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From Attraction to Emergence: How to Effortlessly Manifest Your Full Potential

"Derek Rydall and Kristen Howe in Conversation"

Kristen Howe: Hi. This is your host Kristen Howe, and I would like to welcome you to the call. Today, your master is Derek Rydall.

Derek is a best-selling author of two books, a life coach, and a consultant to Emmy and Academy award winners. He’s been a licensed integrative therapist for 17 years, and has touched thousands of people around the world. Derek’s powerful message is that we can all live a life of passion and fulfill our destiny when we awaken to out true identity.

So today, as we talk to Derek, you’ll discover a few things. First, you’ll discover how to bust the illusion of cause and effect, and understand how the law of attraction really works. And you’ll discover the core principle for effortlessly fulfilling your potential now.

So Derek, a warm welcome, and thanks for joining us. It’s so great to have you here.

Derek Rydall: Oh, it’s my pleasure to be here. Really an honor.

Kristen Howe: So what I’d love to do, I just want to introduce you to everybody by having you take a couple of minutes and sharing what you believe to be the major turning points that allowed you to manifest your current level of success.

Derek Rydall: Yeah, absolutely. For me, the biggest turning point, I mean, I’ve always been a seeker of truth, and found myself just learning and being interested in all kinds of religions and different things like that as I was growing up, but it was really a brush with death experience that really turned everything around for me.

While I was shooting a movie in Jamaica, I had gotten lost in a reef, caught underwater for several hours. A lot of people say they were afraid of dying or afraid something was going to happen, but I reached a point where my mind had gone through all of the possible scenarios of how I would be saved, or if I would be saved, and got to a point where there was no more options. I knew I was going to drown.

It’s tough to describe what that feels like if you’ve never really been where you are absolutely at your wit’s end. In that moment, my ego just stopped. It just gave up, and there was a gap, and a moment of total surrender. Interestingly, in that moment of total surrender, a wave came and washed me up onto this one place that I couldn’t see where I was under the water that was the one safe place that I could wash up onto, and I was able to get up and look into this labyrinth I’d been caught in, and see that the exit was behind me all along, and I was able to swim out.

A lot of people do surrender to try to get something, so it’s still the ego. But this was the moment of complete surrender for no other purpose but because there was no other option. In that moment, my ego was just ripped from its mooring, and Humpty Dumpty fell of the wall and couldn’t be put back together again basically.

After that period, I went to about a year or so of death and dying and destruction dreams, and what I understood after the fact was that when a dimension of our personality is dying, a lot of times we’ll have dreams that are really intense, or destructive, or have death. We interpret those to be bad, but really it was that this old part of me was breaking away and falling away because in that moment of surrender, I touched an essential part of myself that was unconditioned, that was undiminished by my experience, so all this old stuff was falling away.

That really turned my whole life around. I ended up dropping out of the business. I ended up trying to become a monk, which ultimately didn’t work. It didn’t work ultimately, I tried being a monk for a few days in this one monastery, and I was trying to fast at the same time for the first time, and I got so sick and so hungry, and was having delusions and nightmares. I snuck into the monk’s kitchen to steal food out of their refrigerator. And so that shows you my initial attempt at monkhood. I was not a good sign.

So that turned me around and I decided I was going to join the ministry, and ultimately that wasn’t going to work. Ultimately it led me to sort of cloister myself in my apartment and just meditate and pray and journal, and sort of have that inner experience for the next couple of years.

I immerged out of that with my life being taken in an entire new direction. Learning these principles that I now teach, but didn’t really have the words to articulate then, but having these experiences where I would touch this dimension in myself that I call now “this self that doesn’t need any improving”. And in those moments of touching it, the result was always that my life got taken to a new level. Manifestations that would happen literally.

One particular example I’ll just tell you briefly, I don’t mean to answer this question with such length.

Kristen Howe: No, it’s fantastic, I love it. Please.

Derek Rydall: Well, there was one great experience, that experience where I have more months at the end my money, and I basically had run out of all human means of reaching out to try to sustain myself. I’d used up my nest egg, and it was sort of a trial. I basically sat down and I said to my spirit, “God, if you’re there, either this stuff is true or it’s not, but one way or the other, I’m going to find out tonight.” And I sort of laid down the gauntlet because I had been doing all this work, doing practicing, meditating, affirming, praying, visualizing, and instead of things getting better, everything seemed to fall apart even more. I was on the verge of being broke.

So I sat down and I said, “Either this stuff is real or it’s not, but I’m going to find out. I’m not getting up from this meditation and chair until I know.” I sat there as the day turned to night, and the crickets came out, and wrestled with my demons. Some point early morning this sort of click took place in my consciousness. It was like somebody opened up a pressure valve and released all this pressure, and this peace washed over me. I crawled into bed and fell asleep.

Over the next couple of days I realized that I wasn’t afraid anymore. I didn’t know the answer yet, but I felt free. Even though the bills were still due and everything was still there, the outside world hadn’t changed, but the inside world had. I was more in touch with something that was more real than my conditions.

Then about a week or so into that, I got a call from my former acting agent who called me and said, “Okay, I know you’re too spiritual to do commercials now.” I was on a very strange kick. He says, “But they called looking for you out of the blue.” And so I knew that that was a sign, and I said, “Okay, I’ll go on the audition.” I went on it, and I booked the commercial. They split it into two commercials, and I made more in two days work than I had in the entire year before, enough to pay for a whole year of living expenses.

It was the first initiation for me of discovering that there is a dimension within us, a self within us, where the work is essentially already done. It’s not about us struggling to make something happen, but about turning within and making the connection that makes it welcome. That we are not trying to go out and get something, but really opening out a way to let out of us that potential that’s already there.

The wealth, the health, the success, whatever it is we’re seeking, it’s already within us. It’s already a part of us. And just like I use the analogy, “The oak tree is already in the acorn.” The acorn needed to go out and achieve oak-hood. It just has to be planted in the right conditions and when those conditions are met, the oak manifests with ease, and with grace, and with dignity, without all the striving and the struggling and the efforting that comes from so much our self-improvement attempts.

Kristen Howe: That’s so great.

Derek Rydall: Yeah, so that’s the long version of how it all got turned around for me.

Kristen Howe: I love that story, and actually, I love the fact that you stole food whilst trying to be a monk.

Derek Rydall: One of the many crazy stories.

Kristen Howe: Right, exactly. You’re talking about struggling, you’re talking about sort of a letting go or surrender, and you even did that when you had your dark night of the soul that you describe there. It reminded me of when your story of being when you almost died when you were struggling. Don’t you think we all make it more difficult for ourselves when we’re struggling? I mean, we’re kind of pushing away what we want in an attempt to grab it. Would you agree with that?

