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Create Unexpected Income in 2 Weeks: The Universe on Speed Dial!

"Marilyn Jenett and Erin Reed in Conversation"

Erin Reed:                Hi.  This is your host, Erin Reed.  I’d like to welcome you to our call with today’s guest, Marilyn Jenett.

Marilyn is a renowned prosperity mentor, an accomplished businesswoman, and owner of a company that served the corporate arena for 20 years.  Marilyn overcame her own lack consciousness to create her former business that attracted the world’s largest corporate clients and major media publicity.  She did all this without marketing, advertising, or networking.  She achieved all this through the use of her prosperity principles alone, and as she says, “With the universe as her marketing department.”  Her achievements were the result of applying the prosperity laws that she now teaches in her Feel Free to Prosper Program, a simple yet powerful lesson and mentoring program based on mental and spiritual laws that traditionally creates results within two weeks.

Marilyn founded her program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with the universal laws and accept their right to prosper.  She has helped thousands of students from around the globe and from all walks of life enjoy remarkable success.  Marilyn’s promise – and it is not a promise made lightly – is to show people how to manifest unexpected income and unexpected solutions to their most pressing problems in just two weeks.  Thousands of people have applied her simple, fast, and practical techniques to gently create a new dominant thought in the subconscious mind and connect to their universal source of supply. 

Marilyn will take the mystery out of these esoteric laws and teach you how to put the universe on speed dial.  I know we all want that.
On today’s call, you’ll discover what these mental and spiritual laws really are.  You’ll learn why affirmations may not bring you results.  You’ll discover why you shouldn’t try to create success.  In fact, trying will never get you there.  You’ll learn why what you think is your source of income is really not your source of income.  You’ll discover the words that you’re habitually using that are preventing your success, and most importantly, you’ll learn the single most immediate thing you can do right now to increase your income. 

Marilyn, thank you so much for joining us today and welcome to the call.

Marilyn Jenett:        Thank you, Erin.  I love the way you put such feeling into my intro.  Thank you.

Erin Reed:                It deserves it.  We’re so happy to have you here.  I know you have so much to share with us today.  Can you begin by sharing with us what you believe to be the major turning points that allowed you to manifest your current level of success?

Marilyn Jenett:        Well, I’d much rather be teaching than talking about myself, but I think it is important that your listeners who are not familiar with my teachings or who have not heard me speak before understand why I’m here today, what brought me here today, and why I’m here to help them awaken to abundance.

To start with, my parents were good people, but they had a very negative consciousness about money and about life, and that was the legacy I got from them, a struggle mentality.  I believe many of your listeners are going to be able relate to that.  So I went out into the world with this consciousness of struggle and not being able to meet my needs, but something in my soul just drove me to find out, “What’s going on here?  In this game of life, why is it some people can succeed and accomplish in life and others cannot?” 

I was driven to study and I totally immersed myself in the teachings of those great icons who came before us.  I’m talking about those legendary brilliant masters of mental and spiritual science.  I buried myself in their teachings and their literature and I had some changes.  I had some shifts, but I still wasn’t at the point where I wanted to be.  Where did I want to be?  I wanted to make a mark in the world.  I wanted to do something meaningful.  I wanted to accomplish.  I just know I didn’t want to be like my parents.

Now, there came a point when I was reaching a milestone age, which I won’t reveal that age, and I said to myself, “That’s it.  I’ve had it.  I’m going to do this.  I’m going to have a breakthrough.”  I really decided that I was going to take everything that I had learned.  Now, does this sound familiar?  You learned it all, you read all the books, you have all the information, it’s in your head, but somehow you don’t seem to be able to incorporate it into your everyday life. 

Well, that’s the decision I made.  That’s important.  I made a decision, a firm decision that that’s what I was going to do.  I was determined.  I said “I’m going to take these laws, I’m going to make them work, and I’m going to change my life.  I’m going to overcome this what I call a lack consciousness,” and because I teach the power of words and how significant our words are, I don’t like to use that P word, you know, that poverty word.  Let’s say lack consciousness.  It’s a little softer.  I made the decision that I was going to do the homework and I’m going to succeed.

What I did is I took the essence of all of this great knowledge of the prosperity laws, of these universal laws, and I put it in very simple, very doable formats so that I could easily apply them and use them, and I had my life-changing breakthrough.  Now, understand I’m skipping over a lot of detail here for the sake of time, but I did have a major breakthrough to the point where I found myself with a new business.  Remember, I created something from less than nothing, but I found myself with this new business.  It was actually in an industry that I didn’t even know existed before that the universe handed me.  Once I became aligned with that power that we’re going to talk about tonight – and that power, that presence that knows the answer, that knows our destiny, it knows where we belong – once I became aligned with that power, I ended up on the cover of the Los Angeles Times, like a magic carpet ride, with my new business. 

It was a pioneer company that I created for the special event industry.  In 20 years, again, skipping over a lot of detail, I’m going to tell you something literally.  You might not think it’s literal but it is.  I mean this, literally.  In 20 years of having that business, I never advertised, I never marketed, I never cold-called, I didn’t join any trade organizations, I didn’t network, and yet my little one-woman company here in Los Angeles where of course millions of people come to try to achieve their dreams, my little one-woman company attracted the biggest corporations in the world.  But the universe handed me a business in an industry that is also most impacted by negative disasters and recessions. 

The special event industry, the hospitality industry, they’re the first to be impacted, so I was knocked down several times.  There was Los Angeles riots, the North Ridge earthquake, there were national recessions, and of course, 9/11.  I kept getting knocked down and it wasn’t always easy, but those were the times that taught me the most.  That taught me what worked and what didn’t work.  We either succumb to the outer circumstances or we reach for that universal life jacket that I call, universal life jacket.  We learn to connect, and that’s exactly what I did. 

What I didn’t know in all that time – you know, my 15 minutes of fame with all the publicity actually turned into a 20-year career – but I didn’t know in all that time that I was being groomed by this universal power, and again, we’ll talk about what that power is in a moment, I didn’t know that I was being groomed to learn these laws so that one day I would teach and help others.  That didn’t come into awareness until nine years ago – it’s almost ten years now – when I was encouraged to teach, and I’d never even considered.  These prosperity laws were my passion, these mental and spiritual laws, but I never considered that I would ever teach. 

