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"Morgana Rae and Kristen Howe in Conversation"

Kristen Howe: Hi everyone. This is your host Kristen Howe. I am so excited to welcome you to our call with today’s guest, Morgana Rae.

Morgana is an internationally acclaimed life coach, author, and professional speaker. She’s regarded as the world’s top relationship with money coach and was named one of the top women in E-commerce by WE magazine. She’s the owner of Charmed Life Coaching, a successful life and business coaching company that guides clients to be business and money magnets. Morgana inspires everyone to have more fun at work and more love at home while creating a total life of ease, flow, and synchronicity.

On the call today, you will discover how to eradicate old life patterns that no longer serve you, ways to become an opportunity magnet, you’ll discover how to achieve goals that have eluded you in the past, how to create a compelling self-fulfilling vision, accelerate your evolution and manifest rapidly, and you’ll leave this dynamic call knowing how to make your goals happen to you instead of chasing them away.

Morgana, I can’t wait. This is so exciting. This is completely new. Thanks for joining us today and welcome to the call.

Morgana Rae: I’m so happy to be here. I love talking about manifestation.

Kristen Howe:You’re amazing at it and your energy is just fantastic so I can’t wait to share you with the incredible people who are listening tonight. I’m so excited for this. I can’t wait because I know you are someone where instant and effortless manifestation is a normal thing for your, which is fantastic, and that’s why I can’t wait to share your take on it and what you do with some of your private clients.

Let me ask you this, Morgana. Why do some people work hard, doing all the right things, and this is stuff I get emails about all the time where they are like “I am working hard and I’m all of the right things, and yet, I’m not getting ahead and I’m watching Joe over there and he’s getting ahead effortlessly? What the heck is going on?” So can you explain?

Morgana Rae:Morgana Rae: I have been both of those people. In fact, I used to really judge and resent other coaches who are charging so much more than me and then one day, I thought, “Wow I am so grateful to them for showing me what’s possible and now I’ve become that coach who’s making that money.” But to answer that question, first of all, I think that the struggle is really valuable. There’s something that we’re getting out of it and it doesn’t go away until we get what need from it. What I want to do is really speed that process up, but if we’re struggling and I can say that because I’ve been that girl who has done everything right forever without breaking through. I think most of on the call know what it’s like to be in both of those places. Sometimes it’s a time in our life; sometimes it’s an area of our life that’s really easy or really hard.

Two things are going on. One is that we are protecting ourselves from something and protection trumps all else. It’s the prime directive. Every cell in our being, our subconscious, we are programmed for self-preservation, and if anything seems dangerous, we will protect ourselves from it. Sometimes things happen in our childhood and we find a way of coping by being invisible, or not standing out, not asking for what we want. Whatever it is, we learn a pattern that was really useful for our survival and brilliant and smart when we were 3 years old that is killing us now when we’re 35.

I would say, one of the first things is to really honor the wisdom behind the struggle, the wisdom behind our limitation. Honor our unconscious, it’s on our side. So many people talk about self-sabotage. I don’t believe in that at all. Even the addict that smokes and drinks and does things that can really kill himself, even that part of him is operating from that prime directive to protect. First of all, we want to respect that whatever is going on actually has a positive intention and if we can find out what it is then it’s much easier to satisfy that positive intention elsewhere. The big problem when we’re just going on trying to manifest, positive thinking, positive thinking, positive thinking in this heavy lifting kind of way is we get all these resistance.

The first key to instant manifestation is to get rid of the resistance. The first place I look is, again, honoring the unconscious. When I talk about people who are repelling and protecting themselves from money, when we respect it and explore it and get rid of it, then it makes money magnetism much easier, but it’s not just about money. It’s really anything and to not make what is wrong, but we do want to change it. That would be the first step of why some people struggle and others don’t is there’s a need for that struggle.