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Derek Rydall: Absolutely. I mean, there’s two ways to look at it. We struggle on one hand to achieve something, and all the efforting that we use – a great degree of the effort we use to achieve something is literally the resistance we’re creating against it. That’s one of the biggest problems with so much of the self-improvement approach is – this is the real secret – the real secret is that we already are the thing itself. Everything we’re seeking we already have. The real secret is that we are divine power plants, and a power plant doesn’t receive energy, it generates it. We’re a divine factory, a factory doesn’t receive products, it produces them.

Everything we could ever need, want, hope for, or desire to fulfill our destiny of greatness or any area of our life, is already within us as us, and is us.

When we were talking before, I used the analogy of Michelangelo. He believed that God had already created all the masterpieces and his work was never to create anything, but was to see that masterpiece imprisoned in that block of marble and then set it free. That’s really our work as sort of artists of our lives is to catch a vision of this masterpiece that is already created, already perfected within us, imprisoned in this block of mortal stone or so it seems sometimes, and to catch a vision of that and then to set it free, to chip away everything that isn’t the masterpiece and to create the right inner conditions for it to be released.

But so often we are striving and struggling to make something happen, and by the very action, we are setting in motion an underlying vibration of separation, lack, and limitation. By the very action of trying to make it happen, we’re saying it’s not happening. By the very action of trying to attract it to us, we’re saying we don’t already have it. By the very action of trying to improve ourselves, we’re saying that there’s something wrong with us, we’re broken, we’re inadequate, we’re half-baked, we’re incomplete.

It’s understandable because that’s how it appears, but even with our sincere intentions and efforts, if that’s what we’re doing, we’re setting in motion a vibration, a law of lack. So that’s why I say that even if you manage to forcibly manifest a bigger paycheck, you’re going to end up most likely becoming broke at a higher income bracket.

Kristen Howe: You’re absolutely right.

Derek Rydall: Or if you manifest a bigger house, you’re going to probably end up feeling even less at home because you will magnify your own limited self-image, your own limited beliefs, fears, doubts, and worries which are what’s really motivating all of your self-improvement attempts. That’s one way that we create extra struggle. I liken it to trying to dig ourselves out of a hole. The more you dig, the deeper in it you get.

The other way that we create excess struggle is when we’re in a crisis like you were saying before, and where we try to solve the problem. So we’re faced with a crisis and we try to solve the problem, and as Einstein said, "You cannot solve a problem at the level of thinking that created it."

Kristen Howe: That’s so funny. I literally was just looking at that quote yesterday.

Derek Rydall: There you go, yeah. It’s very powerful. The thing about it is, I liken it to the analogy of falling into a sandpit. The thing you don’t want to do is try to get out right away.

Kristen Howe: Right, don’t move.

Derek Rydall: Exactly. When you fall into a sandpit, what’s the most important thing to do first? Become still, very, very still, and that stops you from sinking. What do most people do when they are confronted with a problem, a crisis, or some negative condition? They react. They either try to fight it, fix it, heal it, solve it, overcome it, and that’s equivalent to trying to get out of the sand trap, and they literally pull themselves deeper into it. So the work is to become still and then in witnessing it, we can recognize ultimately that our crises are really evolutionary catalysts. Our problems are really answered prayer. And when we reframe everything that way rather than trying to fight it, we start asking empowering questions of it so that we recognize that ultimately in a system of oneness who is what a uni-verse is, one song, one system.

There’s nothing opposed to us. Everything is conspiring for our freedom. So when we take the frame of reference, then when we bump up against a crisis, we can start asking questions like, “What is trying to emerge? What is the larger life trying to emerge by means of this? What is the opportunity here? What am I called to learn here? How am I called to grow here?” And in that way, we’re not offering any resistance, we’re not creating any new karma, we’re not digging ourselves any deeper, and we get to crack open that crisis and discover that really, it contains the next stage of our evolution, the energy for our evolution.

The analogy I talk about a lot, in nature many seeds require a forest fire and the intense heat to crack open their shells or release them from their tightly wound cones. That is very much equivalent to the intensity of our problems and crises that we go through. If that cone or that seed could pray away, or affirm away, or visualize a way, or create a vision board where fires never happen in its forest, and if it succeeded at that, it might be the envy of all the other seeds in the forest, but it would have thwarted its own destiny.

Kristen Howe: That’s a great analogy.

Derek Rydall: Yeah. So that holds very powerful. So we can deal both our ambition and our crisis both in the same way by offering up no resistance and getting still, tapping into that authentic vision that’s trying to emerge, and then cultivating the right conditions for it to do so.

Kristen Howe: That’s fantastic. So when you’re talking about emerging and the analogy was Michelangelo that it was for him to see what was inside the stone and let that emerge. When you talk about the law of emergence, is that what you’re referring to, that whole concept?

Derek Rydall: Yeah, I mean the law of emergence in a nutshell, in an acorn shell, it’s basically that within you is already a perfect pattern of infinite potential. A divine design that’s already been created like the oak tree is within the acorn. When you cultivate the right conditions, then it naturally emerges. That’s it. It’s that simple.

When a farmer or a gardener is cultivating their harvest, they don’t force the law of emergence in the soil to grow the seed. They plant the seed, they cultivate the soil, they weed it, they feed it, they water it, and they expose it to light. None of that requires efforting or struggle. It requires some work, but you can feel the difference between that. There’s a cultivation going on but they’re not trying to make it happen.

Kristen Howe: I love that you just said that. Sorry to cut you off, but that’s so important because this is something that I am so passionate about, and sometimes people sort of tilt their head sideways and look at you like a cocker spaniel. Struggle is not the same as work. And think a lot of people have been – to be honest, yes, some, they’ve been sold a bill of goods and some they’ve heard what they wanted to hear in terms of the magic bullet – you transforming your life should not involve struggle, but it will be work. That’s something I like to be clear about is that it’s not like you’re just going to get to sit back and never do anything, so I love that you just said that.

Derek Rydall: Yeah, absolutely. Action is necessary, faith without works is dead. The difference is when I teach action, I teach that action is not about achieving, but more about channeling in the sense that, again, you’re not trying to make anything happen with your actions. You’re making something welcome.

It’s kind of like the Bridge of Faith in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. He had a very strong need to save this father; he needed to cross the chasm. But in order to do it, he had to step out on this chasm that seemed to be nothing; it was a Bridge of Faith. It required him to step out on it before the bridge would appear beneath his feet. The bridge wasn’t going to appear before he stepped out, which he was trying to kind of put his foot out there, but he had to put his full weight out on it.

The process I teach is called “emergineering”, which is about engineering the emergence of your life or any aspect of it. It’s a seven stage process that is all orchestrated around fundamentally catching the vision of what it is, that divine pattern within you that’s trying to grow and emerge as your life, that masterpiece hidden in the block of stone, then aligning every aspect of your life to be in integrity with that vision. So that includes getting your inner vibration in integrity with that vision so that you are feeling and vibrating at the level that you would be if you were living it, whereas the average person says, “I’ll feel that way when it’s happening.” No, you have to start being it now. You have to attune your frequency to the channel it’s on right now the same way that if you want to hear your favorite song you can’t say, “Well, I’ll tune my dial when I hear my favorite song.” No, you have to tune the dial of your frequency to the same frequency the song’s playing on, so we have to do that.

