have now, we simply have to create a radically different thought level, and a radically different physical experience. 

To create this thing, we create as much detail as we can in the visual, but here’s the thing, we want to be within the picture and not outside of the picture.  We don’t want to look at it from the outside like you’re watching a television; you want to be the actor in the script that everybody else is watching. 

What you want to do is you want to be inside that beachfront condo.  You want to experience the feelings.  As I said, there’s a corresponding body sensation to everything that you want to experience.  So if you want to be a millionaire, millionaires feel a particular way and they carry their bodies in a particular way just as a celebrity carries his body.  We all know.  We can look at celebrities and we see their energy.  They have a different kind of energy than a guy who’s a businessman, or a guy who’s a baker, or a guy who’s poor.  They have a different kind of physiology.  They have a different kind of body sensation. 

If we create the body sensation of what we want, and let’s just say we want $1 million, and we start to look at millionaires and see what their body sensations are, we draw that into us with the visual of our peace.  We simply keep drawing that further and further where we are inside of the image looking out from the back of our eyes not at our experience, but from our experience, we draw that into our lives.  The physical then takes shape in the form in our imagination because our imagination is really much more important than our reality, than our physical or experience.  I won’t than our reality, it is our reality.  The imagination is what creates and what keeps the images in their form. 

As the energy comes in through that crown chakra and goes out into your third eye and follows down into your body, it starts to spit down into your heart chakra which is the bridge between heaven and earth, which is really the creation.  We start to pull that body sensation of that millionairehood, or being inside that condo, or being inside of that super luxury car that we want, or being in a great relationship, we hold that body image.  We hold that body place; that body sensation; with the image and it’ll manifest faster than you can possibly even imagine. 

You’ve got a million times the power of your mind revolving around in your heart, vibrational experience in your heart, than you do in your mind, so you just hold onto that and within a couple of weeks you could have something that you would normally think that you could have at any other time or any other place.  It would take years of hard work to do if you only do this right on the internal experience by being, thinking, speaking, and becoming what it is you desire in this world. 

A state of mind is the complete definition of whatever you want to create, so if you are wealth, you are creating a state of mind of wealth and that has a definition for you.  That means luxury cars, or boats, or trips, or travel, or super good looking partners, or lots of sex, or lots of money, or whatever the case may be.  Your imagination can create anything.  And whatever you define as wealth, if you hold that body sensation of wealth continuously and you create the images of that continuously and you’re brining that closer and closer into your body until you have a sensation of love and joy and excitement and eagerness for that image, it becomes more reality to you than the real. 

In other words, you keep pulling it into your body. It becomes closer and closer. You start to examine it more and more.  It becomes familiar to you.  You start to trust the image.  You start to bring it closer to you until it starts to happen inside of your body.  When it happens inside of your body, you’re done.  That’s it.  It will manifest from that point on.  If you’ve done it correctly, something within the next three days after you do that should show up reflecting something that had to do with that image. 

In other words, if you talked about becoming a millionaire, something within the next three days will show up.  It will either have the word millionaire, or something about money, or investment, or something that has something to do with the image that you’ve created, that you’re pulling into your body.  If you’ve done it really correctly, something within 21 days will give you an indication that it’s completely on its way and it’s yours. 

This is the fastest most successful way to do it.  It’s the next level of the cutting edge of manifestation technology, and knowing this about things it is the place where people have without a doubt been looking for ages upon ages upon ages.  We simply understand now that everything has a corresponding body sensation, and everything is created through a thought or an image, and it’s done in this particular sequence of be, think, speak, act, and receive. 

So if you just keep to those things, and they’re very simple, none of that is complicated.  I tell your people again, do not complicate this.  It’s not complicated.  There’s nothing to analyze, nothing to go through, nothing to think over and over again.  Just feel it.  You’ve got to feel your way through life more than you think your way life.  The analysis will keep you from experiencing it.  The feeling will start you getting it. 

Does that help? 