Here’s the other thing that goes on is there may just be something for you to learn that is part of your life’s purpose. Because no matter how many things you do right and how positive you are with your mindset and visualization and all that, stuff happens in life which teaches you something that can be so profoundly needed in the world. I believe that struggle and failure and suffering, which I think is so extremely overrated, and yet, I call it research and development into a very specific aspect of the human condition, which makes you a world-class expert in that experience.

When you find your solution that makes you a leader who can help all those other people that you really, truly, genuinely understand with humility and empathy and love and respect for their experience, which cannot be faked. You can’t really help people if you can’t respect their experience. Otherwise, you’re just patronizing and talking down to them without any understanding. So in that way, that struggle is really valuable and maybe you’re just up to something huge.

As I said, I think suffering is vastly overrated and we want to speed up the transition so that you can be released from that friction and out there spreading your gift and living abundantly and being that shiny object that people want to learn from; that manifestation machine.

Kristen Howe: I love that there’s something that we’re learning and we’re learning it in order to be able to become the fullest version of ourselves. How do we eradicate our old life patterns that aren’t serving us anymore because I think sometimes they’re serving us and we’re learning from it and sometimes it’s not serving us anymore but it’s kind of like the life pattern is habit at this point? So how do we get rid of those?

Morgana Rae: Well, I’m actually going to give you a process that I learned from my mom. This is like so homegrown here. The first is recognizing, and this is a step that a lot of people skip is, what does the problem serve? For instance, if you’ve been struggling with health problems your whole life, you have very wisely, creatively, and resourcefully found ways to build a life around that health problem. You’ve learned to make things work as well as you can with that health problem, and yet, you’re not living the life you desire or deserve. But what happens is if we were to get rid of that health problem forever, we would also be getting rid of your identity. There is a death involved, and it’s real and it’s scary and there’s grief and there’s fear. There’s some really good stuff that you learned to get out of being sick because you’re brilliant and resourceful and you’ve made a way to make it work for you as best you could.

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When we’re getting rid of that pattern, we really want to recognize that there are hidden benefits to everything. To being the victim, we can feel like the better person or maybe we get sympathy or we get attention that feels like love and I’m not sharing anything I’m not guilty of, okay? So that is the first piece is realizing that in getting rid of the worse thing in the world, we are making a sacrifice and there is a death. That’s actually why this can be so scary because they know that something that who we are is going to die so that who we are becoming can live.

I would like to actually take us through a process that embodies that, and I’ll point out the dangers based on my own mistakes and personal experience, of course, and how to make this work for you in the best way possible. Is that okay?

Kristen Howe: Yeah, that’s great.

Morgana Rae: I call this my Evolution Accelerator. I actually do this every year no matter what, even if I have trouble thinking of anything to change. The first time I did this was many years ago at my mom’s house and I really didn’t know what I was doing, so the results were so big and so fast and also really scary. I learned some powerful stuff from that, which I’m going to point out along the way. It’s sort of a ritual. In fact, it’s great to do anytime you have one of those moments where you’re taking stock of the year, maybe it’s a birthday or a holiday, or maybe it’s just today.

What you take a look at is you look for any life pattern that you really want to change. You were so sick of it, you are so sick of being scared financially, or of being sick, or of being single. It’s that life lesson that you know so well you could write the book on it. It’s like some old, ratty sweater that you have worn out or it’s too small. You know what I’m talking about. It is just worn out. You know it too well. You have milked out every piece of wisdom that you could get from that life lesson, that awful pattern, the one that you’re thinking of right now. You’ve outgrown it.

You choose that lesson that you have outgrown, and what we do is we offer it as a gift to the higher power of your choice. This could be God, this could be Vishnu, another God, this could be your guardian spirits, your higher self, the universe, whatever. We want to make it not all up to you because people will tell you to let go and they’ll be right, but I don’t that we can let go. It’s almost like things let go of us. Letting go in my experience as a human being is an act of grace, so you get to call in the higher power of your choice. I like Hecate, the goddess of crossroads, I think it’s nice and dramatic, and say “I am giving you this gift. Will you please take it?” You give it with love.