But it’s also about then putting your physical life in alignment, so that means beginning to change your conversations, beginning to change your action. So you’re not saying affirmations and you’re not taking actions to make it happen, you’re doing all that to get in integrity with it so that you start acting as if you’re the person who is living that life. What that does is if you can kind of just visualize all these different parts of you like tubes and you’re connecting one upon another, and as you get the last one in place, that rush of water gets to flow through that and express it itself out, whereas, as long as they’re out alignment, it can’t come through that channel. So the actions are more of stepping out and getting in alignment physically now with what’s trying to emerge through you, creating the opening for it to express.

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So it’s about moving in the general direction of your highest vision. Otherwise what happens is that if your actions aren’t moving in the direction of your vision, if you’re not beginning to live into the vision, and live as if it’s true, it’s a signal that on a deeper level you don’t really believe it’s true. And so you’re not in integrity with it. You’re not in incongruence with it yet.

Most people are what’s called “a house divided”. They have a desire going in one direction, but their thoughts, words, feelings, or actions are going in other and they wonder why they’re not manifesting what they want. Instead, they’re creating more and more frustration.

That’s the other thing, by the way, just a little caveat, a little warning. This stuff is not a game. Don’t practice manifesting if you’re not willing to really get in integrity because what happens is that as you start praying and affirming and visualizing and setting your intention, understand that that intension is answered now. You really do activate that power, that emergent power now. The minute you speak that desire or set that intention, that oak tree within your acorn shell is starting to emerge.

The problem comes is if you’ve activated that emergent power, but then you’re still trying to hold onto your old ways of thinking, feeling, acting, talking. In other words, you want to be an oak tree, but you also want to hold onto your protective acorn shell. You can’t do it. You can’t have it both ways. And if you try to hold onto that, you’re setting yourself up for a crisis. You’re setting yourself up for a breakdown.

Now, the good news is that even in the crisis and the breakdown, it’s happening to cause a breakthrough. Which is why you need to understand that’s what’s happening and then you can use your crises and your breakdowns as opportunities to have a breakthrough. But when you start activating this power, you have to start bringing the rest of your life into alignment with it or you’re going to experience that kind of frustration or stagnation at some point.

Kristen Howe: Oh, that’s fascinating. I just love this different take on it. So I know a lot of people who are listening, they’re going to be listening to you and go, “Wow, he makes a lot of sense, but what’s the difference between the law of emergence and what he’s talking about and the law of attraction?” So what would you say is the primary difference?

Derek Rydall: Well, the law of attraction is a law that operates on one level in a sense that in the realm of cause and effect, there is the law of attraction and it’s really on the level of the mind, the mental level. But it’s also a deeper level is non-operative. It’s kind of like what we now understand quantum physics. In quantum physics there is no cause and effect. There’s just this field of infinite potential filled with infinite patterns of possibly, and then there is the emergence of that possibility based on where you put your focus.

Now, at the level of the mind and of cause and effect, if you’ve sowed some seeds in the past, or done some things and have limited thoughts going on, if you stay at that level, you’re going to have to ultimately experience the effects of those previous causes. But if you dive deeper into the realm of the spirit or the soul, the deeper realm, which is really the next stage evolutionarily, you can activate your potential, your emergent potential, and not only can it dissolve that previous cause and effect chain that you set [audio glitch] whereas you may been as red as scarlet, now you are as white as snow. Or all the years the locust have eaten, shall be restored unto you. Or behold, I make all things new.

All of these very biblical things, what they’re really saying is when you tap into grace, when you tap into this emergent potential within, this perfect pattern that’s never been diminished, it doesn’t matter what causes you’ve set in motion before, that when you tap into that, it takes precedence. And that’s how you can have what we call miracles. Instant demonstrations. Instant manifestations that don’t require cause and effect. Where they can literally, bam, manifest like that because it’s already happening in truth. Whereas if you believe only in the cause and effect realm, you’re stuck constantly and having to live out those cycles of cause and effect.

So that’s a little bit of understanding about the two different realms. The other thing is to understand that the law of attraction is what I call, and what my mentor, Michael Beckwith, also calls a “linguistic convenience”, and that is that the same way we talk about the sun rising and setting, well, we know now that the sun doesn’t actually rise or set. We just talk in those terms and we’ve created models around that to live within that framework.

Kristen Howe: That’s the reality to us where we live at that, yeah, exactly.

Derek Rydall: At that level. But the truth is, the planet’s revolving and the sun’s not moving. And so the truth is that we don’t attract things to us. What’s happening is that – and this takes a little bit of just slowing down and really contemplating this because I’m using kind of deep principles – but we’re not merely a person. We’re not merely a physical body. We are a field of consciousness. This is what the mystics have been saying for ages and what the quantum physicists are now and have been talking about and revealing that we are a field of energy and information, a point of consciousness in a vast ocean of consciousness.

So our field extends as far as our conscious awareness does. We’re not in our body; our body is in our field of consciousness. We’re not in the world; the world is in our field of consciousness. In other words, you kind of think of our being is kind of like the soil or the ground, and so where it looks like we’ve done all this inner work and suddenly we attract some money to us, or we attract a relationship to us, what’s really happening is underneath is this larger life, this larger self, is emerging. It’s bursting through the surface, and it appears as things coming to us, but it’s really something emerging in the field, in our field of being.

So it’s like certain trees or plants that it looks like there’s a bunch of different plants spread out in the desert basin, but what they now know, some of these species, when they go beneath the surface, it’s one plant that’s emerging all over the place, but it’s one life that’s emerging and it’s all interconnected. It’s all one. So when that person shows up in our life, that mate, or that abundance, what’s really showing up is another dimension of our larger self. The wealth, and the health, and love, and the success that was always there, it’s emerging now, and it looks like it’s attracting to us.

Now, why is this important? Why is it not just semantics? Well, the reason is because when we understand that’s what happening, again, like we talked about before, we just start letting go of some of these beliefs and concepts that were separate from our good, that it’s somewhere out there, and that we have to attract it to us. That’s not merely semantical, when you believe that way, and you’re acting that way, you are setting in motion a belief of separation, and you’re going to have to experience that. And you’ll also believe that if you do manage to attract that mate, that whatever it is that you’ve attracted is separate from you and you have to still work really, really hard to keep it in your life.

It’s kind of like trying to hold a beach ball under water for the rest of your life. And you know that if you relax, it’s going to pop up and hit you in the face, so you never really own your life. You’re always having to work, and like Atlas, holding up the Earth.

