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"Alicia Power and Nicole Herod in Conversation"

Nicole Herod:          Hi. This is your host Nicole Herod.  I’d like to welcome you to our call today with our guest, Alicia Power.

A former journalist, Alicia is a consciousness thought leader, psychic researcher, a multimedia blogger, author, and inspirational speaker.  She has, for over 20 years, communicated and trained with senior spirit tutors and she helps us to understand the practical process of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.  She’s been initiated by senior levels of the spirit dimensions to hold very high frequency of light.  After three decades of spiritual master training and teaching as a profound healer and awakener, Alicia helps people ignite their soul into high joy, freedom, power, and purpose.  As a soul activator, Alicia facilitates with extraordinary senior spirit mentors that can accelerate your soul evolution and expand your soul’s capacity to ascend and merge into God source.

I’m excited about today’s call because you will discover what a spirit tutor is and how yours can check your soul energy field and assess what it needs.  You’re going to discover that you can flow high-frequency light through stagnant and damaged fiber optics in your soul aura.  You’ll discover a simple way to reprogram your subliminal consciousness for optimal reality manifestation and this will change how you think and feel.  You’ll understand what fear programming is and you’ll feel empowered to change it.  You’ll discover how to feel free to let go of sadness or low frequency feelings and choose self-love and self-care.  You’ll experience a profound clearing and activation to connect with your spirit light, and if that’s not enough, you’ll learn how to hear your spirit tutor better and partner with your spirit tutor for soul evolution.

Having said that, Alicia, thank you for joining us today and welcome to the call.

Alicia Power:           Thank you, Nicole.  Thank you so much.

Nicole Herod:          As we start a fantastic conversation I’m so excited because I truly believe that you have a lot to offer individuals.  I think you can really help individuals connect with the spirit dimensions and ground themselves.  I think what you have to offer is powerful, so before we get started, can you take about two to three minutes and share with us, I think, two key things, one, how you came to communicate with senior spirit authority in the first place, and secondly, what you believe to be the major turning points that allowed you to manifest your current level of success.

Alicia Power:           Goodness gracious, wow!  I’m just going to attempt to talk about that first one, which is really, really so important and so powerful for me in my life.  Just very quickly, as a young child I was always so interested in God and God’s love.  I was born into a Catholic family, into a European family.  I remember at one point when I was about 10 years old standing in a bookshop next to a pile of science fiction books and imagining to myself and thinking very clearly to myself – it was a key moment – thinking, “Where do they get their ideas from?  Are they coming from their own database, their own files of what they’ve already read?  Where are they getting their imagination and concepts for these extraordinary stories of science fiction?”  That thought has stayed with me and stayed with me right through my childhood, into my teenage years. 

I remember going for a walk – these are kind of key memories in my life – walking along this road, looking down over the ocean, and thinking to myself, “What is beyond my mind?”  Then I ended up at the age of 18 entering a very deep spiritual practice for 16 years following a spiritual master, and actually, living celibate in an ashram for six years and just following such a deep path of God consciousness and service to humanity. 

At the end of those 16 years, I opened up my mind to spirit tutors.  I opened up my psychic capacity to hear higher consciousness and higher wisdom.  The reason I did that is because even after 16 years of deep meditation, practice, and spiritual practice, I was really adept at sitting in deep mental stillness and sitting in God consciousness, but I had this deep hunger and longing to understand my own soul, my own soul history; who was this being that had traveled through many incarnations and had specific talents and skills and had its own agenda and who’s so passionate in this lifetime around God consciousness?  What perhaps did it have to say to me? 

I knew that no one on the outside was going to tell me about it, that I had to open up for the spirit world because spirit tutors would be able to see the entirety of my entire soul and be able to start to train me and teach me and talk to me, and unfold my own power to myself on a scale and on levels that nobody in the outside world would ever be able to do. 

That began my journey 20 years ago deep into the spirit world, and, my goodness, this journey has been extraordinary.  Within about two years of communicating with really advanced spirit tutors already, they introduced me to a level of the spirit world which they started to call creative beings.  These were spirit mentors who oversaw the design of this entire spirit universe.  Not just the physical universe but the entire spirit universe. 

These overseers then began to mentor me right through for the following 18 or 19 years now.  The training has been so meticulous, so detailed, so gentle, and kind of ruthless at the same time.  I was thinking the other day, “My goodness, where did this all begin?”  I remember thinking to myself, “I think I said to these spirit tutors at the very beginning what I would like is full consciousness,” so that’s the agenda.  That’s what they have unfolded, in the sense of understanding how the spirit world works, all the different angles and dynamics of the spirit world.

Part of that has actually been – and you might want to ask me a little bit about this later on – they have, throughout these 20 years of training, at some point the training began about the shadow aspect of the spirit world, and, my goodness, that was such a powerful training, very intense.  That was designed to build my powers – and funny, my name’s Alicia Power – so that I hold light above and beyond the disturbance shadow energy in the spirit world.  They trained me throughout all that time to understand all those aspects of the spirit world and to be able to hold light very, very clear, and very steady with many, many skills and tools to do that. 

Now, Nicole, what was the second part of the question? 

Nicole Herod:          Well, actually I think you’ve answered it because I was asking what you believe to be the major turning points that allowed you to manifest your current level of success.  It sounds to me as if the interaction and the training that you’ve received from your own spirit tutors have really helped you to grow and develop in a way that has probably been unparalleled in other areas of your life, I’m not sure. 