Now I’m going to share a really embarrassing story, I’m going to interrupt my own process to share a really embarrassing story. When I first did this, I think it was like 15, 20 years ago, I can’t remember, I was an actress. I live in Los Angeles and I was an actress, can you imagine? I was so sick of struggling and obscurity and not getting jobs and not being known, and I wanted to be famous and all that naivety. So I sacrificed the lessons of obscurity, and then I requested in their place – because this will be the second half of the process – the lessons of fame. I bring that up because I really didn’t understand what I was asking for when I asked in the place of this gift of sacrificing the lessons of obscurity I requested the lessons of fame. Here’s the key. As we are sacrificing lessons and we are requesting new lessons in their place, there are a lot or reasons for that that I’ll get into after my story. So I requested the lessons of fame.

The very next day, a pilot that I had shot months earlier, a pilot is a new TV show that’s never aired before and I had shot a reality TV show many months before and forgot about it, and it aired and they put my website on the show. I got 10,000 visits to my little dinky, freebie actor website that day. At first it was kind of cool, and then it turned it really dark really, really fast because these are lessons, remember? I got thousands of robot messages programmed by some guy in the northeast of America that were violent and threatening, terrifying and ugly, and I got my first lesson in fame. When we request the new lesson, I share that with you now, we’re going to request a lesson that is safe, and we’re also going to appreciate that it’s going to have lessons.

So for instance, if we sacrifice the lessons poor health and we’re requesting the lessons of perfect health, we want to appreciate that we are going to grow and evolve, that it’s not all going to be easy, that there’s going to be lessons and stuff that we’re going to learn, that these are the lessons we want to learn. These are the lessons that we intuitively know we should be learning next for our evolution, which is always ultimately for the sake of our highest good and happiness.

So for instance, a few years back I sacrificed the lessons of doing everything myself and I requested in their stead the lessons of graciously accepting the help I need. Do you hear all the safety clauses I put in there? The help I need, not just help.

When I was coaching Sarah a few years back, when she sacrificed the lessons of poverty, instead of requesting the lessons of big money, because big money can come with some really scary lessons and I wanted something more for her. I wanted her to have the money, but I wanted her to have more. Instead, she requested the lessons of being a wealthy woman. That gave her so much more than money because she did, she made money, but the wealth showed up in her marriage. The wealth showed up in the experience of her children. The wealth showed up in her contribution to her community and to her clients and her radio show and her books and her pilgrimages to Spain, and it was so much cooler than just cash.

So the first half of the process is finding that old, ratty lesson that you have worn out and you’ve milked everything out of it and you don’t need it anymore; and you know what it is. You call in the help of your choice. Those of you who have a money honey, you can give this lesson to your money honey as a gift with love, saying, “Please take it. This is my sacrifice and my gift to you,” and then request in its place that new lesson. You want to make it bigger than a specific, not the new lesson of a new car. You want to have a bigger container so that the universe can surprise you.

I was coaching a woman in Canada. She requested the lessons of overflowing abundance. What she got back was not only did all of her classes, she’s this ecstatic dancing sort of I think Tantric yoga teacher, amazing spiritual, beautiful force. Not only did all of her classes fill up, but she also attracted her soul mate and everything was coming from that place of overflowing abundance. When you attract your soul mate and you fill your classes, guess what, you get to learn new things. You get to have lessons, but we want to choose the lessons we want to have.

After you ask for the lesson and you choose the words carefully, you don’t have to get it right away, then here’s a neat little trick. Imagine putting all that new lesson into a really yummy piece of food. I always believe in some kind of physical action to make any change real. It could be a chocolate-free cake. Maybe it’s a glutton-free, chocolate-free cake for my healthy people out there or a piece of fruit or a delicious drink. Whatever it is, just imagine that that lesson is now in the substance and then when you take it in, you can feel it feeding every cell in your being and just becoming part of you. Because a really big part of manifesting, like a ridiculous part of manifesting, is lightness.