What the law of emergence offers is that you can start letting go of that struggle. You can realize you’ve already got it, you already are it, and when you cultivate the right inner and outer conditions like a gardener or a farmer with a labor of love, but without struggle, that that seed of potential will begin to emerge in your life. There’s different strategies for different areas of your life, but that’s essentially the practice.

Kristen Howe: Wow. I’m sure people are going to be going, “What are those?” Can you talk about some of the inner conditions that we need to create and how we do that?

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Derek Rydall: Absolutely. There’s a couple things. The first thing is cultivating, the first stage of emergineering is to cultivate or to catch a vision of your life. To see and discover what is that vision that’s trying to emerge in you is to really have a vision for your life. As it says in the Old Testament, “Without vision, the people perish.” What happens is that the pain will push until the vision pulls. So most people, their widescreen TV it’s bigger than the vision for their life. So you really need to start with cultivating a vision. It’s not about creating a vision that’s something separate from you, but tapping into what is that masterpiece already in you that’s trying to emerge? If you’re here, you have a great vision. If you’re here, you have a powerful purpose. Everybody does. Everybody has a destiny of greatness in whatever area of life that they endeavor.

Some people say, “Well, I don’t know what that is. I don’t know what I’m meant to do or be.” So there’s certain practices you can begin to do to excavate that vision from the soil of your soul. One of them is to begin to notice in your life, look around you and notice what people, living or dead, really attract you, that you admire, that you envy, that you are jealous of, that you aspire to be like, that you think are amazing, but you could never be that. Who are those people whether it’s Oprah, or Jesus, or Buddha, or Einstein, or Martin Luther King, or whoever. Who are those people?

Begin to know that based on the emergent principle because there is really nothing outside of you, that all of life is always reflecting back dimensions of yourself. That anybody that you are attracted to, that you admire, that you envy, that they are really a reflection of an unredeemed or un-integrated dimension of your own power and potential. That’s why you see it. That’s why you resonate with it. It’s you.

You’re projecting your power onto the screen of your experience, and it looks like that celebrity, or that leader, or that person, or whoever. You begin to notice that and go, “Wow. Okay. That’s exciting. Now I can start to take all these people that I admire, that I envy, that I think, ‘Oh, my God, if only, but I know I’ll never be like,’” we could start to realize and remember that’s a part of me that I’m seeing and start to consciously cultivate those qualities.

So we identify who are those people? Or maybe those places, or those activities, or those books, or those movies, and we begin to “What is it about this person? What are the qualities that they represent to me?” So you might get, “Well, Oprah’s authenticity. Bill Gates’ wealth. Jesus’ love or compassion. Or Buddha’s compassion,” or whatever it is for you. You begin to recognize, “Okay, that’s a quality.” That’s the reason why it’s resonating with you is because it’s a quality that’s in you that’s literally trying to emerge.

Understand that from the emergent model, your desires, your sincere desires, are not a sign of something that’s outside of you that you need to get, but a sign of something inside of you trying to get out. That desire comes from the word that means “of the sire”, “of the father”, or “of the creative principle”. So those burning desires, you’re literally pregnant with something, and that burning desire, every time you have that desire, it’s like the baby’s kicking. If a mother’s pregnant and the baby kicks, if she was to suddenly go, “Oh, my God, I wish I could have a baby,” people would think she was crazy. But when the baby kicks, when the baby kicks her reaction is to hold her stomach and just appreciate that she is pregnant. Big difference.

Kristen Howe: Yeah, huge.

Derek Rydall: And so what we need to start doing is when we have those desires, we put our hand on our stomach, or on our heart, and we realize that that baby, that child of our own creation is kicking. Something in us is trying to emerge. We look out and we see that person we admire, we envy. We want to be more like, or have more of that, we go, “Oh, my God. That’s the baby, that’s the child of my potential kicking. That means I’m pregnant with that quality.” And just that acknowledgement alone can begin to reverse the flow, and then you start to cultivate that. You start to cultivate your life the way a pregnant woman does.

What does she do when she realizes she’s pregnant? She starts nourishing the baby, so she starts feeding herself things that will nourish that particular child. So if suddenly discover that we’re attracted to somebody because of their wealth and abundance, and that means that the wealth and abundance is in me, I’m pregnant with it, it’s trying to grow. We start asking, “What do I need to feed myself to nourish that quality of wealth and abundance? To help it grow and to maturate within me.”

We might discover, well I’ll take a class. I’ll read a book. I’ll learn how to balance my checkbook, or whatever. Now those answers that are coming out of that are not us asking a question, “How do I go make more abundance? How do I achieve it?” We’re saying, “I’m pregnant with wealth and abundance, how do I nourish it?”

Do you see the huge difference in distinction?

Kristen Howe: Huge difference.

Derek Rydall: You start feeding it. Now what’s going to happen? When you feed something, what does it do? It grows. Big difference than you trying to go out and get it and that’s why, again, to use an analogy from the Bible, Jesus said, “Pray believing that you already have that you may receive.” He was talking about it because it was true. You already do have it, so it’s like, getting in align with that. What else does a pregnant woman do? She cultivates the outer conditions to welcome the baby. So she creates the room and starts purchasing things and learning stuff so that she creates an environment that is welcome and can hold that new child.

When we now realize we’re pregnant with wealth and abundance or whatever it is, what do we now do? We now are nourishing it, we’re feeding it, we’re letting it grow strong within us so it feels more and more real within us, and we start to feel literally fat and jolly with that pregnant idea. Then we start cultivating the outer conditions to create the place for it to be born into. That’s, again, very different. So we might start buying stuff, or we might start changing the environment of our home, putting things up. Everything that makes wealth welcome. Everything that makes health welcome. Everything that makes love welcome, whatever it is that we’re pregnant with.

Now, again, what’s the big difference? From the attraction model, or the mere manifesting model, we’re doing all these things to try to make it happen, and in doing that, we’re creating all this resistance to it because we’re actually saying that it’s not already happening. But on the emerging model we’re pregnant with it, we now it’s happening, we know it’s coming, and now we’re doing all these things to make it welcome. Can you feel the difference? The huge difference?

Kristen Howe: Well, sure. There’s a positive expectation to it of it’s happening, this is here. It’s not been born yet, but it’s within me, so yeah, I mean, there’s no question in your mind.

Derek Rydall: Yeah, exactly. See, you just said something very important. You said there’s this positive expectation, and it’s like we move even out of expectation and anticipation into full participation.

Kristen Howe: Absolutely.

Derek Rydall: And any time we are fantasying about the future of our wealth and our health and our love, it’s a very different kind of fantasy, like, again, how does the pregnant woman fantasize? She’ll fantasize about what it’s going to be like to have the baby, and to grow up with the baby, but the difference is that the energy of that is not fantasy.