Alicia Power:           Yeah, exactly.  When you say success for me, and it really is the core message really of everything I’ll be saying today and that is, in terms of manifestation, in terms of abundance, in terms of success in your life, for me, a core training is to begin to realize for that penny drop to go very, very deep that you are – we are, we all are – a spirit being in a human body and that we are a spirit being foremost.  When we understand that, life is a bit fearful, we’re less attached.  We can be still driven.  We can be driven by the joy of our soul, but we’re not fearfully driven.  We’re more driven by passion.  We’re more driven by joy-based rather than fear, and the whole thing of manifesting realities and manifesting money and manifesting leadership and manifesting power, I just want to say to everyone listening to this, it’s a little bit like having your hand tight on a banister because life’s really unstable and you’re holding on really tight.

In a way, this is what’s happened to the human race, to all of us as humans, is we are in the sense of the amnesia where we have forgotten that we are a spirit being, and there will be a day when we shed the human body and return beautifully to the fullness of our spirit being.  There will be a day.  We cannot pretend it’s not going to happen.  It will.  We are a spirit being.  It is the truth.  It’s not just a story. 

So the incredible journey and training that the spirit tutors have unfolded for me is an internal step-by-step, gradual shifting in my internal platform of where I sit inside of myself, to actually be living from that place of knowing that I’m a spirit being.  It’s not a theory, it’s visceral.  Living from that base, your power to communicate and your fearlessness is the key, is the clue, to abundance because then you really do have something to say and a message.  People really get it when you speak because of the knowing that you are a spirit being.  That’s the clue for everyone listening right through this whole talk.

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Nicole Herod:          You used the term spirit tutor and I’m wondering, really, and perhaps other people are wondering, what is a spirit tutor?  Is it the same thing as a spirit guide?

Alicia Power:           Yes, a spirit guide, a spirit tutor.  As a spirit being, we have incarnated into this body and we’re living this beautiful life, and we have so many friends in the spirit world.  We’ve known them before, and there are spirit beings that are delegated to our training in the background that we may not have met before also because they are specialists in different areas of training. 

When we call for a spirit tutor, when we ask a spirit mentor or a spirit tutor, a spirit guide to come to us, for me I just want to contextualize this.  This can begin a two way dialogue communication for you to begin an awakening of your spirit self, that you are spirit because when you do meet a spirit guide or a spirit tutor it’s not just a one-off moment.  This could be the beginning of your hand in their hand for the rest of your life, where they, incredible trainers that they are, they can see the entire circuit board of your entire consciousness.  They see what all your fears are.  They see your entire soul history, where your soul’s been and all of its incarnations, and previous to even a soul coming into human incarnation that’s been a long trajectory, a long journey.

One of my audios that you’ll be getting as part of the product package actually talks and does a whole lecture on that, the soul’s journey.  It’s really incredible.  So your spirit tutor can begin to have a look at that entire circuitry and begin to clean it up for you, begin to just pull out the fears and patch it up again to strengthen who you are as a soul.  To strengthen who you are, the way you think, the way you feel, just strengthen that entire platform.  They are technicians.  They’re electricians.  They can go in and just very, very easily see exactly what they need to change.  Also, they work very closely with your instructions, so on a day by day basis you can say, “Look, I’m feeling really fearful or sad about this issue.”  They can see the platform of where that issue is kind of activating in you and your perspective on that issue.  They can change it.  It’s like a tangled wiring.  They can just untangle it and suddenly you’re comfortable about the issue, you’re relaxed about it, you see a whole different vision for it.  It’s really, really powerful stuff. 

The other thing about a spirit tutor and a spirit guide is that they can simply answer your questions.  If you say, “Look, what about this issue?”  They can simply offer guidance and higher overview.  So it’s just so practical in the sense of you can progress as a soul, your soul evolution, if you talk to you spirit tutor everyday you can get higher wisdom, that higher information, that higher intelligence coming from them instantaneously.  Not only that, they can literally change your wiring.  They can change the way you think.  They can change the way you feel so quickly, just instantly, and I can teach you how to have that kind of moment with them and the kind of instructions to do that. 

In fact, a little bit later during this talk we will have that moment with that spirit tutor with you and I’ll be talking you into how to instruct, giving you ideas of ways to work with your spirit tutor.

Nicole Herod:          Fantastic.  You’ve often spoken about how light and joy can uplift the wounded corners of our soul.  Can you just explain a bit more about that?

Alicia Power:           My goodness, it is such a huge topic, Nicole.  My goodness gracious, and I go, “Where do I start?”

In the spirit world, everything is light waves, waves of light.  Those waves of light, in the quantum mechanics, quantum physics world  hold knowledge.  They hold information.  They hold data, unlimited data actually, apparently according to quantum mechanics.  In every wave of light it can hold unlimited data.  Isn’t that interesting?  Our own thoughts are waves of light.  Our emotions are waves of light.

Now, the spirit world and spirit technicians and spirit tutors and spirit guides, are experts and specialists in working with the electromagnetics and the electronics of these quantum energy waveforms.  That is their science and they understand consciousness.  They understand how they can change the way you think immediately by playing with those light waves. 

So when you say how do light and joy uplift the wounded corners of your soul, your spirit tutor has trained as a specialist and as an expert in working with the science of light, of light waves.  Again, in two second flat according to your instructions to them of what kind of result you want, they simply reach into your fiber optic, to your auric field, into your electromagnetic field, and just play and very specifically, like an electrician, go to those waveforms and interact with them, change them, heal them, release the pressure, release the intensity, release the fear, release the terror, release the shadow, and as you’re sitting there transmute it, rewire it according to a new pattern.  They literally reconstruct.

This is a new thought for most people.  They don’t realize that working with a spirit tutor is so practical and they don’t realize that “energy work” is that specific.  It is incredibly specific.  When I work with my spirit technicians, spirit tutors, they love me to be extremely specific and clinical in the tone of my thinking and in the way of describing to them what I want to change, about the tone of my thinking, in the tone of my emotions.  I give them clear instructions about how I want to feel.  It’s not a vague thing.  They know exactly what to do in terms of rewiring to change a pattern – a thinking pattern, an emotional pattern – for the result you want.  Nicole, does that answer your question?