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When I was focused with all of my being on finding my soul mate, it was unbearable painful, and it wasn’t working because you had that chasing energy which really doesn’t leave room for it to come to you. It’s just like I’m chasing a guy or a guy is chasing you, or men. You know what I’m talking about, just reverse the genders. That holding on to something chases what you want away in my experience. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have sprint periods where we put a lot of effort into something because we’re kind of fighting gravity and we’re building a foundation, but I find that that’s not what when we get the results we want. We get the results afterwards, after we take our foot off the gas, and they were able to be lifted up like a plane.

Funny story, after like all these years of looking for love starting when I was four and a half years old and I chased Brian Patterson under the piano on his fifth birthday party, last year I decided to focus on creating a business that had space in it so that in 2013 I could travel the world making out with a cute guy. I didn’t have the guy, I just started changing my business, accepting fewer, and fewer clients, focusing on products, focusing on teleclasses, and every decision was based on “Will I be able to travel the world for months making out with a cute guy if my business looked like this?” And then I went online and I shared my fantasy and I met my guy. The guy. There was no chasing involved. I know it’s fun, I’m kind of in love and very happy.

It’s so funny because we all have our list of must-haves and then we have our side list of not a must-have but it would be really nice fantasy list, kind of a sidebar. None of this was visible in his profile or in the first couple of dates, and it kind of just gets revealed layer by layer, but he has all those would be nice things on the side, again because they weren’t must-haves. So it just so happens that he builds things and that he plays guitar and that he’s spiritual. None of these were necessary, and that he lives walking distance from my house. It’s that lightness.

So when you’re requesting your lesson, this is part of creating a big enough vessel. If we want to let go of specifics because we want to let the universe surprise us, and we want to request something big enough that big surprises can come to us, and then there is a part of just letting go and forgetting about it.

I’m also a really big advocate of doing less to get more done, and that’s part of the lightness. If we set these huge goals and huge monumental tasks for ourselves, I believe the longer I’ve been doing this coaching, and it’s now been 17 years that I’ve been coaching, that bigger goals tend to be underestimations of what can really happen. The trick to getting those like really big dreams that you hardly even believe possible for yourself is make the bigger dreams bigger and farther out in the future, and here and now do smaller steps, baby steps. Again, it’s that lightness.

It’s why when I did the Financial Alchemy process our money honey may say something like “Love yourself,” but I say, “Okay, what is one single concrete measurable action you can take?” So the value of taking concrete measurable actions, the value of eating the cake the has the new lessons in it, the value of just taking the next step that’s directly in front of you, is that every success gives you more confidence and it gives you more momentum. What happens is the really big steps, the steps that look huge and impossible today, will be very little steps by the time you get to them. It’s counterintuitive, but the smaller your steps the faster you’ll move forward because we psych ourselves out with these perfect notions. I’m going to lose 300 pounds in six months. Just baby, baby, bring it back really, really small and gentle on yourself.

Kristen Howe: That actually accelerates your manifestation when you do that, doesn’t it?

Morgana Rae: So much faster. Absolutely. Fear kind of shuts off the flow. Fear can be useful because it can get our attention that something needs to change and that’s really valuable, and I think the universe gets our attention through money, health, and love. It wakes us up. It gets our attention. Fear also makes us stupid, and I’m not being figurative here. Literally.

I love studying brain science because I had a traumatic head injury when I was 16 years old, 30 years ago. I’ve been very interested in brains. When we’re in fear, the whole back part of our brain activates and freaks out and comes up with worst case scenarios, and the frontal lobe in our brain, our smart part, our genius zone where we get solutions and where wise and resourceful shuts down. Every time we can do anything to take the pressure off and relax the fear and get the big picture, which is why we want our lesson to be really, really big, not in terms of like a big insurmountable lesson, but why I say wealthy woman instead of wads of cash. It creates that space for things to come in very quickly and for good things to come in.