Kristen Howe: Sure, because she knows it’s coming.

Derek Rydall: Exactly. It’s preparation, it’s mental emotional preparation, and so she’s still feeding it. When we do it from the separation or the attraction model, it’s fantasy and it’s actually, in many cases, creating separation. It’s just important. I’m just trying to give this analogy so people can see in all these different ways the shift, the paradigm shift, from attraction to emergence.

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Kristen Howe: An amazing analogy. It sounds like with this, because I know a lot of people who are listening they’ll say, “Well, yes, but you don’t know what my past is, or what my history is, or what my current situations are.” But you say that it doesn’t matter where we came from or what our conditions are. When we activate the law of emergence, we can create any conditions we need for success. Can you explain how that works?

Derek Rydall: Absolutely. Understand that this perfect pattern is within you, is within all of us. That is unique to us. That is a unique composite idea of infinite potential, infinite love, peace, joy, beauty, abundance, wisdom, genius, harmony, order, companionship. All of the qualities of potential, uniquely composited as this masterful design that is our life, that that is like a perfect pattern. Kind of like a pattern for a dress, let’s say, and you create a dress out of that using material, and if that dress gets destroyed, you can just create another one. The pattern is untouched.

And so in the same way, our real essential nature is never touched, never diminished, never sullied by circumstance or condition. That all of our conditions, all of our history, all of our experiences, all of that adds to up to nothing but a mental construct. It’s just a story. That’s it. It’s just a story. We can change the story. We can move out of that human drama and tap into the divine drama or to the true story of our being. As we discover that and activate that, that becomes the new law of our life.

Understand that all the experiences that we’ve been through, no matter how hard they’ve felt, it’s all of it, really just been on the surface. And I’m not saying this in any way to diminish the pain and the struggle that we’ve been through. I’ve been through my share of suffering and it feels very real and it really hurts. We’ve all been through it. But understand that it has not touched your essential nature. It has not diminished your perfect pattern one bit. And when you tap into that perfect pattern, it doesn’t matter how much time seems to have been wasted, if you are willing to do the work, the inner and outer work, to activate that pattern and cultivate those conditions, then that will begin to emerge.

The same way as if you’ve been carrying around that acorn seed in your pocket. You went to plant those acorns and that one got stuck in the pocket and never got out and it’s gone through all these years laying fallow, never being grown. When you put it in the soil, the soil doesn’t go, “Sorry buddy. You missed your shot. Sorry, you didn’t get in there when the rest of the acorns made it, so guess you can’t do it.” No. The soil doesn’t have that ability to reject you. The soil operates upon the pattern in the seed and it grows it.

The same thing it’s like you were like a light bulb and it got unplugged somehow. Because of its rough childhood, the plug fell out of the wall. And now you’re this light, this lamp, and you’re like, “Oh, you know. I’ll never be able to shine again because when I was a child, I got unplugged by my parents. It’s just too late for me.” No. No. “I come from a long line of unplugged light bulbs, I’m just destined. I’ve got bad karma about being unplugged.” No. The minute you plug it back in, that light turns on again.

So it’s important for us to just begin to accept that truth even if it doesn’t feel true because we’ve got so much dust and debris from the journey, that no matter what you’ve been through these principles are principles. They’re not mere theories, that when you activate them, then it begins to grow.

It’s like 2+2 always equals 4. You may have all your life believed it equals 5, or believed it equaled 3, and so you suffered the consequence of believing 2+2=3, and you’ve been shortchanged your whole life. The minute you realize it equals 4, it’s always equaled 4, the pattern of 2+2=3 is erased, it’s gone.

Kristen Howe: See, I love that and I think this is mind-blowing stuff and I’m sure a lot of people are listening and it’s really taking things, and talk about a paradigm shifts for a lot of them, but what I love that you’re saying – and this is something I happened to be particularly passionate about – is that it actually is never too late because I know that’s what a lot of people think. They get hung up on that.

You know this from being in the entertainment business, and I know this, how many people are running around going, “Well, my career never took off. It’s too late.” And people are living this in all walks of life, that idea that it is too late. “That would be great if I had known that when I was 20,” or whatever, and so I love what you’re saying because in the simple analogies that you’re using, it makes it undeniable.

Derek Rydall: Yes. And it’s true. That pattern of your potential is not in time or space, so it’s not subject to time or space. Time and space is not really a power anyway, it’s just another construct that we’ve all agreed on as Einstein proved scientifically, but we certainly do still believe in it quite a bit.

That perfect pattern, it’s not subject to any of that. So when you tap into it, and it’s important if you struggle with that belief to go on a research project, begin finding examples that disprove that belief. Find those examples of that 80-year-old woman that became a doctor, that 80-something-year-old woman that became a famous painter, that 70-plus-year-old guy that ran the marathon, or the Iron Man. These are all true.

Look for those examples that disprove the belief and start to break it down as a beginning research project. Also understand that not only is it never too late, but virtually nothing is impossible. It’s all relative. What was impossible yesterday is taken for granted tomorrow.

Kristen Howe: That’s so true.

Derek Rydall: So there was a time when it was virtually believed by all the experts, it was impossible for a person to move faster than 15 miles an hour, whatever it was, the speed of riding on horseback, riding in that horse and buggy. The idea of an automobile, that our body wouldn’t be able handle it and it would implode. Then we got the automobile, then we got the jets, and then it was like believed that it was impossible to break the four minute mile. It defied the literal physiology of our being. And nobody was doing it until one person just didn’t have that block, they broke it. But what’s interesting is the minute they broke it – not the minute, but within a short period of time – it opened up that morphic pattern and around the world people started breaking it.

What changed? Did everybody’s body change? No. All that had changed was that universal belief system got expanded a little bit.

Kristen Howe: Sure, the awareness of that possibility…

Derek Rydall: Is now possible. And that’s it.

Kristen Howe: Well, even in our personal lives, there’s one day that it’s not possible to walk, and suddenly in one step, it’s exactly what you just said, now it’s possible.

Derek Rydall: That’s right.

Kristen Howe: So we’ve all personally done it.

Derek Rydall: Exactly. How do we walk? We learned to walk by just falling forward. And eventually, we keep falling forward and falling forward and one day we catch ourselves. The next day we catch ourselves one out of three times, and then eventually we’re walking, but really, we’re just falling forward and catching ourselves. But yeah, you’re right. It’s like if you look at the evolution from the embryo to adult, you’ll see the evolution of human consciousness. It’s all there in microcosm. That’s another whole topic.

Kristen Howe: I was going to say, “I could sit here and talk to you all day.” But yeah, I mean, this is amazing stuff, and I know we’re running a little long, but I want to try to get in a few more questions. Does that work for you?

Derek Rydall: Sure.

Kristen Howe: Great. One of the things, and I found this fascinating and I want to hear you talk about it, in the law of emergence you say that all power is in our consciousness and nothing moves but mind.