Nicole Herod:          It does, indeed.  Of course, there are so many more that I have.  I was wondering what is it that causes the fiber optics in our soul aura to become damaged, and how does that happen in the first place?

Alicia Power:           Yeah, another very, very big story, I have to say.  Again, I have just deep, deep knowledge about this.  That is, that in the spirit world – I’ll just be very brief, quick overview – in the spirit world, there are many types of spirit beings; there’s that whole a scale from high to low at the spectrum. 

When we talk about spirit beings, we talk about high tutors and high light mentors.  Unfortunately, there is a spectrum that goes downwards as well and there are many, many what I call species of different spirit beings who also interrupt our lives with their shadow energy.  I call it darkness, I guess, darkness energy.  These are conscious beings and there are many types of them.  They know exactly what they’re doing, and in a sense, they’re electricians as well.  They know how to enter, or sometimes I call it software that downloads into our auric field, they know how to scramble the wiring.  They know how to scramble and distort the waveforms so that suddenly the feelings in you are distorted and intense and fear-based. 

Fear is a specific waveform, and these entities – these types of spirit beings – can come and very deliberately start to change the way you feel, change the way you think.  I like to give this example of you standing next to somebody at the grocery checkout counter and the person standing next to you, you can see that they’re in such a grumpy mood.  You were feeling great before it and then afterwards you go back, jump in your car, go home but you’re feeling grumpy suddenly.  Languaging the way I talk about it is that some low resonance software downloaded or entities literally jumped into your auric field from that person.  Also, I talk about going into video shops or sitting in the movies or being in great big crowds or going into shopping centers with a lot of people.  There will be people that you stand next to whose auric fields are quite populated or polluted with lower resonance entities and these can very, very easily just migrate, if you’d like, into your own auric field.

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So it is up to us to be self-observant and know that it is a very almost clinical thing that’s happening.  When you are in partnership with your spirit tutor and spirit guides, you can so quickly and easily invite them to work with your aura and clean it up really quickly and very deeply.  I love teaching people how to do this.  Part of it is switching on your attention and seeing what the spirit tutors are actually doing because it’s a strange quantum phenomenon that when your attention is engaged in what your spirit tutor is actually doing in your auric field, the shift is very deep.  There’s a really big clue. 

It’s not about saying, “Hey, guys.  Just clean me up,” and going, “Okay, they’re just going to do it.”  They will to a degree, but if you engage your attention in what they’re doing and that can start to travel very deep, I’ve been doing it with them for 20 years and, my goodness, where I have traveled in the spirit world, all of you guys listening to this will not believe what I’ve seen and how I’ve watched them work.  They so easily can just shift and pull those entities out.  From my point of view, it is almost like the number one skill to have in this lifetime.  Intense partnership with a spirit tutor is to begin training where they teach you how to clean your own auric field in terms of inviting them to work and partner with them to clean your auric field, so it’s so important; so, so important Nicole.

Nicole Herod:           I know that you often speak about the fact that we can actually reprogram our subconsciousness for optimal reality manifestation.  We can do this to change how we think and how we feel for the better.  How do we begin to even do that?

Alicia Power:           Again, I’m going to quite often come back to that point of working with the spirit tutor.  From my point of view and from my personal experience, part of the training of working closely with a spirit mentor, speaking to them everyday, telling them how I would like my consciousness changed, telling them the goals, or I would love for my soul in terms of the level of enlightenment or the level of higher consciousness that I want.  Give them a point of reference to start changing my circuit boards and my consciousness, and to start reprogramming my ability to feel deeper.  Heart levels, opening my heart, opening my chakras, feeling myself more grounded, more present. 

When I talk about reprogramming, I’m talking about rewiring.  I’m talking about real change in the base core platform of my consciousness that’s permanent, not temporary.  So when you work with a spirit tutor they will go in and begin changing ancient fears that sit in the soul memory, in the soul history.  They work very, very deeply at that base, base level.  In terms of reprogramming subliminal consciousness, that’s what I’m talking about.

I just want to say that optimal reality manifestation for everyone listening here, what I’ve learned from the spirit tutors over the 20 years is that the more open your heart chakra is and the cleaner your heart chakra is – just really quickly, your heart chakra is nearly an infinite library of soul memory because your heart chakra has traveled with your soul.  Your heart chakra’s part of your soul body and it has gathered impressions and reactions through nearly unlimited cycles of experiences, of life experiences.  So in your heart chakra – let alone all the other chakras in your system – your heart chakra holds so much memory and it can just push away love or it cannot be very present or whatever, but in terms of manifestation, everyone listening here, listen up very carefully, the spirit tutors and these really high authority spirit tutors have taught me and shown me that the heart chakra is your main tool for manifestation because the heart chakra tunes you to higher and higher levels of quantum resonance. 

In terms of when you open your heart chakra, the resonance that you can hold or feel yourself to be sitting in attracts your reality instantaneously.  You are a spirit being sitting in a human body in a temporary hologram.  The hologram is designed to reflect back to you what is happening in your energy field.  Can you imagine that?  So your current snapshot of how your energy field is today, right now, is creating your reality.  When your spirit tutors change the wiring in your energy field, you can imagine the looser, the higher realities that can start being attracted to you, the calmer, more heartfelt optimal realities that can begin to be magnetized towards you.  It’s really quite simple.  It’s almost scientific in a way.  Actually, your fingertips are technicians who can change the payload, if you like, the data payload that sits in your electromagnetic field, and especially in that incredible projector which is your heart chakra. 