Another way to accelerate attracting what you want, and I’m actually going sideways here because it just popped into my consciousness and I feel like it’s something I really wanted to share in this call, is saying no to say yes. It’s ridiculously attractive. It is one of the best things that you can do because when we tolerate what we don’t want, we’re filling the space and we are training ourselves that this is what we deserve. It becomes our normal, it lowers our self-esteem, and that is not attracted to what we want.

Really tiny things like changing a burnt out light bulb or getting rid of the towels that have holes in them, the chipped dishes. Really dumb stuff like that have a huge impact because those little things that we don’t notice are chipping away at our self-worth. We become the person who deserves to sit in the dark like all those Jewish mother jokes. They leak our energy. They make us less attractive because they chip away at our feelings of deservingness. We train the universe and ourselves how to treat us by what we allow, whether it’s people or things.

?So one of the most attractive things that you can do is say no to what you don’t want and be repulsive to what you don’t want. Be authentic. Love yourself. Let your freak flood fly. I love that phrase. It’s really super magnetic. I’m kind of throwing out some principles. We have an actual process that I shared on the call and we also have principles to live by to get into alignment, to get rid of the resistance, to make life magical, make things just happen. Some people have perfect pitch and can sing really well, or throw a ball, or catch a ball; I do none of those things, but I’m really naturally very good at making things happen as if by magic for myself and people around me and that’s what I want to share on this call.

Kristen Howe: I love that. You shared with us some of the process. Talk to me about how creating a self-fulfilling vision falls into that process, or if it does.

Morgana Rae: It does. It absolutely does. There are two reasons that we create a goal. One is fear and one is love. When we want to be less fat, that’s coming out of fear. In neuro-linguistic programming they call that away from motivated, or get out of debt, or get out of the fear of scarcity and lack where as soon as we’re out of pain, the motivation disappears or we’re staring towards the fear. I’m not somebody who says pretend that the fear isn’t there. I’m actually wow, go look at it and make it as big as possible so that we can see what’s there because it is there. We want to deal with that first and find out what we’re protecting ourselves from so we can address it. That’s what I was talking about at the beginning of the call.

A self-fulfilling future that we desire is when we get rid of what we need to protect. When we get rid of the monster that makes us need to stay sickly or in poor relationships so that we don’t get hurt again or single or whatever it is, when we get rid of the very good reasons to stay the same, then we can come up with the real reasons to have what we want. That’s when the future manifests really easily.

If you were to imagine right now that it was a year from today and to your amazement you realize that in the last 12 months you accomplished all the big goals you set for yourself. Maybe this has never ever happened before and you’re sitting here amazed to discover that you’re the person who can make all that happen and what that feels like. You take a look where you live, and you take a look at who’s in your life, and you take a look at what you do with your time, what your work is like and what your play is like. You look back at what you learned that made this all possible and you notice that you’re not the same person you were a year ago because you are more you, and you said yes to some things and you said no to other things.

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Take a snapshot of this moment a year from today that has already happened, that you’ve already experienced, and if you come back into time into the present moment where you’re listening to my voice, you can feel the year ahead of you pulling you forward like a rubber band getting tighter and tighter as you come closer and closer to the present moment. You can notice that time is rearranging itself deliberately to lead you inevitably to this future that you’ve already seen, that’s already happened. Maybe you notice that setbacks and obstacles that happen over the next year are necessary to correct your course, to take you to that inevitable future that has already happened, that you’ve already seen and tasted and heard and felt. That’s how you create a future that pulls you forward.