Derek Rydall: Yes.

Kristen Howe: But then you also talk about the realization you had around moving your hand.

Derek Rydall: Right.

Kristen Howe: I personally want to hear you talk about that, so.

Derek Rydall: Well, basically, what happened was I was doing a moving meditation thing. I was standing, doing a standing meditation, and all of a sudden I moved my hand, but it was a moment where I identified more from my consciousness than my body and I had a moment of realization. I saw that I didn’t move hand, that my hand rather didn’t move itself, that my mind moved.

There was an impulse in thought, in consciousness, that was then translated into a signal in the brain because the brain is like a radio station and it picks up the signals of our consciousness, of our mind. It was translated as a signal in the brain, that was then translated into a cascade of neural peptides and chemicals and electrical impulses, that then cascaded through the body, through the spinal cord, down the arm, that then moved the muscle, then moved the bone that caused my hand to move. So my hand didn’t move, my bones didn’t move, my muscle didn’t move. What moved was my mind.

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My mind just like opened, and I could see suddenly that nothing was moving but mind, that every activity of the body, every activity of the people out there, that what I was seeing was a movement of consciousness that was being translated through these different realms of manifestation, all of which is effect. It’s important to understand, everything after that moment of that initial impulse in mind is effect. It’s the effect of that; it’s the expression of that. So everything from the thought, to the emotion, to the cascade of chemicals, to the electrical stimulus, to the movement of the hand, all that’s an effect, which then brought me to the realization that none of that stuff in the world of mental emotional or physical experience is a power, it’s all an effect.

So that means that the hand can’t turn and attack me. And likewise, neither can any part of my body turn and attack me. A heart attack is that the heart attacks you. No. That’s not what’s happening. The body can’t turn and attack you. Neither can anything in your life turn and attack you, turn and have power over you. It’s an illusion. It’s another illusion. And that really what’s happening is there’s a movement of consciousness and it manifests at these different levels of experience.

So that was where that realization came, and it made me remember – because I’m a student of religion, a student of a lot of teachings – and again, I remembered a moment in the teachings of the New Testament, and I study all the religious texts, it’s buddhism, Christianity, whatever, where Jesus is standing on trial with Pontius Pilate and Pontius Pilate says, “I have the power to give you life or death, so you better, you know, wise up.” And Jesus said, “I got to beg to differ with you. Actually, you wouldn’t have any power over me unless it was given to you from above.”

What he basically said was the only power you have or anything has if this higher power, this higher consciousness, this presence of God, or love, or truth, or whatever term you want to give it, that that is the only real cause in our life. Everything else is an effect.

So that’s so important because so many of us are living in one way or another in a form of victim-hood where we believe that we are a victim of circumstance, of the economy, of other people, or even of our past, or of our body. And it’s really important to begin to contemplate the possibility that the only power over our body and our body of affairs is our consciousness, and there is nothing operating on us from outside of us. That life doesn’t happen to us, but life happens through us through our conscious awareness of it.

That is the ultimate place of empowerment. It’s a tough pill to swallow because the ego wants to hold onto who has done us wrong, and we wear a lot of our wounds as badges of honor, and a lot of that is tough to give up because we’ve got a lot of our identity wrapped into it, but it all must be given up in order for us to truly activate our power and our authority and fulfill our potential. We have to give up any idea that anybody or anything outside of us had a power over us.

Kristen Howe: I love that, and I know that’s a concept, people hear that concept of it’s all within you, but I think you articulated it so well, and so convincingly. I don’t mean that you’re trying to convince us, I just mean that how you’re saying it is so true that it’s really resonating with me and I know it is with people listening.

I so appreciate you hanging in with me here. One more question.

Derek Rydall: I love it, no problem.

Kristen Howe: Seriously, I could sit here and talk to you all day. People want to know, and I know people listening they’re going to want to know this, so I have to ask you. They want to know how they can get from where they are to where they want to be in the quickest, easiest way possible. So what are your suggestions for that and for them?

Derek Rydall: Yeah, well, the first thing is that if they have this sense of urgency is I would encourage them to realize that in that moment of urgency they’ve just fallen into the sandpit we talked about before, and to not react from that urgency because again, they’re going to set in motion future urgency. They’re just going to exacerbate that experience of always being kind of urgent and that sort of energy.

What I would say is that there are these basic principles. The first and most important thing is to tap into that vision. For me there’s a particular prayer or affirmation that has always been very powerful for me. Ultimately, the greatest and quickest route – well, maybe it’s not the quickest, but it’s ultimately the most empowering and transformational route – is to desire more than anything to wake up to who and what we really are and why we’re alive.

In other words, we have so many desires. We want to change, and fix, and heal, and manifest, and attract, and improve. There’s nothing wrong with that on the surface if we know how to work with those desires to turn them into an effective approach. But the most empowering and powerful desire to begin to cultivate is to desire more than anything to wake up because as I was telling you before, some of those early experiences where I didn’t have a vision board, or a plan. I didn’t know what or how to fix or solve my problems. But I had a moment where I just surrendered completely to that essential self within me, to that spirit within me. To that something that already knew. In that moment of just touching that energy within me, of feeling that connection with something, with that peace, that sense of wellbeing within me. I didn’t know how to solve the problem, but that connection, it resulted in the solution better than I could have imagined it, and quicker.

See, if had tried to solve that problem using all kinds of techniques, I would have never thought to go call my agent and get a commercial. That was the last thing I would have thought of.

Kristen Howe: Well, and if you had, he probably would have been like, “What? Are you kidding me? That’s not how it works.”

Derek Rydall: Right, and he would been like, “You don’t do that anymore you’re too spiritual.” Who knows what I’d have thought. Most of the major junctures in my life where my life took a quantum leap to the next level; it was in a way that I could not have imagined. And that’s one of the other problems with visualizing just for the sake of visualizing. I teach a way to use it that it’s effective. But the thing is that it’s kind of the caterpillar. If the caterpillar was trying to improve its life, it would imagine the best caterpillar life, the best caterpillar body, the best caterpillar house, the best caterpillar job, the best caterpillar mate. And yet, if it succeeded in all that, it would ultimately potentially fail at achieving its real potential and its real fulfillment which is to become a butterfly. The caterpillar can’t imagine what the butterfly life’s going to be like.

When we desire to tap into and touch that essential nature, by whatever name we give it whether we call it our true self, our higher self, or spirit, God, the Buddha mind, the quantum field, whatever you call it, my prayer, my affirmations has always been more than I want to change, fix, or heal, or control anything. I want to wake up to the truth that makes me free. I want to wake up to who I really am and why I’m alive. What that does is it begins to realign your intention, purifies your intention so that you start having insight and guidance and direction that gives you the glimpse of that masterpiece. As that glimpse comes, I mean, I’ve just got to tell you, when you have a direct contact with your essential self, it’s not an idea in your mind. It’s real.