Kristen Howe:         Yes, that’s amazing.  I just want to touch on this, but this is a process you can use to maximize your entrepreneurial vision, absolutely everything, correct? 

Harrison Klein:       Absolutely everything.  You become a great entrepreneur by simply starting to say, “I am a great entrepreneur,” and you start to experience the thoughts of being a great entrepreneur.  If you have a vision of what that is, or what that brings up and you hold to that vision, you bring that sensation into your body, you will start to experience that as a physical reality. 

Doesn’t matter what you put there.  You start with an “I AM”. You understand the sequence.  You pull it into your body as a sensation.  You be, you think, you speak. In other words, once you tell yourself you’re a great entrepreneur; that starts to come into your thoughts.  You start to think the thoughts of being an entrepreneur, whatever that happens to be, customer service, lots of money, taking care of your customers, creating great products, et cetera, et cetera.  Whatever that happens to be, you start to experience that in your thoughts which then starts to flow into your conversation. 

You start talking about entrepreneurship in one form or another.  It starts to come into your daily conversation which then you are compelled to act on.  You start to look up things, or you start to talk to people about swinging deals, or whatever the case may be, or creating businesses, or where do I find the money for this, or whatever the case may be, starts to get into your conversation.  Then once it’s inside your conversation, you’re compelled to take some action on it.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Then the momentum has begun.  Now you’ve started to pull it into your reality and it is your reality. 

At that point, you start to experience it as a body sensation, you want to joy, love, excitement, or eagerness because those are the manifestation factors, those are the quickest multipliers of anything manifest; joy, love, eagerness, or excitement.  When you experience that within your image, when you’re enjoying it because you’ve got to have positive attitudes toward wealth if you expect to experience wealth, you can’t be unhappy and happy at the same time.  You have to have a positive attitude toward what you want in this life.  So if you were saying that money is no good, or rich people are bad and they take advantage of people, and you still want more money, you’re going to experience a conflict which will washout every part of what you’re trying to experience, what you’re trying to create. 

You have to have a positive attitude toward what you want.  You have to experience it with love, joy, eagerness, or excitement.  That increases your vibration.  Love, joy, eagerness, and excitement are the vibration increasers.  Those are the things that make you vibrate much faster, much quicker.  Makes your mind much quicker.  Makes your body much happier.  Makes your love more sensational.  Makes your embracement of the world easier, et cetera, et cetera.  You start to move inside the flow.

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Love, eagerness, excitement, and joy, and add those things to whatever images and body sensations you have and you are in.  You no longer have to do anything.  You don’t have to go out there every day and repeat affirmations, or say I am, or anything else once you experience it in a way that pleases you and then you have got it.  The image is clear and it pleases you, you have a body sensation of that and that pleases you, it creates a smile or happiness or joy or excitement within you, you let it well up or you generate it, either way is fine, then that thing is yours.  You no longer have to do anything.  You just have to start to go about your daily business.  From that point on, it’ll start to come to you. 

You won’t know how, you won’t know what experiences will come because that’s the universe’s job, that’s not your job, but that’s what will come into your experience from that point on.  If you understand this correctly, that’s all you have to do.  It’s the fastest, easiest way to create anything. 

People have gone from nothing to movie stars in weeks.  I mean, in my own classes two weeks ago, one of my students manifested a $36,000 check.  About seven or eight months ago one of my students manifested a $250,000 check.  That just happens.  They understand how to do that.  They get it, and when they get it, that’s all there is.  You no longer have to do anything else, then you’re in. 

Kristen Howe:         This is so exciting because it really is the cutting edge thing, and why we’re bringing it to everybody with Manifest Everything Now is that we want the new thing.  We want to not have to sort of beat ourselves into submission with stuff, so it’s so exciting.  Can you share with us, and you just shared with us two quick things in the blink of an eye with the two people from your class, but could you share with us one or two wow stories where even you went, “Wow, that person who applied what I worked with them on, this is what happened.” 