Kristen Howe: Wow. I can see how that would, and correct me if I’m wrong here, but how that would sort of, as you said, make your goal happen to you instead of you chasing them away because of that rubber band effect. What a great visual by the way, to have the rubber band sort of drawing it to you. So is this how, this and taking those mini steps that we talked about, which I think is so powerful, is that how we achieve the goals that maybe have alluded us in the past? That and also, of course, letting go of why we’re keeping ourselves stuck.

Morgana Rae: Yes. Well we’ve been taught so many things wrong and so I want to correct that really fast in this call. Yes, take a look at the year ahead as a partnership because nothing you do will be in isolation and you really cannot control the universe, but what you can do is see the opportunity in everything that happens. When you see your goals, I love to break things down to do the least amount at any given time, but I like to say don’t do today what you could in three months. If anybody listening is like me, when I start the year and you know what? We’re starting the year today whatever day of the year this is. I feel like everything needs to be done right now or yesterday and when I’m done hyperventilating, I pull out – when I take a look at all my goals – I pull out everything I possibly can out of the present time and put it out in the future so I don’t do today what I could do nine months from now.

What happens is we get to know that everything will get done and everything will get its turn and we’re not allowed to do it right now. All you get to do is what’s on your plate, and the less that is on your plate, the better. The person who does the fewest things at a time wins because then when you get it done and if you have nothing on your plate you can go shopping and take a look at what’s coming up three months, six months, nine months down the line and see if anything is appropriate now. It takes the pressure off. It means that you get to do everything much better and you don’t have to feel guilty about anything that you aren’t doing right now because it’s not its turn and you’re not allowed because I’m your coach and I said so. So you’re off.

Kristen Howe: I love that. That’s awesome. What you’re teaching is so amazing, and by the way, I love what you’ve shared with us. You’ve sort of given us the inner viewpoint into what you do with some of your one-on-one clients and I think that’s amazing because you don’t normally get to look into that, so I really, really appreciate that. You actually shared with us some really cool stories throughout, but can you share with us one or two success stories from people that you’ve worked with with this information, with the things that you’ve shared with us today?

Morgana Rae: Oh yes. This kind of stuff happens all the time. It’s funny because I have the reputation for being this money magnet where I can just talk to somebody like Chris Galligan for 15 minutes, an artist who hadn’t sold anything in months and then next day he received $100,000 in orders. I have this reputation for this magic touch, and it’s so funny that it’s money because the value of money is that it’s easy to measure and it’s great for marketing, but it’s never really about money.

I also have a current client in New York who came to me because she wanted to improve her relationships. Again, people think that it’s about money, but it’s really not. As of yesterday, she is now officially in a relationship, the best that she’s ever had. It’s all the same thing. It’s setting these boundaries, and I did this exact process with her. It’s a combination of that self-love and getting rid of the things that are not good for you. As soon as she set boundaries in her relationships and started getting rid of stuff in her life that didn’t honor her, it was like you would get whiplash. There was just no time in between that this guy showed up in the unlikeliest of places and is jumping over himself in devotion, which creates a new challenge because she’s never had that kind of relationship before so she needs to learn how to receive it without panic.

Kristen Howe: What you just said there is so powerful; receive it with panic, because I think that’s something that really comes up with a lot of people that they wouldn’t expect. So I love that that’s a part of it.

Morgana Rae: If you’ve never experienced it before it feels too good to be true, you don’t know what to do with it because you’ve trained your whole life to be the caregiver instead of the love receiver, so it is a lesson. It’s a stretching lesson, but it’s the lesson that she wanted to learn.

Kristen Howe: Yes, that’s amazing. People have done some incredible things working with you and what you’re teaching, and you did put together a special offer for everyone so what I want to do, Morgana, is give everyone the link and then I’ll have you walk them through it because it’s so powerful when they hear it from you directly. Go to I definitely recommend you go and experience this for yourself as Morgana talks you through it because if you are looking to increase the speed of your manifesting, you’re going to want to check this out. Morgana, go ahead and talk us through it.