In terms of optimal reality manifestation, everyone, in this lifetime – this is a takeaway from this call – begin to work on your heart chakra as a priority.  Open the heart chakra.  Ask your spirit tutors to excavate the heart chakra, to find all the lower spirit beings that might still be hitching a ride in the heart chakra and causing your perception lens, your projector lens, to be slightly distorted and creating distorted realities in your life.

Nicole Herod:          You’ve also mentioned fear programming, and I know a few moments ago you gave the example of perhaps being in a grocery store and being exposed to other people who have the lower energies within them.  Is that the same thing as fear programming or is fear programming something a bit different?

Alicia Power:           Nicole, again, because I have very sophisticated knowledge of the spirit world, when I talk about fear programming, I’m immediately beginning to think, “Right, do I start from the beginning of this lifetime talking about this or do I start from the experiences that the soul has gathered throughout its many, many incarnations and soul existences.”  Really quickly, fear is governed by consciousnesses, and these are higher beings of darkness, if you’d like.  They’re not higher light beings; they’re higher darkness beings, all the way down to lower entities of darkness. 

Throughout your whole soul history and soul memory, all of your soul existences and lifetimes, in the spirit world you have been interrupted, tripped up, hurt, damaged by the spirit world by lower spirit beings.  They come in and they just start to hurt your consciousness.  They can show up by really tough circumstances in your life.  Now, you have that as soul memory – many, many moments of ambush and hurt – and you’ve also got much soul memory too of incredibly high consciousness soul existences as well.  Both of those kinds of soul memories are sitting there.  There’s memory of your power as well. 

Then you enter this lifetime as a soul carrying all that memory, and sometimes, actually quite often, a soul will incarnate into a family where one parent or a child, a sibling, has a dark soul.  What I mean by that is that that soul carries a lot of memory of hurt and pain, and there are many, if you like, dark spirits connected to that soul.  If you enter into a lifetime where one parent has a soul which carries a lot of darkness, those dark spirits will actually download into your own auric field.  Now, that begins a journey and they begin sort of bumping your soul around and hurting your soul and adding low resonance to your soul.  It creates a complex reality where you try and steer your life as beautifully as you can, but you come up against fear inside of yourself and projected fears, so there’s that kind of circumstance, and everyone, all of us in our life, come up against people who carry darkness in their auric field.

Fear programming, from my point of view, is the spirit world entering our auric fields and setting up fear in terms of in our archives that activates and creates reflexes, fear reflexes.  So my perspective of fear programming is a spirit world point of view.  I’m very specific and detailed in it and I know exactly what’s happening there.  I’m saying this because I know that each of you listening to this can learn to see what’s happening pretty quickly with your hand in the hand of your own spirit mentor because your spirit mentor can show you what’s happening immediately.  They can show you what’s happening in your auric field.  They can show you what’s happening in somebody else’s auric field.  They can show you and point out the different types of spirit beings that are populating someone else’s auric field, so x-ray vision, but the point of this is that you don’t have to walk around not understanding what’s happening to you or to somebody else.  Your spirit tutor can immediately show you the truth of what’s happening below the surface. 

That little question of what is fear programming, I’ve just given you a little bit of deeper insight in terms of what’s happening there, Nicole.

Nicole Herod:          When we come across members either of our family or people who are close to us that we may suspect have fear programming or darker entities around them, is there anything that we can do for them or is our job simply just to focus on our own growth and evolution?  Sometimes people find it difficult to know what to do because you recognize there may be an issue, but you’re not sure if you’re the one who needs to do anything about it.

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Alicia Power:           Yes.  Do you know what I’d love to do?  I would love to take everyone into a process right now.  During the process, we’ll have a look at someone that might be a little bit of a difficult person in your life.  You’ll get an experience – direct experiences – knowing what to do.  I’ll give you a tool how to work with your spirit tutor in this context.  Shall we do it?

Nicole Herod:          That sounds fantastic.  Yes, indeed.

Alicia Power:           Nicole, I feel the first process I would love to do with everyone because the content of this call is so much about accessing your spirit tutor, let’s meet your spirit tutor.  I’m going to work with you, Nicole, and everybody on this call, let’s play.  Let’s jump in.

The first thing to do – I always love to begin this way – is to work with the breath, because the breath helps the spirit part of you, you as a spirit being, to kind of loosen up away from the body and it helps take you into the spirit world just by working the breath.  The first thing to do very, very simply is take one or two deep breaths and let the breath out very, very slowly.  You can count to eight or ten on the out breath. 

Okay, everyone, follow me really closely because we’re going to work really fast.  I’d love you to not be lying down.  I’d like you to be sitting up if that’s possible just so that you’re alert, so that your conscious mind’s alert, and I’d love your mind to be focused on what I’m saying.  We might have a little bit of fun to start with because my spirit tutors like to do a little bit of consciousness gymnastics just to engage you with the spirit world first before we jump into actually communicating with your spirit tutor.  Okay. 

Of course, closing the eyes and imagining in front of you, just a huge ball of light.  So simple, a huge, huge, huge ball of light that’s kind of like a supernova explosion of light in front of you.  I’d like you to step into it, right into the center of it.  Just melt.  Dissolve.  Let go.  This is a great process.  It just helps you kind of open the heart actually, just letting go to the light. 

Now, imagining a column of light that’s shooting up the top of this whole explosion of light, let’s follow it up like an elevator, this column of light, traveling up.  Above us is this huge vast sky of light.  This column of light is just pushing right up into the sky of light and we are following and moving up into this layer of light.  What they’re doing here is actually increasing our frequency as we’re traveling up higher.  Imagine that you are lying horizontal in this layer of light, so all you’re doing is like lying in the ocean of light, very, very simple. 