My goal was to help myself.  I didn’t know that I would ever be capable or have the ability to help others.  But the doors started to open and they opened naturally and I said, “Okay, universe, if I’m supposed to teach these laws then please give me a method.  Give me the gift to be able to help others.  Give me something simple, something easy that others can grasp easily and get results quickly so they don’t have to go through my 40 year journey of study.”  From that request was born a series of lessons called the Feel Free to Prosper program.

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I’d never even been online.  I hadn’t been on a computer before, but I was like a kid in a candy store.  I didn’t know there was such a thing as talking to people on the Internet or social media, or posts, threads, networks and forums and I started my network called Feel Free to Prosper network, and it was just magical.  People started to come for the lessons from all over the world and testimonials flew in and I was just absolutely amazed at what was happening, but I knew without a doubt, I knew I was tuned in to my destiny.  This was like breathing to me.  I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. 
I did ask myself though.  I said, “You know, universe, how can I make a living doing this?”  You have to realize I was used to making big chunks of money from those corporate and convention events.  I said, “How can I make a living doing this?”  I didn’t even know there was a coaching industry at that time.  So I said, “Universe, give me a sign.  Am I supposed to do this,” because I couldn’t stop.  As I said, it was like breathing.  I knew it’s coming from my soul and I had to do this, but I had to make sense of it.

Out of the blue came a fluke phone call.  It wasn’t even a business source.  It was from a housewife in Los Angeles and she called and said, “I know someone who’s looking for a home to rent for a week.”  I said, “Well, I’m in the special event industry.  I don’t rent homes for long periods of time.  We might rent a home for a couple of hours for a corporate event, a mansion for a big event, but you would need to call a real estate company if you need a lease for a week.”  She said, “No, it’s for a party.”  I said, “A party for a week?”  She said, “You know, I really don’t know anything about it.  I’ll have someone call you.”  I just forgot about it.  I hung up and figured it was nothing.  Half an hour later, I heard from a gentleman back east.  It was marketing company and he said, “Someone just handed me your number.  We have been looking for six months for the right mansion for our clients for our promotion and someone gave me your number.” 

Well, that client was Campbell soup and they spent over the next three years over $450 million to promote to children and I was the key vendor.  I used these prosperity laws to manifest the most amazing locations for these promotions.  There’s was castle in England – Eastnor Castle in England – the Hollywood Mansion, the island in the Caribbean.  You see what had happened, the universe said to me, “You just keep doing what you’re doing.  You help people with your teachings.  You’ll be provided for.  I’ll take care of you.”  That’s exactly what happened. 

I did six promotions for Campbell’s for three years, after which I told them I can’t do that anymore.  I said I now have my new mission.  By the way, they took very little of my time, but I knew it was time to let go and to fully embrace my new life.  That was a cushion to help me build Feel Free to Prosper and Feel Free to Prosper took off and I just pretty much released my former business because this is my mission.  This is my sole mission in life.  It’s taking my experience, my knowledge, and bringing it to others so they can benefit.  That’s the legacy I want to leave.

Erin Reed:              I love that.  I love the ease with which that came to you.  So many of us spend a lot of our time in struggle and just the journey that you just told us about, and I know there are so many more mini journeys within there, but it expresses that everything falling into place and you just being connected to your truth and the universal life jacket and all those things.  It’s just very exciting and I know I’m not alone when I’m like, “Oh, tell us more, tell us more.”

Marilyn Jenett:        I just want to say that I call that – if I may interject here – I call that synchronicity and guidance.  That’s what it’s all about.  It’s synchronicity and guidance.  It’s that tuning in, becoming aligned and that’s what I’m here to do tonight.  I’m here to tune your listeners in, to help them to become aligned with that presence and have faith in that presence that can do the same thing for them.

Erin Reed:                I love it.  Can you let us know and explain a little bit about what are the mental and spiritual laws that you talk about?

Marilyn Jenett:        The universe as we know it and as we see it and experience it, it’s not all there is.  We know that.  The universe is always in motion.  It’s a vibrating, pulsating, resonating, magnetizing force.  We also know that at the molecular level everything is in motion, pure energy.  What we’re talking about here is the pure formless substance of the universe. 
Now, we can think of this in spiritual terms as God, higher power, spirit, universe.  We can address it mentally as infinite intelligence, universal mind, divine mind, formless substance, or we can think of it scientifically as energy or relativity.  Some people like to take a giant leap into the area of quantum physics where it is known as the field of all possibilities.  Now, really, this is a great age that we live, a great age of discovery.  The mental, the spiritual, the scientific aspect of the laws of life, any or all of it is there for the asking.

This power, however you perceive it, is the source of everything we desire.  It is awaiting our recognition and will create and attract and guide us to inspired action.  It will magnetize and mold itself to whatever form we desire if we align ourselves with it through certain laws called universal laws.  What are these laws?  Well, we know that there are laws of physics, laws of chemistry, laws of mathematics, and most people are not aware of the laws that govern the mental and spiritual realms, the creative laws of the universe that govern our existence.  Or you may know something about them, but don’t know how to relate to them or how to use them.  That’s of course, very common.  How do we know these laws exist or that this universal power exists, aside from any intuitive feeling that it does or because Marilyn here says it does?

We know because of its responsiveness.  Let me say that again.  We know because of its responsiveness, by the results we experience when we align ourselves with it.  I’m going to tell you from my own personal experience; once you become aware of the response of this universal presence, you will never be the same.  You’re going to feel a love and a connection and a sense of security that is greater than anything you have felt on an earthly level.  I consider this a very loving presence as well. 

The laws work for everyone alike – everyone.  The law of gravity works for everyone, right?  Successful people are using these mental and spiritual laws.  They just may not realize they are doing so.  Guess what, you are using – all of you, listening – you are using these laws all the time whether you realize it or not, only you are most likely not using them for the purpose and intention that you desire consciously.  How many times have you attracted things into your life that you feel you did nothing to deserve and you say, “Why did this happen?”  Well, I teach that these laws actually are very simple.  The actual principles and the techniques that relate to the laws are surprisingly simple.  We humans, complicate it. 