Morgana Rae: Okay. Because I’m known for the money magnetism, even though that’s not what I was focusing on here, it would be ridiculous of me not to include that in here because it’s important and I want everybody to have it. The first piece in this package is my eBook, Proven Steps to be a Money Magnet, and it is newly revised and updated and it walks you through my signature six step Financial Alchemy process. It’s got the transcript of a coaching demo so that you can learn that.

Also to support you on that which is all about creating a new relationship with money, I also added my brand new eBook on How to Get Rid of Your Money Monster, just like I’ve been talking on this call. If you’re struggling with money, you have the best reasons, and we want to recognize them and then get rid of the problem so that you don’t have to protect yourself from money anymore. On the other side, when you have a new relationship with money, I have a checklist. I call it Your Money Honey Likes and Dislikes because now you have a relationship with money as if money were somebody worthy of your deepest love and affection who loves you, so I included that checklist. Now I’m going to get into the bigger picture of things because really what we’re talking about today is more than just money.

I have my Evolution Accelerator, which is really what today’s call is about. I created this and this is in the package if you want to do this process again. I also have a worksheet to walk you through the steps of releasing the old lessons and inviting in the new lessons and then creating your year. I’ve got a worksheet for that to get you unstuck and manifesting your new life. That was the focus of today. I have a product to go back and do that again and do it over and over again over the course of your life every time you see a pattern that is ready to release so that you can evolve to your next lesson.

Finally, what’s really exciting is I hosted a three day round table on the topic of Money, Love, and And Magic because I tapped the top manifesters in the world. My friends, my heroes, my mentors, and people I just love to talk about manifesting money, love, and magic. We have people like Christopher Howard, and Bob Doyle, and Debra Poneman, who many of you know, and Noah St. John, and really dug into their psyches, not only my approach, but to bring in their approach to manifesting money, love, and magic. I don’t sell this anywhere; you can only get it here. Three days of the people who inspire me saying the most brilliant things that I’ve ever heard. That’s the home study stuff that you get to download and you get to keep and you get to use over and over again.

There’s also this thing that happens when I interact with people live. When you can bring your own questions specific to you of where you’re stuck and I can zero in really quickly and hear what’s really going on. I have a talent for knowing things and being able to make things change really, really fast. What I’m adding, which is the most valuable thing that I have to offer as a human being, is a live 90 minute group coaching call where you can get my attention and live access to me so that I can focus on you and do my best to create an instant transformation because that’s what I’m good at, that’s what I’m best at.

The funny thing is, when money is no longer the problem and you have an abundance of it, suddenly time and energy becomes your most valuable asset, which is why I say this is the most valuable thing that I have to offer because I do very little live coaching anymore. This is one of these rare things that I really want to give because I’m committed to actually making a difference and not just blurting things out and having people say “Oh that was nice,” and nothing change. So I want to check back in with you in this live event so that you can share with me what’s going on and we can change what needs to change.

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Kristen Howe: I know a bunch of you are already thinking about what you will ask Morgana when you’re able to talk to her on that live event. That’s great, write it down because I think what an amazing tool for you to be able to use and experience.

Morgana, let me ask you this, I know we’re talking about instant and effortless, all of those words that can get people really excited, I just want to ask you though, when people start working with this program what are some of the biggest benefits people could expect to experience starting right away? What are some of things that they can go, “Okay yes, chances are good this is going to happen right away,” this feeling, this things, whatever.

Morgana Rae: First, the most important thing because I can’t ever predict or promise what is going to happen in terms of dollars or people. I can’t. I see and I report when people share their stories, but what I do know happens first is – and this is to me the most valuable thing in the world and all the outer results happen after that – is finally really getting your value and your worth. It’s this feeling of being loved. Everybody should love them self. I could say that to anybody on the planet, including myself, “You should love yourself more,” and it’ll be true and so what, then we just beat our selves up about that. So what I’m actually going for instead of that is I want you to know, and that’s actually what the products in here, especially the Financial Alchemy products do, is you get to discover what it feels like to be loved beyond your wildest dreams and it may be different from anything you experienced before.