What’s happening here, too, by the way, everyone is that teams of spirit beings are actually attending to you right now.  They’re looking at your auric field.  They’re very gently starting to, in a sense, comb your auric field, heal it, they’re adding extra life to your auric field.  That’s just what’s happening subliminally in the background.  It’s like getting a nice bath.  Just above you now, there is this sphere.  It’s got a large, large, large sphere of electric green energy and I’d love you to allow yourself to elevate up into it and immerse yourself into this sphere. 

Now, the energy’s almost like a liquid and it begins to soak into your body as you’re in the sphere.  Again, it’s very activating, the energy itself, as it’s soaking into your body.  It’s actually changing and healing your fiber optics.  Again, it’s opening up the chakras, relaxing your aura, and relaxing your heart.  What we’re doing, what the spirit world is doing here is opening your system to help you feel loved and joy-filled because in a moment when you meet your spirit tutor you really do want to be in a vibration, in a love-filled vibration where you can feel them and when you can communicate to them with love.

Okay, we’re still on this beautiful, beautiful electric green energy.  Bursting out of that and above us is a layer of pink energy.  Everyone, we’re having fun here with the colors.  Again, very similar to the other layer of light, we’re lying horizontal in the layer of light that’s pink now, and it’s like these waves – these sheets – of pink energy are passing through us, down through our whole being, pushing themselves down and then up again through.  These sheets of beautiful pink are permeating our being, our body, just softening our whole being, just allowing the energy to increase.  Intentionally, for a moment, just this beautiful strong love energy is just growing.  The presence of the spirit beings are so there with us, giving yourself a chance to really just enjoy some stillness and some love.  I’m being asked by the spirit world to tell you that this is actually a beautiful activation, very high frequency light is entering your field just right now, pouring itself in, very soft and gentle, but beautiful. 

All right everyone, let’s pretend we are standing in a garden.  I’d love you to really switch on your imagination and have complete fun with this.  I’d love you to use the word pretend.  It’s completely fine to use the word pretend so that your logical mind doesn’t think it has to do a good job, doesn’t have to all.  We’re going to put our logical mind way over on the side on a shelf and pretending like a 2-year-old is fine. 

So pretend that standing in front of you is a beautiful being of light.  Now, you don’t need to see them clearly at all.  Just sense what they feel like and look like.  What I’d love you to do is just get sense, completely just instinctively, sensing and knowing.  No need to switch on strong visuals really.  Just know whether they have any clothes on them, for example, and again, have fun and pretend.  Are they female?  Are they male?  Have they got long hair?  You can dress them up in your imagination.  For some of you it’ll just be a being a light.  For some of you beautiful beings will show up in a metaphor of a person.  This being walks right up to you and puts their hand on your heart, and their forehead, their forehead to your forehead.  There’s a beautiful moment just exchanging energy, very real, very simple.

Now imagining that at your feet between you is sand, and there’s a reason I’m just giving you this fun little moment.  Ask your spirit being what their name is.  Ask them to draw letter by letter in the sand, just spelling out their name.  This is going to be your reference point, your phone number for them, their name.  Just a way to contact them easily and it doesn’t matter what the name is. 

Now working with spirit tutors, they love it when you ask them questions.  They love it when you say “Hey, repeat that for me please,” or “Give me more detail about that please,” or “Tell me more about that,” or “What do you mean?”  Drilling down into something, it really gives them an opportunity to give you new information and extra information. 

Now very, very quickly, a bit of training here, in terms of receiving information from your spirit tutor, don’t look for thoughts coming back to you.  Just look for feelings and knowings, instant knowings because they are a force of energy, a sphere of energy, they are an aura, and you are an aura.  Their aura and your aura immediately are contacting each other, communicating instantaneously below the logic.  That’s happening really fast.  So you have to be smart enough to notice that instant transmission, the instant knowing coming back to you.  That’s what you need to trust.  Slowing that down, I call it the data flow, slowing the data flow down, harvesting it, capturing it, and translating it for yourself.  So just a quick little training there on how to work with a spirit tutor in terms of hearing them. 

So they love it when you tell them to speak louder or to give something to you more strongly.  They love your instructions.  These beings are very real, just because you’re in human form and they’re in spirit form, doesn’t mean they’re not real.  They can communicate to you very, very easily.  And yes, it takes practice to be in this moment with them and opening up your heart and your consciousness to them, and then receiving their consciousness, their knowings back to you.  It takes practice building the confidence that the knowings that are coming back to you are real.  They come back again, I’m just saying it again. They come back so fast, those knowings, so you have to be smart enough to catch them. 

Right, so let’s begin in just a moment, asking something of your spirit tutor, just going to decide on that good question for you here.  My recommendation is that you ask your spirit tutor why is it that you have had to experience a particular challenge in your life.  That’s the question to ask your spirit tutor.  Remember to receive the information with a very open heart and just be ready for the knowings coming back.

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A little bit of training here, if you didn’t get a clear answer, I’m going to suggest that you ask the question again.  Your spirit tutors don’t mind, and I want to say that treat your spirit tutor as a consultant, not as a god high up on a pedestal, but as a buddy, as a friend.  Someone who loves you and someone who knows you and sees everything about you, and can communicate to you anything you want.  So really, it’s like cleaning our own lens so that you can hear or perceive what’s coming back from your spirit tutor, and that’s where the practice is involved.  So be ready to just invite them to repeat the information again if you want to. 

So we’re going to do another little beautiful process with your spirit tutor.  So you’re standing in front of your spirit tutor.  Let’s refresh that sense, the knowing that that’s happening.  If you want the visual, let’s refresh the screen.  I’d like you to switch on your attention on what your spirit tutor is about to do.  I’d like you decide right now a new frame of thought or a new frame of feeling, a new state that you would love to allow yourself to move into.  So you’re identifying in yourself, and you state a new feeling or a new thinking pattern.  That’s a really fun moment in itself. 