Let’s use the law of gravity as an example.  We do not need to have a vast knowledge of the laws of physics to understand how gravity works.  All we need to know is if we step off a tall building we’ll fall.  We know that if we align ourselves with this law correctly we won’t have any mishaps, and it’s exactly the same with the mental and spiritual laws.  If we align ourselves with them correctly, we won’t have mishaps.  We will instead experience joyful results in our lives. 

So how do we align ourselves with it?  We connect with this power, with this greater force of the universe, within through the channel of our subconscious mind, through our thoughts and our feelings.  Now, the subconscious mind is the most fantastic computer you could ever imagine.  It keeps our heart beating, our lungs breathing; it has a perfect memory of every cell in our body.  It has also recorded and stored everything that we have ever heard, said, felt, and experienced.  Unfortunately, that includes all of the faulty beliefs and the negative patterns from others that we have acquired probably from the time we were very young and through our lifetime.  Our thoughts and our feelings, our deepest beliefs, those are the key to connecting with the power that responds to our desires.  But first we must break through and overcome the negative thought patterns and beliefs that we have acquired since childhood.

Now, here’s the difference between our subconscious and a computer.  We can’t delete anything from the subconscious mind.  Guess what, it’s not necessarily to do so.  My students are so happy when they realize they don’t have to get rid of all the negative thoughts and all of the past history.  No.  In order to shift our consciousness, we create a new dominant thought, a new dominant thought.  The subconscious doesn’t like to change and it will create resistance and we know that from attempts to change a habit, but there are techniques and methods for influencing the subconscious in a way that does not create argument.  I labeled this friendly persuasion.  We gently shift the consciousness to create a new dominant thought in the mind, and that’s the key.  The dominant thought is the key.  So the dominant thought in our conscious and our subconscious is what determines our circumstances.

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Why do we attract those things we don’t desire?  Well, those results are the outcropping of the thoughts and impressions that are established in your mind subconsciously, so we must shift our consciousness to a new dominant thought, to a new awareness.  When we do so, we then open ourselves to the influence of that creative power of the universe, which I like to call our invisible means of support.  Just know that the subconscious records everything, everything you’ve ever heard or said or felt, whether you were conscious of it or not.  Often, the more casual words are the ones that drop into the subconscious more easily and are accepted because you’re not monitoring them or refuting them.  That’s important.  Listen to your casual words and you’ll know what your subconscious mindset is.

Here’s an analogy, if I can share, that my students love with regard to manifesting our desires and by creating agreement between the conscious and subconscious mind.  Think of the conscious mind as the husband, the assertive male aspect of mind, and the subconscious is the female receptive aspect of mind.  The husband impregnates the wife and when the subconscious, the wife, becomes impregnated – I like that word impregnated – when the subconscious becomes impregnated with a new seed thought, the new idea, then from this union children are born.  Those children are your answered prayers, your desired results.  So it is through this union, through this marriage of the conscious and the subconscious minds when they both agree on an idea, that the idea will become manifest.

Now, what we need to do, we need to teach the husband how to impregnate the wife.  We make a decision with our conscious minds.  We use our conscious mind to instill this idea into the subconscious until it is accepted.  Once the seed has been accepted in the soil of mind, it will grow and manifest just as the seed planted in the ground will become a plant or a flower.  First, we do our job and we plant the seed.  We nurture the soil with water and sunshine.  You know what the water and sunshine is for the subconscious?  Positive thoughts and expectation.  That’s the water and sunshine for the subconscious.  Then we turn the job over to universal mind, to the creative forces.  We can relax and let go.  Our manifestation will come.  There’s no such thing as half-pregnant.  Our baby will be born.

From this foundation I’ve given you, I would like you to just contemplate the message.  I want you to come to a clear understanding that you do not carry the burden of manifestation on your shoulders.  You have at your disposal the creative, the greatest force in the entire universe waiting to do your bidding if you would just do your part to apply the rules.  The only thing that’s important is to just know the system works and use it.  Someone once asked Henry Ford what electricity was and he answered, “Madam, it just is.  Use it.”  That’s it.  Just use it.

Erin Reed:               I love that.  I love how you freed us all from that burden.  When we talk about manifestation, we attach effort to it.  Thank you for freeing us from that and showing us that perfect analogy of it’s simple.  It’s there for us to use, which is incredible.

Marilyn Jenett:        We’re going to talk more about that too a little bit later.

Erin Reed:                 I’d love it.  Can you tell me why you say that affirmations may not bring us results?

Marilyn Jenett:         I think everyone kind of knows that they’ve used affirmations and they wonder why they don’t get results.  I’m not saying affirmations don’t work.  Affirmations are a powerful tool but we do know that – I don’t know.  I’m guessing that 80% of the people probably don’t get results from their affirmations, or they don’t get them consistently.  I don’t even teach about affirmations in the beginning of my program for these reasons, for reasons I’m about to share.  We don’t learn about affirmations until lesson two of the Feel Free to Prosper program because in that material there’s much to learn about the different types of affirmations and how to compose them, how to use them, when to use them, and why they would not get results. 

                                    In the first lesson I do give my students two affirmations that I specifically compose for the purpose of speeding the absorption process by the mind but there’s no study.  They don’t compose and they don’t study affirmations until later.  My teachings about affirmations are based really on my 30 years of study, and a lot of that information, I’m sorry to say that many of the modern gurus don’t seem to address.  I’ve spent decades studying the subtleties of the subconscious and my teachers were the most brilliant minds in the area of mental and spiritual science and also clinical hypnosis.  Even though I never became a hypnotherapist, I really credit the hypnosis area with my knowledge of the subconscious.

People don’t get results from affirmations and there’s a good reason.  There are even people who have come to me who have been studying the mindset for years, and professionals, PhD’s – not just professionals, not just lay people.  Why don’t they get results?  Because they don’t really understand how the subconscious mind works – the subtleties, the subtleties – and they don’t know how to address the resistance of the subconscious because the subconscious will resist.  It’s supposed to be static.  Remember I said earlier, it keeps the lungs breathing and the heart beating.  It’s supposed to be static, but it wasn’t supposed to be taking in all of the negative situations in our life. 