Harrison Klein:       Well, one of them was sculptor whose life was sort of falling apart when he first connected with me.  He had been studying sculpture for 20, 30 years in New York, was a New York sculptor.  He had a studio; it was connected to a foundry.  He makes these 18 foot high Greek mythological figures of the gods, Hermes, and Aphrodite, and Zeus, and all these major mythological Greek hero figures, or enlightenment figures if you will, figures of the dignity of man. 

He had experienced such a slump in his life that he couldn’t pay for his daughter’s education.  New York City is very expensive.  I mean, it’s probably the most expensive place on the planet, or at least close to it.  His marriage was breaking apart because he wasn’t making any money, he wasn’t selling any sculptures, he wasn’t inspired enough by his work, et cetera, et cetera, and he wasn’t selling very much and his marriage was falling apart.  He had no money to pay for his daughter’s education.  He was about to be kicked out of his apartment.  When he contacted me he was sort of in a really dark place. 
He said, “Can you help me,” and all this, and he took one of my classes, actually, took two of my classes, but in a matter of I think 13 weeks, or 14 weeks, he practiced diligently trying to understand what was going on, the depths of what was going on.  It’s not very difficult to understand.  It just is that people wrestle with some of this sometimes.  But the moment he gave up wrestling and he allowed it to be easy, he got a $250,000 check. 

Somebody gave him a studio, saw his work, gave him a studio in downtown New York, I mean, worth I can’t even tell you what the worth of that is, plus $250,000 to go on sculpting and to create something.  In which he promptly paid his daughter’s education off all the way through college.  He was able to then feel so much better about himself.  His self-esteem went through the roof obviously, and became really intimate with his wife again.  His marriage was saved.  He had all kinds of money.  He then became well-known in magazines.  Magazines were picking up his stuff.  All kinds of things were happening. 

As he began to understand the manifestation process, the energy process, the whole chakra process, the whole life process and how it works, it became easy for him to apply.  With very little effort, I would say very little effort at all, I didn’t really do very much of anything toward this experience, I mean, do anything physically, internally he did the work.  And again, the internal work is not hard.  Let’s not complicate it.  It’s not hard.  It’s just a matter of doing what I’m saying. 

He did this internally, and he got a place where he sensed the body sensation of a millionaire.  He got to that place and somebody gave him a studio in downtown New York on Chelsea, on 8th and 23rd, which is pretty prime real estate.  They gave it to him for nothing.  No rent, no anything, completely renovated showcase for his work alone, and a $250,000 check.  Pretty impressive.  Amazing stuff. 

Kristen Howe:         Yeah, that’s absolutely amazing. 

Harrison Klein:       Another woman who is in my classes about two weeks ago as I just told you, she just manifested a $36,000 check.  She’s a geologist. She was trying to retire. She wanted to retire.  She may not have had enough money; she was a little bit depressed.  Wasn’t married anymore, her marriage was over, and I think she may have been supporting a daughter.  I don’t really remember her circumstances clearly.  From out of nowhere she got an unexpected check for $36,000.  She had just been working with the ideas and it took her about seven weeks to do that. 

I mean, I have stories up the wahzoo.  These are some of my favorite ones.  A woman who sat up from a hospital bed, and she had been on her back for two years unable to sit up or walk, and within a few weeks after working with us on a health issue, and her legs were about to amputated, at least the doctors told her her legs would have to be amputated, she was incredibly deeply depressed.  We started changing her idea what reality was and told her not to accept the diagnosis of the doctors.  That she could manifest it any way she wanted it.  She began to believe. 

It only took her a few weeks to sit up.  A few weeks after that, she was in a wheelchair.  A few weeks after that, she was walking.  Walking, for somebody who had [talking over] in her body.  They told her she would never walk.  They told her she’d never sit up again.  Doctors thought each step along the way was a miracle. 