Looking at your spirit tutor, if you wouldn’t mind letting your spirit tutor know, just really clearly, instructing spirit tutor is such a big part of this, let them know really, really clearly what result you’re wanting and then switch on your attention like glue.  Stick to them like glue if you can.  Keep your focus and watch what they start to do.  I’d like you really, honestly, to switch on your imagination.  I really do.  I want you to switch on your imagination.  Your imagination is going to show you what they’re doing.  Trust your imagination completely right now. 

Another way I talk about it is pretend you know what your spirit tutor is doing.  You may notice that your spirit tutor reaches into you.  It might be their hand; you might just get a sense of it.  Pretend you know.  Pretend you know where they are reaching into you.  Switch on your beautiful pretend visuals, your beautiful imagination screen.  Have fun.  Anything goes here.  Anything goes. 

This is a really powerful valuable moment because I would love you after this call to do more of this work with your spirit tutor.  Literally standing in front of them and telling them about issues that you feel you have and then inviting them to reach in to you as you’re standing there and begin the process of unraveling the fear.  For me an issue, or any fear that you have, is almost like a bundle of energy that’s sitting in a very specific location in your body, in your aura, in your energy blueprint.  It has a very specific location, everyone listening to this.  It’s not vague at all.  Your spirit tutor can see it.  Your spirit tutor will reach in and begin the process of melting that tangled wiring, healing it and pulling it out. 

In a moment I’m going to give you two very powerful tools to partner with your spirit tutors and to clear your auric field.  It’s so important everyday, several times a day even sometimes. 

So watching what your spirit tutor’s doing, trust your imagination. Refresh the screen.  Switch on your pretend mode again.  Have fun with this.  Dive in, let go of your hesitation thinking you’re not doing it right.  Let go of that.  Just play and pretend.  You see, a part of you knows, it knows much more than your logic so we have to trick ourselves to let go of our logic and to learn to perceive and kind of see beyond our logic.  So this is just a bit of an opener to get you used to that. 

So it’s just a beginning.  I’ve given you a moment here with your spirit tutor.  You can come back to this moment any time, any time.  I do recommend using a kind of sequential ritualized visualization to get you to the moment of connecting with your spirit tutor.  It really makes a difference I find.  Even after all these 20 years, I still do this ritualized sequential sort of visualization to get in front of my spirit tutors because in a way, that’s me knocking on their door.  They hear it.  It takes time to do that visual, and I recommend to stand in the garden and to call on them. 

So everyone, what I’d love you to do now is just to give your spirit tutor a hug.  This is just a moment where you’re merging with this spirit, with their energy field, and feeling their love.  Very simple, but it’s very powerful.  During the day if you just feel like a bit of a lift up, imagine your spirit tutor in front of you and simply give them a hug.  Very simple and just instantly filling you with love.  It’s a really fast way to flow higher frequency light through your fiber optics really quickly. 

I’m going to teach you these two techniques now.  One of them is working with your spirit mentor, your spirit tutor, and with working with a visual of the sun.  Everyone stay with me, switch on your attention, this is so powerful.  I use this simple, simple tool everyday. 

I’d like you to imagine that you have a doll version of yourself in your hand; this is representing you, and push that doll version of you into the center of the sun.  Keep your attention on the doll, and this is you.  What we’re doing here is we’re going to use the sun to show up any shadow.  So we’re going to scan, we’re going to notice instantly where shadow shows up.  It could be in your body.  It could be over your head.  It could a shadow standing behind you.  It could be just anything, anything that shows up.  As soon as we notice something showing up, at that moment we partner with our spirit tutor.  We’re going to point at it and we’re going to instruct our spirit tutor very deliberately in our minds to transmute that shadow. 

So we find it by looking at ourselves inside the sun.  We’re standing right in the center of the sun.  The intensity of the light just shows the shadow up real fast.  At that moment, we point to it; it’s a very specific thing we’re wanting our spirit tutor to change.  They love us to be specific.  And immediately the spirit tutor will put it on their agenda, their to-do list, and immediately begin to work on it. 

So everyone let’s play, let’s do it.  Pushing that doll into the center of the sun, immediately getting an instant sense, just a feeling and knowing of where any shadow energy is.  It could feel like a stone, a really solid something just sitting in the center of something somewhere in the heart chakra, in the center of your head.  It could be anywhere.  It might feel like just a cloud of shadow flowing.  Whatever it is, I’d like you to point at it and ask your spirit tutor and using the specific word; transmute. 

In your own time, you can lie down and do this over about 20 minutes.  You could also do this in a fast five minute version where you simply see where the shadow is, instruct your spirit tutor to transmute it, and then you pull your doll out and then you push it back in again.  It’s like refreshing the computer screen.  Once more, a different layer will show up when you put yourself back in the sun, into the center of the sun, and notice what shows up again.  Something very different might show up.  And again, pointing to it, and asking your spirit tutor to transmute it.  You can do that over and over again for a little while.  It’s like stacking up the menu, the agenda, for your spirit tutor.   

That’s the fast way, or just each one, just wait for your spirit tutor to transmute it.  If you’re lying down and having a quiet healing for yourself, and when you feel a shift, pushing yourself back in the sun, putting your doll version of yourself back in the sun, into the center of the sun, and finding another dark patch, another part of shadow that needs to be transmuted.  So here’s a beautiful relationship, very direct, very real, and literally, housekeeping and sweeping your aura layer by layer by layers.  It is very, very powerful.