Here’s an example about resistance.  If there is a mindset, if you have a mindset or a thought pattern of lack established in your subconscious, and you were to apply the types of affirmations that are generally recommended here’s what happens.  Your subconscious has an established pattern of lack.  You might use an affirmation such as “I am wealthy,” or “I am prosperous,” and believe it or not there are a lot of gurus out there who would tell you to do that.  You know what happens?  Your subconscious knows you’re lying.  It resists.  You feel that you’re lying.  You look around at the appearances and you say, “Yeah, right.  Who am I kidding?”  Erin, what are you focused on now more?  Now, what are you focused on?

Erin Reed:                Yeah, exactly. 

Marilyn Jenett:        You’re focused more on lack.  Because you’re now more focused on lack, circumstances will be perpetuated.  They may even get worse, I’m sorry to tell you.  If you don’t use the affirmations correctly, your condition could get worse.  It reminds me of, “Don’t think of a white elephant.”

So you see, the subconscious, as we said, doesn’t like to change.  That part of the mind doesn’t reason.  It just accepts input as an order and once it accepts a mindset or a thought pattern it will resist any effort to change it.  If you give it information that it doesn’t accept that doesn’t compute with the current program, it will argue, it will do everything it can to maintain the status quo and then you may get the opposite of what you want. 

So the answer, the whole solution, lies in not creating an argument or resistance in the subconscious mind.  That’s why in the first lesson I teach very gentle techniques, techniques that very gently persuade the subconscious to shift and accept the new prosperous idea without creating resistance.  That’s the key.  The key to change is not creating the resistance in the subconscious.
What people don’t realize is that affirmations will not be effective until you have tilled the soil of the mind first.  Once the subconscious soil is tilled, it will accept the seeds that you plant.  Otherwise it won’t.  That’s why I don’t teach the affirmations until later, a couple of weeks into the program.  By then the students have tilled the soil of their mind with other techniques such as certain words and other techniques that we use.  Dr. Joseph Murphy, my great teacher, I was very blessed to have known Dr. Murphy.  He used to say, “We have to lull.  It’s almost like a lullaby for the subconscious.  We have to lull the subconscious into acceptance.”  I love that, that image.  Then voila, now you can learn and understand how affirmations work and how to choose the right kinds of affirmations and compose them in a way that will create the results.  Then you’re doing your mental gardening.

So I know from the beginning of Feel Free to Prosper and from the wonderful results my students were getting that it was obvious that the universe had blessed me with a very powerful key, a missing key, to the manifestation process. 
You should also know – I find it interesting, people find this fascinating – that affirmations are not just one breed or one type.  There are many types of affirmations and different ways to use them, and if you don’t use them correctly, as I said, you make it the opposite of what you want.  Believe it or not – this is very interesting – even the way you were brought up, whether you accepted parental authority or not as a child, that can determine whether certain types of affirmations will work for you.  For instance, whether your subconscious will accept those that are worded in the first person or the second person.  First person would be ‘I am.’  The second person would be ‘you are.’  Your subconscious may accept certain types of affirmations based on your upbringing and I think that’s really fascinating.

Erin Reed:               That’s amazing.  You don’t think of that when, you know, we’ve been trained affirmations, affirmations, how many times have we heard about using them, and I think there is so much mystery to those details that you’re talking about.  It’s specific to each person and their history and their gardening that they need to do, which I love that analogy, so thank you for that.  Who doesn’t want to do some gardening and make everything clean and beautiful?
Marilyn Jenett:         Yes, and grow flowers instead of weeds.
Erin Reed:                 Exactly, exactly.  Can you tell me why we shouldn’t try to create success?  What do you mean when you say that trying will never get us there?
Marilyn Jenett:         That’s true.  Trying will never get you to success.  This is amazing.  There is a law that nobody ever talks about, and again, I just feel blessed that I had been exposed to so many wonderful things that have changed my life and that I’m now using to help others change their lives, but there’s a law that nobody talks about.  Did you know there’s a law called the law of reversed effort?  Did you ever hear of it, Erin?
Erin Reed:                I have not heard about it, no.
Marilyn Jenett:        The law of reversed effort.  It states that the harder you try to do something, the less chance you have of achieving it.  Trying implies the negative.  It suggests to the mind that you may not accomplish.  There’s only one time I ever heard an entity speak about that.  I say entity and you’ll know why in this moment.  Remember Star Wars?

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Erin Reed:                Absolutely.

Marilyn Jenett:        Yoda in Star Wars recognized this truth when he said wisely, “Do or do not.  There is no try.”  Happen to remember that?

Erin Reed:               Absolutely.  I can’t believe it.

Marilyn Jenett:        Listeners?  Yoda is the only one I ever heard express the law of reversed effort.  With all the great minds out there and modern teachers and metaphysicians, nobody ever talks about that law, but it’s an important law.  Remember that.  The harder you try to do something the less chance you have of achieving it. 
We plant our seeds in preparation.  You want the gardening?  We’re going to continue with gardening.  We plant our seeds in preparation.  We want our desired result to grow and manifest just as the seed planted in the ground becomes a plant or a flower.  So we first do our job and plant our seed.  Again, we nurture the soil with positive thoughts and expectations, then we turn the job over to universal mind.  Remember I said, we can relax and let go.  Our manifestation will come. 

I wrote an article once.  I’m trying to think of the name of my own article here.  Forget the How and Enjoy the Wow and Do That Now.

Erin Reed:                I love that.

Marilyn Jenett:        Forget the How and Enjoy the Wow and Do That Now.  It’s not our job to know how.  It’s our job to plant the seeds and it’s the job of our universal partner; the how belongs to that universal presence.  Here’s a very simple example of how this works.  Did you ever replace your keys for another object and you try and try to figure out where it is but you can’t?  The moment your attention is somewhere else you stop thinking about it and you stop forcing the answer and suddenly the answer pops into your mind.  I’m guessing it happened to both of us.

Erin Reed:                Yes.

Marilyn Jenett:        That has happened to me where I’ll misplace something and I’ll just forget about it and then suddenly, I just walk over to the drawer, to the cabinet wherever it happens to be, without even thinking about it.  It’s like this presence just takes me right over to where it is.  Of course that’s just a simplistic example, but it can happen in a much broader area of our business and in our lives.  This is an important concept.  Did you ever have an important problem to solve and you tried everything to find a solution but to no avail?  Then from sheer exhaustion you give up.  Suddenly, the answer appears.

Erin Reed:                Definitely.  I’ve had that happen on more than one occasion, for sure.