In fact, if you are listening and you’ve never have been loved before like my client in New York, the notion of it may actually be scary and hard to believe, but what happens is it trains you. It changes you and it trains you so that that’s all that can come in because you don’t accept anything less anymore. It will start with the inner change, that feeling of finally discovering your true worth and being able to look at whatever your life circumstances are and see the opportunity and not feel too small for it, but actually kind of see it and go “Oh okay, okay I can handle that, I see what to do,” to not feel alone. The individual results come rapidly after that and they feel sort of like frosting.

One of the most annoying things in my business is that clients get these ridiculous financial windfalls and they forget to tell me. Like Caroline made $86,000 the next day and forgot to tell me until like the final five minutes of our phone call because she was so talking about how she feels this energy and she feels light and she feels happy and she feels alive, and we’re talking about that and then at the end of the call – Tom didn’t even tell me at all. He made $1.5 million six weeks after doing my process, and I only found out because he had referred a friend to be my client and his friend told me.

Kristen Howe: I love that because that’s exactly what I’m always talking about and everybody here knows that when we talk about manifesting everything now we’re talking about from the inside out. When you do it from the inside, that’s the exciting part, the other stuff just kind of shows up, so that’s it sounds like that’s exactly what’s happening, that they’re forgetting to tell you about the outside. I love that. How amazing, that’s incredible.

Morgana Rae: Sometimes I find out like years later.

Kristen Howe: I love that, and what a cool thing though for you to be like, “Oh, that’s the byproduct.” That’s fantastic. By the way, you’re fantastic. You have shared so much with us today. You really have given us sort of an insider view into what it’s like to work with you one-on-one, and I appreciate that. I think you’re fantastic. I love the way you deliver everything with such passion and such clarity. You’re able to really sort of draw pictures for us so that we can really see things clearly, and that’s a gift. I appreciate that. I appreciate everything you’ve brought to this call.

I’d love to ask you, are there any words you want to words of wisdom, Morgana’s words of brilliance that you want to sort of send us off with today?

Morgana Rae: Yeah. I know a lot of people talk about law of attraction, and if that works for you, go for it. I believe in a strong tendency of attraction but not a law of attraction, but I want find is very, very useful is the idea of a law of highest good, of making everything useful. If you are stuck and struggling and you’ve experienced failure and frustration and despair, what I want for you is to take that experience and turn it into gold instead of making yourself wrong; finding the gift in it so that you don’t need to have that failure and that despair anymore. Then things happen very quickly, but first, we need to get the gift so that we don’t need to hold on to the stuckness anymore.

Kristen Howe: Perfect. I love that, and that’s a whole new perspective, by the way, so I’m hoping everybody really, really had that sink in. Morgana, thank you so much. You’ve been incredible. Everybody listening, you are magnificent and I am just full of joy that I get to do this and share these amazing people like Morgana with you and share this time with you, so thank you all. Special thanks to you, Morgana. Until the next time everyone keep manifesting. I’ll talk to you all soon. Bye-bye.

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The law of attraction is one of the more popularized Universal laws. The theory behind the secret law of attraction is that we create our own realities.

In practicing the secret law of attraction we not only attract things we want, we also attract things we don't want. This is based on our overwhelming thoughts and feelings. The release of the movie The Secret the laws of attraction created a worldwide phenomenon. It awakened millions of people to the idea. Because of the movie, many are now believing and using the secret power of attraction in their own lives. The secret law of attraction or the like attracts like principle is helping millions of people create a life they always knew they could have.

Law of secret attraction or the secret laws, just like most of the other Universal laws, is a creative process. Ask, believe and receive. In these laws of attraction secret overwhelming feelings you have attract people and things into your reality. You need to believe that what you are asking for will become yours and you must become an active player in reaching your goals.

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