When you touch that essential self, it changes you forever. You will see miracles happen in your life. You will see things; you will see the years the locust have eaten, restored. You will see those kind of things happen.

I’ve seen it happen in my life where I literally in a matter of weeks where I looked like I had no other options, an other experience where I suddenly got a job where I earned more in four weeks of work than I had earned in an entire year before. I’ve seen it happen where I had instant healings. I did this process with one person where they had right in the midst of doing this process and tapping that essential nature, they had a deep and profound forgiveness for this individual in their life. It just happened spontaneously. And before the process was done, their phone rang. Their phone rang and it was that person calling them.

Kristen Howe: Wow. That’s so powerful.

Derek Rydall: You can’t plan that. So the quickest and most direct route is to go within and to seek a deeper realization of your oneness with this essential nature. Beyond that, the practical steps are what we’ve talked about. Really do the work to excavate that vision for your life. Have a vision, and then begin to do some practices which I teach a lot of them, but to begin to ask, “How can I bring my thoughts, my feelings, my conversations, and my actions more and more in congruence or alignment with this vision that I feel is trying to emerge in my life?” And then you start noticing.

If your vision is for abundance, just take a week where you notice your conversations and you just consciously take note. And you start to notice you have that conversation around the water cooler or whatever, and you’re talking about how bad the economy is, and there’s not enough jobs, blah, blah, blah. And you suddenly now you catch yourself, and you go, “Ah-ha, no wonder. I’m agreeing with how bad things are right here in my conversation and then I go home and I pray to be more abundant and I wonder why it’s not happening.”

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Or you’ve been affirming to have a love of your life, and to attract the right relationship, and then you notice you’re talking to your friend and you’re like, “There’s just no good men out there,” or “No good women out there. All the good ones are taken.” But now this time you catch yourself and you go, “Wait a sec. I just affirmed the exact opposite of what I’ve been praying about.” Or affirming or what’s on my vision. “I just canceled my work.” And that’s why you cannot make a demand on life that exceeds your belief about it.

Kristen Howe: Say that again. That’s amazing.

Derek Rydall: You cannot make a demand on life that exceeds your belief about it.

Kristen Howe: Fantastic.

Derek Rydall: Because your belief is creating a personal law. Now, it’s not the truth, but a lie believed will act as a law until it’s neutralized. So you start to notice “where am I incongruent” then you might notice where you go to the store and you want to buy some produce and you notice the organic apples, and you’ve been thinking that you want to start eating more organic and be more healthy and then you find yourself going, “Oh, but it’s $2 a pound and these apples over here are only $1.49. I just can’t afford that.” Then you catch yourself and you go, “Wait a sec. I’ve been affirming that I’m abundant, that I’m supported, that the universe takes care of me and now I’ve just denied it.”

Here’s what I call the emerging impulse. And it’s a little scary sometimes, but that’s your opportunity to get aligned with your prayer, with your affirmation. It may seem simple, but buying those apples just nourished and nurtured and activated that potential even more. And now you’ll get another opportunity, and another, and another to step out on that invisible Bridge of Faith with your conversations, your actions, et cetera.

So those are some practical ways to try to say it in brief, how you can begin to activate this process in your life, have a vision, cultivate that vision, ask some of those empowering questions, and then start aligning your thoughts, your words, and your actions as if it’s true. As if you believe it. And watch as it starts to emerge more and more in your life.

Kristen Howe: Wow, that’s amazing. You gave a couple of examples in there as you were talking, but I’d love to hear if you have a couple of examples of what’s possible. So maybe some of the amazing turnarounds that you’ve seen from the people who have applied what you teach or that you’ve worked with. If you have a couple of those stories, that would be just amazing for us to hear.

Derek Rydall: Yeah. I had a client recently who was on the verge of bankruptcy. His banker basically said he was going to lose his house, going to lose his business, and going to be mired in debt, his family, everything, was going to lose everything. In working these principles, and in not judging by the conditions, but continually turning his attention back to the vision, back to the principle, back to cultivating those conditions no matter what, in about 30 to 45 days he went back to his banker with a profit and loss statement and his banker looked at it and said, “How did you do this?”

He had basically turned everything around. He had suddenly manifested all of these new clients. He had manifested old clients coming back for new work. He had gotten another job. I mean, all of this stuff started happening in his life as a direct emergence of him cultivating that and not judging by the appearance. Because that’s the thing, so often we’ll look at the conditions, what everybody says is possible, or not possible, or what we’re experiencing, and we stay caught in that old pattern.

What the conditions are in right now, everything you see right now is an old thought. That’s what the present moment is. It’s really an old thought. And so you have to not judge by that and just keep cultivating the vision, so that’s what happened and within 30 to 45 days he turned his whole financial life around.

I had another client who was doing this work who played this sort of money game where he was going to see if he could manifest an extra $7,000 I think it was in 90 days. Thirty days later he [audio glitch] totally blew him away. Blew both of us away how fast it happened.

Kristen Howe: So wait. So 30 days later he had what?

Derek Rydall: He had set a goal to manifest another $7,000 in 90 days, extra, and in 30 days he had done it instead of 90. It was almost a surprise when he looked at the results. It was almost like it took him by surprise. He’s like, “I didn’t even realize I did it. I don’t even know how it happened.” Because it was emerging, he wasn’t struggling to do it. So it was almost like whoa, where did that come from? That feeling of grace where you almost don’t feel like you earned it because you didn’t. Because understand, that the idea of earning it is just in some ways as much of misunderstanding as achieving it. You’ve already been given it, you already are it. The acorn doesn’t earn oak-hood.

Kristen Howe: You just allowed it.

Derek Rydall: You allow your natural nature to emerge. And then I told you about the other example of the one individual who had an instantaneous healing of their heart, and literally, it manifested so fast that the person called them before they even finished the process and said, “I just felt like I had to call you.” And suddenly they’re having this conversation and their relationship is healed. That was a particularly fun one.

I told you my example where working these principles, I ended up totally turning my financial picture around. That’s happened multiple times. I’ve had people where they by doing this work, we haven’t really gotten into it in depth, but a lot of these deep seeded negative patterns and painful wounds, as you start to do this work, cultivate a vision, cultivate the inner conditions, create what I call “the quantum plan” and start really moving in the direction of your dreams, it’s going to start bringing up in you everything that is not congruent with that.

Those old patterns that no longer fit, they’re going to start fighting for a place. So they’re going to start coming up, and what happens is you hit what I call the “threshold of consciousness”. So they had this going on and through this process, had powerful revolutions of their own character and their own history and completely healed lifelong patterns of self-sabotage in a matter of a couple months. People are on the therapists couch for years and never get those kind of turnarounds. This happened in a couple months. It was like, bam.