Marilyn Jenett:        Because we released it, we finally gave up and we released.  There is another principle that’s related to this called the spiritual principle of release that I teach. But we might say, I have a quote that I think explains it all, my own personal quote; “Between the time to plant and the time to sow is a time to let go.  Then you won’t be trying.”

Erin Reed:                I hope everybody wrote that down because that’s so important.  It’s the in between.  I love that.

Marilyn Jenett:        Between the time to plant and the time to sow is the time to let go.  Stop trying.  Just do or do not.  There is no trying.

Erin Reed:                You’re our manifesting Yoda today, absolutely.  I love that.  I know you say that people’s jobs, clients, and even investments, you know, everyone uses those terms when they define their source of income.  Why are these actually not our source of income and what is our source of income?

Marilyn Jenett:        I want you to pay attention everyone because this is extremely important.  I’m going to share a very important component of my teachings with you.  This is such a valuable lesson and if you will grasp it – these are all valuable lessons, but this one has got a lot of power.  If you will grasp this it will change your financial life and it’s going to change your entire life if you broaden your understanding beyond just the monetary abundance, just like I say feel free to prosper, prosperity.  That’s not just about finances.  Prosperity is not just about money and neither is abundance.  Awakening to your abundance, abundance is all of the wonderful aspects of life.  Here it is.  Pay attention now.  This is really important.  I have seen students of mine who I mean strikingly, practically overnight, had their lives change and business situations change just from grasping this concept.

Your business is not your source of income.  Your business, your job, your customers, your clients, your investments, as you said, Erin, and your spouse, your spouse isn’t either.  None of these are your source of income.  There’s only one source of income; the universe, God, divine presence, infinite spirit, formless substance, whatever your concept is of that universal source of supply.  The universe is your source of supply.  God is your source of supply.  That is the only source of your supply.  All of those other avenues we mentioned are channels for your supply, but they are not the source of your supply.  Got that?

When you truly understand and know this then you will open the pipeline to the unlimited channels of supply that exist for you, and there are indeed unlimited channels through which your good can come to you; the unexpected, along with your expected channels.  But you can only become open and receptive to these free-flowing channels when you put your complete reliance on the true source.  Let me give you again a simplistic analogy.  Let’s use the analogy of the kitchen faucet.  The faucet is not the source of water.  It’s only a channel.  If that channel is broken or closed, there are an infinite number of other channels through which we can get our water. 

When you look at your true source of supply, it will become the senior partner in your business and in your life and you’ll prosper.  You will have an abundant life.  You’ll be in the right place, whether it’s in the present situation or even a better one.  You’ll be guided to a better one.  You’ll be at peace.  Obviously, there are other lessons to learn or speed to speed our journey on the path to prosperity and abundance, but I can’t emphasize enough how important this one is. 

Let me give you an example of my own.  I owned a renowned, as I said, a renowned special event company, corporate and convention market.  911 had a tremendous impact on our industry as it did with many others.  I was initially, I admit, I wasn’t teaching back then but still I was learning.  I have spent years learning these laws, but I was initially affected by the mass mind thinking. 

Then a wonderful teacher came out of the blue and reminded me that I had to focus on truth principles and know that my business of 20 years was not my source of income, my source of supply.  But of course, I knew what I had to do, and when I did channels began to open in totally unexpected areas, some that were totally unrelated to the regular type of clients my business and money flowed in.  Universe took care of me and provided for me, and then my business rebounded beyond my dreams in ways that allowed me to then fulfill my life purpose by following my heart path, which is what I’m doing here today.

Erin Reed:                That’s amazing.  I don’t know a single person who hasn’t had a struggle with the channels, their own channels at one time or another; that’s the best way I can use to describe it, but opening yourself up like that to infinite channels, it’s just a whole other way of looking at it that I think will absolutely help so many of our listeners today.

Marilyn Jenett:        Well, it will help them tremendously and understand that all that universal power wanted your acknowledgement, it’s just saying, “Here, I’m here for you.  Acknowledge me.  Connect with me.  I’ll take care of you.”  It’s really not that complicated.

I watched that commercial on TV for one of the wireless phone companies.  It’s a man with the children.  Have you seen those commercials?  Really funny.  It always ends up, “It’s not complicated.  It’s really simple.”  I keep thinking of my laws whenever I see that commercial.  Yes, it’s simple.  We don’t have to complicate it. 

Erin Reed:                We’re so used to complicating things.  It’s just nice to be reminded and take away all of that complication and really bring it back to those very strong principles that you’re talking about today.

Marilyn Jenett:        Too bad our parents weren’t given a manual when we were born. 

Erin Reed:                Absolutely.  Can you tell us what words we’re habitually using that are preventing our success and how can we change them?

Marilyn Jenett:        How can you change them?  As I said earlier, the foundation of my Feel Free to Prosper teachings is the word, so I’m going to spend some time on this subject, okay?

It’s important to realize that every word we speak, every thought we think, and every emotion we feel is recorded in the subconscious.  Now, there are two ways to impact the subconscious; through repetition or with enough faith or emotional impact.  The subconscious will accept our words as a command and it will create subjectively.  It will attract circumstances, conditions, and people, to ensure the fulfillment of our “order”.  Even words spoken casually can bypass the conscious mind and drop into the subconscious and take root.  It’s been said that the subconscious mind cannot take a joke, so seemingly harmless expressions if accepted by the subconscious can produce undesirable results in our lives.

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On the other hand, positive, life-enhancing, prosperous, success-oriented abundance words will produce results that correspond and could bring about astonishing results.  It could also turn situations around dramatically.  So repeating successful prospering words will ensure success and prosperity in your work, your business, and your life.  Prospering words will open up the channels for income from both expected and unexpected sources. 

We can’t have it both ways.  Please understand this.  We can’t have it both ways.  We cannot want one thing and express its opposite and expect the powerful laws of the universe to work on our behalf.  You cannot claim to feel prosperous and then state there’s no way to pay your bills.  That very statement will ensure that the ways to pay those obligations will not get through to you because those words have now become your law; beautifully represents the law of lack, that’s you’re self-fulfilled prophecy.  The law never stops working for you and you can’t stop using it, but you can keep using it to manifest what you don’t want, or you can learn to use it with purpose and in alignment with the abundance that universally exists for everyone, including each and every one of you listening.  Your words are powerful.