It’s not a miracle.  These things are absolutely energetically, they’re 100% solid.  That’s the way the universe works.  We just need to tap into them and the simplicity is is that all we have to do to tap into them is to try them, to accept it.  It takes no energy for that situation to expand.  You don’t have to struggle with it.  You don’t have write 1,000 things down.  You don’t have to go through Step 1-12, and by the time you’re at Step 6 you’ve forgotten 1-5 and all that stuff.  This is simply straightforward stuff.

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The universe isn’t trying to hide anything from us.  That’s not how it works.  There’s a lot that’s below the surface because the conscious mind can only contain so much at a time.  It can contain two pieces of information or seven pieces of information at a time.  Your subconscious mind can contain 43 million pieces of information at a time.  So obviously, we can’t hold everything in your conscious mind.  But once you begin to send the correct signals to your subconscious, to your heart chakra, once you begin to start sending the correct signals there, it starts to move that subconscious in a way that aligns, is congruent, with your emotions and your mind and your body and your spirit.  When you’re congruent, you’re in the flow and it’s like water running through a hose.  You decide what kind of water you want on the other end.  You turn on the faucet and it runs through the hose. 

When you’re not aligned, it’s like stepping on the hose and you don’t get the water at the other end.  You get trickles of it, or you get distortions of it, or whatever the case may be.  But when you’re in the flow, it all happens.  Money flows, love flows, joy flows, fun flows, ease flows, all those things.  They all like to flow.  So the idea is to understand the way that allows the flow to happen so that you don’t step in there and block yourself from allowing the flow. 

Allowance is the big thing.  Ask the right questions, create the right paradigm so that you can step into the ease of the application of what you know and then the application becomes easy.  It just becomes you.  You become it.  You’re integrated with it. 

When a person who is a CEO of a large company, or somebody who’s wealthy, once they declare I am wealthy, it’s not the same as somebody who’s poor declaring I am wealthy.  Once they have the wealth, they no longer have to think about having the wealth because it’s already theirs.  It’s like if you have a bike, you don’t have to keep going on trying to get a bike by keep saying I am a bicycle, or I’m going to have a bicycle.  You stop thinking about it; it becomes second nature to you to have that bicycle.  It comes second nature to you to have wealth when you experience it that way.  It becomes second nature to you have love when you experience it when you are love et cetera, et cetera.  You don’t have to re-determine the experience, which is where most people fall short, or a lot of people fall short.  They say, “I am wealth,” and then they keep saying “I am wealth.  I am wealth.”  They forget to act like it; be like it; think like it; speak like it.  They rely on one form, one part of the manifestation process and expect that to happen.  That’s not how it works. 

It’s very simple, but you don’t have to keep re-determining what you are.  Once you’ve made that declaration, you are in.  And once you do not deviate from it, once you hold it, hold it high in your thoughts and allow it to be you, to integrate it through the body sensation, you are in.  You no longer have to try to redo it again.  That’s what I mean.  You stop.  You don’t have to redo I am this or I am that.  You just become it, so now it’s yours. 

If you’ve already got the job as a CEO, you don’t have to keep trying to get the job, right? 

Kristen Howe:         Right.  There’s so much more to learn from you, and so I’ve asked you to create a special offer for everyone.  What I want to do is give them the link, and then quickly ask you to explain what we’ll find there. 

The link is  Harrison, let us know what we’re going to find there.

Harrison Klein:       You’ll find basically a course in being abundant through the chakra systems.  You’ll find the foundation of understanding the chakras, what energy levels correspond to what other experiences in our lives are.  There are basically seven different major energy systems.  One that deals with our family and our tribe, one that deals with money, and relationship, and personality, and power, and control.  One that deals with individuality and decision-making, one that deals with self-esteem.  One that deals with love.  One that deals with willpower and self-expression, and following our dream and trusting life.  Another one that deals with our truth, and our intellect, and our self-evaluation, and intuition, and our imagination, spiritual insight, and seeing the bigger picture.  And one that deals with getting in touch with spirit, getting in touch with consciousness, and with our true self. 