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If you are healer by the way, I don’t recommend necessarily that you go into the shadow and find out what it is.  You don’t need to do that.  One of the reasons is, is that this sun technique shows up quite big icebergs that the sort of surface shows up.  Quite often these kinds of big icebergs of issues can be, in a way, out of our authority.  We’re not skilled enough to deal with the depth to which this issue might travel into past incarnations.  And yet, your spirit tutor knows exactly how to work with it, knows exactly how to work with all of those past life layers and levels of energy.  So trust your spirit tutor to do the work.  This is something that some spiritual healers may not understand, but it is the way that I work.  I completely let the experts do the job, that I’m their eyes and ears.  I give them permission, and I partner with them.  By watching what they do in my auric field, I wise up and get very, very smart. 

There’s one more technique I’d like to show everyone just really quickly.  I call it the Vacuum Cleaner Technique, and this is so valuable when you’ve got a physical ailment.  Literally, it’s imagining a huge vacuum cleaner nozzle, take your hands off the nozzle, let go of control of the nozzle, this huge vacuum giant, vacuum cleaner nozzle and let it travel wherever it wants on your body. 

Now, our part of the relationship in this particular technique is to put our full attention on what is being sucked out through the vacuum cleaner nozzle.  Keep your attention on what the substance, in your imagination completely, what is being pulled out.  It might feel like sand, or cloud, or bits of jagged energy, or whatever it is.  Sometimes a snake, or just anything, whatever it is that gets pulled out, keep your attention on it until it travels up the vacuum cleaner nozzle.  This adds the shift.  It adds the permanence and the depth of the shift; your attention.  Not having control over the vacuum cleaner nozzle means that your spirit tutors are actually guiding where it goes. 

Now, whenever I get a flu or a cold and I’ve got a little bit of a cough right now, I can very easily mitigate the intensity of what’s happening with my physical body when I work on my energy blueprints in this way.  And quite often what’s happening in my physical body just eases so quickly when I do this beautiful, beautiful technique.  It’s very powerful.  Also when you have come out that grocery store or the movie theater, and you do feel like you’ve picked something up, an entity, use the vacuum cleaner technique.  Again, it is also very, very useful for what I call the lower layers of the spirit world.  Again, be determined to keep your attention and switching on your imagination really easily and comfortably and be happy to use your imagination because it really does show you what’s really there in the spirit world. 

Nicole Herod:          Alicia, thank you so much for giving us, number one, an experience of our spirit tutor, and introducing us to them so that we can begin to have a relationship with them.  I find that your work is powerful because you help not only ground us, but you help us to feel as if we’re not alone and we can connect at any time to higher realms.  I think that is essential for all of the listeners who were with us as we went through the activities today. 

I’m curious about what’s possible though for the people on the call.  I sense that you must have worked with a lot of different people who have gone through your techniques.  I’m just wondering, what are some of the experiences that they’ve had after working with you. 

Alicia Power:           Who comes to mind is a client called Scott.  This gentleman, he’s I think in his 40’s.  So determined and so willing to work closely with his spirit mentors and his spirit tutors.  Today after only about three to four years of working with him in this really accelerated way and a really focused way, his platform of power, I could say, is so mature and his ability to watch his spirit tutor work in his own energy field is very, very detailed.  His ability to hold himself really centered and really steady in any external energy environment, if you like, or emotional environment, is amazing.  It really is just because Scott has taken the time to be with his spirit tutors, to talk with them, to learn from them.  To let them show him so much about himself.  Also he’s put his hand up to soul evolution.  He’s put his hand up for growth.  Every time, he is amazing, he just asks for more growth and more evolution. 

I know that everybody on this call is like that.  I know you’re all like that.  I know you all want soul evolution in this lifetime.  It’s a very short lifetime; you want to maximize your potential.  Scott’s just a great example of someone who grabbed the bat and then is running with it very, very clearly.  But there are many people who just love to work with their spirit tutors who I have trained.  They take it out into their life and they know how to support themselves in moments of challenge.  They know how to work with their spirit tutor to look into their auric field, or into someone else’s auric field. 

Do you know what Nicole; I forgot to just mention that a really useful thing when you’re with your spirit tutor, when you’re standing in front of your spirit tutor, is to invite someone else to stand there with you, someone who might be a troubled person, or a difficult person in your life.  I just quickly want to mention this.  Then to ask your spirit tutor to look at that person and then to turn to you and to impulse you with the knowings of what your spirit tutor sees about that person because the knowings coming to you will tell you so much more in-depth of what’s happening below the surface of that person.  It’ll help you understand them and have more compassion for them.  It’s a very simple thing to do, but I just thought I’d remind everyone that you can do that.  Let your spirit tutor give you the information about that person. 

I do this a lot.  I use that technique a lot just to see what’s happening inside of someone else.  It’s helped me love them more. 

Nicole Herod:          I understand that you sometimes will use that technique in working with leaders in different organizations to help them deal with their employees, or some of their colleagues as well. 

Alicia Power:           This is so true.  There are times when people in leadership positions invite me to work with them, for example, when they’re about to go into a long-term partnership with someone, or about to sign a contract with someone, or they’re about to take on someone as an employee, a staff member, whatever, or in negotiations.  They invite me to look at someone because they’re just not sure, and my spirit tutors look at that person and give me the information and I pass that on to these leaders.  It really helps them make a decision whether they want to take this person on in terms of a partnership and work with them for a long period because sometimes somebody can present as a lovely person, but underneath their soul can be just very troubled. 

If you walk into a relationship with someone like that, you could be walking into a very intense few years of working with them.  If you have a moment where that kind of information is given to you, you do get a chance to make that decision right before you walk into that sort of situation.  By the way, you know what I love working and teaching women and guys to just check in on potential future partners if you’re dating someone.  To me, that is such a key moment to use this kind of skill to take a look at what kind of soul is sitting there.  “Do I want to go into a long-term partnership with a troubled soul?”  That just adds to the information in terms of the decision-making at that moment. 