Erin Reed:                 We always forget that, I think, when we’re wrapped up and telling our stories and sharing sometimes our “woes” with other people and you forget.  You forget the power of those words and I think that’s such an important thing to remember as you go on your day to day business and you almost have to break yourself of those negative habits with words and really, you know, to respect their power.

Marilyn Jenett:          You have to.  When I did private mentoring I would have someone call me up to inquire about mentoring and I would listen for five minutes on the phone.  I’d make little check marks and notes on paper.  There is one woman, as an example.  I remember her clearly.  In five minutes of listening to her she used the word struggle about 25 times – struggling or struggle.  I’ve had people that constantly use the word ‘it’s tough,’ ‘it’s hard,’ ‘afraid.’  Those words are habitual, but that’s your mindset.  You listen to somebody for five minutes and, you know, as a teacher, as a mentor, my radar is tuned in to that, obviously.  I could tell you exactly, in those five minutes, I know what their subconscious mindset is and what their problem is.  One of the most absolutely powerful things that you could ever do to create abundance is to change your words. 

Erin Reed:                 I love it.  I know that, I took a little note to myself as a reminder.  Thanks for that one, because I know I’m going to just keep that at the top of my mind and remember that as I go in my day-to-day life.  It’s so important.

Marilyn Jenett:          Let me ask you question for business.  How many times have you talked in the last few years?  Not you, per se.  I mean, to the listeners.  I want you all to ask yourselves.  How many times have you talked about the recession?  About the economic climate in the past few years?  How many times have you expressed that there’s no business, that clients aren’t spending money?  How many times have you talked in such a way that you are creating the very thing that you don’t want?  Just know that, yes, the words that you are habitually using are creating your reality.  Always be aware of that.

Erin Reed:                 Thank you, Marilyn, because that one thing, I know everything you’ve shared with us already is amazing, but that one thing is going to have such an amazing effect, and I think it’s going to be passed on and passed on and passed on and really change so many people’s lives.  That’s amazing. 
Can you share with us – I know this is a very exciting thing you’re going to share with us – what is the single most immediate thing we can do right now in this moment to increase our income?

Marilyn Jenett:          Well, you probably already have a clue.  If you’re listening to me, what do you think is the single most immediate thing that you can do to increase your finances and start attracting money?  Most people wouldn’t really think of this.  I don’t think people out there are teaching how to be successful and prosperous, I’ve never heard anyone really say it this succinctly.  The single most immediate thing that you can do – I gave it away – is to change your words.  Change the words that you speak to reflect those spoken by a successful person, words that represent what you want in life.  Eliminate any words or phrases from your vocabulary that represent the opposite of what you want. 

I have another quote.  You can quote me on this.  My students love this.  “If you don’t want it, don’t say it.”  Simple.  If you don’t want it, don’t say it.  You can begin this right now, this very moment, right now, when you leave this call you can begin this.  Changing your thoughts usually cannot be done as quickly or as easily, but by changing your words you’ll be well on the way to also changing those undesirable thought patterns and changing your life and finances.  Your words have tremendous power.  Believe it.  Do not doubt this for a moment.  I know I’ve said this several times in the last few minutes, but it’s important to instill this on your mind. 

Open sesame.  Think of open sesame.  How many times today have you said aloud or to yourself, even casually, “I can’t afford.”  Did that hit home with some people?  Yeah, I could see, I know they’re nodding out there.

Erin Reed:                 Yeah, they’re definitely nodding.  I’m nodding here in my office right now.  I think it’s that can’t word, right?  We get so attached to that can’t word, and really, to me it’s a four-letter word.

Marilyn Jenett:          That’s a good point.

Erin Reed:                 You’ve changed some great thoughts in my mind.  You’ve really sparked some great movement for me and I know that I’m not alone.  I know our listeners are writing down furiously notes and thinking of all the things that they say so that they know not to say them.  I love that.  You’ve given us so much.

Marilyn Jenett:          You just reminded me of another tip.  Take out the word ‘enough’ from your vocabulary.  You don’t want enough.  You want plenty.  Plenty, that’s what you want to instill in your mind, the thought of plenty, not enough.  Why just have enough?  There should be plenty.  Simple.  As the guy says on the commercial, “It’s not complicated.”

Erin Reed:                 I love that.  I love the simplicity.  Marilyn, I can’t thank you enough for these amazing things that you’ve shared with us today.  I know that I always get curious about everything that’s possible for the other listeners with me on this call today.  Can you take a couple of minutes to share with us some of the amazing turnarounds you’ve seen from people who have applied the principles that you teach?

Marilyn Jenett:          All right.  All the manifestations, all the results my students get, it’s like, you know, I don’t have favorite children.  They’re all my favorite children.  All the manifestations are wonderful, but what I like to do is if I share some examples I like to share people from different walks of life.  I have a young woman.  She was a single mom at the time and on commission.  I also will tell you about someone who’s employed, because so many people are looking for their ideal position.  If I have time, I have a couple of really off the wall exciting ones that are just very unusual, not more or less important than any other manifestation, but just really some of those that just strike you as being way out in the ozone, totally unexpected and I think you’ll find them fascinating.

Minerva, a few years ago.  She was a 24-year-old California realtor, single with a young son.  She took my program.  She started doing the lessons and she had just amazing results.  Here’s what’s significant is this was at the height of the economic recession in the US, which of course traveled beyond the domestic, but this was when the real estate market had pretty much bottomed out and everybody was complaining.  You know what I’m talking about.  She started doing the lessons and she said the simplicity of the first lesson she closed three transactions, opened two new ones, she received a lot of the market analysis assignments from banks which pay agencies, and then she said, “That’s not all.”  She acquired four approved ready-to-buy buyers.  When she wrote she said, “All this since starting the lessons and all of this happening at the height of the economic recession in the US.”  You could read a little bit more about her when you go over to the presentation page.  That’s a single woman who’s on commission, who depended on commission for her livelihood.