The modules deal with the foundation of what all these things are.  In other words, what are each of these chakras?  What are they responsible for?  What is the whole chakra system?  What do we do with each one of those things?  Then when each chakra is blocked, how do you clear that?  You have to recognize it and go through the clearing process.  You come to the place of deservedness where you’re in a place of understanding that you deserve everything.  There’s no such thing as not deserving.  You’re source energy.  We are bigger than anything we could possibly imagine in this human form.  We are so vast and we are so part of source energy that nothing is denied to us. 

Remember I said that the world was coming from us, it’s not coming to us, so everything is done for us, and it’s not done to us.  As we start to understand that we deserve everything that we decide that what we have because we cannot have anything if we’re source energy.  We have it all already.  So already abundant is really the case.  I mean, there are a million different universes and it’s just which reality we want to look at in order to experience something. 

To manifest is invest attention into.  That’s what manifesting is.  It’s to invest attention into it.  So you’re putting your attention, your life force, your attention is your life force; you’re putting that into something.  And the more familiar you are with seeing something, the closer it comes to you, the more it starts to integrate itself into your body.  You know you’re deserving, you know you have enormous self-esteem, you know that everything starts to happen for you, then you sit back and watch it and come to the place of absolute happiness and joy, and power beyond your imagination, power to do what you’d like to do beyond your imagination. 

That is what the abundance module, or what the abundance product is about.  It goes through the foundation, the chakra systems, each of the chakras.  It goes through clearing when you have a block.  If you discover that you have a block or you’ve misperceived something, or you have misaligned something, it goes through how do you clear that.  How do you find the place of your deservedness, or your purpose in life, or your joy and your eagerness and your excitement and so on? 

It teaches you very simply.  It gives you the tools to have all those things come into your life for massive joy.  The reason that we’re all on this planet is for joy.  It’s all for joy and expansion.  That’s the only two reasons any of us are on this planet.  How we do that is our own decision, but those are the reasons we’re on this planet.  So this opens up your heart in order to receive all that.  So that’s what this is. 

Kristen Howe:         Wow, that’s amazing.  And you’re giving us all the tools, and as you said, the cutting edge, not overly complicated tools to do that. So that’s so exciting. 
Harrison, you’ve made it so clear, you’ve really spelled it out for us.  You’ve also made it clear that we can start seeing results very quickly with this stuff, so it’s very exciting.  I know we’ve taken up a lot of your time today, and I thank you for being so generous.  Is there anything else you want to share with us before we say goodbye for today? 

Harrison Klein:       Shower the people you love with love because that’s your experience on earth.  The more we love, the easier everything becomes, simple as that. 

Kristen Howe:         I love that, and again, such simple but powerful words, and truly, everything you’ve shared with us, I thank you so much.  Everybody I encourage you to that link.  You’re all looking to transform your lives and manifest everything you desire.  This is the new cutting edge stuff, so check it out because it’s really, really exciting.  Harrison, thank you again.  We so appreciate everything you’ve given us today. 

Harrison Klein:       My pleasure, and to all of you people, I love you guys.  There’s no such thing as an accident in the universe.  We’re all meant to be here, and so I appreciate you, love you, and hope one day we will all meet to tell our stories to each other. 

Kristen Howe:         Wonderful.  Well, thank you so much. 

Harrison Klein:       Thanks Kristen.

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The law of attraction is one of the more popularized Universal laws. The theory behind the secret law of attraction is that we create our own realities.

In practicing the secret law of attraction we not only attract things we want, we also attract things we don't want. This is based on our overwhelming thoughts and feelings. The release of the movie The Secret the laws of attraction created a worldwide phenomenon. It awakened millions of people to the idea. Because of the movie, many are now believing and using the secret power of attraction in their own lives. The secret law of attraction or the like attracts like principle is helping millions of people create a life they always knew they could have.

Law of secret attraction or the secret laws, just like most of the other Universal laws, is a creative process. Ask, believe and receive. In these laws of attraction secret overwhelming feelings you have attract people and things into your reality. You need to believe that what you are asking for will become yours and you must become an active player in reaching your goals.

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