What happened was that they had been tapping into their essential nature and that energy, that vibration, had grown powerful enough that it not only brought up this old belief, but it just vaporized it. They were just set free. So psychologically, financially, relationally, it can happen in any area of your life.

Kristen Howe: See, that’s why I just love what we’re doing here and why I’ve put this whole thing together, is because I love, I get so excited about opening people up to the fact of infinite possibility and that it’s never too late and all of that, so I love those examples. And I know you probably have a million more. It just so points out that you’re not talking about just change in one area of your life. This is something that once you’ve figured this out, or tapped into the power of this, it affects every area of your life. Am I right about that?

Derek Rydall: Absolutely, absolutely. It’s wholistic because your essential nature isn’t divided up into separate compartments. It’s one life. It’s one song. Like we said, the universe, it’s the universe within you. When you heal or change one note, it affects the whole song.

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Kristen Howe: I love that. I have kept you very long, and I know there is so much more to learn from you, and everybody listening, there is a ton more to learn from Derek and I actually asked him to – and I’ll have him talk about it – I asked him to create a special offer for everybody listening to this call. I highly encourage you, I cannot encourage you more to go and check this out right now.

So what I’m going to do is I’ll give you what the link is and then I’ll have Derek explain what you’re going to find there. So as you go to the link you’ll have him telling you about it. Go to www.empoweredyoumedia.com/loe, that’s LOE as in Law of Emergence.

So Derek while go and check that out, can you let everybody know what they’re going to find there and sort of what’s involved?

Derek Rydall: Yeah, absolutely. What this is, is the home study program. It’s over ten hours of audio teaching, training, tools, techniques, strategies like we’ve been talking about, but of course, much, much more in-depth. And literally, some of the exercises and the meditations that I guide you through, so you’ll be able to listen to them and if you ever struggle with meditation, it’s been very, very helpful for people because you can just sit there and let it work on you.

So it’s going through all the different stages of the law of emergence, and really helping you to understand the principle and the differences between the law of attraction, and what some of the core reasons why you’re struggling, why you’re stuck, and how to get unstuck. So it really goes through this very in-depth.

You can see how I pack a lot into a single call. Imagine what there is in over ten hours.

Kristen Howe: We could do five more calls with you and I don’t think we’d even be scratching the surface.

Derek Rydall: Right, it’s very in-depth, and yet, the way I’ve laid this out is that it makes it very step-by-step for people so they can just follow it and do it step-by-step, create that plan, cultivate that vision, activate that potential and really begin to manifest the life of their dreams now. Really start participating in it now.

It also comes with a 97 page e-book that breaks it all down so you can refer to it, or refer to different sections. It’s very, very in-depth, very complete.

Very honestly, I spent over two decades and tens of thousands of dollars to discover and to research and understand this material that I’m delivering now. Not to mention, I’ve spent thousands of hours meditating, many, many days 15 hours a day in silent meditation for days on end, and many of my own dark nights of the soul as I faced my own demons and fears and darkest places to really understand this process. So I’m not speaking from theory, I’m speaking from having lived, and breathed, and researched, and through trial and error, and banging my head up against the wall a couple times. Even early on in my meditation practice when I used to do it when I first began, my wife used to call me “the drooling swami” because I would fall asleep while I was meditating.

I’ve also lost a lot of gallons of bodily fluids in learning this stuff. I’ve since overcome that malady, but my hope is that I will be able to not only save individuals thousands of dollars and thousands of hours, but you can also save that embarrassing experience of drooling all over yourself while you meditate. So there’s all kinds of hidden benefit that you didn’t even realize.

But in addition to that, of course, it doesn’t cost ten of thousands of dollars, and my hourly rate of $597 an hour. It’s $97 basically for the whole package.

In addition to that, I’ve decided I’m going to throw in some additional bonuses, and I’m going to add in some additional coaching, audio/video coaching and meditation programs that are normally only reserved for my private coaching clients, so they’re going to get that as well.

And for the first, let me think, should I say ten or 20? I say for the first 20 people that sign up, I’m going to give them a free private coaching Urgent Emergent Session with me personally.

Kristen Howe: Wow, I love that. I can’t even believe how eye-opening this whole call has been for me and I know for everybody listening.

Do you have any final thoughts you’d like to share with everyone before we go? I mean, I know we’ve really picked your brain here and I so appreciate that, but anything that you’d like to sort of give us as a final parting?

Derek Rydall: Well, I think if anything I would like to just reiterate some of the core things that we said in terms of to me the greatest secret is the realization that everything you could ever want, hope for, desire, is already within you. That you are not broken, you’re not incomplete, you’re not half-baked, you’re not a worm of the dust, or a sinner or limited by karma, or astrology, or numerology, or any ology that will tell you that there’s a power over you, or that you have to struggle or you just didn’t get dealt a good hand.

I will tell you right now, all of that well meaning as it may have been, is a lie. That within each and every one of you is everything you need to live the life of your dreams. To live a destiny of greatness where you activate your genius, where you live a life of wealth, health, happiness, abundance, companionship. Where you get to experience and express your gifts, talents, and abilities.

It doesn’t matter how so-called “old” you are, or how so-called “young”. It doesn’t matter where you live geographically. It doesn’t matter what your race, color, or creed is. None of that in any way can prevent you from actualizing your full potential when and if you are willing to turn within and to get in touch with it and to say yes to it no matter what and then just start going about the process of cultivating the conditions that allow it to emerge. It’s in you. It’s ready to emerge. It wants to emerge even more than your ego can imagine it.

So I just want you to go away, if nothing else, understand, the words I’m telling you are not theory. It’s not hyperbole, it’s not wishful thinking. This is the truth about you. You really are this powerful. You really do have that much potential, and you really can do it now in this lifetime. And so I hope you go away, if nothing else, feeling that little glimmer of light that this is possible. “Oh, my God, I feel it.” Feel that resonance within you and trust that little bit of resonance is your true self kicking. “I’m ready to come out and be born.”

Kristen Howe: This has been an unbelievably powerful call. Derek, thank you so much for everything that you’ve shared with us today. This was complete paradigm shifts all over the place and I’m sure there were a million light bulbs going off. I so appreciate you and everything you’re doing, and I can’t wait for our next call together, and I know everybody is going to get so much out of this call, so thanks for everything that you’ve shared with us.

Derek Rydall: Thank you. It’s really, really been my honor. It’s just been a blast.

Kristen Howe: And for me too.

Derek Rydall: All right. Take care.

Kristen Howe: Thanks so much. You too.

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The law of attraction is one of the more popularized Universal laws. The theory behind the secret law of attraction is that we create our own realities.

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Law of secret attraction or the secret laws, just like most of the other Universal laws, is a creative process. Ask, believe and receive. In these laws of attraction secret overwhelming feelings you have attract people and things into your reality. You need to believe that what you are asking for will become yours and you must become an active player in reaching your goals.

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