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Then there was a story of Allison.  She was pretty amazing.  She had come from Canada with her husband.  Her husband had started a new business and she did not even have a work visa when I first met her.  She started the lessons and she was able to get a weekend job – and they had a young son.  She got a weekend job that tied her over, and then she was ready for a really good job and she applied the lessons and got a job that was wonderful.  She also learned to drive.  She had been afraid to drive all her life.  She learned to drive.  From these prosperity laws you get a lot of surprise healings in many areas of your life.  She had gotten a job and she said, “You know, I’m ready for a better job.  But I’m torn.  I want to go back and get a master’s degree.  But, you know, we have the family and I contribute to the family income.  We have a young son.  I do need to work, but I don’t know what to do because I’d also like to go back to school and get the master’s degree.” 

Within two weeks of doing the program again, she attracted a job that paid for her master’s degree, which was wonderful.  The job was close to home.  It was perfect.  She came back to me about a year and a half ago and she said, “Marilyn, I’m ready now for the ultimate dream job.  I have my master’s degree.  I want more salary.  I want a senior level position, a leadership position where I’m really helping people.”  Again, the significance is that this was still during the economic recession where everyone, the news, the sky was falling and corporate layoffs and everything, and she wanted the dream job.  Two weeks later, she got that job.  It was in national organization and she was shortly after that promoted to senior vice president.  That’s Allison’s story.  It was just wonderful. 

It’s like clockwork.  Dr. Murphy used to say to me, “Marilyn, do the homework and you’ll get the results.”  That’s what I tell my students, “You just follow the rules and it works.”

If I may read this, Michael is a copywriter and a ghostwriter in England and he sent this to me.  It was so shocking.  We talked to him later but I couldn’t tell you.  He writes so well.  It’s so fun the way he sent me this testimony and you’ll read it on the page when you go to the presentation page.  I’m just going to read his testimonial, if I may, because it’s really fun.  He got my attention with this title, when he wrote to me.  He said, “Marilyn’s Teachings Subtly Influence Events at Buckingham Palace.”  That certainly got my attention. 

He says, “Marilyn boldly states that with her teachings you will have the universe on speed dial.  That was interesting because I’ve been getting used to the exact opposite slowness.  In the first week of applying Marilyn’s lessons for a ghostwriting project, I confirmed a foreword by Prince Philip and a dedication by Lady Soames, the daughter of Winston Churchill.  The universe loves speed.  Wow!  The palace response, almost immediately followed by Lady Soames’ decision, was like a double sonic boom, a cosmic cry to me saying, ‘This stuff really works.’” 

He really has a way with words.  “A week later, the speed dial went crazy.  I just finished writing my Feel Free to Prosper affirmations when there was a knock at the door – manuscript back from the Palace with agreed foreword, brilliantly composed by Prince Philip – general rejoicing.”  Michael Warden, Isle of Portland, UK.  We talked afterwards.  He was at a standstill, total turnaround, gets Prince Philip to do the foreword for this project?  Pretty amazing.

Erin Reed:                 Oh my God, amazing, amazing!

Marilyn Jenett:          Do we have time?  I want to be considerate of your time.  Do we have time for me to share another very striking one?

Erin Reed:                 Yes, please do.

Marilyn Jenett:          Let’s go from Buckingham Palace to a lovely couple in Nebraska, real folks here in Nebraska, in the US, Karen and Harry.  She wrote to me, “Hi, Marilyn.  Three years ago my husband received a letter stating he owed $20,000 to the IRS.”  The IRS, for those of you international, it’s the Internal Revenue Service.  “He was unemployed at the time this happened.  He didn’t file a couple of years, but we could not understand how they figured he owed $20,000 and he was only a truck driver.” 

“We knew we needed an attorney to help us, but we didn’t have the money to hire one.  We saw on the IRS site that they listed attorneys free of charge so we got one and it’s been a long road of court hearings, bank statements, pay checks stubs month after month, because Harry’s working now.  There was another hearing last month and they said that the final decision whether they would take the offer the attorney presented or demand all of the money was to be made in April, which was four months from now.  They were waiting to see how much Harry made this year.” 

“We ordered your Feel Free to Prosper program on Friday.  My husband started the course on Sunday.  I’m writing this on Wednesday.  Here it is, just three days later and he received a call from his attorney today.  After three years, the IRS realized they made a mistake and Harry only owes $700, which will be paid out of this year’s refund so nothing out of pocket.  Twenty thousand dollars hanging over our head to the IRS for three years and now we are free, just like that.  Thanks, Marilyn, for creating this program and sharing it with the world.”  Karen and Harry.   

Erin Reed:                 Oh my God!

Marilyn Jenett:          The universal power; that universal presence is more powerful than any government agency, than any court in the land, even the IRS.

Erin Reed:                 Right.  Everybody can relate to that story.  Oh my goodness, that’s amazing, amazing. 

Marilyn Jenett:          That is pretty amazing.  Today, before our call today, I received this.  I won’t use any names because I just got this and I haven’t gotten permission to use it, and it’s probably better to keep it private.  Anyway, this is really short.

“Marilyn, I would like to thank you so much for your teaching.  With the exercises that my wife and I had done, we were able to save our house from foreclosure.  We manifested $10,340.28 and were able to wire this money to our mortgage company.  I think the mortgage company was even shocked because they had to let us know that our house would be sold on 6/17 each time we called them.  Thank you so much for everything.  Since we manifested the $10,340.28, I’m now focused on our 25th wedding anniversary, which is in June.  We have already priced some cruises.”

Erin Reed:                 Wow, I love that.

Marilyn Jenett:          We get thousands of testimonials.  They come in all the time.  I made a deal with the universe.  I said, “Universe, if my students stop getting results, I stop teaching.”  I’ve been teaching for ten years and still teaching. 

Erin Reed:                 I was going to say, there’s no end in sight, I hope, no end in sight. 

Marilyn Jenett:          I don’t see any other way.

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Erin Reed:                 Marilyn, what I get excited about and the reason I do these calls is I like to help people take control of their lives.  I know that there’s so much more to learn from you and that this is just such a tiny piece that you shared with us today, which was immense, that I asked Marilyn to create a special offer for everybody who’s on the call today.  I highly encourage you to go to Marilyn’s special offer right now to experience it for yourself.  Go to  Marilyn, can you let everybody know what they’ll find there?

Marilyn Jenett:          Alright.  I’m going to let them know, first of all, what you call the special offer, is not a special promotional program or product that was done for this interview.  I’m not offering a special product.  This is the flagship original Feel Free to Prosper program, the original two-month program, that has been bringing all of these thousands of results for several years.  I knew that when I did these interviews, I knew that this is what I had to do.  I had a chat with the universe. 