That is just something very, very key I feel.  It’s such an important thing to work with your spirit tutor in all these kind of ways. 

Nicole Herod:          I find that what you’re teaching us will help us to really take control of our life in a deep and meaningful and long-lasting way.  For everyone listening at home, I feel there’s so much more to learn from Alicia.  She’s given us so many techniques today in this call, but there’s so much more I think that you can delve into.  I’ve asked her to create a special offer for everyone who’s listening on this call today, and I highly encourage you to go to Alicia’s special offer right now to experience it for yourself.  So what I’m going to do is I’m going to give you link, a special link, go to  Alicia when they go to that link and they explore your special offer, can you just tell everyone what they will find there?

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Alicia Power:            In that bundle of training you will see 12 month training courses, one module a month on in-depth training, for example, with the “Life Keys for Your Spirit” course.  It’s a digital home study course.  Once a month you get a module and the Life Keys for Your Spirit training delivered straight from the spirit world through me, pretty much every single word directed from my spirit tutors.  They are training all of us progressively to learn about higher consciousness states.  They train us in those 12 modules to work with the state of love, to work with the state of joy, to work with the state of clarity, to work with the state of inner freedom and creativity.  So those 12 modules throughout the whole year once a month will take you deep into these states, but train you on what those states are, giving you tools, how to switch them on, so everyday tools. 

I just quickly want to say the spirit world that I work with, these high authority beings that I work with, these creative beings, they designed human consciousness and they understand how we can switch on the states of joy, the states of love, the states of freedom and clarity.  So the training is coming directly from them.  Isn’t that amazing?  It’s like they’re the designers of our consciousness and they understand how we can go deeper and deeper and open up these states so that we aren’t cruising in them constantly, and therefore attracting higher more abundant realities. 

So that 12 month course Life Keys is there. It’s part of the package.  Then I’m adding a recording of a one and a half hour training on how to hear your spirit tutor more clearly.  That was a live training and that will take you into one and a half hours of playing with your spirit tutor, just packed with tools, packed with know-how, just a fabulous, fabulous training. 

Also there’s two audio books and I’m calling it the “Soul Pack” and these are profound.  These two audio books take you into understanding very deeply how the soul has traveled through its many, many incarnations, but also its whole journey even before human incarnations.  What happens to the soul?  What challenges does it go through?  Why are you the way you are today?  It’s information that the spirit world knows.  And again, everything I do is direct channeling from the spirit world so it’s their knowledge, it’s their information.  The second one of those audio books is absolutely amazing.  It talks to you about how to operate in a quantum world, meaning that you as a spirit being can change your reality because you sit in a bubble of quantum energy and you are a quantum being.  So it’s an hour of training about how to run your reality from your heart chakra.  I was mentioning that earlier, so it’s a very, very profound training. 

The final package that’s part of this bundle of products, oh, my goodness, is one of my favorites.  It’s a six month training of; get this everyone, a five minute video every week.  I know you can all do that five minutes a week.  I am on a video and I take you each week for five minutes into a moment with your own soul.  You get to know your own soul.  You get to meet your own soul.  You get to talk with your own soul.  But it’s very specific training, I’m teaching you how to soul program each week.  You understand and hear from your own soul what it wants each week. So you become very targeted each week with how your reality shows up from the preference of your own soul. 

Now your soul goes for goals that are very, very deep and very specific to your soul fulfillment, to your own soul satisfaction.  Your logic’s got its own goals, but your soul has very, very deep goals and can be very different to your logic.  That’s why we talk to our soul to find out what it was wanting every week.  But also there’s a lot of training within those little five minutes that are just jam-packed with training.  You get to understand how to work with the spirit world more.  There’s just so much and that’s for six months.  That is part of the product bundle you guys can get.  It’s very, very valuable.  It’ll change your life.  You’ll understand your own soul, your spirit tutor, there is so much there. 

Nicole Herod:          I think you’ve changed our lives already just on this call.  I know there’s even more information with all of the packages. I want to thank you for your generosity; your generosity of time, and spirit literally, and figuratively as well. 

Alicia Power:           Thank you Nicole. 

Nicole Herod:          I’m just wondering before we go, do you have any final thoughts?  I know it’s hard to put everything in a few moments, but is there any thought, one last thing you’d like leave with the listeners today? 

Alicia Power:           Do you know what? Everyone listening to this, I’m almost crying even just wanting to say it. That is that you are a spirit.  You’ve incarnated into a human body, you are looking out of your eyes.  It’s a very short time here in this physical dimension, and it is time for you to grow up, to mature as a spirit.  To wake up to your own power as a spirit and as a soul.  It is time, this is the time.  You don’t want to waste anymore time. 

So with the training that the spirit world will give through me, through all these audios, through all this training, through today as well, and through you communicating directly with your spirit tutor, it’ll speed up that training.  It’ll speed up you waking up, awakening maturing, strengthening, and moving into your core power as a soul in this lifetime so that you show up so that you don’t accept fear, that you don’t accept fear from others, and that you begin to walk your path strongly, firmly, clearly, love-filled, holding that love base really strong inside of you.  That’s the main thing I’d love to say to everybody on this call.  Thank you so much, just letting me say that, it’s just a gift for even allowing me to tell you guys that.  Thank you very much. 

Nicole Herod:          Oh, and thank you so much for sharing with us Alicia, everything you are; everything you love to do.  I know I really appreciate it, and I’m sure the people listening to the call do as well.  I’d like to thank also the listeners for joining us today, for going on this journey with Alicia.  We hope that you’ve had a fantastic time with us today.  So having said that, I’d like to wish you a wonderful evening.

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