This program is the flagship program.  That’s it.  There’s nothing higher than that program.  That is a two-month program, which includes all of the Feel Free to Prosper lessons, the four major lessons.  There are two bonus lessons, and eight audio sessions that you’ll listen to once a week. 

The beauty of the program is, you know, if I may say so, I’m known for taking these esoteric laws and really teaching them in very simple form and making the process very simple.  So it’s not labor intensive; 15 minutes a day.  You just need 15 minutes a day.  You just follow the schedule, the calendar, do what it tells you to do, and you will get your results.  In two weeks, I promise two weeks unexpected income.  That is the norm from my average students.  It might take some people a little longer.  That’s okay.  You may have a lot of layers to go through subconsciously.  If it takes you three weeks or a month or two months after a lifetime, or years of what you don’t want, that’s just a drop in the bucket.  So this is the flagship program that I’m offering to your subscribers. 

Along with that, I’m including what is considered one of my most compelling programs.  It’s a call on gratitude.  It’s how to use the powerful principle of gratitude to attract what you don’t yet have, which of course is not the common way gratitude is.  We all know that we need to be grateful for our blessings – that’s a given – but we can also use gratitude as an umbilical cord to the universe for creating, for speeding, to us those results that we don’t yet have, and I teach you how in that, it’s a three hour call but it’s definitely packed with information that’s going to be life-changing. 

I do recommend that if you purchase the program that you listen to the gratitude program after you finish the Feel Free to Prosper program.  It’s very important.  I got this very clearly from the universe when I created Feel Free to Prosper, it’s very important that we don’t overload or confuse the subconscious.  Simplicity is the way to go, so it’s best to get your foundation.  Do the Feel Free to Prosper program, and then at the end of the two months listen to the gratitude call.  You have a really complete process there for the awakening that you came here for.

Erin Reed:                 Who doesn’t want that simplicity and who doesn’t have 15 minutes a day to change their lives?  I know everyone jokes about not having enough time, but I love the simplicity and the conciseness of that, and I know all of our listeners will also love it so I really, really encourage you all to check out this offer because it’s incredible.  Marilyn, what are some of the biggest benefits that those of us who are going to do your program can expect to experience starting right away, and also in the long term when they try your principles and this program?

Marilyn Jenett:          The answer is… what do you want?  That’s what you’re going to get.  Well, let me explain something.  The mental and spiritual laws, we need to deal with the mental aspect with the subconscious because the subconscious is our conduit to universal mind, as we discussed.  That is our conduit.  So the lessons, the techniques, are simple.  They’re simple, but you have to do them.  They’re easy and simple but you just have to do them.  When you do that you are dealing with the mental aspect, but the reason I never became a hypnotherapist and the reason I went further into the studies and through spiritual studies is because I knew that the mental was not all there was.  It’s a combination of the mental and the spiritual.

The true purpose of my teachings – yes, we have to deal with the techniques and dealing with the mind and address the subconscious – but if you ask me what is the ultimate goal of my teachings for every student, the ultimate goal of what I’m doing here is to get each of you, each of you who become students, to become aligned with that presence that has a gift for you.  It has a gift.  In fact, in law of attraction they talk about you know what you want and you magnetize and you think about it and you visualize and you attract it.  Well, I think bigger than that because I know what happened to my own life, what happened in my own life.  That’s why I had to write that business memoir was so far beyond anything I could imagine for myself, what I’m telling you is that if you become aligned with that presence, it has gifts

for you that are beyond the things that you could even imagine to ask for.

You have a destiny.  You have your place, your true place in life, and my greatest gift would be to help you become aligned, connected with that presence that knows how to bring you where you are supposed to be, and bring you what you’re supposed to have.

Erin Reed:                 I love that.  I know that I already know, like I feel certain, 100% certain, that I’m going to have personal change from even what you shared with us on the call, so I can just imagine when you’re doing those principles, the simplicity and really, like you said, not just reading them, but doing them; the changes would be just magnified and amazing. 
I hate to have us finish because I know there’s so much more for you to give us, but it’s our time to be finished.  Marilyn, I just would love for you to share any final thoughts with myself and the listeners today.

Marilyn Jenett:          Well, you found out I’m not a woman of a few words.  I’d like to share; I’d like to close with two of my favorite quotes, which are not mine.  I could not have said them as eloquently, but these are two that really jus represent my life and what I’d like to give to my audiences and my students.  The first is, “Success is not to be measured by how much material wealth is possessed, but whether you are able to create at will what you need.”  That’s Paramahansa Yogananda.  You might know him from the author of Autobiography of a Yogi.  That’s my definition of wealth.  Success is not to be measured by how much material wealth is possessed, but whether you are able to create at will what you need.  Perfect.

The final thought – I love this – from Ray Bradbury.  Sometimes – actually, I’ve heard it sometimes you have to, but I think the accurate quote is “First you jump off the cliff and you build your wings on the way down.”  It’s about trust.  It’s about trusting the universe and actually that’s what I’m asking your listeners to do, to trust and put faith in my teachings in the Feel Free to Prosper program.  Jump off the cliff.  You’ll grow your wings on the way down.  Let me know.  I want to know about your wings.

Erin Reed:                 You heard it everyone.  Jump off the cliff.  It’s time.  It’s time.

Marilyn Jenett:          It’s time.

Erin Reed:                 Thank you so much for sharing everything with us today, Marilyn.  I know I personally got so much from this call and I am in no way alone.  Our listeners got a gift today.  Not just this fantastic offer, but your time and your teachings.  I really appreciate you and I look forward to our next call together. 

Marilyn Jenett:          Thank you so much, Erin.  You have beautiful energy.  You’re just really a delight.  Thank you very much.

Erin Reed:                 Thank you, and everyone, until the next call.  Thank you so much.

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The law of attraction is one of the more popularized Universal laws. The theory behind the secret law of attraction is that we create our own realities.

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Law of secret attraction or the secret laws, just like most of the other Universal laws, is a creative process. Ask, believe and receive. In these laws of attraction secret overwhelming feelings you have attract people and things into your reality. You need to believe that what you are asking for will become yours and you must become an active player in reaching your goals.

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